tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFelicity Gets Fondled

Felicity Gets Fondled


Although it was hard to believe a few weeks later, at first Felicity did not like the "tits out" parties that were so popular with her friends during the summer they moved off campus. She was a nice girl, after all, raised right, and when she started going to them she had to overcome her reluctance to show up at the front door of the party house with her breasts exposed and on display.

Still, it was the thing to do that summer and so she just went along with it, anyway, wanting to be one of the girls, wanting to get along with her classmates and meet boys. The short, blonde girl, cute and well-proportioned with a firm D-cup and wide hips, had always been popular in high school and had looked forward to college but once she got there she was disappointed with her life on campus. Her private college was very restrictive, it turned out. Much more than she and the other students had expected. She had devoted herself to studying during her first two years and was making very good grades but she was getting tired of the drudge. She missed her previously active social life and on trips home felt jealous of her old friends, who were pairing off at last, getting married, and even getting pregnant. She wanted some fun herself, for a change.

Tits-out parties seemed a little over the top to her, almost obscene, when she first heard about them. She didn't mind showing her body to a boyfriend, or wouldn't if she had one, she thought, but did she have to put herself on display to a crowd to be popular? Well, apparently yes she did, at least at that college.

It was Felicity's roommate Gretchen, taller with brown hair and much smaller tits, who had convinced her to keep going to tits-out parties, to give them a chance. Gretchen loved those parties! She kept telling Felicity that it was the best way to meet guys and a handy way for themselves to fit in with their friends. On the other hand, to fit themselves into their friends' hands may not have been the way to meet the best guys! Or something like that.

But mostly, Gretchen wanted Felicity to love tits-out parties so that she would come along with her. It wasn't so scary going with a girl friend or a date but many girls found it terrifying going to a tits-out party alone. Their breasts had to be on display by the time they knocked on the front door or the girls would not be let in. Most of the girls opened up their sweater buttons or pulled down their scoop tops or took off their tops in the car and then walked up to the front door with their boobs hanging out. During those few seconds, they were exposed in public and felt very vulnerable. The rules were that they couldn't cover up until they were outside again. Once inside, it was cool to be with other girls who were displaying their breasts and Gretchen thought it was really cool to be played with in front of other people, especially by guys she liked.

Felicity and her friends were about to start their third year of college. After the big scandal over promiscuity on campus, lack of supervision, and the lawsuits initiated by the parents that followed all those pregnancies, the college had become very strict. Several sororities and fraternities had been banned and all the coed dormitories were changed back to single-sex residence halls. Students were required to live on campus for the first two years, with no exceptions. Things got very retro in the sex and promiscuity department, and that really disappointed the students who had chosen the college in the first place because of its (previously) wild reputation. That made the transition to the third year, when they were finally allowed to move off campus, a new rite of passage among the student body -- a time to cut loose and act up!

Naturally, all the pent-up sexual energy and horny frustration normal in healthy young people had to go somewhere during the first two years, when they were stuck on campus. A lot of it, particularly among the girls, went into same-sex experimentation (mostly mutual pussy-licking), and some of it stuck with them, expressing itself later in the unusually high number of lesbians and bisexuals among graduates of this college. Even the straight girls learned to enjoy it, as an acquired taste, to be indulged in from time to time for the rest of their lives.

The rest of the repressed sexual energy among the students went into figuring out ways of moving their sexual adventures off campus. The penalties for forbidden behavior on campus could ruin their college record and there was no place to go on campus that was safe from discovery. But it was hard to go all the way off campus when you were on scholarship in a small but pricey college town and didn't have money for hotel rooms! That meant that the best most of them could do was catch a grope here and there and try to get to third base as often as they could in movie theaters, in the hope of jacking or rubbing off later to the memory. This frustrating reality had another peculiar and unexpected effect on the student body (and students' bodies): touching became a fetish!

Now, halfway through summer school, Felicity had learned to love tits-out parties! They were fun and sexy and her own tits were a boy-magnet, so what was there not to like? She was popular again!

