tagErotic CouplingsFarmer's Daughter Ch. 04

Farmer's Daughter Ch. 04


Ch 4 – The Pond

Sasquatch gets wet – in more ways than one

NC<18 – No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

I gradually awoke to the sound of birds singing and the light hitting my closed lids. I was laying on my side and as I opened my eyes, they gradually focused on the two faces staring me from just over the edge of the mattress.

"Betty, why is there a man sleeping in your bed?" asked the blond while peeking around the corner of the teddy-bear she was holding.

"I don't know, Bobbi Jo," said the auburn haired cutie next to her, "but Mommy and Daddy will be home any minute now, and they'll know what to do about the bad old man. They might call the sheriff. Or Daddy might just get that big old gun of his and make him 'disappear'."

I groaned and said, "Vey funny, ladies. I may be a little old, but I remember the fantastic sex we had yesterday afternoon and last night perfectly well. Don't try playing that 'innocent young girls' act on me again. We all know perfectly well you two are full-grown women."

"EEEEeeeewwwww. We don't know what you're talking about, mister." Then all three of our heads turned toward the window at the sound of tire crunching on gravel.

They both jumped up then and then ran out the bedroom door with the blond yelling, "Mommy, Daddy! There's a strange man in Betty's bed! He seems to think he had sex with us, but we swear we didn't! We know not to let strange men touch us in those places!"

I covered my eyes with my hand as I groaned at the lameness of their antics. As if I would fall for that again! Then my hand slid down my face to cover my open mouth in shock as I realized that the view of them going out the door was anything but adult! The blond (Bobbi Jo?) had been wearing full-length footed pajamas and was carrying a teddy-bear the size of her torso. The auburn-haired one (Betty?) was wearing a little pink short set with cartoon horses on them. She was dragging a stuffed rabbit the length of her legs behind her as she left.

What the fuck is going on? I thought. I frantically began to search my memories of the day and night before. I could have sworn they said they were... SHIT!! Did I just have sex with two little girls? What the FUCK was I thinking? No. There's NO WAY I would have done something like that! I don't care HOW delirious I might have been from the heat or anything else!

That's when I heard a truck door slam – HARD!

As if that had been the starter's pistol at a race, my body lurched into motion. I dressed as quickly as I could. I tore out of that room, down the stairs, across the living room and out the screen door onto the porch, trying to think of something to say, and froze on the top step.

Two women wearing denim overalls and boots were talking to the tow-truck operator outside the closed door of the roll-back tow-truck.

"Here he is now," said Bobbi Jo as she looked over her shoulder at me. "Mister, this gentleman is here to pick up your car and take it get fixed."

"Ummm, yeah, I, uh, I guess," I stammered as I dropped to my ass on the top step. What the fuck WAS going on?

"Go ahead." I already knew where it was supposed to be taken and the guy obviously knew what he was doing.

I sat and watched as he loaded my car and chained it down. He walked over to me, held out a clipboard and a pen and pointed to an "X". "Sign here, sir."

I scribbled my signature and handed the clipboard back. He walked over, climbed in and drove straight out of the driveway and out onto the two-lane blacktop.

"WAIT! I'm supposed to get a ride! My clothes! My samples..."

I heard them laughing then and turned to find the two of them standing at the end of the porch, holding on to each other, apparently to keep themselves from falling down they were laughing so hard.

"You were right," said Bobbi Jo. "He is hilarious when things get a little out of control!"

They eventually stopped laughing and came over to sit on either side of me on the steps, laying their heads on opposite shoulders. They put their inside arms around my back. Betty looked up at me and said, "Locational humor again? Sorry, we thought it was funny."

"Yeah. Ha. Ha. Ha," I grumbled.

We sat there for a few minutes as I was still trying to wrap my head around everything that had happened. Then Bobbi Jo yelled, "Breakfast!" and jumped up to run inside.

Betty stood and helped me to my feet like I was an old man or something. Though I have to admit I felt like I needed it at the time.

She held my hand as we walked inside and into the kitchen where she led me to one of the chairs at the table. The same one she had planted me in yesterday afternoon, I realized.

