tagFirst TimeField Trip Follies Ch. 11

Field Trip Follies Ch. 11



This is the ELEVENTH installment of Field Trip Follies. Thanks to Literotica author Laurie for lending me her characters Lindsey Foster and her sister Katie. And also thanks to Laurie for all her unflagging encouragement and amazing inspiration. Read her work! It's wonderfully naughty stuff!


This chapter is a direct continuation of Chapter NINE and TEN so please read those chapters first!

This chapter has just a hint of incest, but the FURRY action continues!

All characters in this story are over the age of 18!



© C.B. Summers 2011

DAY 4 -- 10:05 A.M.



In a morning of incredible surprises, this was the most incredible one so far. One of the hottest chicks at Silver Lake High School was lying in front of Killian Kirk with her legs wide open, waiting for him to fuck her. He felt dizzy as he looked back and forth between Dana Lee Pruitt's glistening pussy and her mischievous eyes.

Oh. My. God. She... she... she wants me to... to... to... no, wait! This is a trap! I'll crawl up there... and just before I get a chance to stick it in, she'll say something mean and laugh in my face! She can't stand me! There's no way... no way this is real!

But then his brand new Japanese girlfriend, Ayako Sakaya put her hands on his fuzzy blue ass, and pushed him onto the bed. He walked slowly forward on his knees toward Dana Lee's long, coppery legs, his eyes glued to her gaping blonde vagina, moving in slow motion as if he were in a dream.

Brandi was watching open-mouthed from the other bed. Oh fuck... the Big Blue Bear's gonna fuck Dana Lee! No... she's just fucking with him! She hates Killian! Oh, crap... she's gonna do something mean to him, I just know it! And if she does, she better watch out! Ayako will scratch her eyes out! And me too!

Dana Lee grinned at the sight of the Big Blue Bear crawling toward her. It was weird and surreal, but the strangest thing of all was Killian's tepid reaction. Why's he moving so slowly? When I opened my legs for Tanner the first time, he just about ripped his clothes off trying to stick it in. Actually, he does it that way every time. But Killian's just taking his sweet time. Maybe he's a homo after all... though that's hard to believe after what he just did to Brandi and Ayako.

Killian's heart was pounding in his chest, and he worried that he might pass out any second. When his knees were about even with her ankles, Dana Lee reached forward and pulled his flaccid cock out of the rip in the costume's crotch. Oh, crud! It's limp! CRAP! She's never gonna let me live this down. 'Here comes ol' limp-dick Kirk!' she'll say. He felt like crawling away to hide, but instead, he gave her his best Big Blue Bear shrug.

Dana Lee giggled, "Hey, don't worry about it, Big Blue. I just saw you cum twice in the space of ten minutes. We just need to prime the pump."

Dana Lee widened her long legs until she was doing full splits. Then she leaned forward onto her elbows and slurped his flaccid cock into her mouth.

Killian just about passed out with surprise. He felt his penis start to swell almost immediately. As it grew, so did his confidence. All the anxiety and fear dissolved, replaced by an almost magical feeling of detachment. He looked down at Dana Lee's lush lips sliding up and down his veiny pink shaft, and thought, who would ever have imagined this possible? Dana Lee Pruitt is literally the last girl on earth I'd ever dreamed might suck my cock, but there she is.

Sucking my cock.

Who says miracles don't happen?


Lindsey pulled the covers over Alyson's naked body and gave the sweet girl a kiss on the forehead. Then she quietly changed out of her workout clothes. While she was putting on a fresh pair of panties, she caught sight of her belly button in the mirror, and the empty piercing just above it. Why the fuck did I let Mark talk me out of wearing my gold loop? That Navy uniform doesn't give him the right to order me around! Hey... I wonder if Katie brought her jewelry?

She looked through her sister's overnight bag, and sure enough there was a small cloth bag with various earrings and necklaces in it. Lindsey smiled when she found what she was looking for: a belly button stud with three glittery strings of diamonds dangling from it. It was a Christmas gift from Katie's new girlfriend Amanda. Katie only wore it when she was dressing up. Lindsey held it up to her belly button and looked in the mirror. Shit... that's fierce! Hmmm... How many times have I told Katie what's mine is hers... including my daughter and my husband? Well that shit goes both ways.

