Father and Son Campout


I again sat on my lap and positioned by butt in the same spot as before, with his long wet shaft between my now exposed butt cheeks. My own penis was hard-pressed against his stomach, jutting into him like a knife. He placed his hands around my hips again and then slowly slid them around to grasp onto my butt with a squeeze of his powerful fingers. I bent to kiss him again, this time really savoring the feel of the soft lips against my own. I felt his tongue slide out from his lips and land against my front teeth. I shot my own tongue out and slide it through his mouth. As we kissed I had to slurp several times to get rid of the extra saliva we were generating.

"Oh God, son," Dad said after a long bout of sensual French kisses. "You are incredible at this."

"Thanks Dad," I said. I was breathing heavily by now. "I . . . I think that you are incredible too." Smiling, I stepped back again, away from him. He looked at me curiously, a hint of worry in his eyes. But he soon realized what I meant to do when I slowly lowered myself onto my knees in front of him. I put my hand on his thighs and gently spread his legs apart so that I could get admission to his groin area. As I situated myself so that my face was directly in front of his giant cock, he placed his hands on my shoulders with an eager, anxious smile.

I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against the tip of his penis. He, like me, was circumcised so my tongue was right up against the oozing tip of his penis. I tasted his salty pre-cum, which to me was not unfamiliar since, as I had said before, I had tasted my own before, in fact, had even drunk great deals of the stuff after masturbating, alone in my room at night. "Daddy," I said. "Remember how I told you how I used to drink my own cum? Well, right before my orgasms I would get a cup ready . . . . I would drink it like milk."

"Is that so?" Dad asked, breathing heavily. Dad smiled down at me and put his hands in my hair, behind my head. He rolled my hair between his fingers.

I bent my neck again and spread my open lips around the head of his cock. I took it in until I felt the tip of it press softly against the farthest part of the back of my mouth, briefly inciting the gag reflex. I fought it, keeping the long hard staff as far into my mouth as I was able. I heard Dad begin to moan as I wrapped my tongue around it, feeling every bumpy vein, soaking it with my saliva. He tasted so salty! I pulled my head back and as his penis plopped out of my mouth I felt it slide against the bottom of my upper teeth.

"Was I . . . being a good boy, Daddy?" I asked, a playful smile upon my lips.

"Oh yeah, good boy," Dad said, a bead of sweat coursing down his forehead.

I put my lips around his penis again, only this time I sucked, as hard as I could, pretending that it was a giant straw. This continued, with moments where I would let him go and lick him up and down before returning him again into my mouth. He breathed heavily and his thighs began to press into my ears from both sides of my head and his hands ran through my hair furiously. He began screaming. "Oh, son! Son! Son!"

A moment later and I felt a warm spray of semen against my tongue and the roof of my mouth, filling me up with his seed. I savored it for a moment and then swallowed it with one long gulp. I released his penis which made a small popping noise as it made its exit, beginning to grow soft.

"Daddy, I swallowed it," I said, standing up. I put my legs on either side of his thighs so that I could sit on his lap as before, only now his penis was flaccid beneath my butt, the tips of it still spewing small bubbles of semen. I kissed my father full on the lips and pressed my still rock hard penis against his stomach. I pressed myself against him there and rocked back and forth again and again until finally I felt my own orgasm coming. I sprayed my sperm all over his chest and stomach as I came, crying out into the night sky above us as my body filled with pleasure. "Oh Daddy," I said after the moment of ecstasy was through. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" I collapsed into his chest, both of us heaving, our sweat mingling beneath the combined heat of our bodies.

A few minutes—and soft kisses—later and we were both calm again, myself sitting on his lap as we watched the fire grow dimmer. He caressed my body with those firm, yet gentle, big hands of his. I was lost, not sure what to make of the situation.

"Does this mean that we are . . . lovers, Dad?" I asked.

He kissed my neck softly and replied, "I don't know, exactly, son. I guess we are lovers . . . I do . . . love you, you know?"

"I love you too, Dad," I said, turning my neck so as to kiss him on the lips again, which we did. "But what are we going to do when we get home? What about Mom?"

"I still love her," Dad said. "But I am in love with you, Aaron . . . I want us to be together, no matter what happens. Do you want that too?"

"I think so," I said, honestly confused. "I am not sure if I . . . am in love with you though . . . yet, I mean."

After another twenty minutes like that I began to feel my penis stiffen yet again, and noticed that he too was getting hornier by the minute. We had sex again, only this time he put himself up my anus, pounding into me again and again. That night we ended up having sex five times, the last of which took place in the warm confines of our tent on top of our sleeping bags. We fell asleep in each others arms.

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