I slumped into it and Betty said with a sly smile, "Boy! You sure like you had a HARD night last night. Or something."

"That, little girl, was a mean trick to pull on an old man."

"We said we were sorry. And you are NOT an old man. When we finally did wear you out this morning we realized it was almost five already and we were both more wound up than tired, we just decided to get on with our day."

"What did you have to do to get started so early?" I asked.

"Just the normal. Start making a couple loaves of bread; milk the cows; gather eggs; feed the pigs, chickens and cows; put dinner in the smoker...

"You slept through the guy calling to let you know he was on the way, and didn't even wake up when he pulled in and honked the horn the first time. We talked to him. He seemed to know what might be the problem and said that if he was right, he could have the car ready for you to pick up tomorrow morning.

"I had been telling Bobbi Jo about how gullible you were yesterday and we decided to have a little fun.

"So we asked the guy if he could give us a half-hour. We unloaded your car into the back room by the kitchen and then we decided to go ahead and prank you and got into those costumes. You probably remember the rest."

Bobbi Jo said, "Come and get it!" and we walked over to the stove. What a spread. Eggs, home fries, ham steaks, fresh bread and a clay crock of what had to be real, fresh butter.

We talked as we ate breakfast and they told me they had a few Guernsey dairy cows, some Rhode Island Red chickens and a few pigs. We talked about those and the crops they planted – a pretty varied lot. Corn, alfalfa, hay, barley, and they had a small orchard with a few of each kind of fruit trees and then vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. Seemed like a fairly self-sufficient place.

After breakfast, they decided to give me a tour since I had been more interested in the farm than they had expected.

We walked through the barn and out the back. As I looked past the chicken coop I started laughing. They both looked at me like I was goofy, then looked to see what I was looking at. After a minute or two, they both got it and laughed along with me. "Oh yeah. Brown chickens. Brown cows. I think what's-his-name wrote a song about you guys. And after what we did last night, that is the perfect musical accompaniment!" I said.

We walked out through the fields until the path we were on passed through a circular line of trees. Inside the ring was a fairly decently-sized pond surrounded by lush grass and with a little sand beach in one spot. I asked if it was a stock tank and Bobbi Jo said, "No, we use a high-tech windmill to run the pump to water the animals and provide for the house. Betty's Mom and Dad planted the trees around the pond a long time ago, just to keep the animals out. Seems they had a thing for skinny-dipping. Wish I'd have been able to meet them."

That seemed to spark something in Betty and she slipped the shoulder-straps of her overalls off and shucked them down her legs. T-shirt and no underwear. She caught me looking and said, "Oops. I was in such a hurry to get dressed between pranking you and dealing with the tow-truck guy I forgot to put them on."

I sat down to untie my shoes. Then, of course, Betty had to bend at the waist to untie her boots, giving me a very inviting view of her cute little ass and pussy. I also got a really nice view of her face as she looked past her legs to make sure I was watching her.

Bobbi Jo cleared her throat and I thought she might have gotten jealous of the way I was staring at Betty. Then she cleared her throat again and when I turned to see whether she was mad at me I found myself face to face with her own pretty cunt.

I'm not sure how she did it, but she grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face into her pussy and rolled onto her back, dragging my whole body with her. As soon as her back hit the ground her legs splayed open and I wasted no time.

"You BITCH!!" I heard from behind me as Betty saw what Bobbi Jo had done. "I wanted him first!"

Bobbi Jo laughed and said, "Well nanny nanny boo boo to you. You got him first yesterday. Shit, if I hadn't finished the afternoon milking and come to see what you were doing, you might not have shared him at all!"

I started to slowly lick up the sides of Bobbi Jo's lips, startled at but kind of liking the taste of her sweat. Seems fresh clean sweat is a lot better than stale sweat. Or a woman's sweat is sweeter than the way I stink when I sweat. Or something. Never mind. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Me taking long licks up her dripping slit. I slipped the tip of my tongue in between her outer lips and her inner lips and licked along the edges, making an "O" as I alternated sides for a few minutes, first clockwise then counter-clockwise, then flattened my tongue and began to lick her from taint to clit, making sure to maintain an even rhythm, at least right at first. It didn't take long at all before she started rocking her hips downward as I licked upward. I adjusted my own pace to hers as we both gradually sped up.

