tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 06

Felicity Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Wendy

I was at a late Saturday afternoon wedding with my son Mike because Jason, a good friend of his, was the groom. Jason and the groomsmen were also the only other persons I expected I would know. Jason was a good stand-up kind of guy and a fairly famous photographer. He and Mike had known each other since they were college roommates.

The ceremony was like all ceremonies except that the maids of honor all wore green, tight, silky, sexy dresses that would not need to be hidden away from children after the wedding. Most of the maids of honor had red or auburn hair so they all looked fantastic in them including a red headed woman about my age.

She was, in a word, spectacular. The other sweet young girls in the group paled in her presence. She was taller, full of dangerous curves, with a smile that lit up the room. She was not beautiful by conventional views. She was better than that, she was striking. Her face was covered with freckles, which made her big green eyes seem to shine with their own light. From thirty feet away I could see she had the most kissable lips I had ever seen.

Somehow she sensed that someone was eyeing her like a wolf eyes a lamb and began to scan the audience. I quickly took my eyes off her and looked at my program. I searched the names of the bridesmaids for a clue but none of the six names listed seemed to be a fit. All six were MacDuff's, family of the bride.

After I thought more than enough time had elapsed for her to return to whatever maids of honor were supposed to do I looked up and saw her quickly averting her eyes away from me. I quickly looked away too and after I managed to get the hairs on the back of my neck to relax I watched my son as he escorted the grooms mother to her place.

Soon after that the best man escorted the bride's mother to her place, a redhead that was a taller, possibly younger version of the woman that was the object of my lust but with fewer freckles. The program identified her as Maureen MacDuff.

An adorable redheaded little girl, (Samantha), marched down the aisle and scattered flower petals as she walked.

After a small delay Mendelssohn's march filled the chapel as the bride, (Margaret), who looked like a miniature version her mother, made her entrance. Most eyes stayed on her and she did look gorgeous, but my eyes went to The Woman.

She seemed to be very proud of the bride, a tear had to be quickly wiped away. Her eyes stayed on the ceremony until Jason kissed his bride with such ardor it made the ladies giggle.

She looked out at the guests and her eyes briefly locked on mine. I smiled at her with a nod as the hair on the back of my neck rose again. She smiled at me with a nod, but her face told me that she was perhaps trying in vain to remember who I was.

The procession out began and she quickly joined the parade. We exchanged glances and smiles as she went past me. The rest of us waited until the dignitaries were escorted out then we milled around for a while.

The reception was going to be in my hotel banquet room and many of the wedding guests were staying there too. My son and I were sharing a room.

He had the interminable wedding photos to go through and told me to go on, that he had a ride.

His ride was with a short, freckled faced, auburn haired cutie with a great smile for my son, but a shy, somewhat nervous smile for me.

My son was beaming, exceptionally proud to be with her.

She was one of the maids of honor and resembled the bride in many ways, a sister perhaps. Mike had escorted her to the altar before returning with Jason's mother.

The young girl and I had an idea who the other was but had not been formally introduced.

Before that could be accomplished she was called for photos in the chapel.

I took the opportunity to remark to Mike, "Son, you need to tell me where you will want your rehearsal dinner. I thank God that the father of the groom only has to pay for that."

"What? No Dad, we are just good friends. We haven't gone out together or anything."

"Why not? Oh, that's right. You are a coward just like your father. Genetic I guess."

"No one is as big a coward as you. The principal at my school wets her panties every time you come over to my classroom with your wild creatures from the shop and all you do is smile politely.

It would be politically very helpful to me if my father made an effort to come on to my boss."

"OK, here is the deal. You ask that sweet young thing to go out with you and I will give your boss the opportunity to seduce me."

"Where would I take her? The gang goes to clubs to dance but she seldom joins us."

"The last thing you want around you is the usual gang. Take her to the boardwalk in Galveston, take her on some rides, and hold her hand if she looks nervous and I guarantee she will look nervous just so you will hold her hand. Take her to dinner there. Win her a teddy bear. And always hold her hand."

