tagInterracial LoveFeline and the Mongrels Ch. 06

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 06


We had been playing our fantasy many times we rock-n-rolled between the sheets, at least weekly. This had gone on for months. She, Feline had stayed in contact with him, Black Dog the mongrel thru texting and some calls. But when ever I would bring him up in conversation she'd quickly change the subject or snap at me like a bitch.

As I said, this had gone on since the end of Summer. He had quit work and was recuperating from the injury I had told you about in the earlier letters, but was well now and looking for a new job to sustain his needs. I even put in a word at my company when he applied there. As it was, my Fe and he had little time or desire to pursue any extracurricular activities together.

Recently in bed after having her cry out his name begging him to fuck her, I asked my Fe again if she really enjoyed this, or was she just doing it to excite me. She told me again and again how she really did enjoy it.

She explained a couple time recently how she felt guilty having him on her mind because she is married to me and that it is wrong. I would explain how, as long as she talked to me telling me all her fantasies just as I was sharing all mine with her, we'd be fine and better off for it.

She would counter with the obvious immorality of the very thought, yet she felt a great pleasure in it as did I. she pointed out that we were married and she had vowed to be true, and felt so wrong, yet compelled to think about him and enjoy the thought of him actually fucking her. I loved this idea too as much as she and tried to tell her so.

Last week I was in a frisky mood, this last Tuesday that is. Five days ago. She started her period last week on Friday, and we hadn't had sex since the Saturday before that. So it had been over a week since we had sex, and I am quite sure she was feeling particularly hungry for sex too and with her period past would be quite ready.

I had not teased or played the grab ass petting games all this time. I knew if I felt like this so did she, HUNGRY! I had her crying his name that last Saturday we fucked, so I figured I would lay off the fantasy game till she was feeling like playing it again.

I sent her a nasty text, "I'm hungry. Bring me home a creampie." It was meant as a generic note without implications about him. I suspected it would be taken that way, but I really just wanted to get her teased up a little and thinking about sex. I was actually thinking about getting her excited for a Friday of fun while the kids were in school.

Now, usually she'd get snippety saying I was disturbing her work, that she didn't want to think about him, or that she wasn't that kind of pussy... cat. But this night she sent this, "U R so nasty. LOL C U later. I'll wake U."

This sounded like she wanted to have some fun. I text back that I was off Friday and we should wait... to wake me only if she needed too... but if not let me sleep and let's save it up for an all day of play Friday. I added I would shave her that Friday morning for the event.

She didn't text back so I assumed she was in agreement for our rendezvous. The TV was full of the election news. I told you this was Super Tuesday. It was all boring with talk about how things were going in this state or that.

I looked at some porn but found it mundane compared to our fantasy life now. I read some stories, and even went back to the old ones I wrote. I miss those days Fe would come home looking like she'd ate the goldfish or killed the parakeet. I wish when I am feeling like this that she could have just one more kiss from her Big Black Dog.

When I read the reviews of these fun filled stories of mine, I could not believe how critical and moralistic these readers here are, or how wrong they had been. My marriage is stronger and more fun and fulfilling now than ever before. I am closer to my wife than ever before.

I recalled how she had been so hard on herself way back when, as I read about those first kisses. I recalled how she could not help herself when she was around him, and after each kiss she'd say, "No more, never again," till a week passed and she was once again tempted by his advances.

Each week was a new adventure to wait for. They'd have their little moment, then she and I would have ours. Now it is just she and I who benefits weekly with his memories refreshed thru her cries of passion while being impaled by me, her loyal little white dog.

I had decided a few weeks ago to try backing off with the fantasy about him. I had met a friend at my work that looked a bit like the description she had given of D. I planned to try something.

Fe had said she wanted to not think about D as much, so my plan was to introduce her to Q, then in our fantasies get her to substitute him. This would kind of wean her off of D and onto a subject she had no real ties with.

Q had come to a couple of the parties we had held at our house, and everyone seamed to like him. He is friendly and outgoing, yet very polite and not self-centered. Especially the women seamed to gravitate toward him.

