tagInterracial LoveFeline and the Mongrels Ch. 05

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 05



For those of you who enjoy reading my story, I am sorry to report, this is not going to be a new chapter of fun and adventure, of anticipation and desires. It is simply the end, I believe.

Let me explain. The last chapter was just my dream that took place a week before the new school year began. As the summer came to an end, Fe was worried about returning to the old shift with D. She knew in her heart she still harbored feelings, even though she denied them.

During the summer I told Fe about this web-site and our story. She was intrigued but didn't want to read it at the time. I didn't want her to go read it later, and find the reviews without at least a heads up. So, I told her about the reviews from the readers, and she was hurt. She was first shocked that they'd advise me to divorce her, that I was sick, that I had no writing skills. Well that one really didn't bother her. But the others sure did, greatly.

She remembered her coworker's attitude toward the Tom Cruise movie, especially D's, and this just compounded the worries that I was possibly sick in the head, that she was awful, and that this was too perverted. I reasoned that it was no worse than wanting to have an affair, witch is what D wanted to do with my wife. I asked, "Isn't it better to be honest and have my blessings? Who's getting hurt in our side of this story?" this didn't help. It is still weird!

I didn't submit a summer chapter because things got slack. Fe had day shift, working in groups. There was new management that acted like they needed to make their position felt. And there was the job of breaking in the new employee. Little time was free to pursue extracurricular activities with D, even if she wanted too. But she acted as though she'd really rather not.

I teased with our role-playing games a bit, and we enjoyed several playful massages. But she was cold, distant most of the time, especially when I'd attempt playing our games. So I decided to lay off the attempts to keep kindled any spark between them. That's when I wrote the last chapter.

When summer ended and school began, things changed. Life got a lot more hectic for Feline, with the return to swing-shift. Work got more stressful, with a new workload. Even though they had assigned areas, management had them setting up for concerts, then breaking all down again, after, all in addition to the assigned areas. Oh, they also had a new policy that gave teachers opportunity to complain when they were not satisfied with their areas.

Fe felt she had to make her mark, she is prideful that way. She did her best to do all that was required, and then she'd do the best she could in her areas, and then more to boot. All this took its toll on her back. She was crushed when management sent a note saying she had not done something. She cried, because they just didn't know everything she had done.

I continued to lay off about D and focused on getting her back to her peek. She needed good support. That came in both wearing a back-brace and in my helping reduce stress, (NO pushing). She also needed some stress relief in the form of socializing with friends. It worked, and she was beginning to relax and be herself again.

She was so hateful at times, saying things about D's breath. At other times she'd just come off the cuff with something mean, like when she bought a shirt that said "Just say NO!" she said she was going to wear it just for him.

I asked her if she blamed him for what had happened, did she think he was solely at fault? I had left her alone about D for a month now, but when she said this about the shirt I said it sounded like she hated him, like she saw him as a monster. She disagreed, but her tone changed from that day.

Other things were happened too through this time of stress, and when added into the mix made for the perfect storm. Fe had a cousin with a tumor that nearly ruined his career and made him consider suicide. Her sister was being pushed by aunts and uncles to do something that would hurt her family. Her brother was diagnosed with a severe medical condition. And in our house the kids were sick and things were falling apart. All this appeared to Fe to be the wrath of God upon her bad behavior.

At school, all the conditions were restored for a re-blossoming of this adventurous old dog's tail. But, with them returned Fe's worries, guilt, and the wrath of God. Now we come to D returning to the same bat-place same bat-time, hoping to rekindle the same romance they'd shared so long ago. As you can imagine with her frustrations, fears, worries, and self loathing, D had no idea what dog-shit he was about to step into.

For the employee's Pre-Thanksgiving-meal Feline took a nice dinner to work. I asked if it went well. She said they all loved it. She said D had not been eating meals with them, opting to nap. She said all seamed to be long past and she was finally happy, feeling free of the whole affair. As I said, I left this and all comments along so as not to agitate.

I had grown accustom to clocking her periods and new November's was around the 20th. We made love that day and I reminded her of the coming flood. She laughed and said I was her doctor. Here is what happened.

