tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFather Carl & the Naughty Student

Father Carl & the Naughty Student


Busy with my daily paperwork, the sudden knock at my door startles me. Looking up I see you standing in the doorway. "You wanted to see me, Father Carl?" My mind starts running, why had a called you down to my office? By my recollection, there has never been a time in all four years you have spent at my school for me to have reason to see you. Motioning for you to enter, I search for the referral form on my desk. You take a seat opposite me at my desk and cross your legs. Not for the first time, I find myself questioning my choice of profession. Some of you young ladies have such succulent bodies that it is difficult at times to remember that I am a priest, with the required vows in place. Ah yes here it is. I slowly read and reread the referral form I'm holding, not believing what it says.

"It says here that your bus driver this morning, a Mr. Mehalic, caught you with some, umm, rather questionable materials. Yes, here they are. Would you mind telling me exactly what you thought you were doing bringing items like these to school with you?" I say holding up several pornographic magazines.

"I found them in my father's study, and a couple of the girls and I were curious as to what this whole sex thing was all about, why the boys seem to want it so much, so we were gonna get together after school and take a look at them." As you are speaking I flip through one of the magazines and am somewhat shocked at the content. A quick look at the others shows they are all more or less the same; somewhat older men having sexual intercourse with younger, well endowed women, in some cases appearing to be so young I'd almost have to call them girls.

"Have you yet looked at these magazines, Miss Miller?"

"I took a quick glance, yes, right when I found them," your face blushing an your eyes looking towards the floor.

"And what did you think of what you saw in them?"

"Well it was a new weird feeling, something I'd never experienced before. I started to get a tingly feeling running through my body. I don't understand it, Father Carl. What is it all about?"

I happen to look across the desk at you and notice that your blush has now spread down your neck and is creeping under the collar of your white cotton blouse. My own stiff white collar starts to fell a little tight. "How old are now, Miss Miller?" Knowing I was treading on thin ice, I still had to know the answer to that one question.

"I just turned 18 last week."

"Well, I suppose that at your age, you are going to begin having questions about your body and the changes that have been going on over the last couple years." I can't help but notice that your body is well past the 'starting' phase of development, your amble breasts stretching the confines of your blouse, your stocking-clad legs stretching out from the hem of your standard issue plaid skirt; the everyday uniform of most female students at a Catholic High School. "However, I think you would be better off discussing them with your mother, or if that makes you uncomfortable, I know that Mrs. Potter, the school nurse, is fully prepared to handle these types of talks."

"OK, thanks Father Carl. Is that all then?" you ask, as you rise from your seat.

"I'm afraid not, Miss Miller. While I can understand your curiosity about what you found, it is still against school rules to bring such items on campus. Even with your spotless record up until now, I would be remiss if I did not punish you." You slump back down into our chair, dreading my next words. "And as you know, the only form of punishment available to me is paddling. I can only determine how much, and in what form."

"Please no, Father Carl, my parents would kill me if they found out about any of this."

"Well young lady, you should have thought about that before you tried to bring a banned item onto school grounds. Now I'm afraid I have to do this so why don't we just get it over with as quickly as possible." I motion you over to The Paddling Stand, a section of an old church railing about 3 feet long and 3 feet high. The thought was that seeing this holy relic would hopefully bring home the seriousness of whatever misdemeanor had brought you to my office. "I think that in light of the fact that is your first visit to my office in almost four complete years of school, we can say that 5 firm strokes, with the bare hand rather than my paddle should suffice. Don't you agree Miss Miller?"

"I suppose so, Father Carl. You know best." I instruct you how to assume the proper position; bending over the railing, your stomach resting on the top, arms reaching down to grab the base on the other side. Before doing so, you demurely pull your skirt a little lower on your thighs.

I move into position, beside the Stand, and raise my right hand high over my head, "I hope you will seriously ponder your actions as I mete out your punishment." My arm flies down and I make contact with your skirt-covered back side . . .


Again and again I raise my arm, only to send my hand in a quick decent to your rump . . .


