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Fantasy Weekend


My name is Dan, I am 64 years old and have been married for 30 years. I am going to tell you the story of a weekend I once spent with a girl 34 years younger than me.

I have always been a social person, when it came to arranging events, sports, fund raising, my name was always at the top of the list.

One of the things I enjoyed most was hosting discos at our local pub. I did about 3 a year and the were very well received. One of the village girls, Louise came each time and always made a point of sitting quite near to my set up.

She was in her early 20's, slim with long dark hair, she was also very pretty. I suppose we flirted a bit and I was very pleased that an attractive girl like that would pay a guy in his 50's so much attention. She had a boyfriend, Simon, who whilst a nice lad, was a bit of a geek, all the village wondered what she saw in him.

We carried on flirting whenever we met in the pub, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever envisage what happened next.

One night, towards the end of the disco , I was playing a slow, smoochy number when Louise came over and casually said 'do you want to dance?' I was taken aback, but agreed, and for the first time I held her in my arms. As we smooched around the small dance floor, her arms encircled my neck and she whispered in my ear 'I want you,' I was shocked yet thrilled at the same time. The song that was playing was meant to be the last of the night, but I hurriedly skipped back to the deck and played another track, so I could spend a few more minutes with her in my arms. As the track finished I whispered in her ear 'do you want to meet up?' She looked at me and smiled and said 'I would like nothing better.' She then casually went over to Simon, put on her coat and left, only to return two minutes later having forgotten her handbag. As she walked past the decks, she slipped a piece of paper in my hand, it was her mobile phone number.

I called the following day and we arranged to meet. However the best laid plans can be spoiled ,when my wife changed her work pattern and I had to ring Louise and cancel.

However fate took a hand. My wife was called away to a family illness and would be away for several days. I called Louise and we agreed to meet at my house. I was very nervous as the time arranged drew near, I was not an immoral person, a couple of flings, very temporary were my only indiscretions, but her I was hoping to get very personal with a girl young enough to be my daughter.

As I opened the door, she stepped into the kitchen. We both knew what was going to happen and seconds later our mouths met in what I can only describe as a mind blowing kiss. My wife has never been keen on the physical side of the marriage and considered "French Kissing" very distasteful, so when Louise's tongue snaked into my mouth and started to play wonderful games with mine, any thoughts other than being with this beautiful creature disappeared.

After the initial kiss, I led her by the hand up the stairs to the spare bedroom. We lay on the single bed and just kissed for a long time. Then without asking I placed my hand under her shirt and began to caress her stomach before moving my hand under her bra and cupping her breast. She looked at me, smiled that wonderful smile and said 'now I am happy' Encouraged by this I removed her shirt, her simple plain white bra followed and I began to kiss and lick her breasts and nipples.

Propping up on her elbow, she looked down at me and said ' I have wanted this for years, since I first saw you in the pub when I was 18, you are the man of my dreams' I was taken aback 'I am 56, what are you, 22? this is wrong' I knew this may be the one and only time with her, but needed to give her time to think. She simply said 'that is part of the attraction, I like older men.' With that she laid on top of me and kissed me with an astonishing passion.

We went no further that day, but in the months that followed we met whenever we could and moved from kissing to oral sex and exploring each others bodies.

Then came our weekend. I play golf, not very well I might add, but enjoy the game. My society has men only golf weekends which I have been going to for years. This gave me a great excuse to be away from home for a full weekend without my wife thinking anything was amiss. Louise had a school pal who had moved to London, so she also had a legitimate excuse for being away.

When the day came I picked her up in the nearby town and we started, the journey to our cottage of dreams. On the motorway neither of us spoke much, we were both Miles Davis fans and I had "Kind of Blue" in the CD player.

We arrived in the village where the cottage was located and I had to pick up the key from the local store. I also picked up some provisions and as I was paying noticed the shopkeeper looking at Louise, who had stepped out of the car, then looked at me with an expression that said 'you lucky sod.'

The cottage was a dream, just like a chocolate box cover, perfect. As I undid the door, I swept Louise up in my arms and carried her over the threshold. As I put her down I started to go and get the luggage from the car. However she pushed the door closed, pushed me against the door and knelt down in front of me, unbuckling my belt and easing my zip down. With expert hands she removed my cock from my shorts and took it into her mouth. I became erect within seconds as she began to move my member in and out of her mouth, taking it almost out , licking around the top before plunging it back to the back of her throat. After several minutes of this most exquisite treatment I felt my orgasm approaching as did she. It was not something she had done during previous blow jobs but this time she kept her lips around me and took every last drop of my semen down her throat. Finally withdrawing and licking off the final drops from my now flaccid cock.

She stood up, kissed me lightly on the lips and very innocently murmured 'welcome to our weekend.'

