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Mary and John Justice were sitting by the pool discussing the bad news they had just received. John was a member of the National Guard and had just received orders to report for full time duty. His unit was going to be sent to Iraq within the next couple of weeks. He only had two days to get everything in order and report in. It wasn’t a big surprise since they had been expecting it for several months. Several friends had already shipped out. They were trying to figure out just how she was going to manage while he was gone.

Mary and John had been High School sweethearts that married soon after graduation. They had been married nearly 20 years, and in all that time they had not spent much time apart. He had joined the Guard right out of High School and worked for them full time. Over the years he had moved up until he was the highest-ranking NCO in his unit. She had attended college and become a teacher. They had a good life; a nice home out in the country, two children, twins, a boy and a girl. They had just turned 18 and would graduate in another two months. They would both be attending State College in the fall. John and Mary had already rented them an apartment off campus, since they wanted to stay together.

The house was located on 100 acres of land. They had a few cows and a horse for each of them. It wasn’t so large that it took a lot of time to keep it up. A young black man, Ty, worked for them. He kept the hay cut, fences repaired, cut grass and cleaned the pool. He was a tall young man, nearly 6ft. 4in. And weighted around two hundred pounds. Mary and her daughter, Donna, often caught them selves watching him as he worked around the farm without his shirt on. He had been with them since he was a teenager.

Mary got up to go get them another drink. Even though it was only April the weather had already started to warm up. It looked like it was going to be a long hot summer. She had on a bikini that she wore around the pool when it was just family. It only covered the very essentials. At 38 she was still a fine looking woman. More often than not she and her daughter were mistaken for sisters. In part from Mary keeping her body in great shape, and Donna being so mature. She looked a lot older than her 18 years.

John watched her as she went inside. All the years of seeing her in stages of dressed and undressed he had never tired of watching her. He was going to miss being with her for a year. Their sex life had always been good, and plentiful. She was as highly sexed as he was. Never had she turned him down and often initiated it her self. He had a half hard on as he watched her hips swaying as she went through the door. Her long brown hair hung down to below her shoulders, and the bikini didn’t cover much of her shapely ass. It was going to be a long year for him.

Mary was going to miss him as much as he did her, but at least she had Don and Donna with her. At least she would until they left for school in the fall. Mary was use to plenty of sex with him, and the few time he had been away she knew how much she had missed him. She would like to have sat down and cried but she had to hold up for the kids. Actually the kids may have to hold her up.

Both of them were very mature for their age. Donna looked a lot like her mother in size and shape. Grown men had been paying attention to her since she first started maturing. Her breasts developed early, and the guy’s were right behind her. Don was tall like his father. He had blond hair and deep blue eyes that made the girls wet between their legs before they really knew why. He was the teachers pet, especially the women.

Don and Donna were real close. They had been all their lives but as they grew older even more so. Their parents were pleased that they got along so well together. Neither one dated other boy or girls very much. They preferred to go out together most of the time. Their parents wouldn’t have been so happy if they knew just how close the two were.

When Donna started developing breasts and the boys started following her, Don was jealous of them. He didn’t really understand why, except it was taking her time away from him. They talked about everything together and when she saw how quiet he had become she asked him about it. He told her how he felt when others looked at her, and how jealous it made him. She said, “But you’re my brother and your not suppose to look at me that way.”

“I can’t help it. You are the most beautiful girl in school. I don’t like the other guys taking up your time.” She paid more attention to him from that time on. The shoe was on the other foot when he started filling out. Then she understood just where he was coming from. They made a pack to always be there for each other.

Everybody in the family were laxed in the way they went around the house. It wasn’t that they walked around nude but they often caught sight of each other as they went from bath to bedroom. Around the pool they wore swimsuits that they wouldn’t have worn if company had been there. On a few occasions they had all slipped into the pool late on a summers night to skinny dip. With only the moon for light there wasn’t much to see, but each took that opportunity to sneak a peek at the others. They often ran throughout the house looking for something, dressed in only their under wear. By putting the two together it was easy to see that no one in the family had anything to be a shame of.

Don and Donna were even more open around each other. When their parents weren’t home they often went skinny-dipping. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed. They managed to keep their parents from finding out. Since their rooms were next to each other’s on the opposite end of the house they ended up in bed together nearly every night. When it came time to find a place to live while at college that insisted that they stay together. Mary and John quickly agreed, as it would be cheaper that way. They had no idea what the real reason was.

John had been gone for a week. He still hadn’t left the States but he couldn’t come home. Mary, Don, and Donna had to pitch in around the farm to help Ty with the work. This had been John’s job but now they helped him. As it was around most farms the work was hot and dirty. A bath after a days work followed by a dip in the pool made the job that much easier. Ty had a room in the barn where he changed from his work clothes and took a bath before going home. He was single and didn’t have a girl friend so he often wasn’t in too big of a hurry to leave. With John gone he would stop by the pool to ask if there was anything else they needed. The main reason was to catch a glimpse of the girls in their bikinis.

