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Fear and Suspicion


It was difficult for me to decide where to post this story! "Loving Wives" ,"Group Sex", "Erotic Couplings", "Mature" and even "Romance" where on my list at one time or another. I put it in to "Loving Wives" in the final analysis because I cannot see Elaine as anything other than a loving wife!

I would like to thank Patricia 51, first for her stories and second, for her encouragement.

Fear and Suspicion

I am self-employed and work from our home where I live with my wife Elaine. This is a second marriage for each of us. She is 59 and I am 61.

Elaine works part time for a data input company and about 10 months ago she arranged to take an assignment to also work from home. The resulting flexibility in our work schedules has provided us with an opportunity to travel together when my work requires it, and also to enjoy some delightful afternoons together.

Once every 6 weeks, she, and her best friend Carrie, who works for the same company, travel into the city for a meeting. Several meetings ago some of the women decided to turn the event into a social gathering as well, so it's very late before Elaine gets home.

On one such evening, after arriving home even later than normal, Elaine slipped into our bed without her usual cotton nightdress and pressed her naked body against me. She slipped one arm under my neck and with her hand on my chest, pulled me hard against her, forcing her perky tits into my back. With her free hand she reached around me, put her hand into my shorts and began to stroke my cock.

Our sex life has always been good and we enjoy each other often but this was different and delightful!

While stroking my now erect cock, she began to lick my neck and occasionally nibble at my earlobe. Once aroused, I tried to turn to share some of the action with her but she held me firmly with one arm while continuing to stroke me with the other, then she began to rub her pussy against my ass. After basking in this wonderfully arousing activity for a while, I told her that, if she didn't let me turn soon, I would be making a mess of the bed and she would be left out. (At my age, one erection a night, often one every 2 – 3 nights is all I can usually manage)

In spite of my caution she kept it up for a while longer before finally releasing me to turn toward her. As I did, I reached for the KY we normally use but with a husky voice she said we wouldn't need it.

I held back to enter her more slowly (no KY) but she pulled me in and, much to my surprise, she was incredibly wet. I slipped in easily. It was much like when we first began to have sex years ago.

Our tongues intertwined and we sucked and licked at each other's face and neck and soon, certainly much sooner than in recent years, I could feel the unmistakable signs than Elaine was building towards an orgasm. I continued to pump in and out of her and, with a loud moan and an enormous shudder, Elaine came hard, much harder than I can remember in a long while and with the excitement of that, I was right behind her.

It was the most exciting sex we have had in a very long time.

It was so exciting that instead of taking the time to clean up a little, we snuggled together with me behind her, in the opposite position to which this had begun. With it being late and us enjoying a significant degree of sexual exhaustion, we both fell sound asleep.

Some time later I woke to realize that Elaine was squirming around trying to take my once again erect penis into her very well lubricated pussy. As soon as I realized what was going on, I helped us accomplish the task and for the first time in years, we were having sex twice in the same night. I could feel her rubbing her clit furiously as I pumped from behind. When I reached around her and began to caress her tits, her nipples were hard as rocks and after a few moments of this she soon went over the top bringing me along, certainly, nowhere near to the extent of the first time, but to an orgasm nonetheless.

Again, after some almost incoherent moans of appreciation but without speaking, we drifted off to sleep.

All too soon the alarm went off the next morning, which is also a first in a long time as I'm usually up before it goes off. But not today! It was one of those rare days when I had to go to town for a meeting.

I squeezed up to Elaine and kissed her, she smiled, turned and kissed me back and with a quick "I love you!" she pulled the covers over her head.

I got up, showered and dressed for my meeting and left.

When I returned that evening, Carrie's car was in our driveway as it often is. Elaine and Carrie are very close and I regard her as one of my best friends as well. Unfortunately she and her current boyfriend are calling it quits and she has been a little down about it but I was sure she'd pull through. We've actually been through this with her before, a number of times. She just seems unable to find the right guy.

