tagInterracial LoveFantasy Man Ch. 05

Fantasy Man Ch. 05


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It had been a trying couple of weeks for Zack. He had managed to convince Terri to let him stay in her apartment for longer than the two days that she had originally stated. He was officially her new roommate and with his help with the rent and food, she was able to quit one of her jobs. It took a little convincing, but both were happy with the results. Terri had more time, was less stressed out, and Zack began to see her smile more and more as time continued. Zack got to see Terri every day and they had gotten to know each other a lot better. That wasn't what stressed him out. He loved living with Terri.

When he had been there a few days past the two she had originally offered, he playfully mentioned the fact that he was glad that he was prepared, motioning to the huge suitcase that sat in "his" room. Terri's eyebrow shot up before she laid into him, letting him know just where he could put his suitcase. Her comments led to another tickle fight. They had one over everything. The remote, who was cooking dinner, whose turn it was to take out the trash...just about any excuse Zack could find to put his hands all over Terri's body. It was also a way for Zack to relieve some of the sexual tension he felt. He couldn't take it further, but as long as Terri was receptive to his advances, it made him feel that much better.

More than once, he had ended up on top of Terri, looking down into her eyes and wishing that he could just swoop down and capture her lips with his own. The only thing that held him back was Amanda. He had vowed to break it off with her the day after his dream, but the silly bitch just wasn't cooperating. Zack had a feeling that she knew exactly what he wanted when he began calling her cell phone at various hours of the day. He never really felt the need to call her. She called him when she wanted to get together. The change in behavior probably tipped her off, but really, the least she could do was answer the phone and take it like a man....er, a woman? Whatever, she should at least have the decency to let him break up with her.

Zack was tired of playing phone tag. He wanted Terri more and more each day. Seeing her first thing in the morning with her hair all over the place, hearing her laugh while watching some ridiculous reality TV show, watching her sleep peacefully at night before going to bed himself, it was all starting to get to Zack. It was time to take the next step. He was going to have to hunt Amanda down.

Zack pulled up and parked the car around the corner from Amanda's house. He didn't want to give her time to leave or some up with some excuse as to why she couldn't see him. He tipped around to the back of the house and used the path that Amanda had shown him months ago, back when they first had started dating. It was the only way to not be seen by the security cameras that kept a constant watch over the grounds. Amanda had found the path when she was 16 and going out with her friends to random bars in the neighborhood. Zack hadn't wanted to know how she got in the bars or what she did there, but he was sure that she was probably just as much of a slut back then as she was now.

Zack eased himself next to the house and moved towards the back door. When he reached it, he jiggled the handle and finding it unlocked, he let himself in. He felt like a thief, but Amanda had brought them to this point and he was going to see to it that today was the last day that he called her his girlfriend. It just wasn't fair to Terri.

Zack began to walk towards Amanda's bedroom, pausing briefly to wonder if he would find her in the middle of anything...scandalous. With a shrug, he continued his journey to her room. If he did, it would be even more reason to break up with her and she would think that her cheating was the reason that he was leaving instead of the fact that he found someone who was infinitely more satisfying than she could ever be. He knocked lightly when he got there because her door was closed. Muffled sounds of clothing being thrown on rapidly met his ears. He could hear the soft clicking sound of a door closing and figured that whoever was in the room with her had made a quick escape through the bathroom that was attached to Amanda's room. Despite the urge to surprise whoever she was with in the next room, Zack waited patiently until the door opened and a disheveled Amanda peered out at him.

The look of surprise in her face said it all. "Zack? What are you doing here?"

Zack smirked, slightly irritated at the fact that he could see another man's boxers lying on the floor in plain sight. He shrugged it off; it wasn't any of his business anymore, he was breaking up with her anyway. The thought made him smile and he regarded Amanda carefully. Whoever she was with had really done a number on her. Her blond locks, which usually were immaculately kept, were all over her head and it looked like some of it was adorned with dried cum. Oh, that was a pleasant sight. Her lipstick was all over her face and she had a large hickey on her chest right above her left breast. Zack wanted to know how she was going to talk her way out of this one.

'Shit, shit, shit...' was the thought that was running repeatedly through Amanda's head. She hadn't expected Zack to show up without warning. She had been ignoring his calls, but coming to her house unannounced was the last thing that she expected Zack to do. And, of course, he had to come right when Peter was drilling her into sweet oblivion. She was having the best sex of her life and Zack had to come and ruin it. What did he want anyway?

"I hadn't seen you in a while, Amanda. I thought I'd stop by to see what you were doing and maybe invite you out to lunch. But it looks like you're...occupied." Zack's voice barely concealed his amusement.

"Umm, well...I was taking a nap. I haven't been feeling well lately."

"Oh? I'm sorry to hear that. Did your...illness...cause this?" Zack pointed at the prominent hickey.

