Fighting Sisters


She lifted Karen's face up. The girl's face showed that she was enjoying it. "Please Mommy! Let me lick our pussy clean!"

Virginia laughed. "Oh my little slut! You're gonna do more than just lick my pussy clean." Virginia looked over at me. "Uncle Fred! I bet you would like to get behind this little slut and let her feel your hard dick up her pussy. Fuck her while she eats me out. I have a nice surprise for my little slut."

I slipped to my knees behind her and lined the head of my dick up against the lips of Karen's pussy. Karen groaned as I slowly pushed my dick completely up into her cunt. Damn, but this little girl had a sweet tight cunt.

I fucked her slowly, wanting to make it last. But Karen was soon working her hips back t me. "Fuck me Uncle Fred! Fuck your little slut! Please Virginia let me lick your pussy?"

Virginia laughed. "You're such a hot little slut, aren't you? So Mommy is gonna give you a nice present. Start sucking my pussy. And you had better drink every drop. Uncle Fred. Shove your dick up this little slut's asshole. I want her to feel you shooting in her ass as she drinks me."

I really didn't want to stop fucking Karen's pussy. But the idea of fucking her tight ass was too appealing. I pulled my dick from her pussy, and she had been wet enough to leave my dick coated with her cream.

I parted her smooth brown ass cheeks, and placed the tip of my dick at her puckered opening. Then I looked up at Virginia. Virginia smiled down at me.

"How do you like our little slut, Uncle Fred? Does she have a nice pussy? I bet she's gonna love feeling that hard dick slide up her tight asshole. Push it in nice and slow. I want to watch this little sluts face as she takes you up her ass."

I began to slowly push my dick in Karen's opening. "Argh! Oh Uncle Fred! You're dick is too big. It hurts. Please take it out?" But I ignored her plea. I continued to push slowly. I felt the big mushroom head pop into her opening, causing her to cry out. And still I continued to push.

"Now little slut, lick Mommy's pussy. Mommy is gonna make you into a true nasty slut. Mommy is gonna let you drink her hot piss, while Uncle Fred fucks the shit out of you. You want this don't you little slut?"

Karen was whining and moaning. And I was slowly pumping her asshole with my pole. "Oh Mommy! Uncle Fred is splitting my ass open. His dick is so fat! It hurts! Please don't make me drink your hot piss. I'll be a good little slut. I promise."

Virginia laughed cruelly. "Well little slut, you have a choice. You can drink me like a little slut should, or when Uncle Fred finishes fucking your nasty asshole, you can suck his dick clean. Make your choice. I told you that you would become my little slut. I'm gonna make you pay for all those times you took my stuff or made fun of me for being the way I am."

I watched as Virginia bent down. Her hands grabbed Karen's tits. Karen cried out in pain. "Choose slut! Drink my piss or suck Uncle Fred's shit covered dick! I know that your ass is probably full of shit, you been eating everything you could stuff in your mouth!"

Karen looked up at her sister. Then with a sigh, she bent her head. Virginia slouched down on the couch even more and I had to pull Karen back a bit to make it easier for her.

"Good choice little slut! I'm gonna let it come out nice and slow so you don't choke. But you had better drink every drop! Oh yea! Lick it good you nasty cunt! Lick Mommy's cunt! You love to lick Mommy's cunt don't you? You want Uncle Fred to fuck your ass hard and deep don't you bitch?"

Virginia jerked her sister's head up by her hair. Karen cried out. "Say it slut! I want Uncle Fred to hear you say the things you love to do!"

Karen whimpered. She was beat and she knew it. But she was also turned on and the throbbing in her pussy let her know that she was close to Cumming. She turned her head to look at me. Virginia kept a hold on her hair, but it wasn't necessary at this point. Karen wanted this. I could see it in her face.

"Oh Uncle Fred! Fuck my ass nice and slow! I want to feel your big dick going as deep as it can! Fuck my ass while I drink the hot piss from Mommy's pussy! Do it! I'm your little slut! Fuck me deep Uncle Fred!"

Virginia laughed as she pulled Karen's face back to her cunt. Holding on to Karen's wide hips, I began to slow fuck that ass, pushing my hard dick as deep as I could. Karen moaned and began to make slurping sounds as she sucked her sister's cunt.

I was trying to concentrate on not shooting my load. Damn, but her tight ass felt good! "How do you like our little slut Uncle Fred? Do you like fucking that tight ass? Did you like the way she sucked your fat dick? She is gonna make sure that she satisfies us both for the next two weeks."

