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Femme Fatale


"Alright you blood sucking bitch let's get this over with," Said Eric as the succubus raised him with one hand into the air to look him in the face.

"What a thing to say to the most exciting creature that ever entered into your dreary little existence. I'm not going to kill you Eric, I'm going to fuck you. I want you. I need you. I need your body and I promise you'll love it. Your ecstasy could never compare to mine. Your body will shake and tremble in ways you've never imagined. I'm lonely Eric, I need someone," Said the Succubus.

"You need help lady," Eric whined.

"You watch your mouth. I need sex more than anything. I thrive at night and sex was made for the night. Rubs her body against his as he pleads for his life. My body lusts for ecstasy and I must have souls to continue this power." Said the Succubus in a matter of fact manner.

"If you offer to me your body for pleasure. I will keep you from eternal bondage." The temptress said.

"So you're looking for a long term commitment from me?" Eric asked incredulously.

"Fuck me forever and I will give you your life in exchange." She offered.

"Alright let's get this fucking session over with." Snapped Eric.

"You mean one, of many series to come." She corrected him.

The succubus began to undress Eric as she slowly used her mouth and tongue to trail kisses and licks up and down his neck. They were both naked as she fondled Eric's hard cock; he hadn't felt this good since his last sexual encounter six months ago.

Eric could feel the succubus hot breath along his neck as her fingers traced his inner thighs. He felt his body tingle from the sensations of her touch. She guided her fingers up and down his leg until she reached his penis. She stroked his manhood gently feeling it up and down along its length. The succubus cradled his scrotum in her hand and tugged at the skin. it caused him to have an erection.

He started to have an out of breath sensation, but it was very soothing to him. A torrent of highly charged eruptions ripped through his body. The succubus bent over his cock slowly teasing the flexing mass of hot tissue before her mouth engulfed the hardness.

Eric felt her tongue lick and suckle him with every twist. He felt weak with pleasure, as another charge caused his body to tremble. She continued to lick at him, the salted taste of his pre-cum glazed her mouth with an oily feel over her working lips. Another taste drew him closer to madness, he felt an orgasmic rush start to build inside his body as more and more of his hard cock pumped deeper into her mouth.

He responded to the sensation with excitement. He threw back his head, grunting as his hands roughly raked through the succubus curly dark locks.

She milked at his shaft like she might strip at a cow's udder, only gentler.

It had been hours now and poor Eric was near the end. His moans broke into obscenity as he enjoyed the succubus mouth on him. He curled up his toes when the first squirt of cum flew out of the slit at the tip of his cock. His hands gripped her hair and slammed her head down against his groin as far down as she could take him. It was with the first full spurt of his cum that filled the succubus mouth.

The strumpet fingers gently squeezed at his balls while he gave into the pleasures. She swallowed each spurt eagerly while she continued sucking the flesh pulsating in her mouth. His throaty cries sounded painful, but he still gripped her curly locks in place until she sucked him dry.

Eric's cock grew limp as soon as she released it, she licked at his softened cock to gather every last bit of the juice dripping from his wilted penis.

The succubus looked upward to see him staring at her with disbelief, unsure of what just happened to his mind, and body as he lay half unconscious. It was nearly an hour before he would regain his strength.

It was now time for round two as the succubus took matters into her own hands. She began to nibble on Eric's neck while stroking his soft dick to hardness. Then she lowered her hot wetness onto his swollen cock. She kissed his mouth once more, guiding him up into a sitting position as she grasps him by the hips and begin swiftly arching her hips against his.

The succubus rose up high on his penis and started rocking on him again.

The feeling of her tight pussy gave him great pleasure. She slowly worked herself back and forth, up and down the thick hard shaft of his cock raking her nails along his shoulder blades as she screamed with pleasure. The stinging pain exploded across his mind and burned his back but he was too deep into the sex to no longer care.

Eric continued to move his hands up and down her back as she faced him. He kissed and licked her firm breasts first one then the other. A loud moan escaped his lips as she rode his hard cock uncontrollably. The succubus squeezed his hardness rhythmically with her internal muscles as she rode him, loving the sounds of her gushing pussy on his knob.

She licked up his neck to his ear placing small bites on the lobe.

She whispered, "Do you like that, baby?"

"Fuck yes," Eric groaned, thrusting his hips up to meet hers. "Damn, you're so fucking good."

The succubus did not answer him for she was deep into her own thought of ending this moment of passion. She pressed her mouth to his and their tongues begin to dance rhythmically to mimic the action of the lower halves of their bodies.

Eric begin to feel light-headed. The rawness of the sex was more than he could handle. He could not hold on much longer.

Their mouths broke apart, and Eric buried his face in the crook of her neck, with the motion of his hips gaining speed, he released his juice inside of her as they cum together.

Eric fell back weakened from another bout of sex with the succubus. His cock and balls were a little tacky but she licked them clean.

She crawled on her hands and knees toward where his head rest and snuggled her head into the crook of his neck.

"I've never had sex like this. Maybe we should take a break," Groaned Eric.

The Succubus retorted, "You don't give me orders. I am in charge here. Remember that."

"You know it wasn't so bad. I think I can do this forever." Eric replied.

"Ah, you liked it?" She asked rhetorically.

"Well, it was a bit daunting at first being control by such a powerful woman especially when I have been in charge of my own sexual experiences since my twenties. Well, they say time flies when something is pleasurable." Eric said.

"I promise there's more where that come from and you will definitely experience more of it later tonight." The Succubus informed him.

"And, I'll be holding you to it." Eric boasted as he traced a line of hot, wet kisses down her slim neck leading to her slender shoulders.


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