tagInterracial LoveFelicia Ch. 01

Felicia Ch. 01


No! No! No!

Felicia stared at the pregnancy test in disbelief. Her eyes were so wide they felt like they were going to pop out of her head and her jaw dropped to the floor. It was positive. God, what was she going to do? It was only her second time ever having sex, and this just HAD to happen. She slowly buried her head in her hands as tears started streaming down her face. Before the full realization that she was pregnant could sink it, she heard a knock on the door. It was Joel.

"Hey Fe, is everything alright? What does it say?"

She wanted to run out and tell him what it said. But she couldn't. Her throat and lips were completely dry and she could barely speak. She wiped her face the best she could with her hands, trying to clear away any signs that she had been crying. But it seemed to no avail. The more she wiped, the more tears came streaming down her face. The knock came again.

"What's going on Fe? Come on, open up. Let me in."

She knew she had about 10 seconds to either open the door or Joel was going to knock down the door thinking something horrible was happening to her. Felicia quickly stuffed the test into her purse, clutching the purse her arm as tight as she could and unlocked the door. She took a deep breath and slowly turned the handle, dreading what was on the other side. As the door, she was greeted by that same sweet, beautiful, stupid face. It was her best friend and the father of her child, Joel. His big, dark green eyes looked down on her with concern. He searched her face, looking for signs of an answer, but he couldn't find any. Fortunately, she was able to clear her face better than she thought she had. When she didn't speak the first few seconds and instead looked away, he spoke first.

"So, what'd it say? Please, Fe just tell me what it said and whatever happens –"

"It was negative," she blurted out suddenly, cutting him off. In barely a whispered she followed up with, "I'm not pregnant. You're not going to be a dad."

Joel sighed loudly and a big smile spread across his face. "Oh, thank God. Not that I don't love you or I wouldn't have been there for you, but your dad would've killed me."

When he noticed that the relief that he felt wasn't being shared by Fe, his smile slowly faded away. "Aren't you happy –"

She moved passed him quickly. "I've got to go. I've got a class in 15. I'll see you later." She rushed out of his room and in the hallway as she spoke her last words. He barely got out "bye" when he heard his front door close.

Felicia sat on her bed in her dorm, tears pouring freely from her eyes. Her best female friend, Mickey, sat on the floor in front of her, rubbing her legs softly in an attempt to comfort Fe. It didn't help. As soon as Fe left Joel's, she couldn't text Mickey fast enough to tell her the news. She wanted to call her but couldn't because she knew Mickey was in class and wouldn't be able to answer the call. But as soon as Mickey read the text message, she quickly (and quietly) packed up her stuff and ran to be with her friend. It had been over an hour since Mickey damn near ran to Fe's room, and Fe had basically crying the whole time. Mickey hadn't said a word the whole time. She would have time for questions later. Right now, she just needed to make Fe feel better. Fe was starting to feel that pounding headache that sets in from crying too much. Mickey thought that maybe this was her time to ask her when this happened and what Fe was going to do. Before she could get out a word, as if reading her mind, Fe spoke up and began telling her the story.


It all started about a month and a half ago. Joel dragged Fe to one of his frat parties, and as reluctant as she was to go, she went. It was the initiation ceremony for the year and Joel's date, Maggie, a bubble-headed brunette he'd been dating for awhile had the flu and couldn't attend. In Beta Alpha Phi, or bears as their pseudonym, coming to any event without a date could turn you into a social leper. They were firm believers that every man should have a hot girl on his arm wherever he went even if that wasn't the girl he went home with. After begging her for two days and offering to wash her laundry for two weeks (sans any personal wear), Fe agreed to accompany him to another one of his boorish events. She used to date one of his brothers, Josh, for about a week, and the two events that she suffered through were enough to leave a bad impression on her forever. They were your typical loud, obnoxious booze-and-sex-driven frat with nothing going for them but half-assed good looks and money. Joel was clearly the most pleasing to the eye than any of his brothers with a good head on his shoulders and manners. Why he ever wanted to join a fraternity like that was beyond Fe. But they had been best friends since they were 3 and had been there for each other through whatever. They even went to senior prom together which is when they both clumsily lost their virginity in a 10-minute comedy. Joel was so embarrassed by the whole situation but Fe was happy she lost it to someone she loved and knew loved her back. They agreed, however, to remain friends so as to not ruin the special thing they had. Everything was going to plan until that night.

