tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 09

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 09


Martin was desperate to see Kim the next morning. She was still asleep when he went to work and he decided to return home mid morning to spend some time with his fiancée.

He saw his father's car parked in front of the house and he felt a twinge of uncertainty. Why would he be back here this morning? Martin was living at Kim's house and they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. He felt he should buzz the intercom rather than just walk into Kim's house whilst she was in. He hoped there would be a simple explanation for his father's presence.

He waited for a few minutes when finally his father's strained voice came over the intercom.

"Hi son. I can see you on the screen. Kim mentioned last night that she needed something doing in her house today and asked whether I had the tool to fix it as you didn't. I know you are not very good at that sort of thing."

The tool in question thrust back down her throat. The sex had started 20 minutes after Martin had left the front door and if Martin had walked to the door rather than using the intercom he would have heard the unmistakeable noise of his fiancee's body banging against the door as she was being shafted by his father's weapon. They had continued to fuck when the intercom buzzed but he had carried her to the intercom whilst they kissed and fucked.

There was no way Richard was going to stop or even interrupt this sex. Kim was far too hot. He had decided to humiliate his son a bit though.

"Kim mentioned last night that you had worries that you were not good enough for her. Maybe not well enough endowed? Son, you need to have confidence. You have done so well to get a fiancée like Kim."

"I know. She should not be talking about stuff like that with you though, it was private."

Kim came up for air and decided to enter the conversation.

"Oh hi sweetie, sorry about last night but I was really stuffed after my time at the restaurant and I just fell asleep when I got back. I hope you get to see me in my dress soon. You guys talking about cock size again? Men! Most men are roughly the same size Martin and it is all hype."

Martin smiled, he would not have smiled if he knew that whilst he replied a 15 inch dick was pressing back between her pretty lips.

"Shall I come in?" asked Martin

Kim again came up for air and turned to the intercom: "Your father has brought across some large equipment to help me today and he was hard at it right up against the front door when you rang. I am surprised you didn't hear him. Probably best to come back this evening when he will have finished the job."

"Ok Kim, I will get back to work and let dad get back to it."

Kim hung up whilst Martin waited for a reply. His father had taken his son's advice and was driving his cock between her legs and was carrying her to the window. His son got into his car as they looked out between the curtains at him. Martin saw her waving but was shocked to see her clearly still in her nightgown which showed a lot of cleavage and he knew that it hardly reached her arse. From his angle he could see his father stood behind her smiling and waving at him. What he could not see was that his other hand was on her bare arse and his huge dick was driving up and into her.

As he drove away it looked as if Kim had been lifted off the floor but before he could check again the car had moved beyond the window. If he had checked 5 seconds later he would have seen Kim's face and breasts pressed against the window and she was clearly a foot in the air as his father's massive weapon drove up her arse.

Richard continued to screw Kim on a regular basis but not at the expense of his regular sex with Sue and Sally. Pippa, Fiona and Val all tried to get their hands on his cock whenever they could too.

When would Richard meet his downfall. He never seemed to get caught. Two days before Martin was due to be married there was a pool party at Richard's house. Two of the guests were Ian and Linda who were all over each other in the pool. Ian was muscle bound 25 year old who clearly felt that he was the dominant male there. Richard stared at Linda in her bikini. She had strawberry blonde long hair and was about 6 foot 2 with longer legs than Sally and bigger tits.

Despite her kissing with Ian, Linda quickly noticed the twitching snake in Richard's trunks. This was a challenge for Richard and he and his dick always rose to a challenge.

Twenty minutes later Linda was fighting with Richard's snake in the spare bedroom. Sue and Kim kept Richard's wife busy as they suspected he had gone upstairs to fuck someone.

One of them should have kept an eye on Martin as he strolled upstairs. He could hear moaning and thought he recognised Linda's voice praising the guy's huge weapon. Thinking it would be Ian on top of his girlfriend he peeked round the door and almost fainted.

Linda was struggling to get more than 5 inches of cock into her mouth but her hands were woshipping 10 inches of thick cock whichher throat just couldn't take.

Ian had left to go weight traing and Linda had got dresses in a flared hockey skirt, fishnet stockings and leather boots. Her legs and arse looked amazing and Martin found himself wanking in the hall as his father pressed his huge cock up her skirt. Linda looked up in the middle of a massive orgasm and found herself staring into Martin's eyes.

"Your son is a pervert Richard" she said with a wicked smile. "He is wanking himself as your huge cock fucks me. Come in Martin."

Martin walked in, his small dick in is hand. Richard looked at his son and realised that he had finally been caught. He thrust his cock hard into Linda who groaned in pleasure.

"Doesn't Linda look good spread on my 15 inch cock?"

"Did you fuck Sally, was it you who fucked her when she dumped me on the phone?"

"How many men have you seen with a cock like this" he said pulling it out of Linda. "Of course it was me on top of Sally. Can your dick do this son?"

He started wanking in Linda's face and said "Tell me when to come Linda."

"Now" she screamed.

On demand he shot stream after stream of cum into her face and over her head and into her hair and cleavage. The site of cum shooting all over the place on Linda's gorgeous face and body made him dribble his cum onto the floor.

Richard pressed his cock into her mouth and Martin could see his balls churning as they released their contents down her throat.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out. He had been cumming for over a minute and a half but he he was turned on by the site of his son meekly watching him cover Linda.

"I would ask you to join me but you seem to be empty" Richard said.

"What about mum. Why are you doing this? asked Martin.

This annoyed Richard. Martin, or any man, would do what he was doing to this gorgeous babe if they could, wouldn't they.

He pressed his cock over the top of Linda's head and it dwarfed her face. He pressed it through her hair and said: "Because son, you dribble your cum out of that pathetic dick whilst mine can do this after a minute and a half of cumming buckets.

He thrust his cock forward and shot cum out which arched across the room and landed 10 feet away at Martin's feet. Richard laughed and did it again as it landed at Martin's feet again.

"Linda, suck and squeeze my nuts" Richard growled. She obeyed.

Richard looked at his son with contempt and said:

"Run back to your fiancee and tell her what a bad father you have." As he said it his stomach rippled in power and that power converted to his loins. Linda increased the pressure on his balls and he fired cum out of his cock. The previous shots had arced across the room but this fired straight and splattered into Martin's trousers. He upped the angle of his cock and fired again. Thick cum hit him on the shoulder and he felt it splatter onto his neck. He turned and ran as he heard his father grunt and if he had still been there the final shot would have hit him in the face.

"I bet lots of people want you to get your cum uppance" said Linda laughing. "I am angry that you wasted some of your cum splattering your son."

"Linda, he needed to understand the difference between us. He isn't man enough to stand up to me. It is perfect timing, soon he will know why his fiancee doesn't need his cock. Linda laughed and said "Be careful!"

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