Lindsey tried to poke the stud through her piercing, but only got halfway before feeling a sharp pain. "Ow!" Shit... the hole is closed. She pushed harder, wiggling the stud and wincing in pain. She was just about to give up when the post broke through the obstruction and emerged on the other side. Lindsey breathed a sigh of relief, and then screwed on the top stud. She admired herself in the mirror for a few moments. Fuck you, Mark. You may be a Naval man, but my navel belongs to me.

Lindsey giggled and put on her best short dress. It was deep blue, in honor of the band. Then she looked at the clock. 10:15 am. That'll give Alyson almost three hours of sleep... I hope that's enough. She has a big performance at Band Fest tonight. Then Lindsey put on makeup and pulled her hair back into a glittery hair clip. I have a big performance tonight too... Gary Blunt's cherry-popping extravaganza! Oh shit... I forgot... I need to find a room for the festivities!

She quietly crept out onto the narrow balcony and dialed the reservations desk.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Foster, but it's New Year's Eve. The entire hotel is full, as are all our overflow properties." After doing an Internet search, he found an available room in a motel twenty miles away. "If you can give me a credit card number, I can make a reservation for you."

She sighed and said, "Oh... well, I'll have to think about it. Thanks," then hung up.

Shit. If Mark saw a receipt for a motel room twenty miles from Pasadena, he'd totally jump to the wrong conclusion... actually it would be the right conclusion. And besides, how would we get there? I don't have a car. A Taxi? On New Year's Eve? Damn, damn, damn. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe it's not meant to be. I should call it off. What am I trying to accomplish with all this fucking around? At this rate I'll end up banging every boy in the senior class by Easter... and probably half the girls! I have got to stop this crazy cycle before I lose my job and my family. So... I'll just tell Gary that it's off. Yeah. I need to nip this thing in the bud.

As she was thinking, Lindsey reached into her purse, intending to smoke a cigarette, but operating entirely on auto-pilot, she opened Alyson's aspirin bottle and put the tainted joint she'd confiscated to her lips and lit up, sucking in a deep hit. She exhaled and took another hit before realizing what she was doing. What the fuck? Oh... oh shit... She felt a powerful rush of narcotics going straight to her brain. Oh holy crap... this is some powerful shit. No wonder the girls went totally nuts. Damn... my heart is already racing... like I've been doing lines of coke for hours. Wow!

She sucked in another deep hit and held it in, thinking, Lindsey! You should NOT be doing this! You saw what it did to those girls! Yeah, but they smoked a lot more than just one, and hey, I'm a lot more experienced. I know how to handle my shit. Damn it, don't be stupid Lindsey. The last time you snorted coke you ended up flat on your back in a hotel room, swapping a pair of sailors with your sister. Fuck... that was a crazy night, what I can remember of it, anyway.

She held the joint at arm's length and considered dropping it from the balcony. But then her daddy's voice came into her head. "No más de lo necesario," which was his version of 'Waste not, want not'. She took another hit, then another. A warm vibration suffused her body, filling every molecule of her being with pure happiness. The balcony seemed to be expanding around her... getting more beautiful... more sensuous and sexy. The blue, cloudless sky bloomed with a vivid rainbow of colors, and the chilly morning air filled her lungs with magic. The music from the band below became more and more powerful with each passing second. It was so beautiful it brought tears to her eyes. She looked over the balcony, and the ground seemed so much farther away than before. She had to squint because the band's blue uniforms were blindingly bright and throbbing with pure blue energy!

Her heart began to race, matching the rat-tat-tat of the drums. She felt powerful, immortal, untouchable. Then the drums suddenly stopped and Gary Blunt's coronet rose up in the vibrant morning air. He was playing a perfect, solitary note of indescribable perfection. It lifted her feet from the ground and made the entire world scintillate with joy. "Oh my god! He's fucking incredible!"

She could see Gary down below. He was easy to spot because he was so big, and his glittering golden coronet looked so tiny in his huge hands. She also tried to pick out Brant, but she couldn't tell which of the three guys with bass drums was him. They were all wearing tall blue hats. She sighed. Oh, Brant... I wish I could fuck you one last time. But no. Katie's right. You're dangerous. Gotta steer clear of you for a while...

She finished off the rest of the joint, holding the tip with her fingernails to get as much magic out of it as possible before throwing the stub in a potted plant, which was glowing an obscenely sexy shade of green.

