I suspected that my brother John was more than just a father to nineteen year-old Sophie. The inordinate amount of time they spent together included long horseback rides in the afternoons. When they returned, Sophie always had the look of a freshly-fucked woman. She was home from college on her summer break. The gangling tomboy had blossomed into a strikingly beautiful woman. I could hardly blame John for lavishing attention on her. "If he is drilling her, more power to him," I thought.

John and I and our wives Flora and Molly lived together in the mansion that John and I inherited from our father. We had also inherited enough money to permit us to live a life of leisure. With so much time and energy on our hands, it isn't surprising that sex became a favorite pastime. John and I regularly fucked each other's wives in the same bed. In addition to inheriting wealth, we had inherited something perhaps even more important - long, thick cocks. Our ten-inch fuckers induced many an orgasmic scream from our over-sexed wives.

One afternoon I watched from my second floor bedroom as Sophie sunned herself beside the pool. Thinking no one was around, she removed her bikini top to expose her two flawless tits to the warm rays of the sun. Naked except for a tiny triangle of cloth covering her cunt, she slipped her fingers beneath it and began to masturbate. I immediately filled my hand with cock and began to stroke.

My wife Flora walked in and saw what I was doing. "Come and use your hand on me," I said. Flora giggled when she saw what I was looking at. "You want me to jack you off while you're ogling your own niece?" she asked. "Sure, why not? Kneel down next to me and give me a hand job." Flora spit in her hand and began to stroke my rigid rod. I watched as Sophie's hand moved more rapidly inside the tiny patch of cloth. She pushed it aside to reveal a shaved cunt. "My God, she's jacking off," Flora said. "Watching her is making me hot. Don't waste your load on a hand job. Fuck me instead."

I fucked Flora's tight pussy doggy-style as we watched Sophie trying to finger herself to an orgasm. "I think she's going to make it," Flora whispered. "I'm almost there myself." I clamped a hand over her mouth lest her moans alert the girl. Sophie stiffened and her legs snapped shut. She grimaced as an orgasm rippled through her like an earthquake with its epicenter at her clit. As Flora's orgasmic contractions squeezed my cock it shot off gobs of cum. Sophie rearranged her bikini and dove into the pool. As I watched her swim, I decided to spy on her and her father until I found out what they were up to.

I waited by the stable hoping that John and Sophie would take one of their late afternoon rides. I was pleased to see them enter the stable. A few minutes later they came out leading their saddled horses. As they rode off, I followed behind on a bicycle. I couldn't risk following on horseback; if they had seen my horse missing from his stall, they might have canceled their ride for fear of being caught.

I followed at a safe distance until they stopped at a pastoral spot beside a babbling brook. After tying the reins to a branch, they began removing their clothing and hanging it on the pommels of the saddles. I brought my binoculars to my eyes to get a closer look. John's enormous cock arched out from his belly. Sophie took it and his balls in both hands and fondled them. Judging by the broad smile on her face, she was under no duress. Under his daughter's skillful touch, John's cock hardened rapidly.

Sophie went to her knees and took the fat bulb of her father's cock in her mouth. He grinned down at her and caressed her long, golden hair. She struggled to get all of it in her mouth but could manage only the head and an inch or two of shaft. After sucking for awhile, she took it out of her mouth, wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft, and began to jerk. As John let out an anguished groan, his cock began spewing all over his daughter's nubile tits. She watched with an impish smile on her face as the very seed that had spawned her gushed against her nipples. When he was finished, John fell to his knees as Sophie rose to her feet. He licked every drop of semen from his daughter's body. I wasn't surprised. When we fucked each other's wives, he always ate his cum and frequently ate mine.

As John lapped up his cum, he masturbated to keep his erection. Sophie went to all fours and stuck her ass up. John took aim at her hairless pussy. Both had broad smiles on their faces as they mated. At that point, I took my own hard cock in hand and stroked it. The incestuous lovers were in profile to me so I was able to get a good look at the penetration. For someone so young, Sophie was able to take a surprising amount of her father's thick prick. More than half of it sank into her with each thrust.

The pretty smile disappeared from Sophie's flushed face and was replaced with a frown. Beads of sweat popped out on her furrowed brow. She gritted her teeth and screwed her eyes shut. Even though I was a considerable distance away, I heard her shout, "OH, DADDY, FUCK ME HARD, I'M CUMMING!" That brought a smile to my brother's ruddy face. He made her cum twice more before he yanked his tool out and sprayed her ass. At that instant, I shot my dick juice onto the ground. After John licked her ass clean, they dressed, mounted their horses, and rode back toward the mansion.

That night as Flora sucked my cock, I told her what I had seen. She wasn't surprised. "I suspected as much," she said. "I have always believed that a man has a right to fuck his daughter as long as she's of age and willing. It goes without saying that he must not make her pregnant. In some parts of the world, it's considered a father's duty to train his daughter in the art of sex. My father fucked me and I loved every minute. I suppose you will want to fuck Sophie now, won't you?" As I pictured myself in John's place kneeling behind Sophie's ass, my cock exploded in Flora's mouth.

After giving it considerable thought, I decided to confront John and come right out with it. I approached him the following evening while he sat alone on the veranda sipping brandy. He poured me a drink as I took a seat next to him. After making small talk for awhile, I bluntly revealed what I knew. "John, I know that you are fucking Sophie and I want in on the fun."

He didn't seem surprised. "I suppose we should have been more discreet. Did you see us?"

"Yes, yesterday afternoon by the brook."

"That was an especially good one. I made her cum three times using only my cock. Did you notice?"

"Yes, you're a first rate cocksman, no question about it."

We sat in silence for a few moments. He was probably wondering if I intended to blackmail him. I would never have done such a thing and I believe he soon came to that conclusion.

