tagMind ControlFiery Eyes Ch. 02

Fiery Eyes Ch. 02


"Well, it looks like you've got your bitch nicely trained, father, and so quickly too," She said, Her heals clipping across the room. My desire to please Her was as strong as ever, but my eyes kept straying to Her mother who's dangling breasts were making their way across the room after Her. My now seemingly constantly erect cock jumped at the sight of her.

"Bitch," She addressed me, "mummy needs her arse cleaning, why don't you give her a good licking?"

She was wearing a similarly short skirt to yesterday and when she stopped Her parents had taken up their positions like the day before, mother in front, father behind, and commenced worshiping Her. I in my turn crawled up behind mummy and nuzzled her crack. She had a lovely scent. Sure there was the same slight aroma of crap, but there was something beautifully feminine coming from her and I had to taste it. I licked hungrily at mummy's anal ring, rimming her a bit before even that wasn't enough and sticking my tongue in as far as I could. At first it was tight and hard, but before long it loosened and I was able to get my tongue inside of her anus. Mummy was making noises again and they tugged at my heart and cock as I nuzzled her crap hole. I got reckless, I licked lower and her legs parted slightly. I licked lower still and encountered soft and very wet flesh. Mummy liked licking her daughter's cunt. Mummy was probably a whore like me.

I literally brown nosed. My nose was penetrating her anus while I licked furiously at her cunt. I arched my back to try and get a better angle on her cunt and she arched hers to give it to me.

"Enough." Her voice was sharp. She'd noticed, I knew She had.

"Good boys and girls," She said. I relaxed a little.

"Daddy, I want you to come with me. Mummy, you may use the bitch however you like. Watch that she doesn't get above her station."

My heart leaped. I was being left alone with mummy. I would be allowed to fuck her, maybe? My cock strained so hard it felt like it was going to leap off my body and jump up mummy's cunt on it's own.

She left with father in tow. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"My feet need a good seeing to."

I was still kneeling with my nose up mummy's arse. She pulled away and I sighed, regretfully this time.

She sat away from me, completely naked, her saggy breasts inviting me. I reached out and she slapped my hand away, long, sharp nails grazing my skin, drawing blood. I snatched my hand back and sucked at the wounds. I was hurt, but then I remembered, I had to be a Good bitch.

I lowered my head.

"I'm sorry, mummy, I was a Bad bitch, what do you wish of me?"

"Suck my toes, like you did my husband's cock," she said, venom dripping from every word. It stung, but I had been degraded too much the past day for that to really hurt.

The Good bitch prostrated herself in front of mummy. Was I female now? But I was definitely the Good bitch, I had to be. It was my only hope of salvation.

Mummy's bare feet looked lovely. I was not a foot person normally, I liked necks and arses and tits and legs, but I was so horny by now anything even slightly feminine turned me on. My hips humped the air, little cock swaying. Should I call it my clittorus? Clitty? My little clitty swaying in the air as I suckled the toes. Mummy's feet were dirty. They hadn't been washed for a while, but there was a heavenly scent about them maybe it was the lack of washing? I cleaned her dirty feet.

"Massage them." She was cleaning her nails, examining them. I was nothing, just an object doing what it was made for. Her cultured voice sent shivers down my spine, though.

My hands gripped the soles of one foot. I'd never done this before, but what could I do but be a Good bitch and try. My thumbs kneaded it gently.


I did it harder and she seemed satisfied. I worked my thumbs along her arch and down to her heel as I suckled on her toes again. She seemed to like her heel being massaged, she let out the little noises again and I redoubled my efforts. Eventually she pulled away her foot and thrust the other into my face. The Good bitch did her job.

"Lie back," came the eventual command. My mouth was tiring again. It was feeling over used. Stretched by cock, defiled by arse and now straining to suckle delicate toes. But it was in for more use.

She crouched over me, sagging arse smothering me as she settled her weight over my face facing down my body. She was not heavy, but it was smothering. She began to ride me and I stuck out my tongue to taste her again. She seemed to be enjoying it more, her anus impaled on my nose, her cunt on my tongue. She clawed at my chest. I was sure she was drawing blood with those incredibly sharp nails of hers. My hips continued to pump the air. She grabbed my little clitty and held onto it for dear life like it was the rains of a horse. It hurt, but it felt so good.