Most of all, Felicity liked the fondling and the opportunities to be touched and felt up, so new to her during the first few weeks of that summer of liberation! At these parties, the college kids could finally get as aroused as they wanted, knowing that, at long last, they could get their release right then, with any willing partner!

The exhibitionistic atmosphere also made touching and rubbing so much sexier! The fondling also naturally led to sexual experimenting, like oral sex or fucking -- but what could be more natural? Felicity was not a virgin (neither was Gretchen) but like most of the students they both felt like their sex lives only began when they moved off campus. Once they moved off-campus, they all started to expand their horizons and learn their limits, which for most of them meant exhibitionism, oral, and straight fucking. Anal was still generally beyond their comfort zone and so wasn't very common until after graduation. (When they did talk about it, which was not often, they usually referred to it as "going postgraduate".)

One night, Gretchen and Felicity were on their way to a tits-out party about five miles from campus on the road north out of town. Felicity and Gretchen had been roommates in the dorm and liked each other enough to room together off in an apartment campus. They had tried a little pussy-licking and fingering together and liked it, but both of them knew they really preferred a penis when they could get it. Now their sex lives were so much better! Still, on those occasional nights when neither of them had a date and there was no tits-out party going they just ordered in pizza, watched a sexy movie, and got it on with each other.

Gretchen peered intently through her glasses at the unfamiliar road. "We're almost there," she said. "It's supposed to be in an old farmhouse just up ahead." The tits-out parties were moving further and further away from the center of town neighborhoods to avoid hassle from the town kids and especially guys who showed up to ogle girls as they arrived at the front door. Often crowds of guys on the sidewalk would be panting and staring at their tits as they passed, mostly guys who were not invited to the party. Sometimes there were so many of them that the girls had to run from their car to the front door. There was always the possibility, dangerous but also exciting, that one of the guys would lose it and grab one of them! That's another reason why the girls went to these parties together or with a date and almost never alone.

"I'm a little worried," Felicity said, unbuttoning the front of her scoop-neck blouse and tying the ends underneath her ample breasts, so they were lifted up and displayed like ripe fruit. There was a gap of several inches between her tied blouse and the top of her tight black miniskirt. The mini, more like a micro, barely hid her white cotton panties but made her bare white athletically-toned legs look much longer. "You know, I like this a little too much. I'm not concentrating on my homework 'cuz I'm always thinking of boys and getting boned. My mid-term grade in Econ sucked. I shouldn't even be here tonight -- I should be hitting the books!" Felicity and Gretchen were both taking a couple of tough classes in summer school, getting them out of the way early so the coming school year would not be so hard.

"Well, you're only young once and I want to enjoy my body while it's tight and guys want it!" Gretchen was more experienced than Felicity because she had had an older boyfriend at home, but they broke up. Even though she wasn't curvy like her friend, Gretchen was pretty enough to turn heads and she knew how to keep men young and old coming back for more. She kind of liked older men more, though, because they lasted longer and had the money to buy her stuff.

Gretchen spotted the old farmhouse and turned onto the property. She pulled her car into the spacious front yard, relieved that there were no boys to taunt them. Maybe this time the hosts had actually succeeded in keeping the party secret!

Gretchen turned the motor off and pulled her sweater over her head, to reveal a light blue tank top with no neckline -- none! She had bought a man's tank top, much bigger than she was, and had opened and then stitched up the sides so that it would cling to her tall, lithe body but leave her breasts completely bare, the stubby pink nipples pointing straight ahead. She was much smaller up top than Felicity, both in her boobs, which were B-cup size but looked smaller on her tall frame, and nipples. Below, she wore a tight denim skirt and no stockings -- her legs were bare, too, but unlike Felicity she didn't wear panties to these parties!

The two girls turned off their cell phones put them in the glove compartment. If their parents called, they would lie and tell them that they had gone swimming and left the cell phones in a locker. A friend of theirs had accidentally hit a button once and her phone auto-dialed her parents while she was getting fucked. They had recognized her voice yelling "Come inside me!" and heard her scream in orgasm. Needless to say, they pulled her out of the college the next day and she ended up in some religious school. They didn't something awful like that to happen to them!

