tagNonHumanFetishes': Catgirl Ch. 02

Fetishes': Catgirl Ch. 02


Charlie's entire body ached. His shoulders ached, his back ached, his hips ached, his legs were fatigued, his neck stiff. Right now the only thing on his mind was to attempt to achieve blissful slumber while lying in bed. However, he quickly became preoccupied when he realized what had woke him this morning. He looked down between his legs to see his wife.

Or at least what his wife was now. Her head was busy bobbing up and down along his shaft, each stroke accompanied by a soft "mmummugh." Her head was also now sporting a pair of long catlike ears poking through her trellis of hair. Her naked back with her ass in the air made it clear she was kneeling down on him. And between those firm, rounded cheeks a long tail had emerged from the small of her back. It was in the air gently swaying back and forth in rhythm with Tam's continued attempts to get more and more of a rise out of him.

Given the generous amount of sex Charlie had had in the last 12 hours The head on his shoulders was not responsible for any sizeable portion of his thought processes.

"Well," he said looking down at the wonderful women between his legs, "aren't we in a 'frisky' mood this morning?" Tam suddenly slowed her motion, tightening her lips around him, she slid down. In side her mouth her tongue danced around his shaft like a dancer around a pole. Finally, she cam back up running her tongue along the entire length, leaving just a trace of saliva between her mouth and his prick. She shot him a mischievous grin with her silted eyes. Slowly sliding forward she kissed his stomach, than chest, than neck, than chin until nibbling his ear and giving an affirmative, "Uh huh."

Prowling forward she dragger her now ample tits across his chest and up to his face. Charlie took the opportunity to give them a well deserved suckling. As she straddled his form she slid back down slowly letting her self become impaled once more. Arching her back up she gave her husband a view of her enhanced cleavage. Than with out thrusting she started to squeeze her cunny in a slow pace to insure his prick would stay true to her needs.

Not wanting to rush things, Charlie sat up pulling himself out slowly. Coming around from behind her he caressed her neck with slow kisses. Reaching around with one arm he worked on her tit flesh, twisting her nipples, and pressing firmly. The other arm reaching down he used his index finger to tease and finally stoke her C-spot.

As he continued his attentions she began to Purr again. Louder and louder. Her tail raping around him. Her own hands sliding across her body, seeking to do what ever they could to enhance the pleasure coursing through her body. Finally, one landing on her unattended breast, where she palmed the entire surface in round motions. The other met her husbands hand at her pussy. She took his hand and thrust it into her. She started a quick rhythm with her husband's hand deep in her cunt.

Finally reaching around she found his still erect cock and guided it back to her thirsting pussy from behind. Almost instantly grinding agents him. Each thrust was accompanied by the wet slurping sound of the two lovers. After a final pounding Charlie could feel his balls clench as he shot his load into her. In sympathy to his climax her own body finally erupted in passion. Fire running through pussy, her spine, her chest and exploding in her mind. Her hands clenched her chest as she collapsed back onto Charlie.

In her post climax euphoria she took his arm. Squeezing it between her breasts and gently began kissing his fingers.

"Wow, Tam what a way to stat the day," said Charlie.

"Niyu?" she responded. Looking lovingly at him.

"Gods babe your cute, and you look so amazing with those ears on, and where did you pickup the tail...were you spying on my gift shopping....?" As Charlie was suddenly coming the realization that his wife looked, really quite different.

"Um honey? How do you feel?" he asked

Slowly rolling over on the bed, she once again ran her hands along the length of her body. "Hmmm, I feel like..." as she closed her slited eyes in thought. Suddenly she perked up on to her knees. Her jugs bouncing generously as she did so, she brought her tail around and slowly began playing with it. "well, honey, we have made love, played around, I given you some head, I kinda want breakfast, but what I really want is to niyu....:

"Do what?" he asked.

"I really want you to fuck me over the kitchen table," she said in a tone like she was admitting a horrible truth, but her eyes looked at him with a pleading little look.

"Um ok well either way we should move to the kitchen than." Charlie found his boxers and slid them back on. Tam watched the process like it was the most novel idea in the world, the whole pouting on clothes thing. She walked over to her dresser, opened pulled out a pair of nylons, matching garter belt and the bra that went with it. The stockings and belt went on easy enough but no matter how hard she tried she just could not seem to get her breasts into her bra. After the third failed attempt she slingshoted the offending item across the room. Instead she settled for an old corset that she had worn for her wedding night, the kind that only went from navel to just below the breasts.

