tagInterracial LoveFelicia Ch. 05

Felicia Ch. 05


Finally, Friday had come. Fe opened her eyes and squinted at the light streaming into her room. She yawned, stretched and looked over at her clock. It was almost 10:30 in the morning. She smiled at the presence of the new day, knowing that she had no classes to attend to and picked up her phone to look for any missed calls or text messages. She had three missed texts, all from Maxine rambling about how her mother was crazy because she had begun pestering Maxine about getting a boyfriend. It had been almost two years since the proudly single girl had had anyone to call her own and Maxine wanted it to stay that way for as long as possible. However, her mother had other ideas, setting Maxine up on blind dates with less than attractive and very weird guys, four in total. Although the stories were always humiliating, Fe loved hearing the craziness her mother would get her into. Maxine was never as amused as Fe.

As Fe sat back on her bed thinking about the last guy Maxine went out with who insisted on having her sniff him constantly throughout the date to make sure he didn't "smell weird", a knock came at the door. Fe climbed out of bed wearing nothing but a long t-shirt and boy short panties. She didn't bother to put on any pants as her roommate had spent the night somewhere else once again and there was only one person crazy enough to be at her door at this time of the morning unannounced.

"Good morning Joel."

Joel's bright green eyes lit up as he surveyed his half naked friend. Her chocolate legs looked amazing as they poured out from underneath the shirt and he couldn't wait to see her turned around to see how she looked from behind. "Good morning sunshine. I brought your books back."

Fe smiled and opened the door wider to allow him to come in. "Aw, thanks. You didn't have to do that. I was going to come and pick them up today."

Joel kissed her cheek lightly as he walked past her, sitting the box down next to her bed. "Well, looks like I've saved you a trip."

Joel plopped himself on her bed, grabbing the remote off the cubbyhole that was connected to her bed and turn on the T.V. "Oh, Law and Order: SVU. I swear if it wasn't for this show, USA would have nothing to show."

Fe giggled softly and sat on the end of her bed, his feet a mere inches away from her leg. "Why are you here so early? Don't you have a class to be in?"

Joel shrugged, not taking his eyes off the T.V. "Yeah, my astronomy class. That woman could drone on forever about nothing. Luckily, she puts all her notes online so I only have to go to class for the tests. Best class I ever had. So, what do you say we go to lunch?"

Fe leaned back a little, her back resting up against the cubbyhole. "You know I can't eat this early in the morning." Joel sat up and pulled Fe towards him. "However, you could always watch me eat."

Fe pushed him away, laughing. "Oh, please Joel. Will you allow me to watch your stuff your face when I can't eat a bite?"

Joel laughed too, pulling her towards him again. He leaned over intending to plant a big one on her cheek but Fe moved her face and he ended up kissing her sweet tender lips. They stayed like that for a few seconds with Joel expecting Fe to push him away, blushing. Instead, she put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him forward, parting her lips as she did so. Joel gladly accepted the invitation and slid his tongue into her mouth, coaxing hers to come out and play. They were both in heaven. Joel swirled his tongue around in her mouth, tasting her spit. It tasted absolutely divine.

Fe could feel the intensity of the kiss growing stronger. Joel's hands, which started wrapped around her back and sides, were now moving. He moved his left hand around and began rubbing her stomach slowly, moving his hand upwards ever so slowly. She wasn't pushing his hand away so he took that as a green flag to rub on her pert little tits. Just as he was about to put his hand down on her wonderful brown peaks, a knock interrupted their intense make-out session. They pulled away from one another in obvious disappointment and sexual frustration. Joel removed his arms from around Fe and attempted to quickly adjust himself before Fe opened the door for the intruder. She laughed and tried to straighten herself out too before she got off the bed reluctantly to answer the door. She looked through the peephole, which meant she had to stand on her tiptoes in order to do so.

Joel wanted to laugh but this position gave him a prime view at her brown round globes which were slightly peaking from underneath the shirt. He tried to look away, knowing he would grab her from behind and fuck her right then and there if he kept staring. She came down and straightened her shirt as she pulled the door open only wide enough for her head to be seen.