"Are you ready?" Gretchen asked, looking at her friend's voluptuous tits and long, already erect nipples in the dim light. She checked in the rear-view mirror to be sure her hair wasn't mussed.

"'I'm on display and ready to play!'" Felicity was quoting a sly catch-line from a popular campus radio show. The catch line was meant to be understood only by students who knew about tits-out parties. The joke would go over the heads of the college administrators and townspeople.

The two girls got out of the car and walked together hand-in-hand to the big white-painted wooden house and up the stairs of the porch. Gretchen's tits didn't move much but Felicity's wobbled invitingly. There was a doorbell but when Gretchen pushed it nobody came. There was loud music coming from inside -- the people inside probably just couldn't hear. Felicity tried the door and it was unlocked. Cautiously, they walked inside and immediately saw several girl friends in the next room, straight ahead, each with breasts totally bare or hanging out, dancing with boys they recognized from school.

The hostess came around the corner from the kitchen holding a big bowl of potato chips and spotted them. "High guys!" she chirped, the hard nipples on her long torpedo-shaped breasts pointing down toward the bowl. Felicity and Gretchen didn't know her well and had never seen her without a bra before. "Make yourself at home! There's a keg in the kitchen!" Gretchen thought the place was really cool! She wondered how many roommates had gone together to rent out this old farmhouse.

The two girls turned left toward the kitchen and ran into two of their friends, Dave and Skidder, whose real name was Simon, coming out holding beers. "Lookin' fine!" the two guys exclaimed, almost together. The girls kissed their friends hello and Skidder took an extra couple of seconds in kissing Gretchen, during which his hand "accidentally" brushed her right tit. (If this was on purpose, it was a technical violation of the rules, which were that boobs could only be touched with the consent of the em-boobied, but Gretchen was hardly going to complain. She loved to have her small tits touched.) "Love your headlights!" Skidder added over his shoulder to Felicity, although she knew he was not really interested in her. Dave was quiet, which was unusual. Then the two guys told them they would catch up with them later, after the girls got something to drink.

The kitchen, as always at parties like this, was crowded and cluttered with bottles and bags. The keg was in the middle of the floor, obstructing traffic as people squeezed around it. The girls had to push their way in, their exposed breasts often touching and rubbing against guy's shirts or even other girl's breasts as they passed. This made Gretchen's little nubbins rock hard and Felicity's longer nipples, already erect, even more sensitive. They got their beers and then went through the kitchen and around back in the direction of the farmhouse's dining room to try to meet up with Dave and Skidder.

Having their tits hung out was a great ice-breaker for all the girls at the party. Whether seeing old friends or meeting new ones, a passing comment from the guys on how good their breasts looked never failed to get a warm smile in response and a good feeling that might translate to the future availability of their owner. In fact, one of the most surprising things about the tits-out party fad was how quickly breasts went from objects of modesty to admiration and became sure-fire topics of conversation when girls met new guys.

As they made their way through the crowd, Gretchen spotted a bathroom down the hall and ducked inside to make room for her beer. The latch was broken so Felicity stood guard to keep anyone from barging in on her. She sipped her beer while it was still cold. A football player she knew from class walked by and recognized her. He was tall and big and towered over her. The hall was narrow and crowded, so they were in close.

"Hi, Felicity!" Boy, you're looking good tonight! Excellent tits and a pretty face -- you got it all, girl!" He smiled back at her as she giggled. "Can I touch them?"

This was the part of tits-out parties Felicity liked best, getting fondled. "Sure!" she replied, voice a little husky in anticipation. There was no place to put the beer so she just held it with her arms raised as he reached down and cupped her breasts with both hands.

