Feed Me


Feed Me

I want it.
I want everything you've got.
In every shape, position, word, note.

And I want you.

I want everything you know.
I want to drain you like a sylph
of all your passions, desires, feelings,
and keep only that which I can live on.

I want to swim in your embrace of arms open wide.
I want to feel you when only the trails you traced linger.
I want you darken the pages that are empty in my mind.
I want your hair to cover my face like a shield from the light.
I want your words spoken into my eager mouth.
I want your shadow to overlap mine in a feverish union.
I want to see your eyes burn like a tiger’s in a black cave.
I want to find you curled, fetal, asleep in my bed.
I want to spend myself for one taste of you.
I want the growl that lingers on your lips when you hunger.
I want the grip that bruises hips, thighs, arms.
I want the smile that relaxes on your face when it is done.
I want it never to end.

I want not to want anymore.

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