We then scampered up the stairs, giggling like school kids. We soon found ourselves in the bedroom, I picked her up and lightly threw her onto the bed. Straddling her I pinned her hands down and leaned to her and kissed her. As I removed my lips from hers I whispered 'your turn now, young lady.'

I released her hands and she held them aloft enabling me to remove her shirt. Lifting her hips, I slide her jeans down , she is now lying between my legs wearing only a purple bra and panty set. I look down and say 'Louise, you are so beautiful.' she responds by kissing me deeply, whilst I unhook her bra and then breaking the kiss, pull down the panties.

I now see her in all her glory. Black hair streaming against the white of the pillow. The face so young, but with a smouldering look of passion. Her breasts, small but perfectly formed ,with deep pink nipples. And at the junction of her legs that wonderful patch of black pubic hair.

As I gazed on her wonderful body I softly said 'I am now going on a journey around Louise, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to.' With that I lowered myself and gently kissed her on the forehead. I trailed tiny kisses along her forehead, before dipping my tongue into her ear. Moving down I began kissing her neck, which I knew was one of the most sensitive parts of her body and which she just adored being kissed. Making my way slowly around her slender neck, my tongue snaked inside her other ear before moving over to her lips and engaging in a long and very wet kiss.

I kissed her shoulders and the down her arms to those hands with long fingers that I loved to feel gently rubbing me to erection. I took each of the fingers in turn and sucked gently on it, before continuing back up her arm, licking at the freshly shaved armpit, with its powdery taste of her deodorant. I had now arrived at her right breast. I was enjoying my tour immensely and from the little whimpering sounds emitting from her throat, so was Louise.

I took the already erect nipple in my lips and flicked my tongue over its surface 'oh yes' she said as I gently bit on the teat. I sucked in as much breast into my mouth as I could, while flicking the nipple with my tongue. This was having a great effect on her, for I could feel her body squirming with pleasure below me.

Having paid the same homage to the left breast, I continued my journey south. Her belly button was really cute, with a small knob in the middle which I knew she loved to have licked, so I duly obliged. I moved down until I was almost at her pubic hair. The musky feminine smell coming from her was driving me wild and I was tempted to abandon my tour and just plunge my tongue deep inside her pussy.

However I resisted and just flicked at the very top hairs and skirted around her bush. Kissing the inner thigh brought more whimpering sounds from above. I continued down her leg, kissing ankles and taking each toe into my mouth as I had done with the fingers. Moving back up the leg I again just paid lip service to her pubes and repeated my journey down the left leg, repeating the actions .

Finally I completed my tour and had reached my destination. As I lay between her legs, I could see the pink lips of her pussy, vivid against the dark hair surrounding this most precious of openings. She spread her legs a little wider and I finally moved in and licked my way slowly up and down her lips.

The aroma from her juices filled my nostrils and I finally drove my tongue as deep as I could inside her. She let out a yell, and all the pent up passion built up over the past minutes was released in a wild and shattering orgasm. I did not stop however and continued to flick my tongue in and out of the now very wet pink slit.

I parted her lips with my fingers and found the hood of her clitoris and gently exposed that sensitive knob. I placed the tip of my tongue against it , whilst at the same time inserted two fingers into her and began to synchronise my movements to bring her body shuddering to another orgasm.

My face was covered in her juices, when I eventually made my way back up her body. We just lay in each others arms and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke first and realised I had not brought in the luggage from the car. After doing so, I found the log store and lit a fire in the living room grate. As I was preparing dinner, Louise came into the room dressed in a white towelling dressing gown. She came over and put her arms around my waist and pressed her body against my back, saying 'thank you for a lovely day, I can't remember when I have been so happy.' I turned around, kissed her and said 'your welcome my dear, and its only Friday, tomorrow is another day.'

After dinner we sat cuddled up on the sofa, gazing into the log fire and listening to Miles and John Coltrane, it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Although our affair had been going on for six months and we had indulged in oral sex, we had up to this time, never actually had intercourse. Louise had a fear of condoms. Apparently Simon was using one which split and the resulting "morning after" pill made her very ill. Whilst I would have loved to make love to her in the fullest meaning of the phrase, I did not pursue the matter.

As the fire got to its final embers, Louise took my hand and said 'time for bed.' We climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom. We were about to spend our first night together. Quickly undressing we were soon under the duvet, kissing like there were no tomorrow.

My hand went between her thighs, as hers circled my penis. She then went down and took me in her mouth, slowly licking along the length of my shaft. After a couple of minutes, she shifted her body so that we were in a classical "69" position. As she continued to suck me, I took here cheeks in both hands and spread them. At the same time I began to lick deep inside her pussy. She was certainly an expert when it came to blow jobs for in minutes she had me on the brink of coming, and the at the critical moment, easing off to prolong the pleasure. By now her pussy was soaking wet and her juices were all over my face. She then increased the pressure on me and I picked up the rhythm and with a great burst, we both came at the same time.

