Femans in a Universe Far Far Away


During these festivals these women adorn pearl thongs that are tightly lashed around their rears that intensify and more greatly defines their figures. The thongs wedge deeply up their backsides, and runs up against their aroused femininity while they stand, bend over, or squat and shake the bodies to a blur.

Such orgies are vibrant with the passions of multitudes of nude and nearly nude femans bouncing, flexing, shimmying and throbbing. Most often, these women are pleasuring themselves while they dance, and climax while dancing.

It is no surprise or shock that while dancing, their liquid arousal runs down their legs, or simply drips and puddles about their feet. Temple and palace floors become down right slippery with the arousal juices of million of women who are getting themselves off while shaking their bodies.

Though never a formal competition, there are those women who are especially erotic dancers; they whose backsides shake wobble and bounce as if theirs' are two beach-balls tied to their hips. Such women are akin to goddesses in feman culture.

Sex pretty much comprises feman culture. Always in a state of sexual arousal, femans are barely speak and are empathic. They are quite like animals, but even animals do not have sex as much as these women do. While animals mate for procreation, femans engage in sex simply for pleasure and orgasm.

Some wear clothing that barely-restrains their profuse bosoms, wide hips, loose and heavy melon buttocks, and fleshy bouncy dancers' legs. Most though, go about completely naked for all to see their variously tattooed, curvaceous and wildly buxom and shimmying bodies.

The feman body uncontrollably wobbles and shimmies, causing other femans to become juicy, during which their lucid arousal accumulates and flowing out of them from between their legs. Femans drip drool and cream in scandalous arousal.

Most femans though though, just walk around completely naked so they can shake, wobble, shimmy and bounce in the full conscious knowledge that they titillate and arouse all who see them.

Any kind of sex is the norm amongst femans. They have no inhibitions nor values, ethics, morals, restraints, modesty, decorum, shame or judgment. All they do is spend their lives masturbating and fingering between their enormous backsides; and those of other femans for as long as they want to.

Incest is not taboo amongst femans, nothing is. There is no such concept as childhood or parentage amongst these women.

When a feman is born either from sexual union, cloning, and blossoms these women volunteer to nurture, enlighten and de-flower her. They spread the young ones open and slowly insert one, two and three fingers inside them while fondling their and fondle their other orifices simultaneously. Virgins shriek in initial pain only to be consumed in lush deep pleasure.

In addition to engaging in sex (including erotic trance), femans also conduct business, and create art, literature and continue their oral traditions.

They eat various vegetables and fruits that are piled in huge baskets and drink teas, wines and liqueurs to obscene excess until they ejaculate arousal and during when they pleasure themselves (only during sex can femans eliminate liquid waste) and release piles of steaming feces all over the place whenever they have to unleash themselves.

There is no familial structure amongst the femans; none of any sort. There are those women who are come into existence as a result of cloning, and those who are the products of sex with a male.

Yet even those who are born from sexual union with male are still all voluptuous, melon backside, dripping goddesses who penetrate themselves deep up in pools of pure feman arousal are the collective responsibility of all who want them for molestation. Thus there is no motherhood because of their limitless promiscuity. Most femans are the products of millions of other women.

Though femans worship a plethora of deities, natural forces and many are secular and atheists, but one universal belief that all femans have is that of physical pleasure. Everything they do is for the experience and enhancement of pleasure.

With all these women having bouncing round backsides, femans arouse each other by shaking bouncing and flexing their buoyant forms.

Just walking in their spiked-heeled shoes causes all to stare at their backsides. The reason why everyone stares and is aroused is because the femans are nudists. They go around completely naked.

The most femans may ever wear are form-fitting body suits, string and thong bikinis, while most wear no clothes at all because they do not believe in clothing. Femans do not believe that bodies as beautiful as theirs should be covered with cloth. These women consider clothing an absurdity.

Being nudists and near-nudist they are, accordingly, fervent hygienists. Femans are never foul smelling. They bathe copiously in immense communal bath palaces where they engage in social life, orgies, business, eating and rest.


Femans exist to feel good. They love orgasm and pleasure themselves and each other for however long they want and need to do so. When they reach their climaxes, they rest for a while, massaging themselves upon which they pleasure themselves again. They repeat this cycle for hours on end until their bodies are physically exhausted.

For the majority of the average 700-year feman life-span, this is how they spend their time. Nothing else matters to femans but physical sexual pleasure. These women are in no way interested in, and have no attachment to material things - wealth, adornments, politics, egocentric titles, etc.

The only thing femans care about, acknowledge, and respect is eroticism, pleasure and orgasm; of which they encapsulate as "Nut"; their only belief.

There is little or no centralized government amongst the femans. The sole form of hierarchy amongst their societies are Royal Lords (or Great Lords, Paramount Lords, Chief Mistresses, and the like) who are sole absolute feudal monarchs. Allegiance to them is voluntary. Such lords command no loyalty or worship.