At one point as he was leaving the last party he explained what the girls were calling him, Q. I had always called him D, because he was a black Dog too with just a little different name than De's D. Q is his nic-name. His real name is something with Q in it, so as a kid the other kids just called him Q. See? Me too.

I had actually invited him on Monday, to come over some Friday evens when we were not having a party just to hang out and drink a bear and watch some TV. He said he might. That was the day after Halloween.

I hoped this would open the opportunity for me to get some insight into him and let me reveal a bit about our life to him, if he showed any interest. As it was, I didn't know if I had scared him off with my frequent invites. But to date he came to both my parties and then talked with me again Wednesday after this stories events.

I didn't really plan it, but hoped this might actually open other possibilities for him to come over and hang with Fe from time to time. I imagined him giving her a massage, or doing a photo session with her. These story plots came from a couple of these stories here at Literotica.com. I just put us into the roles. This was just a thought, not a plan.

The plan was to help her get over D, if that was what she really wanted. I had heard from Q, but he had said he liked to take it easy on his Fridays. I didn't push it. After all they are his Fridays to enjoy as he wished. I just hope to give him opportunity for alternate pleasures for his day off.

By the time I talked to him again on Wednesday my views on what he might do for us even in fantasy land had changed. When we talked I didn't know what to say other than just go with the flow and see how life panned out. I had decided not to pursue anything here for now till I got better situated with life's events.

So anyway, lets get back to Super Tuesday night and those events. That night I went to sleep, realizing Fe would probably wake me hungry for sex, and I really planned to draw it out. I like making the effort to build the hunger and passion. And sure enough, after getting into a deep fitful sleep, while dreaming of her talking to me nastily with desires of him, I was awakened by her kiss.

Now I'm no sleeping beauty, but I knew this was coming as sure as the prince would kiss Beauty on the next page of the story book. I also knew if I held my ground I could get her to put this off till Friday and it would be an all day event instead of a couple of needed hours, needed for sleep before a long hard work day for both of us.

Still, she looked different when I stirred and looked up with sleepy eyes into her big sad eyes. She looked like one of those 'Sad kitten' pictures with the little skinny kittens with the very big sad eyes. Remember those?

So something didn't register right. In my dreams she awoke me with this kiss, but as I looked into her eyes I saw passion, hunger, desire, sexual tension, all the things I wanted to see. But in this reality her eyes looked sad. I mumbled that we should wait till Friday, unless she needed me to get up now.

Her eyes didn't register a sexual need, so maybe she had an accident, dented the car or something. She just looked deeper into my eyes and I knew she had something on her mind she could not sleep on till the morning. I knew she would not stop till I awoke and listened to her tell me about her day.

I pretended to go back to sleep, to see if she'd let it save till tomorrow. She went to the bathroom and I watched her as she peed and washed her hands in silence. I forced myself to ask, "Do you need me to get up?" if she did I knew it was something serious like the car.

Fe returned to my side. I sat up and wiped the sleep out of my eyes and looked into hers. She said, "I'm sorry honey. I did it. I fucked D tonight."

This made me wake totally in a heart beet. Was she saying this to excite me? Was this a fantasy we were playing out now? I looked at her with questioning eyes but kept my mouth shut to let her relate her wonderful cat tail. And as I listened I began to realize this was no fantasy but total reality.

She explained how D had come back to work and she had not told me about it, so I wouldn't tease her and try talking her into something... like this. She explained to my question that he had been back for about two weeks, but they had kept their distance.

She told me she had been feeling urges and was mad at herself for loving me, but loving him too and keeping him on her mind, and enjoying calling his name while we made love. She explained how they had been teasing this night and when I sent my text about bringing home a creampie, she felt HOT and FREE to try.

She said, "D came to me near the end of work. I told him I missed him and wanted a kiss. He kissed me and when he did I asked him if he wanted to fuck me." When she asked if I was mad, if I hated her, I placed her hand on my rock hard dick and asked her to go on.

