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Fantasy or Truth


It's been a very long day, you get home from work and as you walk through the door I'm standing there waiting. Wearing your favorite white silk, laced teddy, with white thigh highs, a garter belt, and white four-inch heels. Holding a glass of your favorite wine in one hand and taking your coat with the other, while tenderly giving you a kiss welcoming you home.

Walking hand in hand into the living room, you notice I have a roaring fire going in the fireplace. With pillows placed around the hearth and a blanket lying beneath our feet, I motion for you to sit. I have grapes and strawberries to snack on and more wine chilling in a bucket of ice.

Taking a strawberry I offer it to you, you open your mouth, taking my hand in yours and licking my fingers one by one. I do this again but with a grape. Watching the anticipation glowing in your eyes. As we drink our wine and eat the fruit, we chat about our day's events. Neither wanting lose site of what was yet to be.

Setting my wine glass down, I'm now kneeling before you, our eyes entranced with each other's. My hands begin slowly removing your jacket, as I do I stand to go and hang it up, with you watching every move I make. Again I'm in front of you but this time you have stood up. My hands begin to loosen your tie and I slip it off. Then I unbutton your shirt and toss it across the room. My hands begin by running themselves all over your chest, feeling the warmth of your body against my touch. We kiss for what seems like hours, as out tongues play with one and others. My hands begin to slide from your chest down to your pants, unzipping then and sliding them down to the floor. I have you step out of them so I can run and hang them up too. Again you watch as I scamper across the floor, then as I turn and walk back to you I notice how your cock as began to grow. Bringing myself back into your loving arms we kiss again. Our passion for each other is so strong neither of us wanting this night to end.

I push myself away and walk over to the stereo, putting on some romantic music; I turn around and walk back towards you, as you look at me with those sexy bedroom eyes. I know I have tempted you much too long. As I approach I place my hands on your chest and slide them down your sides till reaching your briefs. With my fingertips I begin working them down your legs and to the floor. Again you lift your feet and I toss them aside. As I kneel down in front of you I look up into your wanting eyes and lick my lips in anticipation. Just wanting to taste you so much. My hunger for you is more then I can bare so I take my tongue and lick the pre-cum that oozes out from the tip of your raging hard cock and we both moan softly. My mouth now hot for you manhood to enter, I lick my lips again while looking up at you. I place one hand on your cum filled balls and the other at the base of your cock and slowly begin to slide your firm warmth inside my mouth. Yum as I feel every vein and bulge as I take you in deep. Letting my teeth slightly graze the shaft of your cock. You shutter as I send waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. Your manhood grows larger and your balls even firmer. Filled with your tasty white cum, making my mouth water with the anticipation of the explosion that is

Soon to cum. Deeper and deeper I take you, until I have the head of your manhood resting against the back of my throat. I tilt my head to open up my throat and suck you in as hard as I can, squeezing your ball, pulling you tightly into me. Your hands are on my head, holding me down, your hips in rhythm of my mouth and together we become one. You moan with the excitement that soon you will cum in my mouth and knowing that I will drink and lick every last drop.

Your cock is huge, hot and hard, now all I want to do is taste you. All of you! I can hardly take it anymore. Your hips, thrusting into my face as you continue to pump yourself in and out of my hot wet mouth. Knowing that soon it will happen. I want you to say, give it to me now, make me wait no longer. I yell this over and over again until it happens. You moan so loud as you shoot your load of hot white creamy cum down deep into my throat. Holding me down, making me take it all. Mmmmmmmmmm…. oh yessssssssssssssssssss!!!

You pull me up to your lips and kiss me long and hard. The passion we share is like none either of us have ever experienced. It's time you say, and you take me to the floor and lay me down. Spreading my legs apart, you find the snaps to my teddy and pull them apart exposing my freshly shaven pussy that glows in it's own juices. You pull me up and slide the teddy off over my head. Laying me back down you reach for my high heels, taking them off one at a time. Then you reach up and unbuckle my thigh highs from my garter belt then sliding them down my legs and tossing them away. You look at me, smile, then reach for the warming oil and you start with my feet, working your way up each thigh, out side then inside. Making sure not to touch my glistening pussy. Continuing up my stomach to each breasts, making sure you spend a lot of time there, as you know how much I enjoy nipple play. You play with them long enough to make me cum and I do. This amazes you every time too.

You roll me over and continue to massage starting at my feet again, up my legs, outer thighs up to my hips. With another small handful of warming oil you begin to massage the small of my back, over my butt, down my inner thighs, legs and to my feet. Running your hands back up my back, around my neck and working out all my tension and kinks. Feeling completely relaxed as you begin to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear lobes. You straddle my legs, pulling my hips up towards you and sliding me back towards you. I reach back and stroke your cock then take it to my entrance of my swollen hot pussy lips. You slowly begin to plunge into me. In and out, in and out, in and out, your pace quickens, deeper and faster. Harder you're fucking me. I'm moaning to the point of screaming, then I yell at you to Fuck me harder baby, Fuck me good. Your so aroused now by the way I am talking that your thrusts become harder then I have ever felt before. Thus making me cum over and over and over again.

One orgasmic wave after another. As you continue to fuck me hard and deep, I reach down to my clit and start rubbing my clit as fast as I can, till I cum again and again and again. Never wanting to stop and then all of a sudden with one finally thrust we both scream out in one finally explosion of passion. We both came so hard, harder then ever thought possible. Our breathing is so heavy we can hardly stand it. You drop to your knees and fall next to me in complete exhaustion. But with a very big smile on your face and on mine. You roll over and gently we kiss. I love you he says and I reply with the same. Together we lay as one and drift into a very peaceful sleep...

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