Fe recognized the person as one of Kayla's many admirers. He reminded her of Rufus Sewell, the villain from A Knight's Tale except just a little cuter. However, he was one of those creepy guys that didn't understand the boundaries with a girl who had a boyfriend. The one thing that Fe did like about him is that if she came back to her room anytime after 8, he would immediately get up and leave without prompting or Fe having to give him a dirty look until he knew that she wanted peace in her prison of a dorm room. It was something that none of Kayla's other friends understood. "Hey what's up? Kayla's not here."

He nodded without saying a word and walked away as Fe closed the door. She locked it and turned to look at Joel, who was obviously desperately trying not to stare at her derriere. Fe chuckled softly. "Well, now that the moment is thoroughly ruined, I'm going to go take a shower."

She opened up her closet/locker door and stepped in front of it, knowing full well how badly Joel wanted to see her naked body. He finally got a peak when she bent over to pick up her towel that she hung on a little rack in her closet to dry. Her gorgeous brown ass showed itself to him and Joel thought he was going to cum in his pants right then. He only wished she was turned around a little more to get a glimpse at the wonderful opening between her thighs that he dreamt about.

"Now that you've gotten a look, can I go shower?"

His green eyes flashed with embarrassment and he chewed on his bottom lip. Fe laughed because she knew for the second time in 10 minutes she had caught him staring at her ass. She wrapped herself in her towel and took her toiletries as well as her clothes into the bathroom. She knew that if she came back and tried to get dressed in her room that she would end up being Joel's lunch that day.


"Mm, you should try this lasagna. It is genius!"

Fe watched in horror, disgust, and intrigue as Joel gobbled down what she could only assume was food. The amount of food that he had on his plate was absolutely astounding and at that moment Fe could only guess that he had some type of tapeworm. Granted, he had always eaten that way but considering how thin he was, she couldn't imagine where he put it all. As she watched the whole scene in hilarity, she nibbled at her yogurt, apple and water. When Joel finally came up for air, Fe spoke.

"I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Tuesday afternoon around 3. Can you make it?"

Joel took a swig of his Coke to wash the remnants of his meal down his throat. "Yeah, I think so. I was supposed to meet up with Craig to talk about the Halloween party but we can meet up after."

"I'm kind of nervous. I haven't been to a gynecologist in about three years. It's so humiliating."

Joel chuckled. "I know. You've complained about it to me before. What did you call it last time? Oh, yeah. You said it was 'like riding a bike with stirrups and foreign invasion'. I thought I was going to die laughing. So, are they going to tell us what the sex of the baby is going to be?"

Fe looked away towards the huge glass windows. She didn't want Joel to see the tears forming in her eyes as she spoke. "I don't think they can tell this early. All babies pretty much look the same at this point."

Joel took another big bite of food. "How far along are you anyway?"

Fe shrugged and took another bite of her apple. When she was composed enough, she looked back at him. "I think maybe 7 or 8 weeks. I don't know. I know I'll find out on Tuesday."

A dead silence settled between them as Fe once again watched Joel inhale his food. This time, she wasn't thinking about how he resembled a Hoover vacuum but of something a lot more serious. When she finally gained the confidence to tell Joel something he was hoping to avoid talking about, she spoke. "So, um, you know I've been looking at adoption agencies. I found a couple that I think would be worth a look."

Joel said nothing. In fact, he stopped moving all together and in mid-shovel, he froze and looked up at her. He wasn't looking at her per se but rather through her. It was a look that Fe had seen before, but was never directed towards her. He reserved that look for people who had said something so stupid that he couldn't even speak. Now, she was getting the look and she knew she didn't like it. He finally realized that his mouth was still ajar with food falling out and he finally closed, chewed and swallowed the suddenly bitter-tasting food.

"I know you want us to raise the baby together, but I don't think we're ready. At least I know I'm not. I love you to death Joel, I love everything about you but that doesn't make us good parents. We've got so much ahead of us to take care of and I don't think we'll be able to it the way we want with a baby in the picture. I'll make sure we have an open-adoption so we'll always have contact with our baby. And maybe, years into the future, we'll be ready and we can have another baby and we'll be fantastic parents together."

Joel now looked away from Fe. He wanted this moment to melt away and for them to go back to the way they were five minutes ago. But that wasn't going to happen. And there was nothing he could say to make it so.