My son gave me one of my favorite looks; the one that says his father is making perfectly good sense.

"Oh, one more thing", I added. "At the reception later make sure you sit next to her and do not hesitate to ask her for the very first dance. Do not give another guy a window of opportunity. If her hand accidentally touches yours at any time hold it until she decides you can't. I am sure she will never stop you from holding her hand."

Someone called him and he patted my shoulder as he ran back into the chapel. I loved those times when he was as proud of me as I always was of him.

It was early evening when I got back to the hotel and found my way to the reception room. As usual the food was ready but we had to wait for the wedding party. The bar was open and that was the important thing. Mingling and visiting with people I did not know was very difficult for me. My courage came from Crown Royal.

I had just finished my first drink when some members of the wedding party started to drift in. I had saved two chairs at my table and waved at my son when I saw him.

He pointed to my table as he talked to the love of his life that he still he did not realize was right in front of him. I was hoping my comments had nudged him closer to awareness.

She came over to join me as my son headed to the bar. He had not introduced us yet so I presented myself to her.

She was very nervous about meeting me, it was apparently very important to her to make a good impression. She already had.

This was the girl for him. Her name was Karen. She was a teacher at his school.

My smile apparently told her she would never have a problem with me.

Her smile said thank you.

She obviously understood the predicament she was in even if my son did not.

Mike came to our table with drinks for each of us just as the bride and groom made their entrance. Finally we could eat.

As I wondered if I had ever eaten beef stroganoff other than at wedding receptions my mind went back to The Woman and scanned the room for her. She was not there.

My son made me proud when as soon as the DJ invited the wedding party to the dance floor he took Karen's hand and joined in. They were beaming at each other helplessly.

"Why is it that the ones in love are the last to know? I wondered. "Maybe it's just the guys that don't have a clue."

I decided they would likely make more progress without me around so I left the table and headed for the bar. There was a considerable line by then and by the time I got my drink there was a full fledge party going on. I found a mostly clear spot by a wall and I settled into my people watcher mode. I noted that Mike and Karen had not released each other's hands since the first dance.

Suddenly there she was, The Redheaded Woman, right in front of me. She handed me a fresh drink as she nodded with a mischievous smile then turned her back to me and joined me in my perusals.

I was stunned. She had changed dresses and was now wearing a silky black dress that hugged all of her.

I inhaled her; she was all Woman in bold face type. Curves in front, curves in back, curves at her sides, and a mane of deep red hair. I felt like a cartoon character with my jaw on the floor, my eyes bulging out and smoke coming out of my ears.

My meltdown was halted by the ominous strains at the start of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Every one on the dance floor cleared out as the wedding party assumed their positions. I strained to find my son on the dance floor, saw Karen first and as I had hoped saw that my son was next to her. They were very reluctantly releasing each other's hand.

He had rehearsed the dance constantly; the groom best man, and the rest of the ushers were often at my house to rehearse since I had the largest uncarpeted living room they knew of. They did it so often that I had joined in and I could do it too, although a little stiffly.

I briefly wondered why The Woman was not part of the dance routine. I thought that question would be a good conversation starter later.

My attention was quickly brought back to my small space, the dancers came close to our area and the people in front had to back-up a little.

The Woman was already so close to me that any move she made brought her body in contact with mine.

She did not need to move back for the dancers but she did anyway and fully pressed the back of her body to me.

My erection was instant and my thin dress slacks did little to contain it, my cock was soon traveling up the woman's inner thigh.

The dancers moved away and the crowd spread out some but The Woman did not move even as my cock created a small crease for itself right under her crotch.

A few moments later she shifted backwards, even closer to me. She moved her ass in an apparent attempt to accommodate my cock as it pressed into her. I put my free hand on her hip. Soon one of her hands went behind her, grabbed my cock and shifted its position to where she wanted it. Without releasing my dick she pressed her body to mine and imperceptibly rubbed herself on my cock.

I knew I would not be able to keep from ejaculating in my shorts for long but then I got a reprieve, the dance ended to thunderous applause.