After hugs and kisses all around we settled down to a great meal and a bottle of wine, which became two bottles, and by mid evening I was so tired I could barely make it to our bed, leaving Carrie and Elaine still talking downstairs.

Later that night, Elaine, once again, came to bed naked and launched a repeat of the night before. Like the first time, she snuggled close from behind and reached around to stroke my cock. Amazingly, I became hard for the third time in less than 24 hours.

Remind me to check what's in the local water!

As before, she nibbled at my ear and licked my neck, something she knows I really enjoy. Once more, I attempted to turn and return the favor, but again she held me in place, so I settled in to enjoy the wonderful feeling. Clearly I was not totally immune to having cum twice in a day already and I was able to enjoy those sensations for quite some time before the onset of an orgasm. As it started to come on I warned Elaine but it was clear she had set her goal and began to rub her pussy against my ass as if she were dry humping me. It must have been doing something for her as her breathing became ragged and a few moans escaped her breathing. Soon I came on to the bed sheet cover.

It felt great!

Elaine finally let me turn, kissed me, then rose to pull the bed sheet cover off the bed and snuggled back in with just the blanket over us. I reached for her to return the marvelous sensations but she firmly and gently declined, kissed me, said she loved me, then settled in and once again we fell asleep.

When I woke up, Elaine wasn't in the bed. Another first! Usually I wake up on the rare occasion when she gets up before me, but sex and booze (two of my most favorite things!) had done me in. When I went downstairs, Carrie and Elaine were putting the finishing touches on an enormous breakfast. (another one of my favorite things).

Carrie often stays over. In fact we have a room we refer to as "Carrie's room" so I was not surprised to see her.

As I said, I regard Carrie as one of my closest friends and I always enjoy her company but I was dying to talk to Elaine. Curiosity was getting the best of me. Whatever it was that turned her on, I was all for it! But what the hell was it?

I am aware that Carrie and Elaine had "experimented" with sex between them.

Could that be it or a part of it? Possibly, but Elaine and Carrie together is actually "old news".

As the morning wore on it into the afternoon, Elaine and Carrie, as they often did, stayed hard at work doing their jobs, Elaine at her computer terminal and Carrie at mine.

I was putting the finishing touches on a counter proposal a very large client had recently sent me. He is an eccentric soul who likes to have "hard copies" with "penciled in" revisions so I didn't need a terminal.

By late afternoon I was out by our pool when Carrie came out in her swimsuit. She apologized for hanging around but said she was really feeling low. I, of course, told her quite honestly that I was glad she was here and to stay as long as she liked. She smiled then leaned over and kissed me as she often does and at that moment Elaine, came through the patio door and called out something like, "O.K. you two, that's enough of that. If you do that when I'm around, God only knows what you do when I'm not here. Come to think of it, that may be exciting. Shall I go on an errand or something?"

We all laughed and sat back as Elaine served the round of fresh drinks she had brought with her. As I sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and my fresh Canadian whiskey and soda, I noticed that Elaine's "swimsuit" was undoubtedly the briefest I have ever seen her wear. At 59, she is no more a "playmate model" than I am Brad Pitt, but she still is a very attractive woman who has probably resisted the "ravages of older age" far better than most women. With only a very, very few sags here and there, she still has a figure that would attract the attention of most virile males. When I commented on how much I liked her suit, she said that she and Carrie had bought them a few days prior. It was only then that I realized that Carrie too was wearing an incredibly brief suit as well.

Carrie has put on a few pounds over the last year or two but she too is still very attractive with a nicely rounded belly and formidable boobs! The suit that she was almost wearing did little to cover them and a great deal to "lift and separate". It was the first time I could recall looking at Carrie as a sexy, desirable woman rather than an acquaintance and close friend.

I remember thinking that it was a good thing I had had so much sex over the last couple of nights or I would have spent the afternoon with a substantial hard on.

