tagNonHumanFighting the Inevitable Ch. 01

Fighting the Inevitable Ch. 01


This is my first submission and part of what I hope will be a very entertaining story for everyone. It starts with plenty of sex but please be aware that for character development purposes and plot development not all chapters will have sex in them. I hope you like it and look forward to hearing your comments and hopefully receiving some votes. . A very big thank you to ashbaby for editing this chapter. Your positive comments have given me a great confidence boost. Thanks so much for lending your valuable time to proof read this chapter.

* * * * *

Caleb Cullen ran bored, golden brown eyes around the dimly lit nightclub. He was standing in the shadows in the darkest part of the large room, silently watching the interaction on the dance floor. He sighed as he watched barely dressed women bump and grind with horny males and wondered once again if he was getting too old for all of this.

Not so long ago he would be the one on that dance floor with some lithe little beauty in his arms, grinding his rock hard cock against her soft body, letting her know in no uncertain terms what he planned to do with her once they were off the dance floor. Tonight, it just left him feeling cold.

Not one of the women in the room sparked his lust, and he had to admit he was slightly concerned about his lack of interest. There had always been only two constants in Caleb's life. The first was the need to feel the sweet taste of blood in his mouth, and the other was the need to slide his thick meat into a hot, willing female. So far tonight he had done neither and didn't feel the urge to, either.

Running a large hand through his shoulder length, thick, golden brown hair he gave his third sigh in under five minutes and was rewarded with a deep growl at the side of him.

"For fucks sake, Caleb, will you get into the party spirit?" Demetri Bozic said tersely his cool, green eyes flashing as he turned to regard his friend.

The two men were of similar height, Caleb being the taller by one inch, standing at six and a half feet tall. Whilst Caleb's colouring was a light golden brown, his friend Demetri had shoulder length thick hair which was a black as sin itself. His complexion had more of an olive tint too. He was a mix between European and Slavic and was truly beautiful to behold.

Both men were powerfully built as well as incredibly tall. Broad shoulders supported wide, well muscled chests tapering down to trim waists and taut, flat stomachs. Long muscular legs and thick muscled arms strained in their clothes as they lounged against the wall.

They were both dressed fairly casually. Demetri had opted for tight black jeans with a midnight blue silk shirt, whilst Caleb was poured into the tightest pair of black leather pants he owned and completed his outfit with a black silk shirt. The men practically oozed sex appeal as well as power and a hint of danger.

"I'm bored," Caleb grumbled quietly. "There isn't one decent woman in here tonight. Maybe we've been coming here too long, Demetri. Maybe we need fresh meat." His tone was bored and slightly jaded sounding.

Demetri quirked an eyebrow at his tone though he wasn't really that surprised. He had noticed his friend becoming ever quieter in the last few weeks especially when they were out hunting. He was quiet and restless and out of sorts which was unusual for him.

"You want to try somewhere else?" he asked slowly just as the main door to the club opened and the scent of jasmine and lavender assaulted his senses. He saw Caleb stiffen slightly and he turned his head to look at the woman who had just entered. "Wow!" he breathed softly.

Caleb was quiet literally stunned as he watched the woman come slightly cautiously into the club. Fuck, was she even old enough to be in a nightclub? She was so tiny for a moment he thought she surely had to be underage but the bouncers were strict at Karpathia's. They most definitely would have carded the girl and asked enough questions to be reasonably certain she was old enough to be allowed in.

Her little purple sandals must have been at least four inches high which would put the woman at five feet tall in her bare feet. Her ankles looked so delicate and her calves were pretty shapely as his eyes slowly worked their way up her body.

He found himself taking his time as he perused her. He didn't want to miss a thing as his gaze swept passed her knees and came to the shimmering deep purple and diamante little slip dress she was wearing. The hem came to mid thigh and he got a good look at the pale, satin smooth skin of her thighs before he took in her softly rounded hips, flat stomach and impossibly small waist. Fuck he could probably almost get one hand around her waist it was so small.

His gaze continued it's upward movement and he stopped when he reached her breasts. The two perfect orbs were full and pert, a bit large for her tiny frame but not as buxom as a lot of women tended to favour these days. His keen eye could tell that he'd be able to completely enclose the soft flesh in his large hands and he felt an itch to do so right there and then.

His cock hardened and he growled softly as he continued his upward movement enjoying the swell of her breasts peaking daringly out of her dress before he sighed as he took in her slender little neck bare of all jewellery. Her shoulders were practically bare too with the exception of two little strips of material which held her dress up.

His cock twitched hard in his leather pants as he finally got to her face. Fuck she was stunning to look at. Her little heart shaped face seemed so delicate. Her eyes were a strange lavender colour and framed by long thick black lashes which gave her a mysterious look. Her skin was pale and soft, her little upturned nose given her a slightly haughty appearance. Her lips were the most spectacular pair of lips he could ever remember seeing. The y were wide and generous and deliciously plumb looking, enhanced by the amethyst lipstick she was wearing.