"I would never force Sophie to do anything," he said. "I don't think I could even if I wanted to. She's a grown woman now, and a strong-willed one at that. But I think if we ask her to let you join in she will go along with it. Her desire for fucking borders on nymphomania. It was she who seduced me. When she saw my big cock she said she had to have it in her. When she sees yours she will want it, too. Like me you've had a vasectomy, so there's no risk of pregnancy. We'll be going to the same spot tomorrow afternoon at four. Hide in the bushes until we get started. When I call you, come out sporting your best hard-on and we'll see what happens."

I arrived at the brook shortly before four o'clock the next afternoon, stripped off my clothes and made myself as comfortable as possible in the bushes. My brother and niece arrived on schedule, removed their clothing and went through the same motions as before. The sight of Sophie on her knees hungrily sucking her father's cock made mine as hard as a hammer handle. "All right, come out now, Jeffrey," he said in a loud voice.

I walked into the clearing with the best erection I had had in months bobbing in front of me. "Uncle Jeff, what are you doing here?" Sophie asked. "He wants to join in. Would that suit you, dear?" The darling girl arose to her feet and came toward me with a charming smile on her face. Her wide, blue eyes were locked to my throbbing cock. As she pressed her beautiful young body against me and embraced me, her ripe tits flattened against my hairy chest and her soft belly forced my cock back against my own. "Of course you can play with me, Uncle Jeff. I think your lovely pussy-pleaser is even bigger than Daddy's."

She had me stand next to John and put my cock beside his for comparison. "It's just amazing how two cocks can be so much alike," she said. She pressed them up against our bellies and examined the undersides. "You even have those beautiful blue veins in the same places." She ran her long tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. "Even your big balls are the same," she said as she kissed them. She giggled at the sight of my cock bobbing as though attempting to evade her mouth. "Gotcha!" she said as she wrapped her hand around it. Then she captured the head in her warm, wet mouth.

Sophie went back and forth on us until our cocks were drooling pre-cum. Eager to taste her pussy, I went to my back on the grass and slid underneath her. I got a good look at her candy ass on my way to her pussy. With no hair to obstruct my view or hinder my touch, I examined her cunt with my eyes and fingers. She began moaning and sighing as soon as I made my first tongue pass up her slit. She ground her cunt against my mouth to encourage me. Her sex juices trickled into my mouth. I encircled her swollen clit with my lips and pulled off again and again.

I opened my eyes and watched as Sophie jacked John off on her tits. He shot an especially copious load, some of which landed on my forehead. Before he had a chance to lick it from her tits, she spun around and went for my cock. "OH, UNCLE JEFF, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM. HURRY AND CUM WITH ME." She took my cock in hand and roughly jacked me off. Just as I began to spurt, she stuffed my cock in her mouth. Her pussy contractions forced my tongue out of her hole a dozen times. We came together for a long time as John applauded.

We lay on the grass and watched the cotton candy clouds float by. Sophie took a cock in each hand and toyed with them to speed up the hardening process. John and I each took one of her fruity tits in hand for the same purpose. It wasn't long before we were ready to fuck.

John put his daughter on her hands and knees and pressed down on the small of her back to make her ass stick up. "I'm harder than you so I'll fuck her first," he said. "You go around to the other end." Sophie began basting my tongue with her warm spit. "See how much of me you can take," I urged. She took a surprising amount before she gagged. "I've never been able to get Daddy all the way down," she said.

"If you just try to stuff it down you'll never take it. The secret to deep-throat is to imagine that my cock is a nice piece of tenderloin and then you simply swallow. Your gag reflex is suppressed when you eat." When she followed my suggestion, my cock slithered right down her throat. "Well, you son-of-a-bitch," John said. "You got to fuck her throat ahead of me."

Perhaps seeing my enormous cock go down his daughter's throat all the way to the balls was too exciting for him to bear. With a loud groan he doubled over on her and shot his load. His body shook as he pumped his sperm-less cum into her. When he finished he hurried around to her head and pushed me aside. "Get out of the way. I want to try it before this thing goes soft. Go ahead and fuck her. I left my load in her because I know how much you enjoy sloppy seconds."

As I knee-walked my way toward her pussy, Sophie looked back over her shoulder and said, "Thank you, Uncle Jeff, for teaching me how to take all of a cock." As I drove my cock into her tight pussy, my brother's thick cream gushed out onto my balls. He had thoroughly coated her insides, making it easy to fuck the tight hole. John shouted for joy as all ten inches of his cock slid down his daughter's throat. "My God, if I came now it would shoot straight into her tummy," he said.

Sophie continued deep-throating her father as I gave her a good, hard fucking. She kept his cock in her throat until she ran out of air, then pulled it out, took a deep breath, and swallowed him again. The look of awe on my brother's flushed face was priceless. With a cock in her mouth and another in her cunt, little Sophie was like a pig on a spit.

I bent forward and reached underneath for Sophie's plump tits. I used one hand to play with them and the other to torment her clit. She spit her father's cock out long enough to say, "FUCK ME, UNCLE JEFF! FUCK ME HARDER, FASTER! I'M STARTING TO CUM." I held her tightly and savored the convulsions and spasms that racked her body. I was very pleased with myself for giving her such a good orgasm the very first time I fucked her. As it fizzled out, I shot my harmless load against her uterus while John shot his straight down her throat. "Well done, old man," John said as he slapped my back.

We lay panting on the grass for awhile, then John said, "Well, this worked out very nicely. We have to make the most of it before you go back to school, Sophie. You know, I think you're ready to join our little wife-swapping parties. What do you think, Jeff?" My cock began to rise at the notion of Sophie's mother and aunt teaching her the joys of lesbian love-making. Maybe some day I will tell you how that turned out.

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