It felt so good to be felt up! He lifted and gently gripped and pulled on her tits and let each breast slide through his hands like he was milking her. She loved that feeling. He was kneading her hanging breasts like dough now, squeezing them and then letting them go back to their normal shape, or as normal as they could be hanging like fruit on the vine draped over the knot in her blouse. She was starting to breathe harder and closed her eyes to focus on the sensations in her chest and to shut out the dozen or so people who were watching them. She opened her eyes again when she spilled a little bit of beer and felt it on her hand. By this time, the football guy had pinched her long nipples and was tugging on them, pulling the teat and the areola skin up and away from the boob underneath. Her nipples were hard now, respond to the rough play.

The guy acted like he already knew just what turned her on! She wondered for a minute if someone had told him exactly what she liked, he was so good! She felt herself getting wet in her pussy. Every once in a while, when she was really stimulated, Felicity had a nipplegasm, an orgasm triggered by nipple play alone, and she wondered if tonight would get one tonight. If she came standing up, she was afraid she was going to spill her beer!

Just then the door opened and Gretchen came back out. She knew the football player well and was about as tall. They kissed over Felicity's shoulder, his hands still holding Felicity's tits, but by then the serious fondle was over. Felicity felt revved up, like the grope had pushed her arousal up a notch or three and she was ready for more! This was what tits-out parties did for her!

Sipping her beer, Felicity moved on ahead, through the dining room, in search of Dave while the football player talked more with Gretchen. She bumped into another guy she knew and kind of liked, a scowling, very serious artist in search of a medium, dressed in black. They said hello and he expressed his concern for the universe and the futility of art. He was such a deep thinker. Felicity noticed that he was staring at her tits but she didn't mind that. That's why they were out. What she minded was that he wasn't doing anything with them.

"Horst," she said quietly. (His parents were German.) "Do you think you could fondle my tits while we talk? I need to be felt up."

Horst suddenly stopped being the philosopher. He snapped out of his trendy artistic depression and said "sure!" For the next ten minutes they stood there in the dining room, surrounded by people, while he palmed her luscious breasts, both of them enjoying her spongy softness, the tension on her long erect nipples as he pulled on them, and her open-mouthed responsiveness as her eyes glazed over and his took on a look of intensity from lust. He was pushing her boobs together now and she wished for a minute that his penis would push between them, like she saw in a porn movie once, and spurt creamy hot white semen all over her beautiful, voluptuous, pale white, hanging, exposed breasts. He was bringing her these fantasies with just his hands, squeezing her tits, pushing them together then running his finger in the valley between them and letting them fall back apart again, tugging on the nipples, tweaking the nips with his thumbs. Horst's lower body bumped into her leg when someone tried to pass behind him. Felicity could tell that he had a big hard on for her. Maybe someday she would fuck him but right now she just wanted him to stroke and manipulate her lovely big tits.

Felicity was already wet -- the excellent manipulation, combined with her fondling just a few minutes before, was making her gush into her panties. She had to lean back against the wall because her legs suddenly felt weak, like just before a climax. Horst was handling her a little more roughly now and leaning into her, so that her breasts were flattened on his chest while he continued to hold onto them and when he reared back he tweaked her nipples over and over quickly with his thumbs.

It was too much for Felicity! She had started this fondle already aroused and halfway there. This was a night for a nipplegasm! Horst's ministrations brought her to a very pleasant orgasm standing up. It wasn't like climaxing on a dick but it was pretty good. Horst could tell she was cumming and did everything to prolong it, including pulling so hard on her nipples that he pulled her boob way out of shape until he let go.

When she came down from the peak, Felicity was feeling a little foggy but grateful to Horst for her pleasure. Her panties were sopping wet now under her miniskirt! She thought she might even have squirted. Horst quickly looked both ways -- the people looking at them had lost interest and were looking away now -- and gave her a quick kiss on the tit. This was supposed to be against the rules of tits-out parties -- heavy petting was done in a make-out room, not in front of everybody -- but Felicity didn't care. She had just had one of her precious nipplegasms and she was happy! Now it was time to rejoin the party and continue her search for Dave. Amazingly, she had not spilled her beer -- a sign that her reflexes were good even during orgasm. But when she threw her arms around Horst to kiss him thanks she was not so coordinated and spilled a little on the back of his shirt!

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