Her best feature was the glorious mane of waist length auburn curls which tumbled down her back like a living flame. There wasn't one little thing about the girl Caleb didn't like. She was total perfection.

"I think we'll stay here, Demetri," Caleb said quietly belatedly answering his friend's question as he watched the girl head over to the bar and slip onto one of the tall bar stools.

Demetri chuckled lightly as he watched his friend's intense expression. He was a little regretful that he wouldn't get a chance at the little auburn haired beauty but this was the first time in weeks he had seen Caleb have any genuine interest in a woman so he wasn't about to queer his pitch.

Rhianna Armand steeled her nerves as she took a seat at the bar, her hands shaky slightly. She had no idea what had compelled her to come out tonight. Perhaps it had been the fact she'd just had the worst day of her life and she needed some kind of distraction from it.

She wasn't used to going out on her own and especially wasn't used to visiting nightclubs on her own. She could have called one of her friends. They would have been more than willing to keep her company tonight but she didn't want to see their sad expressions as they looked at her, see the sympathy in their eyes. She wanted to forget everything, just for one night. She'd deal with life tomorrow when she had no other choice. She didn't want to think of Rafe right now.

She felt the man slide onto the stool next to her and turned her head slightly to the left. Her eyes connected with the buttons of a black silk shirt and slowly moved upwards. Her breath hitched in her throat as she found herself looking at the most stunningly beautiful face she'd ever seen. The man was so stunning she actually considered whether a God had descended from the heavens and sat down next to her.

Warm golden brown eyes roamed over her face as she took in the strong, rugged jaw line, thin, straight nose and high chiselled cheek bones. He seemed to blink in slow motion, long dark lashes hiding his glittering amber eyes before revealing them again as a slow smile curved his wide generous mouth.

He wore his hair long to his shoulders and it looked shiny and thick and so incredibly soft. Her breath caught again as she took in his wide shoulders and chest, all rippling with hard muscles. The man was clearly enormous and she felt even smaller than usual sitting next to him.

"I'm Caleb," he said quietly and his rich deep voice sent a shiver down her spine as she gazed open mouthed at him. He could have uttered the most ridiculous sentence in the world and she still would have shivered as his voice whispered over her. She felt a sharp stab of pleasure in her stomach and she blinked in surprise that a simple introduction could affect her so badly.

She watched his luscious lips curve into a wider smile as he leaned closer and inhaled deeply at the side of her neck while she sat there like a stunned rabbit in the headlights of a car about to mow it down.

"And you are?" his sexy voice whispered against the shell of her ear and her breath hissed out as another shiver went through her and the pleasure magnified in her stomach.

"Rhianna," she said breathlessly, almost crying out in disappointment when the man, Caleb, pulled back from her and sat straighter on his stool.

"Pleased to meet you, Rhianna," he smiled softly and he really did sound genuinely pleased to meet her.

She stared into his gorgeous eyes and saw his pleasure mixed in with a healthy dose of blatant sexuality. She dragged her gaze away from his face and looked down self consciously and then stifled a moan as her action brought her eyes lower down his body to the skin tight black leather pants he wore and the very obvious bulge in his pants.

Dear God he was huge everywhere from the looks of things! She issued a startled gasp and dragged her gaze back up to see Caleb watching her with an amused expression on his beautiful face, not the least embarrassed about his body's reaction.

"I was just about to leave when you walked in," he said almost conversationally. "I took one look at you and my body hardened instantly."

Rhianna felt her cheeks flush scarlet at his forthrightness and she turned to pick up her glass of wine and took a large slug, struggling not to choke as the tart liquid slid down her throat. She heard him chuckle lightly as he watched her and she felt liquid heat slide through her body at the sound.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed," he said with more than a hint of amusement in his deep voice. "You're a very beautiful woman and I like very beautiful women. It's only natural my body would react to seeing someone I want."

If he thought to ease her embarrassment he was going about it in the completely wrong way. Her cheeks reddened further. "You like to move fast, don't you?" she asked quietly, keeping her eyes firmly on her glass of red wine.

She could almost sense him shrug beside her. "What's the point of beating about the bush?" he countered. "I know what I want and I'm not afraid to come right out and ask for it. Tonight I want you, Rhianna. Will you come home with me?"

Her hands shook around the stem of the glass. He was incredibly handsome and he had the most amazing body she'd ever seen on a man. She was sure he would be a very skilled lover. She could imagine many a woman taking him up on his offer to go home with him. But she wasn't many a woman. She just didn't do things like this. It was completely out of her comfort zone.

She turned to tell him so and found herself locked in his heated golden brown eyes. She hesitated, biting her bottom lips nervously and saw his eyes drop to her mouth when she did so, a sharp intake of breath coming from him. This beautiful man truly did want her and there was something about him which called to her very being.