Although Fe knew the answer she had to ask. "Did you hear what I said?"

Joel replied coldly while pushing his plate away. "I heard you. What do you want me to do, give you a high-five?"

Fe was shocked by his sudden turn of emotions. "No, but I want to know what you think."

Joel stood up and began to walk away. "I think I lost my appetite. I'll see you later."

Fe buried her face in her hands and began to cry.


It was 4 in the afternoon as Fe settled in her bed to watch the Law and Order: SVU marathon. In fact, she had been posted there for almost four hours. After her heart-breaking lunch with Joel, she decided to resign herself to her room for the rest of the day and try not to stress out. She knew that high stress wasn't good for her or the baby and it seemed to be the only emotion that was consistent with Joel. After the opening credits were over, a commercial for cologne flashed across the screen and a man strongly resembling Clint came on the screen. Fe inadvertently began smiling to herself, the memories of their kiss shared the day before flooded back into her mind and she shuddered.

Fe began to feel remorse seeping into her bones. Wasn't she just angry at Joel for sleeping with someone else and here she was making out with a stranger. For some reason, the remorse didn't turn into hardcore guilt. She didn't know why but as naughty as she felt for kissing Clint, she didn't really feel guilty in any way. She sat up and picked up her jacket that hung from the chair at the desk behind her bed. She dug into the pocket until her hand reemerged with the scrap piece of paper with Clint's number scrawled across it. She sat back on her haunches as she thought about the last words he spoke to her. She stared at the number for a few more moments before she finally decided that she needed to feel uncomplicated.

Nervously, she picked up the phone and pushed the numbers. She took a deep breath and pushed the send button before she could psyche herself out. She put the phone up to her ear and heard Pleasure P "Under". Fe couldn't help but smile again. She had something he could go under on. After about 15 seconds, Fe figured he wasn't going to answer and was just about to hang up when she heard, "Hello?"

Her heart leapt in her chest and she couldn't speak. She suddenly felt like she was on a roller coaster and she was going down a steep drop. Her mouth felt dry and her palms sweaty when the voice said again, "Hello? Who is this?"

Her brain finally clicked out of autopilot and Fe spoke. "Hey Clint, it's me, Fe. I'm sorry was I disturbing you?"

Even though Fe couldn't see him she could feel a wide smile spread on that beautiful face of his. His voice relaxed and came back flowing into her ear a little deeper. "No, you're not disturbing anything. I'm just at my house relaxing. What are you up to?"

Fe sat back in her bed and broke out in yet another idiotic smile. "Not much, just watching TV."

"And you're thinking about me too, obviously."

Fe was taken aback by his boldness but found it refreshing. He was never rude or arrogant, just very sure of himself. It was something she adored about his personality, what little she knew about it. "Yeah, I guess so. Is that a bad thing?"

Clint chuckled and sent Goosebumps running up and down her spine. "Nope, that's not a bad thing at all. In fact, I was thinking about you too. What were you thinking about?"

Fe thought carefully for a moment, trying to think of something coy or cute to say. Instead, she just decided to be honest. "I wanted to know what you meant when you said you'd make things uncomplicated."

"I didn't mean it to be sexual or anything. I know you've got a lot going on with your pregnancy, school and everything and I know how stressed I was during those times. So, I figured I could help you out a little bit. I want to be the friend that you can say anything to without repercussions, without fear, without trepidation. I want to be the one person you can come to when you need to vent, when you have a bad day or want to share happy stories with. I want to be the friend that makes sense when nothing else does. I want to make you feel...uncomplicated. It's the least I could do."

Fe didn't think it was possible but her heart was beating more out of control now than it was when she finally decided to call him. Did he really just say that or was she dreaming? Either way, she liked where the conversation was going and wasn't ready for it to end. She didn't want to sound slutty so she asked as innocently as possible, "So, what were you thinking about?"

She could hear him shifting and moving the phone for one side to another before he spoke. "I was thinking about how pretty and funny you are. I don't think I've ever met a girl like you."

Fe felt herself blushing. Either he was a smooth-talker or he was one of the most forward people she had ever met. She decided it was a little bit of both. However, at that comment, she couldn't scrape off the smile that seemed like a permanent fixture on her face if she tried.