I had told her several times that I wanted her to sneak in one morning and wake me by climbing up over me and telling me to eat her pussy. She liked this and promised too soon. Well today was the day, and she did it better than I had hoped. She snuck in and climbed up onto me. I awoke to see her towering over me in her pretty little see threw RED negligee. Her pussy was delicious and the surprise was wonderful. It was all I could hope for and more! WOW!

We enjoyed this position for a long while. Fe kept asking me if I could breathe, and I assured her I was in heaven. It was just the two of us with no role-playing, and we had a ball. We switched to a fun position I had looked up, the Reverse-Cow-Girl. Finally I resumed our original position witch we both loved. Here I could look up at her and eat her some more. Life still had a wonderful spark to enjoy.

Fe asked if I really wanted to eat her after we'd just been fucking. I asked, "Why not?" We changed positions into the normal Missionary and I had to unload. I drove into her and begged her to cum with me. She kept saying, "Cum for me daddy, cum deep in my pussy." I did and she thought that would be the end, as it had been most every time before. Or, maybe I'd finger her now wet pussy to a tingly orgasm, as we sometimes enjoyed. But this time I moved quickly down between her legs and she squealed as my lips began to caress her labia and clit.

She couldn't believe I'd do this, eat her after coming inside her. I said I would consider kissing her after coming in her mouth, even though I never had. Actually she's never gone that far, but old girlfriends had and I did, and liked it. I asked if she liked it when I played with her pussy after I had come inside. She said yes. I said, "You know I like to do that. Well now you know I like this too."

She asked if it tasted bad, and I said it tasted like us. Actually it was something I had to force myself to do. You know how men like to role over and go to sleep after. Plus the mental perspective of sex changes, from wanting to do anything nasty... to total apathy. But this time I really wanted to do this for both of us, and she seamed to like it. I loved making her squirm in this new adventure giving back some of the thrill she had given me by waking me in this wild new fashion.

I wanted her to cum for me now with my mouth sucking on her pussy. She cooed and purred and begged me to chew on her clitoris as she dug her fingers into my hair. I did this and lapped like a dog at her nasty wet labia, and dug my tongue deep into her tangy cum filled hot swollen vagina.

I asked her to wake me again like this! I planned to do it all again next time, just as we had this time! I wanted her to want me to repeat this nasty play, just as desperately as I wanted it myself. I wanted this to become our new norm!

If we could keep this spark in our bed, maybe I could let go of the thoughts of her and D, as she had requested so many time before. She had pleaded with me to forget D and stop being jealous. I wasn't jealous, just desirous for more fun adventure and challenge. The more she told me of them the more I wanted to improve our relationship. She didn't realize how hot and sexy she was after her kisses. It wasn't just the way I saw her. She was different, and I loved that difference!

I don't remember how it came up, but D was mentioned (not by me). I said something in return and she got defensive, telling me to just forget him. I said I had, but she was the one who kept mentioning him first. I decided to let it drop before stirring this dog bowl once again.

Then came the predicted Red-Tide with little mood swing to show for it, oddly enough. She was doing well all around. I on the other hand, was growing moody do to the loss of play and the challenge to let go. I wanted that energy required to keep up with the competition. I found walking no fun without the need. I found watching what I ate less motivational too. I was getting depressed.

A few days later Feline said, "D came to me and said he had walked past that corner and remembered." I asked what corner he meant. She explained, the one they first kissed at. She continued to say she told him to forget about it. I could see trying to alter her course would only make things worse, so I shut up.

She still had a loathing tone when she spoke of him, as if she blamed him. I thought about all that had happened between them and all that we had discussed. Maybe it was because of me she hated him. I asked if she did and why. She said she agreed that men talk. She believed he bragged about her. This was why she blamed him and despised him so!

This made me wonder what might have really happened. I reviewed all my notes and stories and came up with a good possible alternative scenario. I wrote it down and then wondered how to show her what I had found.