As a waiter was walking by The Woman took the opportunity to place my still full drink and her empty glass on the tray. Reaching back and taking both of my hands into hers she led us to the nearest exit and the elevator. We kissed passionately as we rode up.

We exited the elevator on the floor above mine and I quickly followed her to her room. As I was closing the door she was flicking off her shoes and I watched as she opened a neck clasp and unzipped her dress, which slithered down her body revealing an amazing Aphrodite of a woman, naked.

The dress had been the only garment she wore.

I was again reduced to a cartoon character, but this one recovered quickly and his legs had turned to fast spinning wheels moving towards her.

She was naked in bed and I had only managed to get my coat off. I was in a hurry and I knew she was too so I crawled between her legs and had my mouth on her pussy before I had my shirt off.

I decided to postpone finishing disrobing until I gave her an orgasm thinking I could get nude during her recovery period.

She loved what I was doing and my plan for undressing would have worked except that her orgasms arrived quickly and her recovery periods were exceptionally short.

I did not mind, she had the most pleasantly aromatic pussy my nose had ever been buried in and her lubricating and cum fluids were the most flavorful of any I ever tasted. I undressed as I lapped up heaven.

She had just finished her third orgasm when my slacks and shorts at last hit the floor at the foot of the bed and I was finally as naked as she was.

I kissed my way up her body until I was confronted with the most magnificent tits I had ever seen. I moaned.

I licked, nibbled, kissed every millimeter of each tit until I put my face between them and pressed them to me. I became lost in them for a while. The woman seemed to enjoy my adoration of her breasts as many murmured "Oohs" slipped from her.

I slid up to kiss her lips and my cock slid into her pussy like a guided missile. We both groaned into our kiss and her hips pressed up driving my cock deep into her. Her pussy was fucking my dick before I had taken my first stroke.This was one horny lady.

I had wanted to make love to her first but the lady clearly wanted a fuck so a fuck it was.

I hoped I would be able to give her a nice orgasm without launching my semen into her and I could still get my love making session.

Mortal men do not often get to make love to a goddess; I was going to take all the time she would give me.

She did most of the fucking but not for long as her orgasm came quickly. It was intense with a groan that seemed to emerge from her very being.

I was very happy with that so I withdrew my still fully functional dick and kissed my way down her body staying at her tits and at her pussy for only a brief period then kissed my way back up. Again my cock slid right into her pussy as I kissed her lips.

It was then that she realized I had not cum and I was going to fuck her again. The sound she made was like a happy surprise sigh.

As I kissed every bit of her face and neck I did not take any strokes in and out of her pussy. She pushed her hips up to me rhythmically while pressing down on my ass with her hands. She was obviously getting pleasure out of it so I kept on kissing her and just returned the pressure.

She wrapped her arms around my body and moaned into my neck when her next orgasm hit.

I gave her a minute to enjoy it then I took over the rhythmic pressure. Slowly with each push I withdrew my cock just a bit so it was now sliding up and down inside her pussy. I slowly increased the distance until my cock was completely out with each stroke then parted her pussy lips with each slow re-entry. She was now moaning and squirming continuously.

Suddenly my cock announced it was time.

I increased my speed and force until I was trying to fuck her back to the twentieth century. I was loosing accuracy so I shortened my strokes into her pussy and increased the speed at which our pubic bones slammed into each other.

I though I might die, my cock was so hard it was not allowing my semen to go through. I was about to try turning her to a different position when she launched herself into a full body orgasm.

Her pussy spasms squeezed my cock hard and that started the flood. I was firing so much cum into her pussy and she was releasing so much pussy juice that the meeting of our bodies made a squishy obscene sound, music to my ears.

She was gasping and groaning and I was groaning and gasping.

It took a while before we took back control of our bodies. The aftershocks continued for several minutes as I kept slowly stroking in and out of her pussy. Eventually my cock gave up the ghost and I slid to her side.

We were on our backs, holding hands when we fell asleep.