She said, "We tried it in doggy style first with me leaning against the back of a chair, but it was too hard. So I sat in the chair and D put his big black cock inside me."

I asked if she sat in his lap on his cock, and she said no. She said, "I sat in the chair and he knelt in front of me. I came when he fucked me but he didn't cum inside me."

She and I moved to another room where we were far from the kids, so she could speak louder and more freely, and we could play without waking anyone. We stripped naked as we snuck thru the house.

Fe said, "I'm sorry Hun. It will never happen again. I..." I interrupted her by asking her if she had washed her pussy. She said no.

I placed her hand on my hungry dick again, and moved mine to her pussy. I asked, "So no creampie?"

She said, "I came as he fucked me but he didn't cum." She continued, "We were the last out of the building and I was so worried the others might suspect us. I stopped us after I came so he didn't get too. He said I was good. What do you think he meant?"

You must remember my Pussy-cat is a Siamese kitty, and has problems with Doggy talk. I explained to her that he probably meant she was nice and tight since I have a little dick. I asked her about his size, and she said, "He is not much longer than you but much thicker."

I asked her if it felt good, and she said yes. But she was still hung up on his words, "Why did he call me good. I am a bad girl. Why did he call me good. He didn't cum. Why good?"

I asked her to tell me everything again, and as she started to relate the story from the beginning I moved down between her legs, she said, "No Hun, it's dirty. I haven't washed yet." Still I positioned myself as I bade her continue.

She looked into my eyes as I slid my nose close to her pussy. As she said, "He pushed his big black cock into my pussy..." I took a deep sniff to see if I could smell his presence here, nothing I could define as alien. "He was sort of stuck in me."I asked if it felt good and she said, "Oh yes."

"Oh, its still so tender... because he is much thicker than you Hun." As she said this I kissed her peddles gently and slowly lapped my tongue into them. She didn't taste any different this night either, different than usual. I remember wishing it was full of cream for us to enjoy now.

When she started to apologize again, I decided it was time to give her that creampie she really wanted. I rose above my wife and impaled her, and fucked her, and she fucked me with all her might and love and passion, and as we fucked she cried out, "Fuck me D."

I asked her if she was okay with this and she told me she was ashamed to admit that she loved me and him too, and really wanted to call out his name, begging for him to fuck her.

I asked her as we humped if she wished he had cum inside of her, and she said, "YES!"

I asked her if she wanted to bring me home a creampie and to tell me about it as she had me eat it out of her pussy, and she said, "YES, YES!"

I asked her if she'd do this the next time just as she was coming and she yelled, "YES, YES, YES!" But when we had finished and I was tenderly rubbing our creampie she explained that it would never happen again, and I agreed... naturally.

I told her all was well and if she really was bothered by all this, to just pretend it was all just a fantasy that seamed real, or blame it on me for pushing her all this time to think of him.

The next morning, Wednesday, she called me at work and said she wished I had stayed home with her. I explained I had taken time off yesterday to go vote and didn't have that much sick leave, but she would be fine, and to know all my love was with her.

She said she was worried about the coworkers possibly seeing them leave late, and the possible gossip, or the possible cameras in the rooms. She remembered D saying there were no cameras in the room only the halls, but still she worried.

I explained that D was right about the cameras, and as to gossip, the way to handle it if there was any was to simply divert the subject. I told her there was the best diversion in the whole world for her to use today, "Just ask them, are you upset about the elections?" This was sure to be the big hot topic all day this Wednesday.

She also remembered how I had told my close friend Rover, another real dog, everything that had happened before. She asked me not to tell him about any of this. I said I would not, that I had not even thought about it as yet. She made me promise, so I did, and we hung up.

He, Rover that is, has always showed a desire for my wife and has said on many occasions how he'd like to fuck her. He would never be forceful but would love the opportunity to try.

I told her all this and all that I had told him about us. She couldn't believe I would do that, but then remembered he was the one she asked about that first night at the party, about the friend who was a swinger, Rover. That was when she told me about her first kiss, then that it was two really but nothing just ten minutes each and nothing happened.