I decided to write her another letter. Remember the letters that got me in so much trouble before? Well, I was going to try it again. This time I decided to make it sound like a letter from him. I would write it as if he wanted to send her a final love letter. Here is the edited K-9 version of his letter.

My sweetest Feline,

I told you the other day that I walked past THAT corner and remembered. I don't know how you remember everything but I wanted you to know how I do.

One day I was working as usual when I heard you call me for help. You had locked your keys in the teacher's room. Remember? I was happy to help you recover them. As I opened the door I remember we talked about my problems. You offered some advice, and then, you offered me a hug. Something happened as we hugged, a spark maybe. You turned your head as I was turning mine I think, and your lips brushed my cheek I think. Was it an accident?

I stepped to the door quickly, then turned, and looked into your eyes wondering what just happened. Was it more than just a hug, or was it just a static charge from the carpet? You looked back into my eyes. I couldn't help but smile. You must have felt how much I liked you at that moment. I'm sure I was all grins.

I was really in shock and a bit flustered, no... much more than just a bit. I was still asking myself, "Does this mean you like me? I mean really likes me... you know what I mean, as in... desire."

The story really hadn't begun yet. I was still unsure we felt what I think we felt. I was a bit giddy with the prospect of you, this beautiful exotic Asian woman, with your sexy figure and pretty smile, actually having a bit of a shining for me.

I like to flirt with the cats, all the cats. What red-blooded 30 year old strong hansom black dog doesn't? But I really couldn't believe this, whatever we shared, was really possibly happening.

I work another job with Fox as you know, and at our other job that night I said to him, "I think Feline likes me." He said, "In your dreams Big Dog." But from that point on I think he felt he had an obligation to not let anything happen between us, just in case. See, he knows my wife and kids, and me too, me especially.

I on the other hand had to know. I just had to! I started plotting to find out. A week passed with my not saying a thing to Fox, hoping he'd forget all about it. I was wondering if you had forgotten too. I thought to myself, I probably imagined it all anyway, what ever IT was.

Really it was nothing more than a 'something happened' moment followed by a lot of big grins. Surely you had no real interest other than just being friends. You have a white dog with a good job, and a pup and kitten. You've told us all about them. You seam happy with your life.

But that smile you gave me. That could be just a friendly smile. When I text you, you playfully text back. But so does everyone else. Am I just dreaming? Am I making something out of nothing? Am I doing you wrong by thinking these things? Am I just a Bad Dog chasing rabbits in my sleep?

A week passed and I just had to find out. I decide to do something. I planned to sneak to you. This is where my dog tail actually began for me. This is where I always begin reminiscing. This is the night I remember as the start of our short but very sweet love affair.

The whole time I was prowling, I was thinking of what to say. I was a bit scared, because you might reject me, or worse think I was harassing you. I decide to simply offer my help... again, and see how you respond.

I was practicing in my mind, "I was wondering if you needed any help, I thought you might need some help, can I help you, wow you sure look sexy tonight, would you like a hand with that, I missed you, want some help, you know I took your advice and..."

Right about then, I ran smack dab into you as you were exiting the building after finishing the art room. "What are you doing here D?" You asked me.

What am I doing here? I wondered. What had I just practiced? My mind went blank with the sight of you. My thoughts were now only on how beautiful you looked and how enticing. My lips automatically said the words I had just rehearsed, "I took your advice and... and... and wanted to say thanks." I wait a moment then add, "Do you want some help with that?"

You told me no, that you were done with your work, and glad your advice helped me. I looked deep into your eyes and noticed you gazing back into mine. I said, "I was wondering... can I have... another... hug?"

You opened your arms invitingly and said, "Consider this hug from your wife." I stepped into your arms and hugged you, and you hugged me too.

This was the moment of truth. If that moment last week was just a carpet-shock I would find out right here and now. I really hoped it was not! I turned my head to look at you, and you actually turned toward me also. I whisper the words, "I missed you." Do you remember that? It was a long time ago. You probably don't like thinking about this anymore. This letter is probably just more heartache for you. Sorry, I never meant to hurt you.

