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Female Ejaculation Myth or Marvel

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I started my research for this article when my wife and I discovered, she had this miraculously capability. Following her clitoral hood piercing, just a whim for self adornment, we discovered she had this fascinating new found ability. This ability was to have what has been referred to as female ejaculation although it is commonly called, squirting or gushing.

As the general manager of a lifestyle club, I had seen this many times before. I am in a position to have the opportunity to see and speak with many women who are capable for this type of climax. Now, my wife was suddenly one of those women. Needless to say we wanted to know all we could about this pleasurable but controversial phenomenon.

While talking to those women, I have found for each the ejaculatory orgasm seems to feel and happen with slightly different pleasure levels and stimuli. For some this is an addition to their normal orgasm. For others, this feels almost as good as an orgasm but yet it can happen simultaneously or separately. I have witnessed some women learning this ability. Those that know how to produce this reaction seem to be able to teach the technique to others. Some have even been able to teach this while standing at the bar of the club. What is most unusual is that all those with this capability have a bit of a different take on the level of pleasure achieved. Their reactions vary from elation to so what's so special.

So being the good family computer rat that I am, I started searching the net for articles and medical website that covered this technically confusing subject. I was hoping we could translate this, into a more common understandable language. This proved to be harder than I thought it would be. The following is a summary of the information I gathered.

Surprisingly there are many men that are unaware that a female ejaculation is possible. Nor have they had the pleasure of being with a woman who is capable of one. Traditionally women stifled this misunderstood orgasm. For ages women have been told that these orgasms were the result of weak bladders or excessive fluid in the vaginal canal. Many of the women who don't understand or haven't had an ejaculatory orgasm are skeptical that female ejaculation is an ejaculation at all. I was shocked to find in some circles even today, that there are woman who never knew female ejaculation was a real possibility.

Fear and scorn has some effect on women's ability to ejaculate during sex. The overwhelming fear that she is about to urinate. During sexual stimulation prior to the female ejaculation a woman may feel like she is about to urinate. This feeling only lasts a short time and is then followed by delightful pleasure, or what some have described as that mind shattering orgasm. Even today the debate still continues, on the exact origins and causes of this orgasm and the fluids secreted. The latest research has however shown much light onto this phenomenon.

On the social side of this, any female fluids have long been considered dirty. There is a stigma that revolves around a woman's period. Told for years, at this time of her cycle she should not touch fresh flowers or growing vegetables. Such beliefs are a direct result of the cultural and antiquated backward thinking of a male dominated society. Even today we find Madison Avenue advertising agencies pandering to this way of thinking. This is evident in the plethora of feminine hygiene products marketed to clean and cover the normal and natural flora of a woman. The social taboos that are attached to any fluids that come from female genitalia are hard to shake.

The medical communities are just starting to do thorough study of this phenomenon. The origins and the cause of such an orgasm seem to be a unique story for each woman. Some experts say that 10 to 40% of women are capable of achieving some noticeable form of a female ejaculatory orgasm. Although the size of this type of orgasm may vary from a few drops to a quart, however it usually is not more than a cup.

To fully understand this one needs to know some of the most complicated anatomy found on a woman. In an interview with Professor Rebecca Chalker, done by Tracee Cornforth, on About .com: women's health, there are some 18 parts to the clitoris of which we only see the tip of when viewing the clitoris.

During pregnancy for first eight weeks of development, we are all in appearance physically female. It is only the presents of the male hormone (testosterone) that finalize the physical change to male. Essentially the clitoris is therefore, a female version of a penis.

The clitoris is only the tip of a women's sexual pleasure. The urethral sponge or G spot hold most of the 30 glands responsible for female pleasure and some of those responsible for ejaculation.

In a article published in the journal of Sex Research 1981, The G spot 1982 written by Ladas, Perry and Berverly Whipple,

In addition to approximately 30 glands that make up the urethral sponge, some muscles can also help in the secretion of these fluids.

The mechanism that causes this may be a combination of G spot arousal and muscular spasm of pubococcygeus muscle. In some circles these are commonly referred Kegel muscle. Many women experience different levels of excitement when stimulating the G spot. Some experience more than others, and some in different areas of the G spot. While one thing can be said for sure the G spot and other areas of clitoral tissue become very sensitive once a woman is fully aroused. Such arousal often does lead to the same contraction of muscles that lead and assist in the expulsion of fluids.

So is it urine or is it another fluid? In the studies done, they have found one consistent finding in the analysis of the fluid. It is not urine. Although one problem with some of the study's done, seems to be that the fluid varies from woman to woman in its exact chemical make up. While almost all state it is not urine, some do find it may contain some traces of urine. In addition to the studies finding traces of urine they also find a fluid similar in composition to that of prostatic fluids. The fluid produced by the male's prostate gland, a major component of a male ejaculate.

The timing of this ejaculation may also vary, adding to the confusion. For some women this ejaculation occurs before her regular orgasm, while other report it happens at the same time. One must remember every woman is different and they each may have their own individual erogenous zones. The result of these differences in each woman's anatomy, social sexual phobias and her personal triggers spots may be responsible for the variety of reactions and orgasms.

In my personal experience with this phenomenon, stimulation of external and internal tissue can be the best catalyst for the most pleasurable female ejaculation.

Is this myth or marvel? With the research I was able to obtain and through my own personal experience, I say it's a marvel. The time has come to stop stifling the natural sexuality of women and embrace their unique yet individual beauty.

For those of you who would like to know more on this subject, I suggest some of the sites and writers where I obtained the information for this article. Sex Research 1981, The G spot 1982 written by Ladas, Perry and Berverly Whipple, Professor Rebecca Chalker: The Clitoral Truth The secret world at your fingertips, Google , Go ask Alice, and Dr Berman sexual health, Just to name a few. The list is endless and for those with a true interest in this subject. One clearly can say with a smile, in the computer age the answers are at your fingertips.

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