Amanda looked down and a quick flash of anger crossed her face before she looked back up to Zack and smiled sweetly. With a laugh, she explained, "No. No...the new maid was cleaning my room while I was sleeping and when she bent down to pick something up off the floor, the vacuum hose fell on me. Imagine my surprise when she pried it off and I had this on my chest. It was so embarrassing." Zack was surprised she could tell him a lie like that with a straight face. He nodded. "I see. Well, you must want to get back to bed...being sick and all. I would say that I will see you later, but I don't think that I want to. I don't really want anything to do with you anymore. So, let's say our goodbyes and be done with this joke of a relationship."

Amanda's mouth dropped open. She babbled, but nothing was understandable. Zack waited until she could speak again.

"Wait. You can't just want to end this. I mean, this is us you're talking about. Me! Wait. Can't we go to lunch and talk about this?"

Zack grew pensive. He should just leave and let her keep fucking whoever it was that was pounding her pussy just a few minutes ago. But, something in her eyes made him agree. He guessed that he could hear her out, so she could at least feel like she had pleaded her case before he dropped her like a bad habit. When she turned to go back into her room to clean up and change, Zack made sure to mention to her that she should get the puke out of her hair before they left. She looked at the area he pointed at and turned a deep red. Zack held back his laughter until she had closed the door. She wished it was puke.

An hour later Zack was seated across from Amanda in a little outdoor restaurant that she liked. He picked at his food as he listened to Amanda list all the reasons why they should stay together. He suspected that her main reason was that her father would have a conniption if he found out they broke up, but he kept this thought to himself. He listened as she ranted about how good their relationship was and wondered where Terri and Arthur had ended up going.

"Mona, seriously, I hate that color on you. Get it in green." Arthur sat back by the changing rooms, watching Terri prance around in various sorts of lingerie. She was tired of playing the waiting game. Zack was showing her how much he wanted her, but for some reason he would never take the next step. Terri decided that she was going to force his hand a bit. And if Zack saw her in any of the skimpy little things that she was picking out, his hand would probably reach out and grab something, of that Arthur was sure. Besides there was no way he could ignore her in...that... "Terri, where in the world did you find that, and do they have it in a size 5?" Arthur's mouth had fallen open and he hoped that he wasn't drooling. It was rude to slobber over one's best friend...that's why he was going to get his girlfriend one. And as soon as she put it on, he was going to rip it off of her.

Terri didn't even have the chance to tell him before he was out of his seat and asking a saleswoman where they were. If her best friend went crazy over it, what would Zack do? This was the perfect outfit for seduction. It was now or never. Zack Smith was hers and there was nothing he could do about it.

With a self-satisfied grin, Terri went back into her changing room and put her clothes back on. She bought the bit of lace and satin, along with a few other things she liked, and stood while Arthur bought two of the ones he liked for his girlfriend. She smiled. He was going to have a hell of a time telling her why he was in a lingerie store without her, but she would probably be pleased with the results. The man would probably tear the thing from her body before she even got through putting it on. Arthur was ravenous like that sometimes, especially when he liked what he saw.

They left the store and began to walk around outside, enjoying the sunshine. Terri thought that maybe it was a good day to try out that restaurant with the outside seating that was near the shoe store. What was having sexy lingerie without the matching shoes to compliment it? Terri dragged Arthur towards the shoe store as fast as she could. The faster she bought shoes and ate, the faster she could go home and seduce the heck out of Zack. He didn't stand a chance, poor boy. Arthur came to an abrupt stop right outside the door. What was he looking at? Terri came over and snapped her fingers in front of his face. "Hey! Earth to Dirty Red. I'm on a serious mission here and I don't need you blasting off into space."

Arthur's head turned and he looked at her with a sort of apprehensiveness that worried Terri. She thought about asking him about it, but figured that he would tell her about it when he was ready. She turned and went straight to a pair of red stilettos that would match her new purchase perfectly. She looked around and found green, black, and blue heels to go with the rest of the lingerie. She was set. After paying for the shoes, she found Arthur in the front of the store draped across a bench. He sat up as she approached.

"Mona, don't hate me."

Terri raised an eyebrow. "What? Why?"

Arthur silenced her with a finger over her mouth. "Follow me."

He led her out the door of the shop and turned her in the direction of the restaurant. Her gaze settled upon Zack, there was no mistaking him...and the blond that he had been dating when they first met? The blond's hands were across the table holding Zack's and from where Terri was standing, she was looking quite happy. She raised one of Zack's hands to her mouth and planted a kiss on the palm before quickly sucking a finger into her mouth and sucking on it like it was a cock.

Did the woman have absolutely no shame? Who does that in an outdoor restaurant in the middle of the day? At least wait until it's dark and you've got some privacy. And Zack just sat there and let her do it. He wasn't acting at all like a man who had broken up with the girl over a month ago. And what did that say about Terri? She was preparing to seduce a man who obviously had someone else in his life. She was no better than that woman who took Ty.