I redoubled my efforts to reach her clit with my tongue. She was a squirter when she came, and she came frequently that long first time she rode my face. Smothered and half drowned, used and abused, she came so hard once that she let out a long stinking fart, right into my nose. It was vile. But I was a good bitch, and I was pleasuring a woman, a real woman, even if it wasn't with my clitty.

It was an unfortunate sign of things to come. At some point she got bored of using my face for her pleasure and released her bladder into my mouth. I dutifully drank from her, but that was not all. To my horror her anus proceeded to flex and flutter and then something long and brown was released. She defecated on me.

To think I had been completely degraded before.

She let it fall on my forehead and then placed her anus over my mouth before pushing out another long and vile mass. I thought I would have been sick. Under anything even remotely resembling normal circumstances I would have been, but my body had taken so much olfactory and mental anguish over the past day that it failed to react at all. This was to then be my breakfast, Her mother's feces. Somehow I managed to swallow before she squeezed out a further lump. This seemed to be the last of it and I cleaned her up the best I could. I was probably just spreading things around. She let out one last gigantic fart into my mouth before standing and going to the dog basket in the corner to nap.

I lay on my side in shock and lost track of time. Eventually a servant or someone came and took me away, cleaned me up, dried me and lead me back to that horrible living room. It smelled like peaches. Mother was gone.

I curled up on the couch and went to sleep.





I tried to hide beneath my arms, but they were pried away.

"Bitch, we are going to see your parents. Wouldn't you love to show them what a good little bitch you make?"

I shuddered, but she had said Good bitch. I was a Good bitch. I would be rewarded. I opened my eyes and nodded.

"Good, then heel, bitch."

I crawled dutifully at her heels. If I looked up I could catch glimpses of pretty pink panties. I shouldn't though. That would make me a Bad bitch.

We got to the car. The gravel was painful to crawl on, but I was a Good bitch, She had said so!

Suddenly I was aware of my nakedness.

My pause earned me a whip crack across the buttocks. She held a riding crop. I crawled in the back seat and curled up.

I wasn't really aware of the car journey this time. I felt warm and safe and comfortable. Then the car stopped, the door opened and a lead was clipped on to my collar. I was hauled out of the car and quickly sought to right myself before I was dragged along and lost any more skin off my arms and legs. We went up the gravel path. Pain, pain, pain, pain, but it was better than being dragged.

She rang the doorbell. As I knelt naked by her side I was aware that the whole neighbourhood could see me, people I knew, people my parents knew. What would they think? Somehow I never got around to wondering what my parents would think.

I was dragged into the living room where my mother stood with her hand over her mouth, eyes bulging and knees trembling and my father next to her, his face contorted with disgust and revulsion. I wanted to plead with them, "don't look at me that way, please, I'm your son, your son..." but I couldn't. I wasn't their son any more, I was a Good bitch with a perpetually hard clitty, good at sucking cock and cunt and good for fucking up the arse. That is what I was.

I waited silently next to Her. She told my parents that I was Her bitch. They looked at her and their faces went slack. I was no longer their son, she told them they didn't have a son, but wouldn't they like to make use of this good bitch. She makes an excellent toilet.

She went to my mother and french kissed her.

"Why don't you try my bitch, why don't you try taking a piss in her slutty mouth?

My hard clitty pointed directly at my mother and I felt so totally ashamed. Even my mother turned me on. My mother using me as a toilet made me horny. I was a horrible and worthless human being.

Mother advanced on me. She dropped her skirt, her big lady panties and looked a bit confused. I crawled forwards, suckling up against the slit from whence I'd come. I licked and nuzzled and her legs started to part, so I lay down on my back. My mother sat on my face, my own mother's cunny starting to become moist as my tongue made it's way along her hairy folds. She relaxed then and at first a dribble and then a stream of fluid flowed from her. She caught my eye, She had my father by the balls, literally, was caressing his crotch. She knelt before him. I was disgusted. She was meant to kneel before me, but then I remembered as I gulped another mouthful of my mother's piss, I was a bitch, a Good bitch.