At some point I looked up to see if she was enjoying what I was doing and I couldn't see her face. Not because she had it tilted back in passion or anything. Betty had knelt with her knees on either side of Bobbi Jo's head, planted her elbows on the ground and used her hands and forefingers to press first Bobbi Jo's boobs and then her nipples together. That pushed them close enough together that Betty was able to lick both of those big nipples at the same time.

Then she did something I've never seen anyone else do, before or since. She made eye contact with me, pressed her lips together in the middle of her mouth and wrapped the open parts on the outside of her little mouth around each of those nipples and sucked them in.

Apparently she was able to keep up both suction and tongue action, because Bobbi Jo was moaning almost constantly and had wrapped her long tan arms around Betty's chest. I'd like to think I had something to do with it too.

As Bobbi Jo's moans got louder and the rocking of her hips got faster, I continued to match her pace until her moans began to change to groans. When I figured the time was right, I stopped at the top of my lick, sucked her clit into my mouth, planted my chin in the middle of her puss and began to hum. I guessed she liked that, 'cuz her thighs clamped around my head like she was trying to crack a walnut and her ass began to bounce up and down on the ground as she came.

Luckily I had been able to tilt my head back a little so I could still take air in through my nose and I just kept humming until she finally relaxed. Well, collapsed actually. She finally let go of my head and Betty's little torso and her arms and legs fell limply to the ground.

Betty stood up and walked through the grass over to me. Holding out her hand she led me up and over to a tree. At some point it had split into two trunks from the same root structure, but one of the trunks had been cut down. The way it was done made it possible to sit on the one stump and use the other as a backrest. She guided me to a seat, then turned and sat on my lap.

At least at first it was my lap. Then she slid her back up my chest, reached between her legs and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her quim. She slowly began to slide up and down my chest using our combined sweat as a lubricant as she began to take more and more of my cock into her little body.

I reached around her and palmed her breasts, able to squeeze them lightly all around using just my palms. I gradually eased my palms back a bit to where I could get her stiff little nipples pinched between the first knuckles of the middle two fingers of each hand. I started lifting and lowering those cute little tits to match her rhythm. She began to slide further and further up the shaft of my cock with each energetic bounce and I was afraid she was going to pull up so far my cock would slip out the front of her dripping pussy.

Boy was I wrong!!

She pulled up a little too far (by accident or on purpose? Don't know, don't care) and when she slammed herself down, she stayed settled on my lap. She reached up with her right hand and drew my face down to hers, met my open mouth with hers and began to kiss me more passionately than she had in the short time we'd been together. I thought she was trying to suck the soul out of my body she was kissing me so voraciously.

She slowly began to slide up and down again as she continued to kiss me like that.

A minute or two later, Bobbi Jo crawled over to us and knelt with her head on Betty's thigh. She reached out and began stroking Betty's cunt with the backs of her fingers, then suddenly knelt fully upright. I thought maybe she had found a nest of red ants or something because she started, well, it wasn't twitching, it wasn't shivering, it could only be called quivering or vibrating with excitement. She grabbed my legs behind the knees and pulled my ass forward a little (dragging my back down the tree bark a little, thank you very much for that).

I was about to give her a hard time about that when she knelt lower down, got her face really close to Betty's crotch, looked up at the two of us and said, "I can't believe you've got his entire cock up your ass!"

Then she was quiet, as she was busy licking Betty's sweet lips, matching Betty's downward slide with her lifting tongue. Then she wasn't quiet as she used the trick she had learned from me and began humming on Betty's hard little clit.

That was enough to push Betty over the edge into orgasm, and the way her ass clenched on the base of my cock was enough send me over the edge into mine as well.

I couldn't help myself. I hoped I wasn't hurting Betty as I began to flex my thighs and use my hands on her little tits to lift her up my cock, then slam her down as I basically milked myself dry.