Louise emerged from beneath the duvet, opened her mouth and showed me the white gooey substance that I had just shot into her. Then without saying a word, she swallowed every drop. As I went to kiss her, she licked around my face, tasting her own juices 'so that's what I taste like' she said quietly. Exhausted from our lovemaking, we again fell sleep in each others arms.

We slept quite late on the Saturday morning. After another hour of the most exquisite oral sex, we got up, showered together and went downstairs for breakfast.

It was a beautiful Autumn day and we decided to go for a long walk. About five miles from the cottage we stopped for lunch in a beautiful country pub. We raised a few eyebrows, as we sat at a corner table, holding hands and sneaking the occasional kiss.

After lunch we walked, hand in hand along the bank of the river that flowed past the cottage. In a very secluded spot Louise suddenly pulled me over, losing my balance I landed in a heap in some long grass. She looked down, and with a twinkle in her eye softly said 'never outdoors eh?' I smiled as I recalled telling her that although I had a few blow jobs, I had never experienced one 'Al Fresco'

It was well worth the wait. She simply removed it from my pants and for the next 20 minutes sent me to sexual heaven. She licked the length, up and down, took just the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue along its smooth skin. Took my balls between her lips and finally deep throated the full length. I could stand no more and as she withdrew I sprayed her face with my semen. She licked the white stuff from around her lips, saying ' Nice, must try that again some time.' Nice? it was mind blowing.

When we got back on the path, we noticed we were only a few yards from where Louise had performed her show stopper. Anyone could have walked past, and probably did, but I was to far gone, in a place far away to notice or even care.

We got back to the cottage about four, and got in the large old fashioned bath together. Just lying there letting the hot water wash away the strains of the day. I did manage something new, as I brought Louise to orgasm by just using my big toe in a way she had never envisaged before.

I had booked a table at the small restaurant in the village for dinner. When Louise entered the room every head turned. She looked amazing, just a simple black dress with gold accessories black shoes and what I took to be dark tights. But it was her natural beauty that captivated them. The men looked at me enviously, whilst the women just wished they had that kind of appeal.

After a wonderful meal we returned for our final night in he cottage. As we got to the bedroom Louise said 'I want you to take of your clothes and lie in the bed.' I did as I was told, then she came over with two white ribbons and tied my hands to the beds headboard. She had never given any intimation of any kinky stuff, but I went along with it.

She then slipped off her dress to reveal black undies, but what I took to be tights turned out to be, black hold up stockings. The bra and panties quickly disappeared but she kept on the stockings. She climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest, then moved her pussy directly over my mouth and lowered herself down. My tongue instantly flicked into her and I could feel the silky walls of her vagina. She became very wet and the exquisite taste of her was like an elixir to me. I continued to push my tongue as deep inside her as I could, until she came with an orgasm that ripped through her body.

She collapsed on top of me and we kissed long and hard. Eventually she prised her self off my chest and once again straddled me. But this time it was over my penis. Still tied, I looked at her saying 'Lou what are you doing?' She smiled and answered 'what I have wanted to do for years, I can't wait any longer, I want you inside me' It was what I had dreamed of, but even in the throws of passion, did not want to take the risk. 'But what about protection?' She replied 'I don't care' and with that slowly lowered herself onto me.

The feeling was like no other I had ever experienced. This wonderful girl took me to places I never knew existed sexually. Riding me like a pro. I am afraid it did not last long as unable to control it any longer, I shot my seed deep inside her.

She released my hands and kissed me, saying ,'thank you ' over and over again.

We just lay in each others arms, kissing , until her hand encircled me and she exclaimed 'Oh he seems ready again.' And he was. This time was slower, more kissing and I could look closely into those big eyes, and see the pleasure I was giving. We seemed to go on an age, before finally achieving simultaneous orgasm's. This time I withdrew and placed my semen on her pubes, where it sat like small pearls among the black crinkly hair.

We awoke early next morning and made love twice again. I could not bear to think that in a few short hours, this would all be over.

After showering together, when we did it again. It was time to say goodbye to our cottage.

As I drove home, we again hardly spoke, as we were both engrossed in the memories of the weekend.

That was my last time with Louise. My wife found out about us and gave me an ultimatum, her or Louise. I asked Louise to come away with me, but although she said she loved me, she could not face the wrath of her family when our affair became public. So we parted as friends.

A couple of weeks later, she sent me a text message, to the effect that "Uncle Charlie had arrived for a five day visit" so I knew our night of passion had not created new life.

Now eight years on, I still see her occasionally around the village. Simon is till on the scene, though I still can't think what she sees in him. But whenever I am low, I can lay back close my eyes and recall every delicious moment of our Fantasy Weekend.

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