tagMatureFather Uses Huge Asset Ch. 21

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 21


Martin left everything behind once again. He knew it must be a clean break from his friends and his family if he was to rebuild his life. Richard managed to keep tabs on him for a few months but then nothing. Martin had succeeded in escaping the country and what was more he had found a woman who knew nothing about his father. She was only 21 and had mousy blonde hair, a slim athlete's body, a tight butt and great looking strong legs. Her name was Jo and Martin planned to make her his wife. They disappeared to the West Indies and settled down together.

Two years went by and Richard continued his conquests with married and young hot babes alike. As he could no longer enjoy the act of taking his son's current girlfriend to bed, which had always been his favourite hobby, he concentrated on building up his wealth and his businesses. Thankfully that involved taking Sally round the World and fucking her at every opportunity. With her amazing legs, firm tits and deep sexy eyes, the two of them enjoyed closing deals around the World. On quite a few occasions a lucrative deal would be slipping from Richard's grasp only for Sally to "convince" the other businessman of the merits of the deal. Sally had snared Richard as well as any woman could. The rest were all jealous of the incessant pounding she received from his giant cock. Kim continued to fall pregnant with Richard's children. He loved her firm big tits and her stunning looks and he made it his business to keep impregnating her. So whilst Sally was told not to fall pregnant and to remain on constant sex duty, Kim was a sexy baby machine who was producing the next generation of studs/babes which Richard wanted. Michelle got hold of Richard's cock when she could and the rest came back for isolated sex sessions but when Sally was around, Richard fucked her. Polly wasn't a woman to wait around for a man. She enticed Richard round to her place for incredible sex but most of the time she snared innocent young men with her huge firm tits (a "Polly series" will follow).

One evening Richard was having a late business meeting with a Mr Broad. Mr Broad was a happily married man who, unfortunately for him, was unable to take his eyes of Sally's long tanned firm legs. She smiled knowingly at him.

"How is your wife Mr Broad? she asked innocently enough.

"Ah, Gillian is very well," he said trying to hide the bulge in his trousers. He turned to Richard:

"How is Marjorie, I hear she does not live with you any more?" He turned with a smile to look at Sally. "You enjoy Sally's company instead, you lucky bugger."

"Marjorie hasn't been well for a few years. She would be better if Martin came back. She lives quietly in a cottage out of town."

"Well you haven't done badly for yourself Richard. Millions in your bank and, as I understand it, your son's hot wife in your bed. And Sally to boot - what a life."

Sally smiled pleasantly at Mr Broad and said: "I think you will find I am the one in Richard's bed most of the time to be strictly accurate about it. Are you jealous, sir?"

"Well err, I should mention that my wife and I met your son a month or so ago in Antigua on holiday," he said changing the subject.

Richard sat forward: "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I met him a few times over the years and I am sure it was him."

"Sally, book a flight for me for tomorrow and make sure Mr Broad gets whatever he needs tonight."

Sally crossed her legs to show off her thighs and sighed: "You better have a big cock Mr Broad."

Richard smiled with anticipation as he left the room. Life may get exciting again. ...................

The following night Martin found himself thrusting up his girlfriend of over 2 years, Jo. At last a relationship that worked. His family was never mentioned. He worked very hard to provide for them both and to satisfy Jo in bed. She sometimes joked that he didn't need to wear a condom because she never felt him shoot anything into her and what he did release didn't go very far in anyway. He knew only too well he was an ineffectual lover but he loved her hot tight athletic body, her pretty eyes and the fact that he trusted her.

Richard saw his son drive off to work across the island. He knocked on the door. Jo answered in a yellow bikini. She stared into his eyes, her eyes were stunning. She had a flat chest but everything was so tight, firm and tanned. Richard felt himself stiffening. This is what he lived for.

He stepped forward, strong and tanned he stood above her, he just wanted to fuck her -- to claim her. "I am Richard, Martin's father."

"I see. He has never mentioned you."

"Because of this." He took her hand and directed it to his stiff prick in his shorts. Her eyes showed shock; shock at what was he was doing compounded by astonishment at what she could feel moving in his shorts. It didn't seem to end.

"What are you doing, what is that...?"

"He took you away from this. I am showing you what you have been missing. I have fucked every girl he has ever been with and he ran away to escape me. But I have found you. Now it is your choice?"

Jo stepped back: "You are weird. Do you think I am going to leave him for you because your cock is bigger?"

"Uhh, yes Jo, I do," he said smiling. He reached into his shorts and pulled out his thick rubbery shiny penis. His other hand scooped his huge fleshy balls over the waistband of his shorts.

She stood there as he wanked his long firm tube of cockmeat until it pointed proudly at her face, an obscene 15 inches in length.


That evening Martin cooked a bbq but Jo was unusually quiet. He tried to initiate sex at night but she wasn't in the mood.

The following evening she lost her temper at him when he joked about one of his failings at work.

"It is not like you to be this quick tempered, this short with me," he said. "What is that about being short?" she asked. "I think that is more a problem in your department."

"Honey, what is wrong. You are worrying me."

A month later and Jo told Martin they should both go back to England. He phoned her the next day from work to try to discuss it again.

"We are not even having sex at the moment. What has got into you Jo?"

Jo had to suppress a laugh. The answer was Richard, her lover's father. Although to be accurate she now thought of Richard as her lover and her boyfriend of 2 years as an inconvenience. Suffice to say, Richard was in his element.

That first meeting had developed to plan.

Richard had fisted his huge cock hard and it swelled and throbbed.

"Tell me how many orgasms has his tiny cock given you in 2 years? he asked.

"None of your business."

"Tell me when to cum Joanna. For a girl as hot as you I can cum on demand."