Turns out I wasn't hurting her at all as I realized she had pulled forward from my chest, put her left hand on my left knee and was waving her right arm around in the air and yelling, "Ride him, fucking cowgirl!!"

She finally collapsed back onto my chest, reached up and gently caressed the side of my face with a sigh of contentment.

"Mister, you sure are something else," Bobbi Jo said. "I've been trying to get her to try something bigger than my finger up her tight little ass for months and she always said she 'didn't think anything bigger would fit'. Now you've been here less than 24 hours and she's bouncing her ass up and down your cock like it's a fucking pogo stick or something."

Betty leaned to one side, lifted her leg straight up over my head and spun around with my cock still buried up her ass, then knelt on the stump to kiss me.

After a few minutes, she said, "Carry me down to the pond?"

I managed to get to my feet and, with my arms supporting her ass and her arms wrapped around my legs, I kind of waddled down to the sandy beach and then into the water. I eventually got soft and slipped out of her. We cuddled and kissed some more, then I realized Bobbi Jo hadn't joined us.

Looking around, I saw her laying in the grass watching us with a wistful look.

"Hey, Bobbi Jo!" I called, "C'mon in, the water's fine!"

She shyly shook her head. I leaned into Betty's ear and asked what that was all about. "Jealous, I think," she said.

The light clicked on in the back of my head.

I walked up out of the water and over to where she was laying and stood over her, dripping water on her bare skin.

"Hey, c'mon. Join us!"

She shook her head again.

"OK. Let's try it this way. Get your ass in the water. NOW!!"

She shook her head.

I looked over at Betty and she winked and mouthed a word at me. Gotcha.

"Well, if you won't cooperate, ya big sasquatch, bitch, I'll have to drag you there against your will."

She looked up at me and said, "You don't have the hair on your ass or the balls to drag me into that water!"

"Wrong, bitch!" I snarled. "You have no fucking idea who you're dealing with!" I dropped to a knee, grabbed her in just the right places and did a kind of a somersault/flip move over top of her and when I came back up I had her over my shoulders. I carried her down to the water. Thankfully she didn't do a bunch of kicking or struggling 'cuz I'm not sure if my knees or back could have taken it. She wasn't overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but she was still a good-sized chunk of woman.

I managed to make it till I was chest-deep in the water, then ducked my head and flipped her up and over and into the water.

She went under, and before I could get fully stood back up, she erupted out of the water and slammed into me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and began to repeat the kind of kisses Betty had been giving me a few minutes ago.

"You have no idea how much hornier you just made me by doing that, mister."

She left off kissing me, swung her head around, licked the outside of my ear, then stuck the tip of her tongue in my ear. She pulled it out and said, "Oh, fuck! You have no idea how long it's been since anyone has held me in their arms like this, let alone manhandled me the way you just did. I know it's not PC or anything, but there are times I just want a man to take charge of me, tell me what to do, to just give all control of myself to him...

"Betty tries, but it's all psychological or scarves and stuff. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but to just be handled like that is such a fucking turn-on."

Bobbi Jo paused and just hugged me for a minute or two, then pulled back and said, "You know, I never thought about it, but I think it has to do with me having gotten my growth starting early.

"Everybody starting looking at me and expecting one of four things. They expected me to be brave to the point of being like a guy, expected me to be the kid who would naturally take charge of the others, expected me to play all the 'tall' sports, you know, volleyball, basketball?

"I put up a front of being brave, took charge when everybody expected me to and played all those sports because it was expected of me."

She was quiet for a while as I walked her around the pond in the deeper water and ran my hands over as much of her body as I could reach, so after a bit I said, "Four."

She pulled back to look at me and said, "What"

"You said there were four things people expected of you growing up, but you only mentioned three."

"Oh, four was that some kids, and even some adults, would tease me unmercifully about my height. I finally started twisting the teasing by making fun of it in my head, especially when I felt like there was nothing I could do about it. I got such a kick out of making fun out of the teasing when no one knew I was doing it that I started to get excited when I did. Then I started getting excited just from hearing the teasing, knowing I was going to be making fun of it later. That's why I like it when Betty calls me 'sasquatch', especially since I'm so much taller than she is.

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