As I cleaned my mother and she became aroused enough to fuck my face, She had my father's cock in her mouth. And then She spread Her legs for him. I had never been allowed to place my clitty in there, but my father was. He grunted and strained as he took Her over the back of the sofa. My mum came in her slut bitch son's mouth and wandered off in a daze to make tea it turned out, still naked from the waste down.

I was left with nothing to do but lie on the floor, little clitty waving in the air as my father fucked my Girlfriend. I hated myself so much, but what could I do? I was just a Good little bitch.

He came inside Her. I felt a little sad, I had never had the chance. She came over and squatted over my face too.

"Taste your father's jizz, bitch. You need to get used to it, you're going to be tasting lots of jizz soon."

I sucked my father's seed out of Her, my tongue seeking as much as I could. It tasted salty, but nothing special after what I had been through. Father Had followed her over aimlessly, still staring at her arse and breasts.

"Looks like the old man still wants some arse, why don't you give it to him, bitch?"

I shuddered. It was bad enough giving my arse to a stranger, but my own father?

It turned out to be easier than I expected. My arse was still loose from the last time, and her took me over the back of the sofa like he'd done with Her. My hard cock rubbed stains all over the back of it, but what did I care, I was just a bitch to be used.

Well it was easier for a while.

"Call him daddy, ask him to fuck you harder, bitch, I know you like it."

"Please, daddy, I want you in my arse, fuck me harder, please, I'm your little bitch, daddy, please fuck me, I'm your worthless little whore bitch."

She had him pull out of me before he finished and cum in my mouth. His thrusting hips hit my nose and it smarted, but I dutifully sucked my father's cock until he came explosively in my mouth.

"Good little bitch. You can come and give him more of that tonight, but now we need to go to school."

She bundled me in a back entrance, through maintenance corridors and eventually we ended up in the prefects bathroom. Maybe She had some boundaries at least. She didn't seem to want to involve minors in my degradation.

She put me in the gents, tied my hands to my feet next to the urinals and left me.

It was horrible. Classmates, people I'd known, friends, they all came in and used me. They laughed and jeered, had pissing games, a few even fucked my mouth, came in there and made me swallow. Then someone had the bright idea to untie me and then re-tie me in one of the crappers, face down in the john. My arse was fucked many many times that day, stained with cum, pissed on, pissed in. They just kept coming and cumming. Fortunately no one decided to shit on me, guess they didn't want to ruin the fun.

My arse was beaten and whipped, my face flushed in the bog so many times I almost drowned and must have swallowed my own weight in toilet water. Friends I had known for years raped me and left be bruised, bleeding and bloody on the floor of the toilets.

Eventually She came for me. Re-attached the lead and led my aching form of pain back the back ways and byways of the school and back to my home.

My father came that night, hot breath and hairy, naked, sweaty body. He was tender, but ultimately forced himself on me, driving his hard, unlubricated cock into my pain-ridden arse. I was unable to cry. No tears were left in me. My life was to be abuse by friends and family, abused and betrayed and degraded utterly. I was resigned to that, because I was a Good bitch.

He came in my mouth again that night and left. My mother came in the morning because she needed a piss. I lay and drank.

My father needed a piss too. I had to kneel up for him, and then he wanted his dick sucked. He came and zipped up his fly and left for work, patting my head, saying "good bitch."

It was not a school day so I stayed home, stayed in my bed which wasn't even safe any more, my bed where my father had raped me.

Mum came by a few times, not to see whether I was ok. I was not her son. I was a toilet that inexplicably gave her orgasms. That evening I did not sit at the table. No place was set for me. I sat beneath the table, sucking my father for all I was worth. Maybe if I made him cum now he wouldn't want me later. I still ached, still was bruised. After dinner I found some scraps were left for me in a doggy bowl. It was the stuff that had fallen on the floor or had been too tough and grisly for a human to eat. I ate it ravenously. I had not eaten properly since lunch two days ago.

"Come here, bitch."

My parents were in the living room. Shockingly it was my mother who had called.

I crawled through. They were staring at the tv, watching the news.

"Bitch, I need a pee."