You felt so yummy in my arms, and you looked so delicious. I just wanted to kiss you so much. Your lips were so close to mine I could almost taste them. Your breath was rapid and shallow and your eyes look dreamy. I absorbed all of you with all my senses at that moment. You are so sexy!

This was it. If you didn't want to kiss me, if this was all in my head, just a big mistake, a misunderstanding by me, I was about to find out. I looked one last time into your eyes for any sign of rejection. You didn't turn away. And as I lowered my lips to yours, you actually lifted yours to mine!

As we kissed that first wonderful kiss, I squeeze you in my arms with all my heart just as our lips touched. You still didn't resist. I parted my lips and you parted yours too. Wow this was amazing! I closed my eyes and experienced you, knowing you too were enjoying me just as much. And as we kissed, I felt your body crushed against mine, your breasts against my chest, your tummy on mine, both our hips and thighs aligned. It was doggy heaven for me, and I was your cat's meow!

The thought of this moment even today thrills and amazes me! What can I say? You excite me so Feline! And as we kissed, you bit my lips. You were damned exciting and so fucking erotic. I never had a cat bite me like that before.

And when I probed your mouth with my tongue you sucked on it nastily. Damn girl! Then you stuck your tongue in my mouth and let me suck on yours before we made our tongues wrestle and spar.

WOW! I really liked my new hot gorgeous little fireball pussy-cat! This thought ran through my mind day and night for months. You were so damn thrilling! And from the way we hugged and kissed I knew you really liked me too.

"Please," I remember praying, "don't let this be just an accident, or a mistake." No, you were holding me as tightly as I held you. As we kissed, I gripped tighter and my hips rocked into you. It was purely an involuntary action. I didn't mean too, I really didn't. I didn't even think about it. I wasn't thinking at all. I was just loving the moment, loving you Feline.

I was running on emotion, and feelings, and passion, and adrenalin, not reason. It was just my stupid body talking, really. It wasn't my fault. I continued to explore your lips, your tongue, your teeth, all your delicious mouth and how you used it in fluid motion to bite and suck and probe and explore mine in return.

That's when you noticed I had this raging hard-on. I was now rubbing my mighty dog-bone against you. It had a mind of its own. I was oblivious to it, really. It just happens when I get as stimulated as you make me.

The moment was magical, the kiss amazing, and I wished it could go on all night. But you pulled back and shooed me away so quickly. It had to be because of my stupid physical reaction, my body talk, my dog-gone-dog-bone saying how much it likes us kissing.

This is my memory of our very first kiss!

In this fictitious letter from D, I go on to detail very graphically each and every kiss from his point of view, his thoughts, his reactions. Sorry if I misrepresented you D in any way. I used the info she gave me, and tried to put myself in your shoes, to get it right.

My main goal was to get her to see, D probably didn't brag about them, making her anger toward him unnecessary and in fact, wrong. My other reason for writing all this was to remind her of what they had shared, and hopefully get her to feel those passions again. After detailing the next four kisses, I concluded the letter with this;

This is my memory of our fifth and final kiss!

I felt I needed to let you know just how deeply my feelings go and how strongly I feel for you. Although we only shared a few kisses I feel as though we were as intimate as lovers. Given the right time and space, we could have had a beautiful love.

I don't want you to hate me, but I realize you can't love me either. So please if you remember, remember me as a Good Dog, and not bad, or as that evil guy who took advantage.

So, as I told you my pussy-cat, I walked past THAT corner and remembered. Now you know what I remember. And now you can see why I have so hard a time just forgetting.

Although you may, I don't want too forget. Time will dull the memories for both of us, but never wash them away for me.

I don't wish to make you remember anything you see as bad, but I only feel good about what we shared. You may forget me, maybe you already have, but I will remember you with these wonderful thoughts. I wish you well.

Love always

Black Dog

Fe told me she liked the letter from D, but wished I'd forget him. She said she had, and hoped I could too. She asked me to erase the letter and not mention him again. I agreed and except for here-in these stories you now read all the copies of my letters and notes are deleted. I decided to do it this time, to let go and return to our old way of life. That may be why I have been feeling a little blue.

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