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Fun with Friends


Torrie was eighteen, it was the summer after high school and she was ready to party!! Her part time job at the local burger place was a drag and she was sick of it!

Her father made her pay her own car insurance, gas and phone bill. She had to pay for any extras she wanted too. So she had to keep the job until she went to college in the fall. She worked the night shift.

Her prime party hours were til about eight in the morning then she'd sneak in through the basement and pretend she slept on the couch. Her parents never knew, if they did, they never showed it.

It was Friday, prime party night. Torrie was closing with Sarah, Becky and Todd. Sarah was a former class mate of hers, they'd been friends freshman year.

Sarah was a stoner now though, she was never caught without some type of drugs.

Todd was her on-off boyfriend, he had his own place and she could crash there when she didn't want to sneak in. He was into alot of drugs too, but he never pushed them on her.

Becky was a manager but not thier regular one. She would smoke weed with them when they partied, but work was a different story. She'd gotten one of Torrie's friends fired for his "attitude". What a bitch sometimes!

After they clocked out, she slipped outside with Todd and Sarah. They sat on the tail gate of Todd's truck smoking a joint waiting for Becky to finish. She'd have them all fired if they left before she did.

Sarah had told them about a party her boyfriend's cousin was throwing, but Todd's ex Amber would be there. She didn't like Torrie because she thought Torrie stole Todd. Too much drama, all Torrie wanted was fun.

Becky invited them to play pool at her husband's bar, but they couldn't drink. Just when the night was getting late, Todd's friend Derrick called, wanting them to meet up at the football field, there was a party going on.

When they arrived at the field, Derrick was sitting alone. His brother had gotten arrested and was being held without bail. He had just gotten the call and was pretty bummed.

Todd took off to find some other friends that were texting him while Torrie sat beside of Derrick and lit up a joint. She hit it a few times, then handed it to him. "Why do shitty things always happen when we are about to party?" she asked.

Derrick laughed, "Just our luck right?" They sat around talking for hours, Derrick went and got them a few beers. He didn't see Todd at all, he never returned to them either.

Around seven when things started to break up, Derrick asked her for a ride home. "Of course, come on" she smiled at him.

Derrick lived a few blocks away from work, his apartment was a little run down, but he tried his best to make it better.

When she pulled in front of Derrick's, he asked her to park in the back. "People on this street might mess with your car. As long as they know you're with me, they won't bother."

When she pulled into the alley, he asked her if she wanted to have breakfast with him. Breakfast cosisted of scrambled eggs, sausage and toast with strawberry milkshakes to drink.

Everything was so good, along with thier conversation. She confided in him about how Todd let her down all the time. He was leaving her for other girls or his friends or spending all his checks on beer and drugs then expecting her to "loan" him cash.

He confided that his brother was the same way. He was glad to have company to keep his mind off of that though.

They moved to the bedroom. Derrick's living room had served as his brother's bedroom. It only had a bean bag chair and a blow up mattress. His bedroom was the larger room.

It had a huge king sized bed in the center, nothing around it but a night table. While Derrick rolled another joint, Torrie got comfy on the bed. She kicked her shoes off and let her hair fall.

When Derrick joined her, they lit the joint and continued thier conversation.

When she told Derrick how Todd sometimes pushed her against the wall and smacked her in the face. Derrick got very angry.

"You're so beautiful Tor, why do you let him treat you like that?"

"I don't know Derrick, he never used to be this way. He used to treat me like a princess, until.."she trailed off.

"Until What?" Derrick asked.

"Until we started having sex! Once we had sex, he thought he owned me I guess." she said as she looked to her feet.

Derrick reached over and lifted her chin, until her eyes were on his. "You do not deserve that, beautiful. You are a goddess and if he can't treat you like one, he doesn't deserve you."

With that said, Derrick leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. Her hands went up around his neck and she kissed him back.

Once they began kissing, nothing could stop them. Torrie's tank top and bra were tossed aside. Derrick's lips had trailed along her cheek to her neck, down to her nipples.

She was gasping for air, his kisses were wonderful. He suckled on each of her nipples, bringing them alive with his tongue.

When she pulled his shirt off, he stopped. "Are you ok with this Tor?" he asked. She kicked her jeans off and straddled him, wearing nothing but a sparkly pink thong.

She's fuckin hot, he thought to himself. She locked her lips with his and pressed against him.

"Derrick, I deserve to be a goddess and you deserve to be with one. You've said nicer things to me tonight than Todd's said in the last 6 months," she breathed into his ear.

With that, he slid his jeans down and released his cock. He was fully erect, she slipped herself onto him and began sliding back and forth.

He leaned back against the pillows and held onto her hips. He smiled as he watched the view of his sexy friend fucking him.

Her tits bounced, sweat glistened on her tanned body as she rode him. Soon she was panting heavier, saying his name.

He was about to fill her with cum. He started to gyrate his pelvis, pressing his cock further into her. She moaned a little louder.

She rocked more, he pushed in further. Finally, she leaned into him and dug her nails into his back. She screamed his name once more while he pumped one last time before his cum started spurting into her.

As they lay next to each other in his bed, Derrick pulled her close to him. She rested her head on his chest and he wrapped her into his arms.

There, they fell asleep holding each other. No cares, no worrys, only content with where they were and who they were with.

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