Feeding Little Brother


Chapter Two

The next few days were hell for Riley as she tried to come to terms with what had happened between her and Alex. Maybe others would see it as something less than wicked, an event that was just a part of life, but she couldn't help feeling that she was somehow dirty. No one – not her parents, teachers or friends had ever taught her that having sex with a family member, regardless if it was consensual and did not include intercourse, was wrong. That was just something one knew instinctively. And no one really wanted to have sex with a family member, did they?

Alex was driving her crazy. It wasn't anything he did or said over those next few days, but it was just his presence that did things to her she would never have thought possible. When she saw her brother – at meals, in the family room watching television or walking down the hall to the bathroom – she felt the disturbing little tremors in her tummy that she recognized as nearing an obsession with him. She saw him – really saw him as something more than just her younger brother. Riley saw Alex as a handsome, beautiful young man. She saw his lean male body, felt the oozing of his strong, virile maleness every time they were in the same room.

In bed at night, Riley lay awake remembering the strong feelings that had coursed through her slender body as she and Alex sat together on her bed sharing an act that no brother and sister should do together. And, in spite of her strong feelings, the young woman would invariably slip a hand inside her panties that had become soaking wet and masturbate while she allowed the images to replay so vividly inside her head. Each time she had rubbed her clit to a satisfying, mind-numbing climax as she recalled how Alex's cock had felt in her hand and the feel of his seed on her as he came.

On Friday evening Riley left Emily with her mother who was only too glad to watch her granddaughter while the young woman went to the mall with a couple of old high school friends. She wanted to look at some baby clothes for her daughter and it was a perfect time to get away for a few hours with friends. Having a baby prevented Riley from getting away as much as she had done once and it was an opportunity to blow off a little steam.

Twenty minutes after arriving at the mall Riley saw Alex sitting alone at a table in the food court. Abruptly, without warning, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Riley's legs immediately became weak and felt like rubber as she walked along with her friends. Inside her dark colored tee shirt – she wasn't wearing a bra – she felt her nipples begin to stiffen. Her pussy was becoming wet and threatening to soak the crotch of the black panty thong she wore under the tight jean shorts.

He was beautiful and sexy as he sat at the table drinking a soda. His dark hair, the same shade as her long, raven locks, was slightly mussed, giving him a wild, dangerous look. He was oblivious of Riley's existence at the mall and she stood staring at him for a long moment as her friends went through a display of perfume outside of a fashionable shop designed for young women.

What was this sudden control her brother had on her? Why was she acting like a schoolgirl, creaming her jeans for the young stud football player? This was her brother for goodness sake! No matter how Riley rationalized her feelings, her younger brother did something inexplicable to her and it set the young woman on fire with lust for him.

One of her friends, Pam Dawson, called to her that she and Susan Ames were going by the new music store on the second level of the mall. Riley told them she'd be along in a few minutes and, once the women were on the escalator, Riley turned her attention back to Alex, who had finished eating. She watched as he pushed the end of a drink straw between his lips and Riley groaned softly. For some reason the innocent movement reminded her of the way his lips had looked with her nipples in his mouth.

Without a thought, Riley took the few steps down into the food court and walked briskly to the table where her brother sat. Her pulse raced and her legs felt weak as she approached the table. She knew what she wanted to do – knew exactly what she was going to do – even though she realized it was terribly wrong. She had tried over the past couple of days to get him out of her mind, to forget what had happened in her room, but she was unable to forget one second of how his lips had felt on her nipples. She couldn't stop remembering how her brother's hard cock had felt in her hand as she jacked him off and the incredibly hot, sticky semen that had exploded from it.

"C'mon, Alex," she said, taking him by one arm.

"Riley – "

"Shut up, Alex."

The startled look on his face when the young woman grabbed his arm and led him from the food court to an exit door went unnoticed by his older sister. For Riley, all that occupied her mind was the single thought of having her brother. Her mind was focused on him and quieting the burning itch between her legs that had begun the moment she saw him inside the mall.

Riley had Alex lead her to his old van, which thankfully was parked near the back of the lot. Since there were no other cars parked near the van and the windows were heavily tinted she knew it was perfect for what she wanted. Actually, the thought had crossed her mind that maybe they should go home where they would have a little more privacy but Riley couldn't wait. She was quickly going wild with an all-consuming desire for her brother. And, she realized, her mother was at home watching Emily.

"Get undressed," she told him once they were inside the back of the van.

The rear of the van was carpeted – walls and floor – and Riley quickly stripped off her clothes. She smiled inwardly when Alex groaned softly as he stared at her naked body, and it didn't take him long to undress. The realization that he and his sister could very well get caught flashed briefly through his mind, but the young man didn't care. This might be the last time he had this opportunity and he could care less at that moment what the cops, his parents or his friends would think if he did get caught fucking his sister.

Riley pushed a strand of dark hair from her face and straddled her brother's legs, then reached down and took his hard cock in one hand and rubbed the massive head between her slippery wet pussy lips. She positioned the head at her fuck hole that hadn't had a cock in it for over three months and groaned loudly as she slowly sat down and impaled her cunt on Alex's cock.

