tagMind ControlFantasy World Ch. 03

Fantasy World Ch. 03


I laid awake deep in thought. Someone was immune to my will inside my fantasy world. It was no longer a place of pure fantasy without consequences; those events now affected the real world even if it was just one girl. Could her immunity explain my fascination with her or was I genuinely infatuated with her. Maybe both. The frustration of not knowing began to get to me so I decided to release some aggression and the best way to do it was with my powers.

An older couple lived below me. Well not old, mid thirties at the most. They acted like they were in their sixties though. They always seemed to look down on me and complain about turning up my music to loud and about making noise when I come home late. They seemed to be so uptight and proper. The wife, Sarah, was the worst. I actually think the husband may be an alright guy but that bitch cut off his balls and placed them in a jar on her nightstand long ago. He always seemed friendlier when she wasn't around. Sarah always dressed rather modestly never showing more than calves and neck. She was the primary complainer; in the whole complex actually. The landlord had even grown tired of her constant complaining and would apologize for having to talk to me after she made a complaint knowing that I wasn't really doing anything wrong, at least not to the extent she claimed. Then again, appearances could be deceiving.

I used my powers and waited a few minutes before my doorbell rang. I got up and answered the door to find Sarah with her arms in front of her and her eyes to the ground wearing a long coat and carrying a bag.

"Hello Master, you willed me here, did you not?"

"Yes I did. I am rather frustrated today, so I decided to take it out on you today."

"I am sorry to hear of your frustration Master, but I am pleased that I can be of some assistance."

"We'll see how you feel later. Now come in here slave!"

"Yes Master." Sarah quickly scurried inside, her eyes never leaving the ground in front of her and sets the bag down at her side. She knew better than to look up without my permission. I move to her and she shudders as I place my hands on her shoulders. I move my hands to the front of her coat to undo the buttons and shed her of it. She stood before me in black, strapped high heels with black stockings. Her miniscule leather skirt did not entirely hide her black crotchless panties from view Her equally miniscule leather bra barely cover her nipples and that was it. They still managed to hold back her impressive D-cup tits. All of this was topped off with a black collar around her neck. This attire was not my doing. I do not have the ability to materialize anything in my fantasy world; she already owned all of this. She revealed to me that she has moonlighted in S&M clubs for years. She was always the dominant one as well, so I decided to make her my sub as a way to get back at her. Little did I know just how much she would come to enjoy it.

Whenever I used her in my fantasy world I would have her remember everything I had done to her in the past in both the real and fantasy world. She would take her punishment willingly for her wrongs in the real world and would desperately try to make it up to me. I was actually surprised that she would take the submissive role so readily. I always made her act as she normally would save for a few commands I would force her to obey. She resisted the submissive role at first until one day when I was whipping her with her own whip and I noticed how dripping wet she was. All I needed to do was run my finger along her pussy and she came hard. After that, I decided to have her remember just how much she liked my discipline and she then became my unquestioning servant.

"Slave, confess your sins to me."

"Master, I repent for what I have done to you. I continue to look down on you whenever I am not in my right mind. I do not give you the respect a man such as yourself deserves. I refused to help you with simple car wash soap when you washed your car last week and forced you take up your valuable time by going to get some yourself."

"So you did have some? Is there more?"

"No more sins sir, but something that you may find pleasing."

"What is that?"

"I watched you wash your truck sir, from my window. I admired your arms when they flexed as you scrubbed to get the dirt off. I shuddered when you took off your shirt after the heat got to you. I admired your ass as you bent down to clean your tires. I masturbated that night to that image and I came. I came harder than I had in months, at least in my other state of mind. Does that please you Master."

"You may look at me Slave." She looked up at me hoping that I would giver her a positive answer. "Why would that please me?" The disappointment was immediately evident in her expression. "You have pleasured yourself to my image after disrespecting me. How do you not consider that a sin? Did I give you permission to think of me while you pleasure yourself."

"No master." She returned her shameful gaze to the floor. "Your slave did not think about it like that and I plead for your forgiveness and ask that you punish me for how I have wronged you."

"Very well, did you bring the necessary tools?"

"Yes Master, I have."


I dig through the bag and take out a chain, which I hook onto her collar. I grab the bag and chain and drag her rather forcefully to my bedroom. She stumbles and falls to her knees. She knows what to do as she lays her torso on the bed with her knees still on the ground. I reach inside the bag again and pull out a riding crop.

"Tell me now, why do you continue to sin?"