Once she was finished she walked into the kitchen. "um honey? Is it me or are my Bras smaller? Nyo?" she said. Holding one boob in each hand as she sat at the table where Charlie had placed the breakfast essentials.

Charlie turned from the fridge and nearly spilt the orange juice as he saw his sex kitten wife in what passed for dressed. She pulled over a bowl, looked at the box of corn flakes like it was the most alien thing in the world before pouring herself a full serving of milk straight into the bowl. She than preceded to lap it up. "Well I wanted to talk to you bought that... do you think that you look... Any different?"


"like your tail for example...

"Niyu? My tail? What is wrong with my tail..." she said as she curled it up from under her chair. "It looks fine to me."

"Um, ok.. honey how long have you had that tail?

"mew? What kind of question is that? Since...since..." than finally a light went off behind her eyes. "Since last night! When I put on the head band!"

"Ok now we are getting somewhere! And do you notice anything else different?"

She looked at her reflection in the microwave. "No, my ears are nice and perky, my boobies as bouncy as ever..."

Charlie sighed, walked over to the wall and pulled down their wedding picture. "look here babe this is what you looked like when we got married," He said as he passed her the photo. She looked at the picture tilting her head with curiosity.

"Charlie this is not funny, niuy" she said with panic slipping into her voice.

"Um, ok it started when you put those ears on lets just take them off," Charlie walked over. He could not see the head band, but he did see the obvious cat ears starting from where her old ones where all the way up to the top of her head. He took a gentle grip, Tam purring reflexively to human contact, and gave a swift pull.

"Rawl!!" Tam hissed at the sudden pain. Instantly she pounced out of her chair onto Charlie, biting his shoulder. They hit the ground hard. Charlie looked over to his shoulder, to see that Tam had drown blood. She was now slowly liking the wound. She said nothing until the bleeding stopped. Finally, giving him a soft kiss.

Looking deep into her eyes Charlie could see fear. "You still love me right? Even though I am some kind of freak? Mew" Well of all Tams' problems that was not one of them.

"Of course" He replied. Tam quickly showed her apparition. With cat like flexibility she kicked down his boxers and one again began to feverishly kiss him. Tears and lust in her eyes. "Thank you, kiss,I, kiss, love you, kiss, meow, kiss, purrr, kiss, please, kiss, niyu, kiss,d hold me." She said holding him tight. After a few minutes Charlie was amazed that he was once again aroused by his wife ministrations. She looked down to see it, looked into his eyes. "Mew! Let me show you my love baby, ummm," as she stood up and pulled him to the table.

Charlie slid off the remnants of breakfast and turned around just in time to see his wife walking over with a can of whip cream form the fridge that Charlie had neglected to close. Than with surprising strength she pushed him onto it. Than, sprayed cream across his body, and than liked it up.

Charlie, deciding to take a more active role relived her of the can and said, "My turn."

"NYU!" Tam responded in enthusiasm. Hoping on to the table and spreading herself like a buffet. Charlie had figured out that Tam's Pussy seemed to be insatiable now so he started there. A spry of cream, a lick, a spray, a lick. Each time she would purr and moan. "More give me more!"

Charlie got up in the table straddling her. While spraying her right breast he liked the left, than he would switch.

"Ni, I want that, give me that," she begged pointing at his cock. Not one to argue Charlie emptied what was left of the cream between her breasts and proceeded to give her a titty-Fuck. Each thrust bringing cream to her mouth that she gleefully lapped up until the cream was gone and she was taking his tip in her mouth.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Niyu, Baby finish me" Charlie pulled her back off the table and bent her over it. He quickly guided into her, hands on her hips and commenced to steadily enter her, faster and faster and faster.

"Ni, Ni, Ni, Yes, Ni, More, Ni, Ni, Ni, Hugh, Ni, NIIEE!"

Finally, she climaxed on him, and continued to purr with delight.

"Mew, what are we going to do Charlie?" Tam finally asked after a long time of just holding him. "I seem so horny and aroused all the time, I just can't get enough of you."

"I don't know babe... Wait, I got the ears at that shop, I think I have their card still, they said I should call if I have any questions.!"

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