Raising my hand to deliver the final blow I notice that your skirt has risen up your thigh with each blow. I can now see the tops of your stockings and several inches of creamy smooth white thigh above them. "Please pull your skirt back down, Miss Miller, so that I may deliver the last of your punishment." You reach back with one hand, and as you do you purse slides off your shoulder and the contents spill all over the floor. I find myself once again shocked as I see what is clearly a vibrating sexual aide roll across the floor of my office. Kneeling to pick it up, I pivot to face you, still bent over the railing. "And just how do you explain this then, Miss Miller?"

"One of the other girls brought it in. She said it's her mother's. We were going to see what it was used for."

"Well, this is now a second offense in one day. I'm afraid I will have to up the penalty to ten strokes. Please re-assume the position." After you do, I quickly dole out the six remaining smacks. You climb off the railing and begin to gather the contents of your purse. "Please leave that there, Miss Miller, we have other matters to discuss. Come back and sit down please."

You walk back to the chair and tenderly sit back down. I assume you will be sitting tenderly for the remainder of the day and regret that this is the only punishment I may dole out. "Now, Miss Miller, I want the name of the other young lady who brought this, this, toy into my school."

You look into my eyes, shaking your head, as tears start to form in yours'. "No, I'm sorry Father Carl, but I can't tell you that. I don't want her getting in trouble because I was clumsy and dropped it on the floor. Anyways, it's all my fault. I'm the one who talked them into it. I'm the one who got caught with the magazines. And I'm the one who dropped the toy, as you called it"

"That's very noble of you, Miss Miller. But this makes for a much more severe offence. You are now guilty of insubordination. I'm afraid I have no choice but to once again inflict additional punishment. Come here please. For this latest offence, you shall receive ten additional stokes, with my paddle, and then five hand strokes with your skirt raised. Bend over my lap please, Miss Miller." You obediently take the position I described, once again pausing to pull your skirt down a little. I raise my wooden paddle and quickly dole out the ten strokes . . .


With each blow I can feel you shift against my lap. After the fifth, I hear a low moan escape your lips, which I mistake for pain. However, on each subsequent blow it gets louder and louder. By the final blow it is clear to me that you are becoming sexually excited by your punishment. Altho I am a priest, I have not always heard the calling. During my own high school and college days, before joining the church and taking my vows, I was with a fair number of women, and the telltale signs of impending orgasm are still well known to me. Feeling the gentle stirring in my slacks, I decide that this needs to be finished as quickly as possible. Placing the paddle on my desk I reach for your skirt with my left hand, even as my right raises to deliver the final five blows. What I see causes my hand to pause and my breath catch in my chest. There before me is your completely bare ass, cheeks reddened by the blows received thus far. Your sexual excitement is evident, as juices are flowing down your thighs.

"Over to the railing, Miss Miller. I think the remainder of your punishment will be best doled out with you in the proper position." As you re-assume 'the position', I go and make sure that the door to my office is locked. No reason for anyone else to know that you have broken school dress code, in addition to your other offences. I walk back over to you and once again pull your skirt up over your behind. As I do, you subtly spread your legs so I can see the glistening lips of your wet pussy. "I think you might be enjoying this punishment a little too much, Miss Miller, don't you? Perhaps it is time I took a different approach."

I raise my hand and bring it down with as much force as I can muster, right in the middle of your ass. This time, however, I do not quickly raise it again. Instead I slide it between your legs and cup your pussy. "You do like that, don't you, Miss Miller?"

"Yes, I mean no, Father Carl, please don't." You attempt to rise off the railing but I hold you in place with my left hand. Again my right hand rises, only to quickly descend. This time the target of my blow is not your ass cheeks, but your dripping exposed pussy lips. Your moans tell me you like this, but you still beg for me to stop. Unheeding of your cries, I continue with the final three blows, each time leaving my hand to caress your young pussy for a while before striking again. On the fifth and final blow, your smooth white thighs close on my hand and what may be the very first orgasm of your life rolls through you. The tears streaming your face are a combination of pain and pleasure.