"I-owww!" She cries out as I forcefully whip her with the riding crop. Her leather skirt may have protected her somewhat but it still hurt her. "I continue to sin, because I am stupid Master. I am not in my-Oww!" I lay another whack on her. "Not in my right state of mind. I do not know your greatness and the happiness serving a Master like you can bring." I swing again and she yelps as my strike lands on her leather covered ass.

"What do you propose to do about that?" I lift her skirt up and strike her bare ass, now with less force, as she didn't have the skirt for protection.

"There is nothing that can be done as you have explained things Master. I can only wish that I will come to realize this on my own."

It was an interesting situation I had created with her. I thought about at as I spanked her bare ass over my knee. I had essentially created a second Sarah. One who was forced by me to become submissive and grew to love it. I had often thought about doing this to her in real life but there came a problem with that. She is used to being the Dom and I only turned her into a sub after months of using her as my personal toy. My dislike for her made me have her keep her right mind whenever I used her and remember what I had done to her earlier. So if I attempted anything in real life she would call the cops on me on the first day. I had gotten her ass red and somewhere along the way to getting there she got soaking wet.

"My my. My little whore is wet. What do you plan to do with that soaking wet pussy?"

"I plan nothing Master. I only do what you allow and order."

"Well, then what do you want to do with that pussy."

"If Master would be so kind. I would like to wrap my soaking wet pussy around your cock. I would be eternally grateful master." She got off my lap and kneeled down before me.

"Well slave, you need to convince me that that's the best action to take."

"Master, I beg you for the opportunity to have you inside me once more. It is the best feeling in the world to have you split me open with your magnificent cock. But I know Master that my pleasure does not mean much. I hope that I can give you even more pleasure than you give me. Whatever frustration you have left you can take out on my pussy. Slam me as hard as you like. It does not even matter if I like it or not. If I can make you cum inside me or on any part of my body and take away even an ounce of your frustration that would make me happy."

'Well said slave. I will consider your argument as you suck my cock."

"Thank you Master for at least allowing me to suck your cock. I will do everything I can to make this the best blowjob you ever had."

She crawls over to me and takes off my pants. She knew that a fuck was not guaranteed. Whenever she really pissed me off I would deny her sex. She loved sucking my dick but it was nothing compared to having me fuck her. Whenever I denied her sex I followed her back home and had her be oblivious to me watching her. She would masturbate furiously with every toy she had and then sob afterwards at not getting to have me inside her. I didn't care though. She was just such a bitch sometimes that any compassion towards her just faded away.

She undid my pants and put me in her mouth. She deepthroated me expertly, obviously being skilled at cocksucking long before she met me. Her blowjobs were not the best I ever had but they were pretty damn close. I also knew what she was doing. She had a way of sucking me so I was brought to the edge but never went over. I usually only came when I grabbed her by the hair and face-fucked her. She hadn't pissed me off tonight though. So I decided to give her what she wanted. I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up. I tore away her tiny top and took firm hold of her breast.

"You are lucky today. I am going to fuck you, but not in your pussy."

"Thank you sir."

I threw her on the bed face down and lifted up her skirt. I tore her panties in half and lined up my cock with her asshole. She loved it but she always hates it for the first few minutes. She was not a complete anal virgin. She has used small toys before but she never had a cock up her ass before. She learned to love it one weekend when I went on a sort of binge with my powers to offset the tedium of the paper I was writing and I just fucked her in the ass the whole time. But, I cannot make her body the same as last time I fucked her so every time I did, it was like the first time.

She winced a bit as I pushed just a little. I was pressing down on her hole with gradual force. Her saliva on my dick was not going to be enough so I dove into that wet pussy of hers for a few good thrusts and then stopped and let my dick just get wet. She screamed in pleasure when I did that and now moaned as I held my dick in her. I then took it out and went for her ass again. I pushed harder and harder until I finally popped in. I grabbed her hair and made her arch her back. She was crying softly in pain as I entered her. Those soft cries of pain would soon become loud moans of ecstasy in a few minutes. She knew what to do to make the painful part as short as possible so she could enjoy the assfucking.

She was so tight and I couldn't pound her like I wanted. Times like these make me really hate the limitations of my power. She screamed in orgasm nonetheless as I continued thrusting in and out. Finally I had enough and came in her ass. I was instantly relaxed. She had done her job. She lay on the bed gasping for breath and struggling to stand up.

"I hope I have been some help to my Master."

"You have. Now its time to go."