Terri felt the tears well up in her eyes. "I don't hate you, babe. This was something I needed to see." Terri I let out a deep sigh and turned to walk back to the car. All of a sudden, she wasn't hungry anymore.

Zack was getting tired of Amanda's attempts to convince him to stay. He had snatched his hand back when he realized what she was doing. He had spaced out thinking about Terri and what he was going to cook her for dinner. Tonight would be a special night for the both of them. He would officially be free and she would officially be fair game. She wouldn't know what hit her. He entertained thoughts of just walking into the apartment, pinning Terri against a wall, and showing her just how much she affected him. The next thing he knew his index finger was being caressed by a tongue. Amanda really had no shame. He shook his head in disgust.

"Look, Amanda, its over. I know about you and all the other guys you're fucking. It's hard to imagine being with someone who can't wait until my car pulls around the block before hopping into bed with some other guy. It's not what I want for myself and my future. So, if you're done, I'll be off."

Amanda's face changed quickly, from pleading to malicious. "So that's it? My infidelity? You knew about that a long time ago and you still stayed with me. Why the change of heart all of a sudden, Zack?" Her eyes widened as if she suddenly understood something.

"There's someone else? You've been cheating on me?"

Zack frowned. "I have more class than that. I would never cheat on you or anyone for that matter. Maybe I have found someone else. Someone I haven't had to have any kind of sexual contact with to know that she's a hundred times better for me than you'll ever be. Just let it go, ok? Go live your life and be happy. You don't even like me, so I really don't know why we're still here having this conversation."

Amanda sat back and considered his words. The only problem was that she couldn't fuck the help as freely if her father knew she didn't have a boyfriend. He always assumed that the sex sounds he heard coming from her room were being made because of Zack. Boy, wouldn't he be surprised. Well, maybe he didn't have to know...at least, not for a while. She dismissed Zack with a wave of her hand and pulled out a cigarette to smoke.

Zack shook his head and walked away, feeling better than he had in a long time. He whistled while he walked to his car. Now there was only one thing to do...devour every inch of Terri's body before the day was done. He started his car and roared off towards home and his Buttercup.

When Zack got to the apartment, it was dark. He could see that Terri had been there recently, her bags from shopping strewn all over the floor. "Buttercup?" he called out to her. He made his way through the apartment, stopping in front of Terri's door. He knocked lightly. "Buttercup?"

Terri lifted her head from her pillow. She now knew why he never continued when he ended up on top of her during their tickle fights, why he would never wrap his arms around her when she was cooking, despite the fact she could sense his hands hovering above her hips, and she knew why he would never do more than stare at her while he thought she was a sleep at night. He belonged to someone else and that knowledge ripped Terri apart inside. She never knew it could hurt so much. It was so much worse than when she found out that Ty was cheating, and she and Zack weren't even dating. They were just friends, so why did it feel as if her heart was shriveling into nothingness?

She didn't want to see him again, but he was her roommate. She wasn't going to kick him out, but she could avoid him like the plague. "I'm not feeling so great, Zack. I'm just going to stay in bed tonight. Maybe I'll talk to you later," she said, knowing full well that she had no intention of leaving her room for the rest of the night.

"Ok. Do you need anything?"

'Other than you not having a girlfriend so I can have you in my bed?' Terri thought to herself before answering. "No, nothing."

Terri buried her head into her pillow. Her fantasy night had turned into something like a nightmare. What was she going to do about the ache that she felt inside every time she thought about Zack? She still wanted him. She wanted him so badly it hurt, but she refused to become a floozy that threw herself at other women's guys. She decided that she would keep her distance and see how things played out. Perhaps her heart wouldn't have to suffer for too long. Maybe Zack would actually break up with that girl and come to her. She would wait for him, but she wouldn't make a move. She felt like the biggest fool to still want to be with Zack despite the fact that he lied to her. With a deep groan, Terri closed her eyes and wished for sleep. In her dreams, Zack wasn't taken, he was hers.

Zack sighed and trudged to the couch. Plopping himself down on it, he picked up the remote and started to flip channels. He was hoping to spend time with Terri and now it was just him and his shadow. She usually came out to sit with him when she felt under the weather. Zack had to wonder what had changed. He would talk to her later when she emerged from her room.

Zack could hardly wait until Terri was feeling better. Then she would experience the type of loving that only he was capable of giving her. Who better to make her feel amazing and wonderful than the man who was rapidly falling in love with her? Zack finally admitted to himself just how deep his feelings for Terri ran; now it was just finding the right moment to let her know. A slow smile spread across Zack's face. Terri wouldn't know what hit her when he finally got his hands on her. He would be better than anything she had ever dreamt of. He would be her dream come true.

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