Fighting It


Sharon pulled her middle finger out of her wet pussy with a moist and audible pop. The baby-soft red hair, framing her cunt, glistened wetly near the bottom end of her slit. Her post-orgasm fluids left a visible trail down the crease of her ass. She was so horny nowadays after breaking up with William, that she masturbated almost daily. The end result was always a wet spot on the bed sheets and cum-coated fingertips. She had always secreted heavily when her pussy was aroused. William had always been amazed by how wet she could become. He often told her, that her pussy felt like a man had already cum inside of her. She got THAT wet.

But Sharon was quite determined to get over him. It had been 3 weeks now, and it was time to move forward. She had cried enough. Flicking herself off was okay, but Sharon was getting the urge to feel a cock penetrating her wetness. She had no toys, so her fingers had to do. Besides, nothing felt better than the heat of a real cock and that hot splash of sticky cum to the back of her cunt. Though she's heard of dildos that came close.

Alas, why spend that kind of money? On occasion, she would over hear her roommate fucking her most recent boyfriend. She had even gotten good at timing her orgasms with the couple's fucking. But she always felt guilty afterwards. Something had to be done; she was going crazy with her cravings.

That morning she awoke late for work. Still, she found that time to start her day off with glorious cum. With that out of the way, she finally got out of bed to get showered and dressed. She wore a short nightie to bed. She never slept in panties, so her plump ass peeked from underneath the thin material. At '5'5 and just over 200 lbs, Sharon was a big girl. But she had a small waist and big hips, so her hourglass figure was well proportioned. Her red and curled, long hair trailed to mid-back. It contrasted well with her fair skin and green eyes.

Her face was lightly freckled and round, with perky rose lips. If she were 80 lbs lighter and she would be a sight. As it was, she felt she was attractive, though full-figured. Aside from her round ass, she had huge breasts. Her areolas were barely darker than her skin, with pinkish nipples protruding from them. Of course, her roomie Kirsten, was a beanpole guys lusted after nowadays.

Sharon sighed quietly, and walked out of her bedroom towards the bathroom. She could feel the wetness between her legs as it cooled between her thighs, as she walked. She would have to hurry. She had no car and worked clear across town. When she passed the hallway, she saw movement near the couch.

Her heart jumped because she thought she was alone. Kirsten was working so it couldn't have been anyone else. Glancing out cautiously, Sharon saw the back of someone's head above the couch. It looked like Kirsten's boyfriend Tony, from where she stood. He routinely stayed over, but usually left with Kirsten during the day. She wondered why he was still here.

Just then she heard him moan. Did he even know she was home? Usually she was first to leave to catch the train. But she was far later than normal, so Tony likely had no idea she was home.

A shiver ran thru her as she heard him moan again. He obviously was jerking off, judging by his head movements. Sharon had known Kirsten was on her monthly, but she at least figured she blew Tony during those times. Guess she was wrong. Sharon resisted the urge to get a closer look. Her pussy was starting to juice up again.

She was getting hotter by the second, and within 6 yards of her was a cute guy stroking his cock. A minute or so listening to him moan and grunt, had turned Sharon on to no end. She had to get a quick peek. Slowly she walked behind him, until she could just glance past his shoulders into his lap.

What she saw made her cunt muscles clench, causing her juices to run in a single trickle down her inner thigh. She cupped her cunt as she peered over further to get a better view of the action. She saw the purple, swollen head of Tony's cock dripping pre-cum over his fist. He was stroking his dick in a slow circular motion, making the pre-cum bead at the tip of his cock. Threatening to roll over and join the other strands that streaked his pumping fist.

Tony's eyes were squeezed shut as he manipulated his extremely thick dick. It was the first thing she noticed, besides the bulbous purple head. She wondered how it fit into Kirsten's thin body at all. It had to be at least 8 inches long.

He would be a snug fit for any woman. Sharon was confident she could take a dick that size in her pussy. After all, she had all the natural lubrication a gal can ask for. Speaking of which, her juices were in full flow now. In fact, the amount of lube his prick was leaking, combined with her creaming hole, would make sliding in no problem. Men loved how wet her pussy could get once they were inside. Like sinking into soft butter.

Sharon and Tony's breathing both quickened, she knew he was about to cum. She was too. And it had been so long since she's had cum spaying inside of her cunt or over her tongue. She was mad with lust and a crazy thought entered her mind. Without pausing, she quietly tiptoed around in front of Tony as his hand increased its speed sliding over his cock.

Sharon quickly hiked her nightie, holding the front hem tightly as she backed in, glancing over her shoulder as she watched Tony's face, to make sure his eyes wouldn't open suddenly. Careful not to bump into his legs, she opened her legs as wide as she could without losing her balance and eased over Tony's cock. Butt first.

If Tony hadn't been so loud and focused into his jacking off, they both may have heard her pussy lips pop apart with a moist smack. But it went unheard as Sharon's pale, wide ass cheeks, spread wider as she was bending over from the waist. Her aim had to be true for this to work. Not to mention timing. Her mind was set to plunge her ass down over his dick, just before the down stroke of his hand.

The head was huge! Purple and totally wet. It had swelled even bigger than before, and looked down right intimidating. Sharon knew he was on the brink of spilling his cum. She hoped that her pussy was wet enough to accommodate his girth.

As luck would have it, just when Sharon pushed down, Tony shot a rope of cum into the air. It splashed between Sharon's opened pussy lips a split second before the head of his cock disappeared into her gooey opening. The initial spurt was launched directly into her already wet hole, followed immediately by the bulbous head.

Tony's eye's popped open in surprise. All of a sudden his spraying cock was engulfed inside of a hot, wet sleeve. Sharon brought the full weight her big ass down with a loud splat into his lap in one motion. Just in time to catch the second squirt deep inside her cunt. He was balls deep when she gave a slow, twisting grind and rose off of his cock. The third spurt splashing against her ass as she lifted. His arms were still spread in disbelief and shock as Sharon quickly spun around.

The fourth rope had just shot from Tony's dick when Sharon's mouth clamped around the head of his dick, to catch the last three squirts. The fourth leaving a thick trail dividing her face down her fore head. A single drop hung from the tip of her nose. Swinging back and forth as she bobbed the remaining drop out of Tony's still hard dick.

Greedily, she twisted her head and cork screwed his cock with her hand. Tony had stopped cumming, but Sharon continued to work on him as she came so hard her eyes teared. When her cum subsided, her eyes open and looked directly into Tony's.

His mouth was still open. Wincing as his dick became sensitive, and her sucking stopped. Saliva was connecting his spasming dick to her naturally perked lips. His cum drained down her leg from the spurt she had taken in the pussy. It must have been one hell of a wad!

Embarrassed, Sharon got up quickly and rushed out of the room. Tony was left sitting on the couch with a puzzled look on his face. His cock was semi-hard and glistening from Sharon's saliva. He heard the bathroom door shut and the shower being turned on. Feeling awkward, he pulled his boxers up and hurriedly dressed. He didn't want to be there when she got out of the shower.

Sharon was relieved to see Tony had left when she peeked out of the bathroom. She tried to convince herself it was all a dream and didn't happen. Kirsten was going to kill her if she found out.

To Be Continued...

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