"Yes Master, I hope that somehow I will remember this time."

I turned off my power and she disappeared. That had actually really helped. My mind still dwelled on what had happened with Jenna, but I was not as frustrated so I could finally get some sleep.

I awoke on Friday morning with no class go to. I had errands to run but I also had that party I was invited to by Laura and Sharon. That party would keep my mind off Jenna; hopefully for the entire weekend. I was not used to being unsure of anyone since I learned to control my powers. This doubt would have driven me nuts over the whole weekend if not for the two girls I would try to fuck tonight. And if that wasn't enough, I had Clara's number.

First things first though; I had business to take care of. My grandfather's check came in the mail. I loved that old man. When I was around ten he promised to pay for my college education. When I got accepted he promised to pay for my apartment as well if I enrolled full time and sent him my grades. I felt a bit guilty but he always told me he was getting old and he couldn't take it with him. All of his kids are well off so he doesn't need to leave a lot in his will. He has plenty of property they can split anyways. He told me that he wants to spend every penny he has before he dies. Something I remind him of whenever I ask him for a little extra spending cash.

I left around lunchtime since I wanted to make sure to get a little grocery shopping as well and wanted to get done with plenty of time to get ready for the party. I pulled up to the bank and there was a line as usual. It always frustrated me when I saw tellers in the back seemingly not doing anything important while a line gathered instead of opening another window to get it moving. I had a way to get back at them. I recognized the bank manager. She was always helpful but she didn't seem to crack down on the employees when necessary. I would take care of that.

The Manager gets on the intercom and calls out two employees. I had her call out two female workers that SHE found attractive and I have to say I like her taste in women. I took a seat from the desk of one of the loan officers and watched the show.

"Debbie!" called out the manager. "You have been late twice this week already. That's already 5 times this month. I can't have that!"

"I'm sorry Lisa," responded Debbie in a meek voice.

"Stephanie! You have taken long lunches for the last time!"

"Please, don't fire us. We'll do anything," said Stephanie.

"Anything?" asked the manager. The girls each nodded. At this point I made her feel extreme lust for the girls. Everything she did now was up to her. She wasted no time in ripping off Stephanie's shirt. Stephanie gasps but did not resist. I had made both of them aroused and they now became submissive to the manager's advances. Lisa then roughly grabbed her breasts. They were great breasts. At least a C but then again it could be a push up bra. "I need to punish bad behavior." Said Lisa in a low voice.

She grabbed Stephanie by her dark hair and bent her over a desk and lifted up her skirt. She was wearing thigh black stockings. Her panties were slipped down to expose her ass. She ordered her to stay like that and then she proceeded to do the same to Debbie. Debbie did not have the nice looking breasts that Stephanie did but that took nothing away from her attractiveness. Her innocent and scared look was great. I always liked that in a girl. I knew that she wanted it though, because I made it so. When her skirt was lifted up when she was face down next to Stephanie I saw she wore pantyhose. It was great how Lisa used a "please use next window" sign to help her cut through the material. She opened the panty hose and a spectacular ass greeted me. The saying "more cushion for the pushing" came to mind. It wasn't wide either it was perfectly shaped. I then realized that if I wanted to take two girls in real life, I would have to get some of this but I would have to be quick because I would be to the front of the line soon. I dropped my pants and plunged into Debbie.

"Oh, that's hot," said Stephanie watching me.

"Shut up! You don't deserve to see this! Turn your head!" She didn't turn it. "I said turn it!" her hand came down hard and the slap could have been heard outside. Her ass cheek was immediately red. Stephanie's head turned away from me fucking her co-worker. Then Lisa realized she still had that sign in her hand. If this was real life she would have left permanent scars on Stephanie's ass. She was on a power trip and did not want to stop disciplining her bad employee. The swings finally stopped and she got on the desk and pulled up her business skirt and moved her panties aside. Stephanie knew what to do and she did not want to suffer her boss' wrath a second time.

I watched as Stephanie stuck out her tongue to lick up and down her slit. She found the clit and sucked on it as she fingered her boss. I reached over and grabbed the mature breasts of the bank manager as I fuck her other employee. My English teacher's breasts felt better. It wasn't long before Lisa thrashed around in orgasm with me and Debbie close behind. I turned off my power and returned to the real world.

I was looking at my balance on the bank slip when I came back. I got some grocery shopping done and then headed home. I dressed for the party and grabbed some cologne and left. Off to my distraction for the weekend.

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