Femans are largely instinctual lust and pleasure-driven beings who are content to live by common sense, survival, and what they lust for. Regardless of society, their commercial economy is based solely on that of sex.

Throughout their palaces, temples, mansions and halls, femans live as wandering nomadic pleasure-seekers during which they eat, drink copiously (wines and liquors) and smoke cannabis herb (cannabis being their only agriculture).

Femans live wherever they wish, but mainly in the massive palaces and temples or eroticism that double as go-go bars, and strip clubs where they shake and bounce their bodies for entertainment. Many though employ themselves only to build and maintain their numerous temples, palaces, cathedrals, and the sort.

These women are truly free. They do what they want to do, whenever and wherever they please about the land.


The commercial economy of all feman societies are based on sex and the feman body itself, where those women who choose are commodities who can sell themselves or be bought and sold based on their choosing.

Everything they acquire is done is exchange for a sexual act or acts (all kinds depending on their preferences). The only "money" used is currency from various worlds that femans keep in banks to use in those societies that do not accept prostitution.

Though such femans are commodities to be bought and sold, unless the individual is physically present (sometimes they are, sometimes not), payment is tendered in the form of substitute currency for acts of various sexual acts. (e.g.: the most inexpensive denomination is good for a massage where even the types of massage are based on the specific kid of note).

This currency is good forever. Called "Pussy" this currency is the closest thing to money that femans use. Pussy is also good for the femans women themselves ("Pussy" the currency, and feman bodies are described as one in the same – interchangeable). P1000 is worth 1,000 women to do with as the purchaser wishes, but only so far as the women themselves agree to whatever preferences the owner has.

If anyone of those 1,000 women is not agreeable to the owner's wishes, they (the women) can exchange the worth of their own bodies for another or barter their own person in exchange for various sexual/sensual acts for herself of lesser worth that amount to but do not exceed the total worth of said woman.

Femans can deposit their worth in a "Pussy Banks" which can, depending on what kind of account they create for themselves, increase their value (similar to a CD or interest-bearing account).

Suffice to say that all the principles that are extant in free market cash economies are extant amongst the femans; the difference being that worth is based on the women's bodies and their abilities. Those femans who choose to commercialize themselves BECOME money, Pussy simply representing such value.



(I know it's unusual to see footnotes in a story posted here, but I just wanted to demonstrate how some of my idea are not completely without basis is actual real-world science - Author)

1. Beings changing gender in nature is not as unusual as you might believe. Sequential hermaphrodites are organisms born as one sex which later change into the other sex.

Protandry: When the organism starts as a male, and changes sex to a female later in life.

Example: The seabasses (Family Serranidae). These are a highly sought food fish complex made up of primarily groupers. Since even a small male can produce more than enough sperm to fertilize a huge number of eggs, while a female's egg output increases greatly with an increase in size, this strategy makes sense for an organism (fish in general) where over 90% of the eggs laid will not result in a fish that reaches sexual maturity. It has been shown that fishing pressure actually is causing a change in when the switch from male to female occurs, since fishermen naturally prefer to catch the larger fish. The populations are generally changing sex at a smaller size, due to artificial selection. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermaphroditic

2. In our universe, this is comparable to when, approximately 150,000 years ago, when the Homo sapiens sapien species of humanity migrated from the African continent into Europe where they co-existed with and outlived the Neanderthals (the earlier species of humanity that had already populated Europe for the previous hundreds of thousands of years).

In this next evolution, these women, the femans – through space travel – are forcibly dispersed and where they co-exist for better or for worse with already extant populations (whether they were human, human-descendent or alien).

3. A comparison to the cultural and linguistic dispersion of the femans can be found in our real life universe. The dispersion of the Bantu languages throughout central and southern Africa:

Bantu (băn'tū') , ethnic and linguistic group of Africa, numbering about 120 million. The Bantu inhabit most of the continent south of the Congo River except the extreme southwest. The classification is primarily linguistic, and there are almost a hundred Bantu languages, including Luganda, Zulu, and Swahili.

Few cultural generalizations concerning the Bantu can be made. Before the European conquest of Africa the Bantu tribes were either pastoral and warlike or agricultural and usually pacific.

There were some highly developed Bantu states, including Buganda in present-day Uganda. Possibly under the fear of European encroachment, several additional Bantu states developed in the 19th cent., notably among the Zulu and the Sotho. Other well-known Bantu tribes include the Ndebele (Matabele) and the Shona. In South Africa, the term Bantu is commonly used to refer to the native African population, which was subject to the policies of apartheid.

Bibliography - See W. M. MacMillan, Bantu, Boer, and Briton (rev. ed. 1963); W. C. Willoughby, The Soul of the Bantu (1928, repr. 1970); E. J. Murphy, The Bantu Civilization of Southern Africa (1974).

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