I faded pretty fast that night, probably from the booze, the sun and the past two nights activities. Later, when Elaine came to bed she straddled my hips, leaned down and began to kiss me, her tongue exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth. Soon I was as hard as I can get and I expected that she would soon lift up and settled onto it but she surprised me again. She lifted up alright but moved forward, still astride me then leaned forward again pushing first one, then the other tit into my mouth. I gladly sucked away. Soon I heard the familiar moans that signal the onset of Elaine's orgasm even though I had not touched her clit.

Maybe she had been rubbing against me and I hadn't noticed.

She climbed up even further and sat astride my face lowering her pussy on to it. I immediately adjusted as best I could to make this as good as possible for her and started licking. She was wetter than any other time I can remember and she came within moments. In the past we usually gently "disengage" once this happens but this time Elaine did not move away and as I was pinned under her, I wasn't going anywhere, so I continued sucking away on her clit and in what seemed like no time at all, Elaine began to shake once again.

This time she moved back and sat down hard on my erect cock. Moving as though she were in a race, she bounced up and down rapidly on me and although I cannot be absolutely sure, I believe she came again for the third time in a matter of minutes and whether she did or not, I did, amazingly, for the third or fourth time that week.

A few days later Carrie decided to go back to her own apartment. Elaine and I had returned pretty much to our normal interaction and it didn't seem as important to inquire as to what had brought on the exciting aberration in our sex lives.

A few weeks later, six to be exact, there was an encore! Although I didn't realize it immediately, once again, upon return from the company meeting, Elaine initiated some marvelous sex.

This time she took me into her mouth and with her talented tongue and her hands, lifted me up and "over the top" in spite of my caution that I was on the verge. As I came she swallowed it down and continued her ministrations until my dick finally went limp. When I recovered from an excellent orgasm I, once again, tried to return the attention but again she gently but firmly refused my attentions, kissed me, said, "I love you!" and snuggled in for the night.

This time there was no encore in the middle of the night.

I woke up the next morning with Elaine naked in my arms. In spite of having cum that night, I was thinking of starting up something again but when I stirred, she woke up, kissed me, then headed for the bathroom. I got up and went downstairs to put on the coffee and start breakfast.

I have clients all over the country in all time zones and, although it doesn't happen that much, the phone rang before Elaine came down and by the time I dealt with the call, Elaine had eaten, taken her coffee and started up on her data entry work.

I don't know when, but sometime through that day, an unwelcome thought began nagging at my mind.

My first marriage ended when my wife Trudy had fallen for another man, but during the "process", I recall distinctly that the sex was really good, apparently the result of guilty feelings. Trudy was a good person but really wasn't the type to understand what it took to build a business and a secure financial future and when so much of my energy went into the task, so much of hers went in to someone else.

I suppose to deal with the guilt, she would often initiate sex, usually at night when we went to bed. Occasionally she would dress in a very sexy, provocative way and "seduce" me away from my work for an afternoon. She wore a tiny robe around the house with nothing on under it and she would flash me with her legs, ass and pussy and later open the robe to flash her tits. On one occasion Trudy crawled under my desk and blew me while I was talking on the phone to a client. Another time she decided to come with me on a "road trip" to see a new prospect about 3 – 4 hours away. She wore a light summer dress that buttoned down the front, top to bottom. During our drive she undid the buttons, about one every 10 miles, until she had it open all the way and I could see that the only other thing she had worn that morning were her shoes. She then took my right hand and put it on her pussy and had me finger her to orgasm.

The other thing I remember was that she openly fantasized about things while we had sex. She would say things like "Imagine we picked up a hitchhiker who was watching us!"

That went on until I saw her and her lover one afternoon when I had to go to town to get some documents notarized. I was hurting, angry and embarrassed but in time, Trudy and I might have worked through it, had we both wanted, but Trudy thought she had fallen in love and that is definitely different!

It felt bad at the time but looking back, it was just another "bump in the long hard road to success". To her credit she didn't ask for any more than was fair, half of the value of our home and half of the cash value we had invested in the business.