"OK, Miss Miller, I think that should cover the offences to date," I say as I walk around to the other side of the railing. The remainder of my thoughts leave me as I realize that during this last stage of your punishment you have unbuttoned your blouse and been playing with your ripe firm breasts. Your hard little nipples are protruding from above your bra as you have pulled them out and given them obvious attention. Any last resolve I had leaves me in that moment.

Regaining a little of my composure, I order you to kneel before me. "And just what do you think we should do about the most recent mocking of school code, disregard for the dress code?"

"I don't know, Father Carl, I guess you have to decide," your eyes focussed on the obvious bulge in my pants. Even before you run your tongue out over your lips, I have already decided it is time for my vows to be broken, and am unzipping my fly.

"You're so curious what sex is all about, well I think it is high time you found out! Ever seen one of these before outside of Daddy's magazines?"

"Well a couple of the boys have shown me theirs, but never one that big and hard."

"Do you know what good little sluts like you do with one as big and hard as this? You take it in your mouth and suck on it. Ever do that with your 'boys'?"

"No, and I don't want to now, really. Altho it is very pretty."

"Well I'm afraid you don't have any choice in the matter, Miss Miller. You either suck this cock, or a little secret might slip out that you came all over my hand as I was paddling you. You don't want that, do you?"

Shaking your head, you slowly crawl forward on your knees until you are right in front of me. Tentatively, you reach out and take my cock in your hands. Following my instruction, you lean in and first just kiss the very tip, your tongue sliding out to tease the slit. You then lick down the full length and tickle my balls with your tongue. I guide your mouth back up and slide the tip of my cock between your lips. With no prompting, you slide down and take it all down. I would bet you've done this before, you are to good at it. "There, just like that, now just glide your lips up and down the shaft, yesss, good." To give you a better idea, I reach down and grab your long, curly, brown pigtails (they look so much like handlebars, almost like you wore them just for this reason) and begin to slowly fuck your pretty little mouth.

Lost in my own pleasure, it is a few minutes before I notice that you are now moaning around my cock. Looking down I see that you have your hands busy; one on your tits, the other between your legs. That is enough for me and without warning I begin to cum in your mouth. You begin to choke at first, but once you realize what is happening, you start swallowing my thick seed like a seasoned pro.

"That was very good, Miss Miller. Did my naughty little Catholic girl make herself cum too, while sucking my cock?"

"No, but I think I'm close again."

"Would you like me to show you how your unnamed friend's little toy can help you?" You simply nod, so focused on your hand between your thighs. Pulling you to your feet, I lead you over to my desk. I pick you up and have you sit on the edge, facing me, and roll my chair in close. I reach out and pull your skirt up to your waist, your bare ass perched right on the lip. Spreading your legs, I am witness to what I can only declare, in our present surroundings, as a miracle. The smoothest juiciest pussy I have ever seen.

"My God, Miss Miller, you have the most beautiful tight little snatch I have ever seen." My hands seem to be acting on their own running up your thighs, my fingers reaching to spread your virgin lips. I grab the toy from my desk and turn it on its lowest setting. Your breath comes raggedly as I run it up and over your thighs, teasingly around your pussy, before centering it on your clit. You gasp in pleasure, one hand clamping over mine, holding the toy in place. Laughing at your need, I peel you hand off and move it to your breasts. You take my silent advice and pull them both free of your bra, pawing and pulling at your obscenely hard nipples. I run the toy down over your pussy lips and slowly slide an inch or two into your incredibly tight, virgin cunt. You moan and shudder, a little mini-orgasm coursing through you. I can tell you want more, so I lean in and flick my tongue over your clit. Your thighs tighten on me and one hand begins pressing me into you. Another inch of vibrating steel slips into you and I turn it up to 'medium', my tongue continuing to dance over your erect clit.

Feeling resistance, I decide you can handle no more depth from the vibe, but additional power seems like the perfect touch. Turning it to 'high', I leave it buried three inches into you. Both my hands are now free, and I move them to replace yours on your tits, drawing slow circles around your nipps before pinching them roughly.