After a moronic and senseless speech made by the president, Ted Mikes, who was clearly already drunk by the time the ceremony had begun, each pledge, five in total, was given a pin and a shot of tequila, signifying their admittance. Fe stood in the back of the crowd, cheering wildly for her friend, even though she didn't want to be there. She was hoping that in a couple of hours, after about four beers, that Joel would be ready to go and Fe could go wash off the slime. This wasn't the case at all. Joel was never much of a drinker but either in an attempt to impress his new organization or because he was happy he had made it, he drank more than Fe had ever seen him drink in the 17 years that she had known him. He had six beers, six shots of tequila, two shots of whiskey, and almost half a bottle of vodka. By this time, Fe's liver would've been screaming uncle, but Joel couldn't get enough. Everything was going okay until Joel started to pick a fight with the boyfriend of one of the girls who was in attendance. The boyfriend wasn't in the fraternity but he looked the part to a T. He was a complete muscle head with veins popping out his veins after Joel called him a "cock-sucking, bitch-ass, pussy-ass motherfucker". If Fe hadn't jumped in between the two and shoved Joel outside, apologizing profusely the whole way, praying that the boyfriend wouldn't follow them outside. Luckily for Joel, he didn't. As toned and muscled as Joel was, that guy would've eaten his head for lunch. As soon as they were out on the street walking towards his house and away from the loud pulsing music, Fe let him have it.

"Joel, what the FUCK do you think you were doing? Do you have any idea what that guy would've done if he had fought you? He would've crushed you like a bug!"

As clearly as he could, which wasn't very at all, Joel responded, "Please, that meat-head? All I'd had to do is move once when he tried to hit me and he'd go falling like a tree. TIMBER!" He cupped his hands around his mouth and began imitating a logger. Fe tried desperately to get him to shut up so as to not call attention from patrolling school police. They were on campus walking at 1 a.m. and both of them were only 20. Although she wasn't intoxicated, she had had a couple of beers and would've been busted too.

"Look, if you're going to be as big of a dick as your little friends back there, then I don't want to hang around you. You're fine the way you are but if you go acting like those asshole just so they can like you, then fuck off. I don't need this shit."

Joel stopped dead in his tracks. As drunk as he was, that statement hit Joel like a ton of bricks. Fe walked a few more steps before she realized Joel wasn't with her. She turned around, already irritated to find up what was the hold up. But the look on his face made some of the anger she was feeling dissipate.

He beautiful dark hair had fallen down over his eyes but even in the dark, those big green eyes shone. His beautiful pink lips that came into a perfect pout were now being chewed by his bright, white teeth. His deep dimples were clearly visible as he continued to bite on his lips, a habit he had ever since he was five which indicated that he was upset or nervous. Fe figured both reasons were in play now. At 6'2 he easily towered over Fe's 5'1 frame. But even with their height difference Fe knew what to say or do to bring him down to size. This was one of those things. Because through there 17 years of friendship, even through all the crap they had survived, she had never once threatened to terminate their friendship.

"You'd really stop being my friend?" He voice was very quiet and even, not giving any indication in this moment that he was drunk.

"Maybe, I don't know. Let's just get you home for right now." She walked back to him and let him again lean on her. He did it reluctantly, although he knew that if he let her go, he would fall right over. Those few moments that he could stand alone were probably going to be the last time he could do that for a couple of hours.

The 15 minute walk to his house was done so in silence. Fe had regretted telling him that she'd drop him if he started acting like "them" but she knew she had to let him know from the start. He was too good of a friend and a man to be something that he wasn't for the sake of brotherhood. They got to his building and his dorm room without incident. It was in one of the newer, nicer buildings Watson. It was more of an apartment then a dorm, with three rooms, each with their own bathroom and a full kitchen and living room. Fe lived in a building about two minutes from his. It wasn't nearly as nice as his. It was at least 30 years old and looked like a prison. But with her dorm cost at only $2,500 a semester and his $4,700, she was just happy they didn't have community showers. She half walked-half carried him into his room and helped him sit on his bed. She turned on the light on his desk next to his room, which only illuminated the dark mildly. Joel sat on his bed with his head hung down low. Fe sat in front of him, still feeling guilty about her harsh words. She just wanted to get out of there before she started crying. She had never made him this sad before.