Lindsey crept through the room, past adorable Alyson and into the hall, even though every fiber of her being was screaming for her to go back inside and fuck that sexy young redhead. No, no, no. She belongs to Dana Lee. The cleaning women were now going through the rooms one by one, so Lindsey put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, then headed off to the girls room intending to do the same thing for them. She staggered a bit, and the hallway seemed to be vibrating slightly, lengthening, widening, and deepening. Oh shit. I shouldn't have smoked the whole thing. Bad idea, Lindsey, bad idea. It's Daddy's fault for making me always clean my plate, clean my plate, clean my plate, plate, plate... No más de lo necesario.

She ran her fingertips across the wall to keep an even keel. Wow... this wallpaper feels so sexy! Then she cupped her other hand over her nose and inhaled. Oh shit. My face still smells of virgin pussy. I should go back! No... she needs her sleep! Fuck! I'm so horny!!

She started digging around in her cavernous purse for the keycard to open the girls' door, but before she found it, she heard the elevator ding and saw Mr. Dodder walking out into the elevator foyer, with his hands on the shoulders of two very dejected looking teens. Lindsey beamed happily and ran up the hallway toward the trio. "Denny! Bitty! There you are!"

They smiled broadly at her, but Mr. Dodder glowered from under those big, furry eyebrows of his. "Ah, Mrs. Foster, just the woman I'm looking for. Miss Ostiago said you have all the keycards."

As Lindsey tried to process Mr. Dodder's words, she looked at the kids. Denny was wearing pajamas and Bitty was clutching a thin bathrobe around her neck. Hmmm... is she naked under that robe? Their hair was messed up and their glasses were smudged and sitting off-kilter on their faces. Lindsey laughed, "Well, well, well... somebody's been gettin it on! Woo-hooo!!"

Mr. Dodder's flabby face turned red. "Mrs. Foster! Don't encourage them!"

She pinched Denny's cheek, "I'm proud of you little man." Denny blushed. Then Lindsey ruffled Bitty's curly pinkish-blonde mop of hair. "And you! You done good girl! Scored yourself a real gem!" Bitty beamed shyly, then cast a lustful sideways glance at Denny.

Mr. Dodder began to boil over. "Mrs. Foster! I demand that you give me their keycards!!!"

"Oh, right, right, right, right... the keycards. I have them here... somewhere..." She fished around inside her massive purse for several minutes.

As soon as she found the keycards, Mr. Dodder snatched them from her hands and gave them to Bitty and Denny, then shoved them roughly in opposite directions, "Go to your rooms quickly, children, and suit up! Then come back here! No dawdling! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Miss Ostiago is waiting!"

As Denny and Bitty scrambled toward their rooms, Mr. Dodder crossed his fat arms and glared at Lindsey. She smiled at him and said, "Thank you soooo much Mr. Dodder! Where on earth did you find those little devils?"

"If you must know, I found them in the big room next to the ballrooms. They were lying in a couch behind some potted palms... naked."

Lindsey laughed at the blush on Mr. Dodder's face. "Naked? Really? That must have been a treat! Were they sleeping?"

Mr. Dodder blushed bright red. "They were not."

Lindsey laughed, "I knew it! They were fucking!"

"Mrs. Foster!"

She looked at him with smoldering intensity, "Weren't they?"

He looked left and right, then whispered. "When I found them, Miss Winter was performing... a certain act on Mr. Shannon."

Lindsey laughed, "She was sucking his cock? That's all? I was sure they were fucking."

"No, that is NOT all! I also found THREE used condoms on the carpet. They must have been down there all night... fornicating."

"Fornicating? Old folks fornicate, Mr. Dodder. Teenagers fuck." Lindsey saw him stiffen up at the word, so she repeated it with emphasis. "F-u-c-k. Fuck." Then Lindsey pinched his cheek, "I bet you wished you'd caught them ffffffffffornicating, huh?"

"Mrs. Foster!" Seeing her beautiful little mouth say the F-word sent shivers down his spine.

"Oh, don't deny it! You're a man, aren't you? You have a cock."

"This is not an appropriate conversation!"

"That's a fine thing to say while you're staring at my tits. Hee, hee... Oh, don't be embarrassed! It's natural! I have nice tits. Go ahead and look." She fluffed her breasts a bit to make her cleavage more pronounced. Mr. Dodder's rheumy old eyes looked like they might roll right out of his blotchy face. She found it unexpectedly exciting to see the sweat popping out on his wrinkly forehead.

Mr. Dodder was stunned by the wicked expression on Mrs. Foster's face. Then he noticed how dilated her pupils were. Oh, good grief, she's high! Miss Ostiago is definitely going to hear about this!

