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fantasy fulfiller


what's your deepest desire
your darkest thrill
if your lover won't do it
you know who will
i'm way outside the box
with the stunts i pull
i should have my own business
"lisa's sex school"
i've made a lot of people blush
and dropped a lot of jaws
masturbated to my own pictures
and mailed out my cum-filled draws
i've been a web cam performer
posted naked photos on the 'net
if you don't like my lifestyle
fuck you i won't fret
we could do a swingers club
go to a nude beach
you could let your friends watch
while you suck my juicy peach
i like stilletos
and slutty lingerie
i've been known to masturbate
seven times a day
want a blow job while you're driving
my mouth is open wide
feel the warm wetness
as down your shaft my tongue slides
want your browneye rimmed
then spread your cheeks
i know a lot of you out there
are what i call closet freaks
we can role play
and take turns dominating
a fulfilling sexual adventure
is what i like creating

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