"Well, I guess I'm going to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

He grabbed her arm as she turned to walk away. "Please, stay here tonight. It's late and I don't like you walking in the dark by yourself."

Fe could see the look in his eyes, that through the glaze of alcohol, he was really worried about her safety. In the three years that they had been at school, she had only walked home from his dorm at night once. And that was only because he wasn't in his room and she just wanted to drop off some notes she had neglected to give him for a test. He had scolded her for that and from then on, he always walked her home or she just slept in his bed. It was never anything sexual, just one friend comforting the other. And they always slept head-to-foot. That didn't make Joel's girlfriends feel any better but they all knew if they pressed the issue, he'd always choose Fe over them. They both knew that he wouldn't be able to walk her tonight so her staying over was the only option. She nodded her head in affirmation and began taking off her clothes to get ready for bed. Like so many times before, she stripped down to her bra and panties and took a t-shirt from his closet. She'd never admit it to him, but every time she put on one of his shirts, a tingle moved through her body just a little. Joel excused himself to the bathroom as Fe climbed into his bed, her head towards the footboard. He walked back into the room about ten minutes later, wearing only his boxers. It was a sight she had seen many times before never got old. Tonight though, through her anger and guilt, she didn't feel those familiar butterflies. They said their muffled good nights as Joel settled into the bed on top of the covers, his elbows brushing against her feet under the blankets. She hoped that their conversation wouldn't keep him awake so they wouldn't have that awkward silence all night long but that fear was dissolved when two minutes later she heard the familiar soft snore that signified that he was asleep. Five minutes later, Fe followed suit.

Fe woke up groggily, an arm wrapped softly around her stomach and a hard-on rubbing softly against her butt. The mystery man whispered softly into her ear words that she couldn't make out. At first, mostly in confusion thinking that it was a dream, Fe pushed her butt back against the hard-on urging the snake to continue to rise. But as she came more into full consciousness, it became evident that this wasn't a dream. More than that, the mystery man was...Joel? Fe sat up-right and turned around, ready to smack Joel into next week. But as she was ready to knock his teeth out, she realized that he was still asleep. This had happened before. Not him humping her but doing other stuff like writing an email or watching a DVD when he was out like a light. Fe knew that she shouldn't wake him but he was about to hump a hole in her leg and was starting to get a fire growing in her belly. By now, his dick was so hard that it had made its way through the opening in the front of his boxers. She knew that she shouldn't look but she couldn't help it. It had been the only dick that she'd ever seen in person, even thought countless boyfriend tried to make that not the case. Flashbacks of their first time and how awful it had been flashed into her mind making her wonder if it would be any better if they did it a second time. She was so embarrassed that she had even thought that considering their promise to one another. But before she could finish contemplating that, Joel stopped moving and seemed to be opening his eyes, with the first thing he saw being Fe.

God, she was beautiful. He had thought that the summer she came back from visiting her aunt when they were 12 and they had gone on a swim day as a way to say goodbye to summer and a reluctant hello to the upcoming school year. Her dark brown skin glowed when she hopped out of her dad's car and up to Joel's door, not even giving her chance to rest from her three-hour trip before she was ready to play with her best friend. Her hair, which was usually in Afro puffs now flowed down straight in a bob around her shoulders. She later explained to him that she had gotten a perm for a first time. Her bright smile was so beautiful to him, even though she had a gap that she had always been ashamed of. He loved it though because it wasn't a very common trait and was just something that was all hers. Her lips were nice and thick and looked like you could kiss them for days and not get tired. Her eyes were so dark, that they almost looked black, but could easily pierce even the hardest heart. She was funny, smart, and never afraid to back down from a fight. She was Fe. She was his. He noticed the funny look on a face, a nervous smirk hanging on her lips.

"Was so funny?" he asked in a horse voice. All that drinking and yelling had taken its toll on his throat and his words struggled to be free. Fe didn't say a word but instead pointed at his crotch. Joel got the hint and looked down and was surprised by his hard cock hanging out. He looked up at her, eyes so wide that she thought they were going to pop out, and rolled out of bed.