"That's honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you."

"Well, it's true. There's just something about you that draws me to you. You're not overly sexual but you're sexy and you're comfortable in your own skin. Most of the girls on this campus are only worried about how short and how tight they can get their clothes. But you're not like that. You're sexy without even trying to be, and that's a turn-on."

Fe thought she was going to melt into her bed. She was absolutely speechless at his confession. She had heard every come-on imaginable but she had never had someone (besides Joel) tell her that she was sexy without even trying. She could tell from his words that he wasn't just saying stuff to get into her pants. He was saying it because he truly believed it. She didn't know what to think or how to feel besides over the moon. Before she could mumble a humbled "thank you", Clint spoke again.

"I know this might sound a little forward but, would you like to come over tonight?"

Fe paused. She didn't know what to say. How could someone leave her so speechless so often? She had been quiet for so long that Clint had to ask "Are you still there?" in that low, guttural, sexy voice. She replied back weakly, "Yeah, I'm here."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound creepy or weird or anything. It's just my rowdy-ass roommates are going out tonight but I want to stay in. You want to do something like dinner and a movie?"

Fe tried not to reply back too eagerly but failed miserably. "I would love to come over. I bring dinner, you get the movie?"

Clint laughed softly at her rushed-but-not-trying-to-sound-desperate reply but he felt the same way. "That sounds perfect. Is 7 all right with you?"

"Seven is perfect. Where do you live?"


Fe had checked herself over at least 30,000 times before leaving her room. She had changed from at least seven different outfits and five different pairs of shoes. She finally settled on a bohemian-colored maxi dress and golden gladiator shoes to go with her gold-colored toes. She had opted to wear her braids down and a simple bronzed cross necklace. She always thought she looked better with no makeup and many guys, including Clint, agreed with her assessment. Her soft brown eyes and full pouty lips complimented her short, petite frame and she was proud of it. She finally decided that she looked appropriate for the "occasion" and made moves to head out. It wasn't that big of a deal. They were just going to have pizza and a movie, at his place, alone. Her heart leapt every time she thought about it and either butterflies or the baby moved around in her stomach. She had to will herself not to think about the baby because if she did then she'd have to think about Joel and what this could potentially do to their relationship. But she wasn't going on a date-date. She was just hanging out with a male friend that she was sure Joel knew nothing about. She sighed at her reflection one more time before picking up her wallet, jacket and keys to leave.

She knocked on his door about ten until 7 with the extra large pizza, wings, and two-liter sprite in her arms. She didn't know how much he ate but figured if he was anything like Joel, he could eat his weight in food. She hadn't eaten much all day and by this time was starved as opposed to nauseated so the smell of the deluxe pepperoni pizza wafting through the box was invited.

She waited about another minute and was just about to knock again when the door flew open and Clint stood there, smiling. Fe couldn't help but marvel at how casual but still sexy he looked. He wore basketball shorts, her favorites because she got to see his toned, tanned calves. She didn't know why the sight of a man's muscled calves could easily make her weak at the knees. He wore a simple t-shirt on top that complimented the shorts and sneakers to match. Fe didn't know if it was just him or coupled with the pregnancy but she wanted to tear off every shred of clothing right then and there and claim him on his front doorstep. She had to shake her head to clear it of any impure thoughts otherwise she was going to soak right through her lacy panties.

"Wow, you look amazing. Come on in." He reached out his arms to take the food away from her. "You brought enough food to feed an army." They both laughed as she surrendered the cuisine to his muscular arms. She resisted the urge to run her hands over them and walked in behind him. This was going to be harder than she thought.

The apartment was nice and cozy. When they first entered the dining room was to the left with a galley kitchen connected to it. To the right was the living room, which was tastefully furnished with a chocolate loveseat and sofa set, a coffee table and a big screen TV which was set on a TV stand that was as low as the coffee table. There were also two side tables that matched the coffee table's color. She could see four doors off in the distance which she assumed were the bedroom doors. It was nice, something Fe hadn't expected. There was something else she hadn't expected. The curly-haired little girl sitting on the couch eating what looked like cheese puffs. She recognized the little girl from the picture. It was Clint's daughter, Maya. Clint noticed Fe staring at her and spoke up.

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