Virginia was holding Karen's head as she humped her pussy into the younger woman's face. "Oh shit! That's it little slut, lick that clit! You like licking and sucking Mommy's cunt don't you? You want to be Mommy's little slut! Say it!"

Karen lifted her head. I could hear her lust in her voice. Karen was totally into what was happening to her. "Oh yes Mommy! I love sucking your wet cunt. I want to be your slut! I want Uncle Fred to use me! Oh fuck, his dick feels so big in my ass!"

Virginia laughed as she pulled Karen's face back to her cunt. This time she wrapped her legs around Karen's head and crossed them over her back. "Now slut! Drink Mommy! Drink it all! Show us what a true slut you really are."

I looked up at Virginia and could see her face relax. Then I heard her moan. "Oh yea! Suck it out! Drink it you slut! You're my little slut now! Drink it! Oh Uncle Fred! This nasty slut is drinking my hot piss! I've always wanted this slut to do that to me!"

Hearing those words, I couldn't hold back any longer. Gripping Karen's hips, I began to drive my dick in her ass hard and fast! Pushing my hands up her side, I found her tits and began to pull and stretch her nipples. Karen groaned but never stopped her loud slurping at Virginia's cunt.

"Oh fuck! I'm Cumming! Oh you little slut! I'm Cumming in your tight ass! Drink it slut! Drink your sister's hot piss! You're such a nasty little slut! And we're gonna make you even nastier!"

I looked up at Virginia and she had a dreamy look on her face. "Your pussy felt so good wrapped around my dick Virginia! I think that I'm gonna love fucking your cunt as much as I love fucking this little slut's ass!"

Virginia smiled and moaned. "I hope that I get to feel you in my ass too Uncle Fred! I don't want this slut to be the only one you ass fuck with that big dick! I loved feeling how you stuffed my cunt. Oh shit! I'm Cumming! Drink it slut! Oh Uncle Fred! This cunt is so good at licking me!"

At that point, Karen humped her ass back hard. She began to jerk her hips and lifted her head. "Oh you two nasty fuckers! Uncle Fred! I can feel your hot cum shooting in my ass! Virginia! Oh you nasty bitch! You made me drink your hot piss! Oh shit! I'm your nasty slut! I love it! Oh fuck!

Virginia caressed Karen's face as the younger woman humped her ass back at me. "Do you like calling me Mommy, Karen? Do you like being called my little slut?"

Karen looked up at her sister. "I loved it Mommy! I've had the hots for your pussy for a long time! Oh Virginia! I've played with my pussy many a night and thought about you!"

I felt my dick shrivel and pull out of Karen's asshole. Karen gave a long groan and when the head popped out, she sighed. "I think that we all need a good hot shower. Then maybe we should eat something. I don't know about you two but I'm suddenly very hungry!"

Virginia laughed. "Me too! Cumming so hard takes a lot out of you." Virginia did something that shocked me for a bit. She pulled her sister up as she bent her face down. Suddenly, they were kissing passionately. Both women moaned as their lips and tongues worked on each other. Then they broke apart and started laughing.

Karen was the first to talk. "See Virginia, I told you my plan would work. Damn! You got so into it you really made it hurt!"

Virginia smiled as she kissed her sister again. "Well you told me that it had to appear real. Besides, you have been a real bitch taking my stuff without asking. And you gave me a few hard shots when you had me pinned. I was just getting even."

Karen turned around and looked at me. This caused her to laugh even harder. Virginia laughed too. Soon both girls were holding their stomachs as they looked at each other then back at me.

"Oh Uncle Fred," Karen started. "We cooked this up to get you to fuck us. No man can resist a true catfight! Especially when it turns sexual. Virginia and I have been lovers for about a year. We have both wanted to fuck you but didn't know how to make it happen. So I dreamt this up. We had to make it real so you wouldn't catch on until we wanted you to know. How did you like it?"

I looked from one to the other. "You planned this? You both wanted to fuck me? But you never acted like either of you even thought about me sexually. Well I'll be damned!" I looked at both of them and began to laugh. The smiles on their faces grew wider. I started laughing even harder and their smiles began to fade.

"The jokes on you! I told you that afterwards I would take my belt and whip both your ass. I intend to make my threat come true. Then I'm gonna fuck both of you again. Let's get washed and make something to eat. I got a feeling this is gonna be a long night."

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