My mother was wearing a long skirt and it took a while to get it high enough to reach her panties, and then a bit longer to pull them down in turn. Mum was squirming with the need, but didn't seem inclined to help me.

Eventually I had her hairy, untrimmed pussy bared to the world and she let me open her legs wide enough to suckle on it. The stream was strong, the angle was difficult and I was tired and in pain. Some of it spilt on the sofa. Not much, just a little.

Father was furious. His belt came off and he was laying into my back side like there was no tomorrow. My face was still buried in my mother's cunt, and she seemed to be enjoying the results of my father's whipping. I had enough tears in me to cry at this injustice, but then I had been a Bad bitch. After the belt came his hand, and after his hand came his cock.

Mother and father fucked their son in front of the ten o'clock news. Mother came then father came, son wept and was in pain.

That night I was commanded to sleep at the foot of their bed. It ended up that I was to suck my father's cock all night.

The next day mother decided to make an elaborate meal. But such cooking was stressful and she needed constant relief. The first few times she had me lie down, but after a while I just knelt behind her as she stuck out her arse at me and I licked it, sweaty anus to clit and back again. She would smack me with a wooden spoon if I didn't follow her closely enough when she moved or hindered her movement in any way. My hands were bruised before lunch time, and there were several hours to go. She started to favor my attention on her arse hole. She probably had never had any attention there before, certainly not from a tongue. She demanded I lick it more and more and as it became relaxed she would fart more and more.

Then she decided to "feed" me before dinner. As she squatted on my mouth, my tongue teasing her pulsating sphincter she moaned and some piss dribbled out down her front to splash on my chin. When the shit came, it came in small drops. I swallowed my "meal" in the little chunks it arrived in and when her back was turned I ran upstairs to be sick and clean myself up.

I was back downstairs and clean before dad came in from his study and mum served up their dinner.

Mum complained of aching feet, and so I spent the meal suckling on her smelly, sweaty and gunky toes until dad kicked me and I went to suck his cock. This time he wouldn't let me finish him. He told mum that he had a special treat for the bitch.

It turned out that he had made me a kennel outside. I was told that if I was a Bad bitch I would be sent here over night. It looked cold and I expected I'd get splinters if I went inside.

He dragged me back in the house by the collar and put me over his knee. I did not know what I had done to warrant a punishment, but I accepted my spanking and subsequent fingering and suckled on the shitty finger without complaint.

My father fucked me in my parent's bed that night, while my mother looked on disgusted. She called me a dirty, whorish, husband stealing bitch and slapped me throughout the entire ass fucking. She grabbed me by my little clitty and threatened to pull it off, and I spoke for the first time in days, pleading with her not to.

She called me a shit-eating whore while my daddy rode my arse doggy style. She told him to turn me over and then sat on my face, fucking me and farting on me as she and my father kissed above me and used both my holes. That night I felt a woman's flesh against my clitty in a non-painful way for the first time in so long. My father slept behind me, cock thrust between my legs. Mummy slept in front of me and even nuzzled backwards for warmth.

My little cock rubbed against her leg and I couldn't help humping it. I had been used and abused so much the past days, but not once had I been allowed to cum. Tonight would be no different. She slapped at my arse until I stopped. My father got horny several times that night and I ended up falling asleep with his cock in my mouth like a pacifier yet again.

Another school day and She came for me once more. This time I was to be placed naked and vulnerable in the teacher's lounge. I was dragged off by the collar many times to have my face thrust between someone's legs. The geography teacher enjoyed stubbing out cigarettes on my back as I serviced her in the loo. Generally, though, it was the old and dirty men that used me. I was dressed in an exceedingly short skirt and a blouse and nothing else, my little clitty making a tent in the front. They enacted their sick fantasies about having the children suck them off under the desk. One history teacher actually managed to sneak me under his desk before class and came in my mouth just as he was trying to tell off a girl for chewing gum. He was probably imagining it was her in my place.

They felt up my cock, too. Some of them were probably closet gays and enjoyed the chance to see a young cock.

Generally, though, that day was kinder than the previous ones had been.

That night my parents had friends around.

She had invited herself around, maybe because She needed to be there to work her spell, to guide people away from realising what depraved acts they were undertaking.

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