"I bet you ca..."

A ripple of power surged down Richard's muscular stomach to his loins and he erupted. The first rope struck her chin and streaked over her nose and splattered across her forehead and her hair.

"Jesus," she said quietly.

"More?" he asked arrogantly.

Before she could answer, a second jet, more powerful and longer than the first, hit her in the chest and soaked her small bikini in cum. He angled the spewing cock upwards and coated her face in white jism. She lay back against the wall, the next few minutes were a daze as this truncheon rained spunk all over her. Her legs were shiny with spunk, her hair and face coated in a thick layer of the stuff, her toned flat body streaked with ropes of semen. With her mind in a fuzz it was then that he claimed her. Cum had coated her teeth and she absentmindedly scooped some off her upper lip and her front teeth.

"Taste good Joanna?" Richard asked. God you look hot. I can see why he hid you from me."

She slid to the floor and next thing she knew he was standing in front of her field of vision, his hard cock sliding deep into her shiny hair, coated with spunk. His cock stretched across her face, his dick was comfortably longer than her face from her hair line to her chin. All she could see was cock. This was the moment of truth for Richard. Would she yield so easily to his huge asset?

"Suck 'em baby, suck my big balls."

His hand went the back of his head. He arrogantly offered his smooth hairless huge testes to her mouth. In one popped. His dick slid deeper into her hair. She could feel stuff leaving the ball in her mouth and felt a warm ooze soaking into her hair and some cum sliding down her back.

"Other one Joanna."

On autopilot she slipped one ball out and eased the other into her hot mouth. With more confidence now she manipulated his ball firmly in her mouth but with one hand she reached for the giant wand, pulling it from her hair. It stuck high above her face and as she toyed with his big ball, it released thick goo which oozed in copious amounts over her face.

"My God," she mumbled as his ball eased out of her sexy lips.

"No, just your future father in law and if you'll have me, your lover," he said offering his huge throbbing cock to her lips.

"You can't have any more in there," she gasped.

"Try me, taste me, compare me with him," he grunted.

His huge cock head pushed between her lips, her jaw fought its way over the massive crown. He was locked in place, standing over her cum covered body, his huge weapon lodged in her mouth.

"Mission accomplished," he said looking deep into her eyes. "You're mine and I haven't even fucked you yet. One rule, he doesn't find out. All the others he has eventually found out about, I want to fuck you behind his back for years. Do you agree Joanna?"

She nursed his big cock head deep into her mouth and both hands wrapped his oversized snake and wanked it hard.

"I'll take that as a yes Joanna."

Yet more copious seed flowed into her mouth and down her throat. He started rocking his hips, feeding more of his long cock into her.

"I feel sorry for you, putting up with his tiny cock for sooo long Joanna. Now you've got me though. How inadequate is he in bed?"

Pulling her mouth off his cock she gasped:

"You get off on this don't you, getting me to say that he is an inadequate tiny dicked faggot. Well in fact he is a lovely..."

Richard drove his huge weapon back into her mouth, further down her throat than before.

"Does my lovely son do this to your pretty face?"

He started fucking her face. Her lips distorted round his huge cock. His hips thrusting powerfully forward, she couldn't believe how hard it was, how long, how thick, what a powerful stud he was. After a few minutes, he popped it out, she had been snorting and gasping for breath between his deep thrusts.

"Me or him, you chose? Your lovely boyfriend or another cum shower?"

"Give me that huge fat tasty cock of yours and promise me you are going to fuck me with it soon."

"Oh Joanna, I promise babe. Good to know I haven't lost it" he grunted as he fired the contents of his hose and churning balls all over her again.


So when Martin asked his girlfriend what had got into her over the last month, it will not surprise you that the answer which came first to her mind was "your father's giant cock, and by the way I have 15 inches pulsing and throbbing up my arse right now.

She could see stars, her orgasm was so intense. It felt like he was halfway inside her body, reshaping her to suit his size. She loved it. When Richard fucked her she experienced almost continuous orgasms, lodged on his huge spear. Just when she thought he was a savage beast, fucking her for his own pleasure only, without a thought for her, he had stopped, slowly pushed his dick up to the hilt inside of her, told her how sexy she was and how he needed her and shot a gallon of thick spunk deep into her. Her orgasms left her tingling from head to toe.


Richard listened as his son droned on about their perfect life, not wanting to go back to England, his cock pulsing in Jo.

"We are going back," said Joanna firmly. "When we get back I will marry you."

Martin was so excited. He yabbered on in an excited babble. Richard took the phone and pressed mute. The speaker was on so they could hear him but he chucked it down on the bed next to them. He proceeded to fuck Jo, to fuck her properly in a way his son never could. His schlong pistoned between her legs, she moaned praise for his dick and grabbed his tight tanned arse and pulled him further into her hot young body.

He pulled out and rested his enormous pulsing cock on her flat stomach. He took it in his hands, leant back and fired. The first shot streaked across her firm toned flat stomach, across her chest, leaving streaks of cum across her body. Jet after powerful jet covered her body, he could hear his son's voice in the background as he grunted:

"Tell me Jo, will you leave this island to worship my cock back in England?"

She looked down at his dick and then heard Martin ask:

"Are you sure you will marry me?"

Jo picked up the phone, pressed the mute button and said: "Definitely". She then mouthed "Richard, my stud.".

Richard heard his son's whoop of celebration and Richard hung up the call and leant over Jo and kissed her deeply. He thrust his dick back into her and grunted:

"What was it that managed to convince you Joanna. Don't say my son's tiny prick trying to satisfy you after you had this," he said pressing deep into her body. "That would be terribly unkind."

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