Mary wasn’t a fool; she knew why he stayed around. John had now been over seas about a month and she was hot and horny. Working around Ty during the day made her want John even more. She had even taken to watching Don as he moved around the pool. The thought that she was thinking about her son in such a way made her turn red with embarrassment. One evening she and her two kids were swimming when Ty stopped by on his way home. Mary was standing in the shallow end of the pool leaning on the side talking to him. She knew that he could see most of her breasts in the skimpy suit. For some reason she didn’t move to cover up as she usually did. The kids were playing and ducking each other and wasn’t paying her any attention. She looked up to find his eyes fixed on her tits. He knew that she had caught him but he couldn’t take his eyes from her. He could see both her nipples that were hardly covered.

Mary locked eyes with him. He knew that she knew where he was looking. The knowledge that he could see her nipples just made them harder. She could have moved anytime and the spell would have been broken, but she couldn’t bring herself to make that move. It had been along time since John had looked at her with so much desire. She glanced down and saw the large lump in his pants. He was just as excited as she was. Finally the spell was broken when Donna yelled at Don for ducking her. Ty backed up and told them he would see them tomorrow.

Don hadn’t been paying much attention to his mother as he had been feeling Donna’s pussy and tits each time he had a chance. When Mary turned back toward the pool he saw her tits and for the first time realized just how beautiful she really was. He had been fucking his sister for several months now and he wondered if there might be a chance to get his mother between the sheets. He wondered what made her tits so hard? Then the light went on in his head. It was Ty that had gotten her in such a condition!

Mary quickly slid down in the water when she saw Don looking at her. What would he think to know that she had stood before a black man and let him look at her tits? She didn’t need to worry. Don thought if Ty could get to her then there was the chance he could also.

School was out for the summer and the kids and Mary were home for the next three months. Now Mary didn’t even have the job to take her mind off John being gone. They worked each day around the farm, but by mid afternoon the days work was usually completed. The three usually spent the afternoon lying around the pool. Mary and Donna had beautiful tans. Mary had been noticing that Don was paying more attention to her than before. His horsing around with Donna now included her. She just figured that he was the typical horny young man trying to impress the girls.

One afternoon after Ty had gone they were horsing around and he threw her into the deep end of the pool. When she came up her top was down around her waist. Her big tits, with their big hard nipples, were naked before his eyes. He just stared without saying anything. Donna was the first to say anything. “Mother I think you may have lost your top.” Mary, looking down quickly covered them with her hands. Donna said, “Why don’t you just leave them uncovered and we can skinny dip?” Before Mary could answer Donna pulled off her top and bottoms and dove into the pool. When she came up Don was pushing his suit down his legs. His big cock jumped up as his suit cleared it. Once naked he paused a second before diving into the pool. The second he took gave his mother time to look him over. His cock was at least as big as his fathers, if not bigger.

“Come on mother, you are the only one left,” said Donna. Mary knew better but she let her horny nature rule her thoughts. Laughing, she pulled her bottoms off and tossed them up on the deck. She didn’t think about having to get out of the water to reach them when she was ready to go.

They played around just like they always did. It was the first time they were naked in the pool during the day when all they had to do was look at each other. It didn’t take long before they were comfortable moving around. It was a lot more fun swimming around in the nude than with suits. Mary may not have been setting to good of an example for her kids but they were old enough to make up their own minds about it. No one was forcing them to act this way.

That afternoon started what became as the normal way of doing things. Each afternoon after Ty left they quickly stripped and went about their fun. The three never bothered to cover up when leaving the pool. The women would lie out in the sun to get rid of the suit tanning marks. It was hard for Don to lie around since his cock was usually hard. He took a lot of teasing about his condition.

Each afternoon and on into the night they would swim and cook out by the pool. They had taken to walking around the house in all stages of undress. Mary knew what effect she and Donna had on Don. It wasn’t as visible, but he was having the same effect on her. Each night before she went to sleep she would use her fingers to bring her peace. Sometimes it was John she would think about, at others it would be Don. She didn’t see anything wrong using her son as her fantasy to bring her pleasure. She had thought about Ty several times and her climax was more intense than ever.

Don and Donna had to go for orientation at the college. It would take a couple of days and then they were going to visit some friends for another two days. This was going to leave Mary at home alone. Ty would be there during the day but the rest of the time she would be by her self. Don and Donna had a room at the hotel next to the college. When their orientation was completed they weren’t going to visit anyone. They were planing on taking that opportunity to do some serious fucking before going back home.

On Monday the kids left early on their trip. Mary was up to see them off and didn’t go back to bed. She fixed her coffee and sit on the deck, watching the early morning sun comes up. After cleaning up the kitchen she went to dress for the day. She was going to help Ty clean out the hay barn to make room for the new hay. Her stomach had been upset all night and she hadn’t slept very well. The idea of being alone with Ty for the next four days cause mixed feelings. She knew that he wanted her but that he wasn’t likely to make the first move. She had never cheated on John but her cunt was in constant mess. Her fingers just weren’t doing that good of job for her.