I was fortunate to have a good friend who believed in my ability to make the business work and who loaned me the cash to pay her off while continuing to build it. We had no kids so there were no further complications. Less than three years later I had repaid the loan and began to substantially improve my lifestyle and enjoy more of my life.

Trudy did not fare as well!

She and Robert lasted less than four months, about the time it takes for two uncommitted people to let the excitement wear off.

In any case, the nagging thought was still in my mind.

As Yogi Berra would have said, "It was like déjà vu all over again!"

Trudy and I had known Elaine since high school. She and Phil, her husband, were occasional dinner guests of Trudy's and mine. They were divorced before Trudy and I.

Several years later, Elaine and I started "seeing" each other and discovered, to our great delight, that we got along exceedingly well. I finally asked her to marry me but before she said "Yes" she wanted to start off on the right foot and get the whole truth out before any commitments were made. She had two kids to raise. Her eldest, a daughter, Kate and her son Alan have now graduated, married and have kids of their own, three little ones whom I am proud to have call me Grandpa. I like both her kids and I think they both like me too.

We talked about her kids and how important they were to her, quickly adding that Kate and Alan had made it clear that they liked me very much and "approved" of her dating me. Kate had even inquired about whether or not we might get married.

Elaine went on to share how hard it was emotionally when Phil left and how much Carrie had supported her. She even told me that she and Carrie had "experimented" with sex together when they were each on their own and that although they did not regard themselves as "lesbians" they did find comfort with one another from time to time. They have been best friends for a very long time and that finding comfort in one another may happen again as Carrie seemed to be the one who now often needed support.

If that did not turn me off then, "Yes", there was nothing more in the world that she wanted more.

I admit, it caught me by surprise but the truth is, I know and respect them both and, as I told Elaine, "Even as my wife, my lover and my best friend, you are entitled to any privacy you need as long as it didn't interfere with our relationship."

We have now been married for 22 years!

What to do about her now? Part of me was saying, "Hey! This is great! Don't rock the boat!" but Elaine is the light of my life. She is so much more to me than sex. She's been my best friend since long before it dawned on me that she and I might be a couple. In the final analysis, that's what scared me. I have lived through, and subsequently thrived, after the loss of a wife and sexual partner but the thought of possibly losing my best friend was petrifying.

It was hard to believe that she would carry on behind my back. On the other hand, the timing of our exciting, sexual liaisons was exactly co-incident with the company meetings and I had already had an experience with "guilt" sex.

What to do!

After some pretty substantial soul searching I decided on a course of action, or more correctly, non-action.

I decided that 1. Elaine was not Trudy, 2. Elaine, on several occasions told me she loved me as we went through those mysterious and exciting sexual bouts. 3. My feelings for Elaine, as I already said, go beyond the physical. I love her, more than I really know how to say and in my book she deserved my trust until there was some solid evidence that she didn't.

So I did nothing!

Our lives were almost back to normal but looking back I can see that we were developing a "new" normal. I don't think I was keeping score but the physical part of the sex was getting better and it was happening more often. I was particularly turned on by Elaine's sexual aggressiveness.

Still, I knew I was getting anxious as the date for Elaine's company meeting drew near. For a few days Carrie stayed over and the two of them fell into the habit of working early in the day, doing some shopping in the afternoon and sitting with me out by the pool in the late afternoon and evening.

We made dinner most nights on the barbeque, so there was not much time taken for meal preparation. We drank lots of wine and I did the best I could not to stare at Carrie as much as I did Elaine as they wore only the tiny bikinis they had bought earlier in the month. That was particularly difficult because Elaine and Carrie developed the habit of playing "Queen of the castle" and pushing me into the pool then jumping in after me to playfully wrestle me under. More than once I had to walk away, more to hide a growing erection than anything else.

For most of these late day get-togethers I watched and began to see not only how very sexy my wife still was, but I began to see Carrie in a new light too. I'm not sure if the renewed sexiness turned me on or made me more nervous but I was determined to tough it out and not do or say anything that would be accusatory in any way. As I said, love making with Elaine was more frequent, exciting and varied. Who am I to complain?

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