tagIncest/TabooFather and Son Bonding Ch. 03

Father and Son Bonding Ch. 03


Jake had seduced his father. He had managed to suck his father's cock and kiss him passionately. But the best part had been sitting on his father and feeling his father's cock deep inside his ass. Jake had never felt anything so amazing. He couldn't wait to do it again.

He wouldn't say his father was avoiding him exactly. It just seemed life was getting in the way of them continuing their exploration of each other. Steve was busy at work or Jake's college classes were taking up too much of his time. Jake's mother Nancy seemed to be around far too much as well.

His frustration pushed Jake to try some pretty risky things. Like one evening when the three of them were cleaning up from dinner. Nancy answered the phone and left the room to speak to her colleague on the other end. Steve stood at the sink and Jake approached him.

Jake snaked his arm around his father and rubbed his crotch. Steve gasped but didn't deter his son's attention. Instead, he pushed against his son's hand. Jake felt his father's cock begin to harden.

"I want you to fuck me again," Jake said against his father's ear and his father moaned softly. He squeezed his father's cock but couldn't do much more through the layers of clothing. "Will you come to my room tonight?"

Before his father could answer, Nancy came back in still talking on her phone. Jack hastily stepped away from his father but Nancy paid no attention to her husband and son. She located a folder on the opposite counter and left the room again. They heard the door to her home office close.

Jack stayed where he was but told his father, "Come stand behind me."

"Jake," Steve whispered in a near whine. "We can't. Your mother could walk back in at any time."

"We'll hear the door open. Now come on," Jake insisted. "I need to feel you against my ass. It's been too long."

Steve's breathing became rapid & loud as he gave into his son's request and moved behind him at the counter. At the first contact of the father's cock to his son's ass, they both sighed and Steve even shuddered a bit. Jake was amazed it could feel this good even with the layers between them.

It didn't matter much what was between them as Jake pushed his ass out towards his father. Steve's cock was hard as it humped against his son's ass. Soon father & son established a rhythm & Steve wasn't the only one breathing fast. Jake could barely catch his breath as he continued to grind his ass against his father's rock hard cock.

"This isn't enough," Steve suddenly whispered urgently.

Jake wasn't even sure if his father spoke to himself or to him. But he agreed. Sure this was hot, felt good, and his own cock was hard but it wasn't nearly enough. He unzipped his pants and though it sounded deafening in the quiet kitchen, Jake didn't stop. He let his pants and underwear fall to his ankles and then was startled by the loud grunt that escaped his father.

Steve's hands were suddenly all over his son's ass. He stroked it and squeezed it while sighing in approval. He ran a finger up inside his son's ass, causing Jake to moan himself. Realizing his son liked the attention, Steve pushed his finger further inside. Jake pushed against his father's finger and in no time at all, Steve was finger fucking his son's ass.

They were both loving it but Jake needed more. "Take your cock out," he told his father. "I need it inside me. NOW!"

Steve did as he was told. Jake thought as he waited for the invasion of his father's cock in his ass that he liked telling his father what to do. And the thing was, Steve followed his son's orders as if he liked it too. Jake wondered just how far he could push his father. But his thoughts were interrupted then as he felt his father's cock make contact with his ass.

Jake was so aroused just thinking about what that cock looked like that he said, "Shove it in! Now, Dad! Shove your cock all the way into my ass! Fuck me, Dad! I love your cock in my ass!" He was practically yelling but he didn't even care and it didn't seem to bother his father because he did just as his son asked.

Steve shoved his cock all the way into his son's ass in one powerful thrust. Jake shouted out from the mixture of pleasure and pain. Steve grunted against his son's warm neck and slowly began sawing his cock in and out of that tight canal.

"Harder!" Jake instructed his father. "Fuck me harder, Dad! Faster! Slam your cock in me! I love your cock in me! Yes, Dad! Fuck me!"

His cock moved rapidly as Steve bucked into his son's ass over and over. The force of his thrusts drove Jake into the counter time and time again but since every thrust from Steve was returned by Jake, father and son never slowed their tireless fucking in the middle of the kitchen.

"What the fuck is going on?" Nancy suddenly asked from the doorway.

At the sight of his mother watching his father fuck him in his ass, Jake's cock sprayed volumes of cum against the counter.

And Steve just kept driving his cock into his son's ass.

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