"Oh, fuck!" she hissed. "This is so good!"

"I can't believe I'm actually fucking you, Riley," Alex groaned.

"This is wrong," she said with a small shake of her head. "But, I can't help it. I need a cock. I need your cock, little brother."

"What's...wrong with it?" he gasped. Alex cupped his sister's milk-heavy tits and lightly squeezed them. "I mean, if it feels good..."

"We're brother and sister," she said softly. "That's incest and you know that's wrong."

"I don't care," he said petulantly. "I've wanted you for so long and I don't care what anyone else thinks. Since that night when you let me suck milk from your tits, I haven't been able to get you out of my mind."

Riley smiled at her brother. "Did you like my milk?"

"I loved it!" Alex's eyes dropped briefly to his sister's tits and he grinned. "In fact, I'm a little hungry right now."

"Then, what are you waiting for?" Riley slowed her rocking hips and raised her right breast and arched her back. In a husky voice, she said, "Suck, little brother. Drink my milk."

A small yelp of pleasure came from Riley's mouth as Alex began feasting on her hard, sensitive nipple. She held his head in her hands as he suckled milk from her heavy breasts. She couldn't believe the unexpected feelings that ripped through her lean body as she rode her brother's hard cock while his mouth alternately sucked her hard nipples. She was going mad with desire.

With Alex leaning against one wall of the cargo bay of the van and Riley astride his legs and slowly riding his hard cock, the brother and sister consumed each other's lusts and needs. Even though the knowledge that she was committing incest was rife in her head, the bad feelings began to subside. All she felt was the incredible feeling of her brother's cock as she pumped it with her slippery wet pussy.

"You like my pussy, baby?" she asked with a lust filled voice. "Is fucking me everything you had hoped it would be?"

"Oh, yeah!" Alex gasped.

"I came so hard the other night when you sucked my tits and I jacked you off," she confessed. "And now having you inside of me is so good."

Alex raised his face from his sister's nipples and smiled. "You can't believe how much I love you."

Riley stared at Alex for a moment, the surprise of his statement clearly etched on her pretty face. For a moment, as she continued to slowly rock her hips, the young woman was speechless. She didn't know how to respond.

"But, I'm your sister, Alex."

"Yes, but you are also the most beautiful woman I know," he said. "I don't know anyone else who is as good as you are and I...well, I don't want anyone else but you."

Maybe it was Alex's confession that he loved her, which abruptly turned Riley's world upside down. The feelings of guilt and shame, of knowing that incest was wrong and that making love to her brother was taboo, suddenly began to evaporate. Making love to Alex no longer seemed wrong; after all, how could something that felt so right and so good be wrong?

Without thinking about it, she took his face in her soft hands and pressed her lips to his. Alex's tongue pushed between Riley's lips and she groaned loudly as they began to kiss with a wild, relentless abandon. His hands fondled her tits, pulled and pinched her fat, hard nipples while she ground her wet pussy on his cock with quick, circular motions. She was now beyond the point where she could care less about anything other than milking his balls of every drop of his seed.

"Suck my titties again, little brother!" she gasped with heated excitement. "Drink my milk!"

"Oh, yeah! So fucking sweet!"

"You like this, Alex? You like sucking your big sister's tits and drinking her milk while she fucks your big cock?"

Alex nodded his head vigorously as he feasted on her tits.

"I love fucking you, Alex! Oh, fuck, I love your cock! Don't stop fucking me!"

Riley began to fuck her brother harder and faster, her hips rocking out of control as the fires of her desire began to rage uncontrollably. His lips and teeth on her sensitive nipples felt so good and the fat shaft that filled her pussy was incredibly wonderful! Tiny mewling sounds of lust spilled from her mouth as she watched Alex consume the sweet milk in her tits.

"That's it!" she purred. "Drink my milk, baby!"


"Oh, you feel so good, baby!"

"I don't think I can last much longer, Riley," Alex groaned suddenly. "I have to cum!"

"Cum in me, little brother!" A small whimper escaped her lips as she realized that her own orgasm was quickly approaching. "Fill my pussy with your hot cum!"

That was all it took. Riley saw the way Alex's face twisted suddenly into a mask of pure desire as his body tensed. She felt his hot seed explode inside of her, filling her pussy as she slipped irrevocably into the most explosive orgasm of her life. Together, brother and sister clung to each other as they rode their orgasms, their bodies unmoving as they came hard. Alex groaned and pushed his cock deeper into Riley's cunt; the sweet feel of her pussy clenching and unclenching, gripping his cock fiercely, was breathtaking.

Riley and Alex did not move for several long minutes after their orgasms finally abated. They held onto each other in a gentle embrace, their bodies still joined together in a pose as old as mankind. Riley wasn't sure how this new relationship would work out, or if it would endure, but she was suddenly looking forward to it as Alex's hands softly caressed her back. And, as Alex suddenly brought her face to his and she felt his tongue slip smoothly into her mouth, Riley realized that she wanted more of him. Right or wrong, she wanted Alex as much as he wanted her, and to hell with what everyone else thought.

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