Your hands, now free, have moved to the back of my head mashing me into your pussy, fucking my face as I have recently fucked yours. As I continue to suck and nibble your clit, I can feel your orgasm building. You begin to moan so loudly that I am afraid someone will hear. You are now bucking against my face and getting louder and louder, waves of slowly increasing pleasure washing over you.

Just in time, I place the paddle into your mouth and order you to bite on it to quiet your screams of passion. What is surely the strongest orgasm you have ever had washes over you, the intense pleasure causing your vaginal muscles to contract with such power that the toy is literally shot from your cunt. It lands in my lap as wave, after wave, of sweet nectar begin to pour from you. I shift my mouth down to drink it all in, not wanting to waste a single drop of your musky love juice. MMMMMMMMM, so good.

You slump back across my desk as the waves of your powerful multiple-orgasm slowly subside. I rise from my chair and drop my pants and boxers to my feet. You are so spent, you barely notice when I begin to rub the head of my once-again hard-as-steel cock up and down your pussy lips. You think it is once again merely the toy.

I take on of your hands and bring down to caress my cock as I continue to tease your lips with it. "Feel that, you had much less than half of that in you before and it filled you up. Think you can handle all of this?" You shake your head no, but still your hand strokes me, rubbing me against your cunt. "I know you want it, but I want to hear you beg me for it. Look how wet it is making you again just rubbing along your lips, imagine how good it will feel with all if it in you to the hilt."

"Yes, yes, Father Carl, I want you to fill my virgin pussy with your hard cock! Take me, I want you to be my first, I always have! Do it, please give me your cock now." I shift position slightly to get a better angle for entry, and slip just the head of my cock into your tight cunt. Bending down, I kiss your lips, our tongues meeting, dancing between our mouths like two little cobras.

I whisper in your ear, "this is going to hurt a little, are you ready for that?"

"Yes just go slow, I want to feel every inch of you as it slides into me. I want to feel the moment as you break my hymen."

Moved by your words, I slowly and steadily press more and more of my raging hard-on into you. As I encounter resistance, I pull out a little and then back in. "This is it my naughty little girl. On my next thrust, your cherry is mine." I push forward and you cry out, both arms and legs clasping me tight. You bury your mouth in my shoulder and bite to keep in the screams. As I reach my full depth, another orgasm rushes over you, and you just hold me tight, whispering for me not to move.

After several minutes, you regain composure and ask for me to keep going. I begin the time-tested rhythm, rocking in and out of your newly christened pussy, fucking you for the first time. As me speed and pressure increase, you begin to rock with me, your hips thrusting up off the desk to meet my plunges. I ask if you'd like to try something else and you whisper back, "Everything, I wanna try everything."

"I doubt we have time for that now, but we will. For now come here." I guide you back to the railing and ask you to once more 'assume the position'. Fearing that I will spank you again, you are hesitant, but I assure you that you will like this. You bend over once more and reach for the bottom rail, presenting me with a view most men would kill for. Climbing in behind you, I align my cock once again with the entrance to your love tunnel and slowly press in.

If possible, you feel even tighter this way, and I groan in pleasure. My hips are on auto-pilot and begin thrusting my full 6 1/2, almost 7 inches, in and out of your passion pit. You again match my pace and soon we are rocking towards what will be the most intense orgasm of my life. "Oh Miss Miller, Shannon, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Yeah, me too, I'm so close, do it Father Carl, cum for me again just like you did in my mouth. Cum for me, fill me with your spunk. I wanna feel it gushing inside me."

Hearing you talk dirty like this is more than I can handle and with one final deep thrust, I release all my pent-up passion into your recently virgin cunt. All the years of chastity are spewing into you, shot after shot. The sensation of my cum firing off into you is enough to bring on your own orgasm, and while not as strong as your last one, it is still strong enough that you fall limp over the Paddling Stand, with me right on top of you.

After a while we both regain enough strength to stand, and I take you in my arms. I kiss you tenderly and lead you to my private bath so that you may clean yourself up. As you return, I am just finishing with my own cleaning up and writing you a note to return to class. "Now, Miss Miller, have you learned your lesson about following the rules of the school?"

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