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Fantasy Realized


I have been working at my high school for about five months when I noticed her one day walking down the hall. She's dressed more formally than most other teachers here so she stood out immediately. Although I only got a glimpse at her back, I immediately got a pretty good-sized boner. I could see her shoulder-length brown hair and her tight form-fitting white blouse and black skirt and a pair of come-hither two-inch heels.

Later that day, I saw her again and followed her to her office and chatted a bit with her. Her name is Courtney and she started teaching American history here a couple of years before I came. I hadn't met her because science teachers don't normally mingle much with history teachers but she seemed friendly but very uptight. I found out she has a masters in political science but didn't have much luck finding a job when she graduated so she started teaching high school even though she kept complaining about the pay and lack of respect from both students and administrators alike.

Over the next few months, I made a point of stopping by her classroom to chat with her several times each week. This was a hassle as it was nowhere near my classroom. In any case, during some of these conversations, I found out she was an only child just like I was. She grew up in the south in a fairly small town so I am sure she has never dated interracially. We also alike in many ways: we were not terribly social, loved to travel, very earnest and had very few friends in the area because we moved here for the job and our friends and family were nowhere near. Although I'm married, I kept that to myself as I wasn't sure how she'd feel about the advances of a married colleague. Not that it mattered; she was always kind of stuck up and never bothered to come to my classroom and kept public encounters to a very minimum. I got pretty frustrated with her and tried to invite to happy hour with my buddies from school but she would always find a polite excuse not to go. This near unapproachability made me obsess her even more.

Not that Courtney is hot looking by most people's standards. She's quite pale with her a few freckles as her skin doesn't tan well. She takes care of herself by working out. Not excessively as she is fit but not muscular. She's about 5'8'' and when she wears heels (which is just about every day) she's about my height and on a few occasions, I've seen her dress quite provocatively with short skirt and knee-height heels or fairly low-cut blouses that allowed little to the imagination. I have been lucky enough to see down her blouse several times; she's probably a 32B I would guess and tends to wear nude bras that accentuated her cleavage. That's about all the skin she shows as she's quite a stickler for office dress codes and that's just as well because I have a hard time concealing my erection when she accidentally (or intentionally as I would like think) flashes me.

One day I overheard a phone conversation during which Courtney said she was not happy with the school with its low pay, academically weak students and all the extracurricular activities junior faculties are expected to participate in. She made some very disparaging remarks about her department and school administrators and said she was looking for another job not with much success thanks to the weak economy. That's when an idea came to my mind.

I confronted her the same afternoon after school and threatened to reveal everything she said. Courtney was terrified of the consequences for she would have nowhere to go but back to her family if she were to lose this job. She begged me not to tell anyone else at the school what I had overheard. I promised to keep her secret but only if she did as I told her.

I then proceeded to reveal what I wanted as quid pro quo. I told her to take off her blouse and she reluctantly did so. Now I got to see her in nothing but her nude bra. I pulled her close to me and unclasped it with one swift move. By now I could hardly contain my glee and enjoyed the realization of the fantasy of fucking this haughty and attractive white woman that I have masturbated to in the past few months. Now she's topless but she tried to preserve her modesty by keeping her boobs tucked behind her arms. I then ordered to slide off her skirt which gave me a first glimpse of her very light brown areolas that already stood out from her itty-bitty creamy tits. This is so unlike the dark brown nipples that I am used to seeing on Asian women and it is one of the reasons why I am so fascinated by light-skinned Caucasian women who just about always seemed out of reach to average-looking Asian men like me. Now she is standing in her pink thong and that explains why I have not been able to detect the slightest panty line even though I have seen her butt from only a few feet away down the hallway and my favorite, about five or six steps below her on the staircase.