Neither of us was a spring chicken and we had been at it for a long time at the end of a long day, we needed the nap.

She recovered first. I awoke as she was kissing me and as soon as she saw I was alert she straddled my hips.

She must have been working on my dick before I awoke. Damn nice of her I thought.

She sunk her pussy over my very erect dick in slow motion heaving a sigh when she hit bottom.

She put her hands on my shoulders and allowed her nipples to graze my chest. I loved that. So did her nipples.

Sometimes a nipple was placed at my lips for me to kiss and lick. I loved that too. So did the nipple.

Sometimes she simply pushed her tits into my face. I really loved that. She moaned.

Her fuck started slowly but eventually she lost it completely and started to try to pound me through the mattress. I put my hands on her hips trying to keep her under some control but I soon joined her in her insanity. We were both gasping for air as she tried to fuse our bodies together.

Our orgasms were simultaneous and loud. I could hear our groans bounce off the walls in the stillness of the night.

She collapsed on me with an oomph, her magnificent breasts cushioning the blow.

She slowly slid her body to one side of me and we kissed until she was again asleep. I dozed off and when I awoke it was nearly five AM.

I worried that my son would be concerned about me so I got up and somewhat dressed putting on only my slacks and shirt and carrying the rest of my garments in my hands.

I did not want to just simply leave the woman so I knelt on the floor right next to her and kissed her softly hoping to wake her up just enough to say goodnight.

She returned the first kiss a gave her. She was awake.

Her smile told me I had done the right thing by not leaving her before saying goodnight.

I did intend to do just that but instead I kissed her again. Then I kissed her again, and again, and again. Her hand found my cock. We were both very pleased to see it was as hard as a petrified tree.

She sat up in bed and helped me undress then slid my cock between her breasts and titty-fucked me. Each time my cock emerged from between her breasts she engulfed the head in her mouth.

The woman was built for this.

But my hunger for her was greater and I soon guided her onto her back and swiftly stabbed her with my cock.

She groaned loudly and we were again trying to fuck each other into oblivion.

My back and legs were beginning to show the stress of a very long fuck when she gasped and trembled then went limp. I had apparently pushed her into an orgasmic coma. I stopped and raised my body up so I could view my gorgeous prize.

With no further prompting from me what cum I had left rushed into her womb.

I kissed her until she returned to Earth. I slid to her side and sat on the edge of the bed. I kissed her lips while my hand gently caressed a breast. She took my hand and kissed it then pulled the covers over her body. She was asleep within thirty seconds.

I was very tempted to press my body to hers and spoon the rest of the night away but I again dressed and went to my room.

My son was not there. Before I panicked I decided that with any luck he had spent the night as I had. To ease my nerves a bit and because I really needed one I took a shower.

I was greatly relieved to see that Mike was asleep in his bed when I came out of the bathroom. He was wearing his slacks and tux coat, but no shirt and no shoes. The rest of his garments were in a pile on the floor. I kicked the pile a bit and sure enough his underwear has part of the pile, but his shoes were not.

"Attaboy son. No need to win her a teddy bear," I whispered to him.

I went to bed and my thoughts turned to The Woman.

I had already conceded that I had just had the best fuck of my life. I was wondering if she was going to be the best fuck I would ever have when it dawned on me that The Woman and I had never exchanged a word all night.

Not one.

Moans and groans yes, words no, not even our names.

I slept for about two hours, got dressed and packed.

I woke up Mike and told him I would wait for him in the hotel coffee shop.

As I waited for my breakfast in the coffee shop to be ready I noticed the hotels flower shop was about to open. Telling myself it was the least I could do I bought a dozen red roses to be delivered in a box to the guest in room 707.

What to say on the card quickly stumped me. Thank you was not nearly enough, I love you was not correct. There were no "Thanks For The Great Sex" cards.

Eventually I picked a card with no sentiment on it, drew a smiley face, added squiggly eyebrows and a tongue hanging out. It looked just how I felt after a night with her.

I did not put my name on it somehow feeling I needed to preserve the silence between us.

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