When I would talk to Rover he would ask how the situation was coming. I would fill him in on each new revelation as she revealed them to me or when a new kiss developed. He would give his congratulations and say how much he wished it was him she liked and pined fore.

Then we went thru that spell where Fe didn't want to have anything to do with any fantasy involving D, and I would tell Rover all was quiet. He would just tell me to hang in there.

After the long summer she started to lighten up. She'd play the game and even get into it before I asked her too. I wrote about that didn't I? I remember telling Rover how we'd fantasize her getting fucked by D and then how I would suck the cum out of her as she told me all about fucking him and how wonderful it felt to have a big dick inside her.

I told him about the time she was texting D by my request while I told her what to write. She told him she was curious about the doggy style. He told her we should try it. She told him I wouldn't do it, but didn't tell him why. Its because I am too small and fall out every stroke. I told her to tell him, but she wouldn't. I really want her to experience it some day with someone she would like to have really fucking her. That would be him.

I had told Rover all this and told Fe I had told him. I wanted her to feel a little of the embarrassment that comes with the territory, yet can be quite enjoyable too, knowing every time that person looks at you he or she knows this secret about your nasty little sex life.

I told her I had told him every detail down to my sucking the cream from her pie. She turned red but still enjoys his visits. But that is what she remembered, and now wished me not to expose the new events. As I said, I told her I wouldn't.

And that was the day Q said he'd probably pass on the Friday hang out... Wednesday. I was kind of relieved. We talked about what we did on Fridays and I explained it was no big deal, just a time to hang and unwind. He said he understood, and thanked me for the opportunity.

Actually when I had invited him I had other plans, plans to open up to him as I had said, open up about everything with the hopes he might become the new friend I could tell all to and possibly work into our plans.

My reason was because he did match most of the description Fe had given to me of D, with the exception of a hansom smile with a clean white set of teeth. Even if he didn't fill the void D would leave, he was a nice guy, easy to talk too, and seamed really open to friendship.

My questions would have been, just how many skeletons might he have compared to ours, and did he want to swap stories and maybe more. But he was off and running and not to be thought of again till he didn't show Friday.

Fe called a few time to tell me how she was doing, but I didn't bother her at home or at work hoping she'd calm down and relax a bit from all the worry and self persecution. From work she said there was only talk about the politics, so that went well.

When she got home she awoke me again with a kiss and said I was the best and she loved me so much for being so understanding. I held her and asked how the night went.

Fe said, "He said he was sorry, that he could see the sadness in my eyes. I told him he should not be upset, that I had told him I would fantasize about him and he could fantasize about me, and that last night I surrendered to him because I really wanted to, but not to feel guilty. We both agreed it wouldn't happen again."

Again we moved into the guest room and snuggled close as she continued, "I told him that I just borrowed him for one time, and we laughed. Then we talked about our families and how we didn't want to do this to them. I said he has a beautiful wife, like one of our teachers, and he said his daughter looks like her, very beautiful. Then we hugged and went back to work."

She was feeling a little frisky and I got the toys explaining, "I want to save the real thing for tomorrow. This was Wednesday night after midnight, so it was technically Thursday. We played with the toys and she begged me to fuck her. I instead had her describe D's dick while I pushed her new dildo inside her.

She said, "It is darker than the rest of him a little, and much fatter than mine."

I asked if it was bigger than the new toy holding it up for her to see. She held it in her fist and said, "Yes, a little. About the same length but bigger around." I took the toy back and replaced it in her pussy as we talked.

She begged me to fuck her, but I said I wanted to wait till tomorrow when we would have all morning to play. I had her call for D to fuck her while I rammed the toy into her hungry pussy.

I asked her if she'd like to feel me kiss her clit while he fucked her, and she said, "Yes." At this point I leaned in and started kissing and licking her clitoris. I wanted to suck on it but it is hard when she is trashing about.

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