Lindsey stepped a little closer, idly fondling the little cross between her breasts as she looked right into his eyes. "So, Mr. Dodder. How long did you watch her sucking his cock before you interrupted them?"

He blushed and sputtered, but Mrs. Foster totally had him pegged. He had, in fact, peered through the potted plants at those naughty teenagers for fifteen solid minutes, utterly mesmerized by the sight of Denny's hard, sleek penis, sliding in and out of Bitty's pretty little mouth. It was the most exciting, filthy thing he'd ever seen in his life, and it gave him one of the first boners he'd had in months. If there hadn't been a group of teenage girls practicing their flag twirling at the far end of the room, he might have masturbated on the spot, but all he could do was lurk there, watching impotently, bemoaning the fact that things like this had never happened to him when he was a teenager. Bitty's beautiful breasts were dangling so wonderfully from her chest that he had no choice but to take out his iPhone and make a movie.

Denny eventually groaned and filled Bitty's pretty mouth with cum. Then she crawled up on top of him and opened her little lips, letting the cum drip obscenely into the boy's eager mouth. That just about gave Mr. Dodder a heart attack. His wife Brenna would never have dreamed of doing such a filthy thing. She hadn't even given him a blowjob since 1982. After that, the young lovers started kissing, swapping Denny's cum back and forth as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do. By that point, Mr. Dodder was on the verge of cumming in his pants and he couldn't have that. So he busted in on them, causing them to scramble for their clothes. He turned his back while they dressed, feigning indignity, but actually hiding his boner from their young eyes.

Of course, he wasn't about to tell the truth to Mrs. Foster. "I... I... I watched them long enough to know what they were doing! Fellatio! In a public space! They're lucky I found them instead of the hotel staff!"

Lindsey rolled her eyes dramatically. "You said they were using condoms, so what's the big deal? When I was their age I fucked and fucked and fucked... as if my eggs were somehow immune to sperm. If you ask me, those are a couple of amazingly responsible kids."

"I did not ask you! And I doubt their parents will agree!"

"Their parents? Why tell anybody? They're both eighteen. They're adults..."

"But these children are under our care! The parents must be informed!"

"Have you told Miss Ostiago?"

"Not yet. But as soon as I get down there, she is going to hear the whole sordid story."

Lindsey wasn't thinking very clearly, but she definitely knew that the last thing Farinella needed right now was a scandal. So she put her hands behind her back and began to pace back and forth like a lawyer in a courtroom. "Mr. Dodder... how did those children, as you call them, get past you last night? You were on watch, were you not?"

"I... I... well... I don't know."

"You don't know? Really. I see. Tell me, Mr. Dodder. Have you, or have you not been written up on three separate occasions for falling asleep in your classroom?"

"I... I... I... who told you...?"

"And are you, or are you not old and easily exhausted? I bet you could use a nap right now, couldn't you?"

"No! I'm perfectly fine!"

"Aha! SO you are asking this court to believe that you stayed up all night guarding the rooms, BUT you are still wide awake and ready to fuck?"

"Uh... what?"

Lindsey giggled, and grinned at him affectionately. "Honestly, Mr. D, when all is said and done, who do you think is going to take the blame for this?"

Mr. Dodder just stared back at her, realization dawning on his face. She may be high, but she's right! I'll take the fall for this! Twenty-three years of dutiful service down the drain!

Lindsey touched his face lightly and said, "Unfair. Yes. But true." She looked at him with compassion, suddenly saddened by the thought of this daffy old teacher losing his job over something so silly. As she looked at him, his fleshy old face suddenly struck her as quite handsome. His flabby folds of skin seemed to vibrate with wisdom. She realized that his furry caterpillar eyebrows were actually expressive windows to his very soul. And weirdly, his flabby, droopy lips looked incredibly kissable. Damn... I never noticed how cute Mr. Dodder was before. I can't believe I've always thought he was gross! But... damn! Look at his eyes! So wise... so... erotic.

Mr. Dodder didn't notice the hungry look in Mrs. Foster's eyes. He was too busy worrying about his own hide. "Ahem... if what you say is true... then maybe... uh... but what should I tell Miss Ostiago?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll call her and tell her that those sweet, innocent, virginal little kids got up early to have breakfast together. And they lost track of time staring into each other's eyes over their pancakes. That kind of thing happens all the time."

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