As she dressed she thought about Ty and how he had looked at her each time they had talked. He hadn’t looked at her like that when John was around. She pulled her tight jeans up her long shapely legs. Her ass really looked fine in tight jeans. Even at her age and two children men still stopped when she walked by. She at first put on a bra then changed her mind and left it off. Her shirt was one of John’s that she often wore by tying the tails together under her tits. John liked to see her dress like this and she knew that Ty would also. She knew that she was playing with fire, but she needed more in her hot cunt than her fingers.

Ty was already in the barn working when she arrived. As she climbed the ladder to the loft, Ty did a double take as her head and then the rest of her body climbed through the hole. His cock started getting hard the minute he saw her. Ty had been working for them for about 10 years. All that time he thought Mary was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. He watched her anytime she was around and John wasn’t. He didn’t want to lose his job because he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. This was still the south and a black man and white woman still caused talk.

In his eyes Mary never changed as she got older. She was even more beautiful now than when he first came to work with them. Next to her, Donna was the next prettiest girl he knew. As she got older the two of them kept his cock hard most of the time. When he stopped by the pool he could not keep from eyeing them in their swimsuits. He knew that Mary had caught him looking down the top of her suit. He was surprised that she did move to cover up, as she would have if John had been there. It gave him hope that there might be a possibility of something more to come.

He had come back one night to get some clothes he left in the room to wash. As he passed the pool he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the three swimming in the nude. He couldn’t make himself move away. He watched them all playing in the pool. When the women got out of the pool to dry he thought he was in heaven. The two women in the world that he would love to fuck were standing not 20 feet from him completely naked. He watched as they dried off and Don came out of the pool. The three then walked into the house without putting anything on. He couldn’t sleep that night thinking about what he had seen. It was his third climax before he could sleep.

Ty knew that if he was ever going to have the opportunity to climb between those wonderful legs it would have to be while John was gone. If she would just give him an opening he would take his chances.

The two worked all morning in the hot barn loft. Ty was sweating and had taken off his shirt. Mary couldn't take off her shirt but it was soaked with perspiration. Her nipples were shining through the shirt material as clear as if she didn’t have it on. Mary knew what she looked like to him but she didn’t try to cover up anything. She wanted him to see her breasts. What she really wanted was to be fucked over and over by him. Her cunt was as wet as her shirt because she had been looking at the bulge in his pants all morning. Both were wanting the same thing but afraid to make the first move.

Mary had never been with anyone but John, and was afraid of how it would be. She had never looked at a black man with the idea of taking him to bed. The question in her mind was how much difference he would be. She didn’t worry about his color, just what a different man would feel like in her cunt. Her cunt had been wet for the last three months since John left. She never knew how much she would miss having sex until now. If he weren’t going to make the first move then she would have to do it.

They worked on through lunch to finish before the heat became unbearable. Once they finished she said, “I’ll go to the house and fix some lunch. We have worked enough for one day. Why don’t you get your swim suit and we can cool off in the pool?” She left him and headed to the house for lunch.

He watched her walk away before turning to his room. He took a quick shower to wash away the dust and grime. He didn’t have a swimsuit with him so he slipped on a pair of cutoff jeans. He didn’t bother with briefs. He was sitting under the umbrella when she came back out with lunch. She had showered and put on a bikini. It was white and she knew that once it was wet it became transparent. Her cunt was wet and already a spot was starting to seep through the crotch.

They eat lunch and talked. She told him that the kids would be gone for a couple of days, and that they had the place to themselves. Once lunch was over she carried the dishes back to the house and left them in the sink. She stood for a moment looking at herself in the hall mirror. “You are getting ready to do something that could ruin your marriage if John ever finds out about it. Are you willing to take that chance?” She ran her hands over her body and a thrill shot straight from her tits to her cunt. There was no way for her to stop now; she needed a man too much.

Ty was already in the pool when she came out. He was swimming from one end to the other trying to will his rock hard cock down. He wasn’t having any luck.

He was standing in shallow water facing the deep end when Mary walked down the steps. He could hear her coming but didn’t turn around because his cock was still hard and the water wasn’t deep enough to hide it.

Mary had made up her mind in the house that this was what she wanted. She moved up behind him and circled his body with her arms. He jumped when she touched him but didn’t pull away. She pulled him back until she could feel his ass touching her cunt. Her tits were up against his naked back. She spread her finger across his flat muscled stomach. Slowly she lowered her hands until her finger went under the waistband of his shorts. She pushed lower as she felt him take in a deep breath. Her fingers were touching the top of his cock. She could feel the course black hair that ran from his navel to surround his cock.

Now that she had made the first move she didn’t want to stop. Holding his cock in one hand she unsnapped his shorts with the other. She ran the zipper down and pushed his shorts down his hips. When she had pushed them as far as she could reach she took her toe and finished pushing them down. He stepped out of them and doing so spread his legs to give her more room to play with his cock.

He wasn’t a lot bigger than John but he was harder that John had ever been. She used both hands to caress his cock. When she had played with his cock a few minutes she turned him to face her. She took his hands and brought them to her tits. “Play with them.” After a few minutes she reached back and untied the only string that held the top up. She watched as his black fingers moved upon her white body. He was squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples. Her cunt was on fire and even the water couldn’t put it out.

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