"Oh, my God, Fe, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened." But he did know. He had just had one of the sexiest dreams about Fe, where he was fucking her into oblivion. Apparently, even in his subconscious, he knew that Fe was in his bed and he had taken advantage of that. On the floor, he tried desperately to get his cock to go down so he could stuff it back into his boxers. Fe laughed loudly on his bed, making his embarrassment that much greater.

"Looks like Little Joel has a thing for me." He stood up slowly, mumbling about how she should get over herself, still trying to stuff himself back into his boxers. When he was fully contained, he stood up.

With a humiliated smile across his lips he replied, "Please, you didn't do anything. It's just because I was drunk. Plus, I was dreaming about Halle Berry. Not some little runt. You couldn't give a dead man a stiff."

He loved teasing her about her height, especially when she asked him to get things on a top shelf. He'd joke that he would get her platform shows for her birthday to which she'd smile and roll her eyes. She sat up on her knees, slowly walking towards him on the bed. It was obvious she didn't believe him. "Well, I know I gave you one. And that was without trying. If I tried, you'd bust in ten minutes." From that statement, he knew she was referring to their first sexual mishap.

"You really think so, huh? You know, I've grown a lot since then. And I'd make you cry like a little girl." He stepped closer the bed, to the point where he knees were pressing against his thighs. He looked down into her eyes, as she looked up into his. The alcohol hadn't worn off completely but he knew exactly what he was doing. "So go ahead, give me your best shot Fe."

Every nerve in her body was tingling. Her hands were shaking and her breath was coming out unevenly. She wanted him more than anyone else she had ever met. But she knew if they did this, they'd be crossing an even bigger line than the one they did three years ago. "Look, as badly as I want to prove you wrong, I don't think –"

Before she could finish her sentence, his lips were pushed against hers. She didn't have to think about it anymore. It was happening. He coaxed her lips open with his tongue and slid his hot tongue into her mouth. She could taste both the tequila and the desire he felt for her. It was refreshing. Their tongues intertwined in a sexy dance, both trying to get the other to submit but neither willing to back down. Then Joel took it one step further. He reached his hands down behind her and gently cupped her tiny brown cheeks in his huge hands. She sighed into his mouth, like she had just taken a sip of a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day. This was amazing. Better then she could have ever hoped for. But what would they be after this encounter? As much as she wanted to think about it, she couldn't. She wouldn't.

Joel continued kneading her ass in his hands which caused her body to press harder against his. His growing cock rubbed aggressively against her stomach, making her moans more frequent and louder. Her hard nipples poked hard through her shirt, letting him feel more of her then he ever thought possible. He reached his hands down under the shirt and began pulling it up, higher and higher until it was completely off her body and lying on the floor. Joel got a surprise he hadn't expected. Fe was topless. Sometime during the night, she had taken off her bra in an attempt to get more comfortable. That was fine with him. It was only one more barrier in between him and his sweet Fe that had been removed. As much as he wanted to continue devouring her sweet lips, there was something else craving his attention.

He pushed her onto her back on his bed and leaned over her. In that moment, she could take in just how beautiful he really was. Every line, every curve of his body was clearly defined and was just waiting for her to touch and kiss every one. As she admired the man she had been in love with for year, he bent over and took her lips again. He broke it abruptly as he began kissing down her panty-clad body, stopping to suck and lick her neck. He knew from a conversation that they had a couple of years ago that this was a hot spot for her. She had brought it up after a disastrous date she had had freshmen year where blind date and inappropriately tried to give her a hickey. She commented about how usually that would turn her on immensely, but this guy was creepy and weird. Needless to say, it was their one and only date. However, when Joel did it, he was very sensual and seductive. He outlined her neck with his tongue, stopping to suck and lick the spots where he got the most response, which included Fe raising her hips up to rub against his stomach. By now, he could feel that she was soaked. Her juices had easily seeped through black satin panties and were traveling down her ass on their way to making a nice big wet spot on Joel's bed. But he didn't care. He wanted any little bead on juice that came out of her on his bed, in his mouth, or on his cock. And he was about to be given that pleasure.

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