I began to rub my raging cock through my pants as my lust-crazed face told her what she needed to do. Courtney, without my asking, slipped off her come-hither black heels that showed plenty of toe cleavage and her pretty French nails. Then she slowly and reluctantly dropped her panties and looked at me in the eye as if giving me permission to do what I was about to do next. I quickly pulled my buttoned-down shirt over my head and loosened my belt and unzipped my pants. I told her to lay on her desk and spread her legs so I can get a good look at her nicely trimmed pussy. It was completely bald which surprised me but left none of her feminine treasures hidden. Courtney doesn't much in the way of labia minora but they were pink and dainty just the way like the sexiest white pussies I have seen on the web. I removed my bulging six-inch dark Asian rod from its confines and when she saw it she gasped at its size. I guess she never thought an East Asian man can have a dick that big.

I then gently shoved one and then two fingers into her tight pussy while standing over her. I knew she is not in a relationship and probably hasn't had sex in months which explains her tightness. I soon found her g-spot and hit it repeatedly which made her close her eyes and moan. Then I began to manhandle her right tit with my left hand while leaving the fingers of my right hand deep thrust in her cunt. I could begin to feel some of her musky pussy juice beginning to wet her vagina and I could tell she's starting to enjoy what was going on. I decided it's time for her to give me a nice blow job so I made her get off her desk and onto her knees and lick my balls. I enjoyed the sight of her tongue darting out her mouth to reach my balls and commanded her to slowly use her mouth to retract my dark uncircumcised foreskin. As incredible as it may seem, I got harder still looking at her pretty thin pink lips wrapped around my dark pole and I snapped a couple of quick pictures with my cell phone as a memento.

As uptight as she is, Courtney is a bit of a slut and she certainly was an expert cocksucker. In no time, she worked to reveal my pink glans and the tension almost got to be too much to bear as my prudish Asian wife would never give me a bj so I had a hard time holding back. As I didn't want to waste my cum in her mouth, I told Courtney to get up and lay back on her desk and await her ultimate deflowering by an Asian guy six years her senior. The thought that this southern belle is about to get the fucking of her life from me even though she has never even gone out with any Asian man much less had sex with one made me that much harder. I then probed her clit and lips with my dark one-eyed monster. Then Courtney shocked me by begging me to fuck her as she could not stand the constant teasing any longer and probably also wanted to get this over with as soon as possible for I know the disdain she feels for me.

Without further ado, I shoved my dick hard into her which made her wince and raise her head to look at the invasion of most private parts that she's experiencing. I slowly pulled my cock out to re-live the sensation of entering her again and for me to take another couple snapshots of my fantasy of fucking Courtney's pussy coming true. I was literally fixated by the sight of my dark stick parting her tiny pink lips and stretching her tight pussy with my extra-wide cock the way I know few white men can. She instinctively wrapped her legs around me and as she got more aroused began to hold on to my arms for support while she urged me to fuck her harder, faster and deeper. Soon I bottomed out in her although I was also confident that if my dick was any longer than it was it would hurt her immensely because I was consistently hitting her cervix which made her moan. That's when Courtney's breathing became labored and she shouted "oh my gawd!" to the top of her lungs in her southern drawl. I knew she just had her first orgasm and I picked up her legs and threw them over my over my shoulders so I could reach her innermost sanctum without any hindrance. I also picked up the pace and tried to hold out as long as I could. She made things more challenging when she came yet again and her cunt began to spasm and squeeze my cock in an intensely pleasurable way. I love how white women have no inhibitions about enjoying sex the way Asian women with their Confucian upbringing have a hard time doing as they believe it is sinful. I looked at the bliss on her face and her pretty pink and immaculately manicured fingernails and gave one final thrust. Then I let loose a river of my sticky salty Asian cum deep inside Courtney's belly. I hope she's on birth control but she probably wasn't since she was not having sex regularly so the thought of possibly impregnating her drove me to drain every last drop of my semen from my aching balls deep inside her. I then pulled out and admired the sight of Courtney's gaping and used pussy dripping with a combination of my cum and her juice running down from her pussy down her perineum and onto her cute butthole and her desk. That's when I took my final picture to remind myself of the monumental conquest I achieved in that January afternoon. And I knew deep down that after giving her the fucking she just received, she'll be back for more!

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