She could lose herself in his strong arms so very easily. She could almost imagine what his mouth would feel like on her body as he pleasured her. She wanted to forget about everything tonight. She didn't imagine she'd be thinking of anything other than Caleb if she went home with him. She heard herself saying yes before she'd even realised she'd made the decision.

As she uttered the word she saw a flare of intense male satisfaction cross his face as he leaned forward slowly, halting when his lips were barely a fraction of an inch from hers. "You won't regret your decision, Rhianna," he whispered quietly just before his tongue snaked out and very slowly licked along her bottom lip.

The totally intimate gesture stole her breath away and she stared into his eyes with a slightly startled expression. He moved back once more and smiling, slid from his stool and helped her from hers. Rhianna knew that it wasn't the wisest course of action, but she allowed him to lead her from the nightclub and settle her into a very expensive looking silver Porsche sports car.

He drove fast but expertly. She didn't think he obeyed one speed limit the entire twenty minutes it took to reach his big white mansion on the outskirts of town. Still, she hadn't been afraid by his driving. It had been fast and almost wild and just the thing she needed tonight. She wanted to be wild and uninhibited.

"You drive fast," she said breathlessly as she allowed him to help her from the car.

He chucked low in his chest and kept a hold of her hand as he tugged her towards his front door. "I do loads of things fast," he laughed, his amber eyes twinkling suggestively. "I also do loads of things slow too." His voice had dropped to an intimate level as he opened the door and pulled her inside.

"Oh, wow," Rhianna said softly taking in the large open hallway with beautiful white tiles on the floor. The entranceway was the full height of the building, a huge, ornate chandelier hanging from the a dark wood beam just below an impressive glass skylight.

Caleb watched the little redhead's face light with pleasure as her eyes ran slowly over the hallway. He smiled as he watched her, feeling strangely pleased that she liked his home. In all truthfulness, coming home didn't have the same feel for him. Oh, he felt like he was coming home but he didn't notice the beauty of it as he once had.

He tugged her hand and pulled her into the drawing room which harked back to a more gothic time. The room was full of thick furnishings and dark woods, the fireplace open and blazing. He wasn't quite sure where he wanted to take her beautiful body. It was always nice to have a soft bed beneath him but he was loathe to take the girl to one of the cold, empty bedrooms he usually used when he brought his women home.

He had no intention of allowing her into his own bed. No woman entered his private place. But he did want something slightly more intimate than usual with the little beauty beside him. When they'd spoken in the nightclub he had caught a hint of deep sadness about her before she quickly forced it away. He didn't know why she was so sad and hiding it and he didn't particularly want to. He didn't do 'relationships' and wasn't about to get emotionally involved with a woman. He just wanted to ride her little body and take them both to heaven and back.

Caleb tugged her towards the fire pulling her down onto the thick brown rug before it. She came hesitantly, a hint of doubt in her eyes as if she was reconsidering her actions. He smiled slowly and his eyes glinted as she knelt before him. There would be no backing out for her tonight. He would have her and she would enjoy every single moment of it.

"Caleb," she started to say hesitantly but he stopped her by placing his right index finger to her lips.

"Don't think," he whispered softly. "Just feel." He trailed his finger from her mouth down to the side of her neck, pausing at her throbbing pulse and closing his eyes to enjoy the steady beat against his skin. Her pulse was strong and vital, so full of life and the delicious sweet blood his body hungered for. It was all he could do not to lean forward and sink his fangs into her neck and feed deeply from her.

His cock strained hard against the confining leather of his pants and he was filled with a need to see her totally naked. "Stand up and take your dress off," he whispered silkily, his tone both gentle and commanding at the same time. She stiffened slightly as if to deny him his request and then she stood up and slowly peeled her dress from her slender frame.

Caleb's breath hitched in his throat as he watched the material pool at her feet, his greedy gaze sliding over her soft skin. Her breasts were perfection. They were so firm and pert with large dusty pink areolas and beautifully hard nipples which were already reacting to the air around them. There wasn't a blemish on her creamy white skin. It looked pale and silky soft and crying out for his hands to touch it.

He wanted to do such deliciously wicked things to her body. He wanted to drive her mindless with pleasure until she writhed and screamed her ecstasy. He just wasn't sure where he wanted to start first.

His gaze slid down to her gently rounded hips and to the scrap of purple lace between her legs. "Take them off," he said huskily, his voice deep and gravely as his lust escalated higher than it had in a very long time.

She hooked her fingers in the waist band of her panties and soon they joined her dress at her feet and he got his first glimpse and smell of her beautiful cunt.

Caleb's eyes darkened to almost black as he stared at the plum p juicy mound before him. She shaved completely and he had a perfect view of her slick folds already wet with her arousal. He leaned closer to her but didn't touch her. Instead he inhaled deeply and let the sweet scent of jasmine and lavender and the heady mix of her musky arousal sweep over him. She smelled just as good as she looked and he knew she would taste even better.

He reached out and tapped the back of her right knee gently forcing her to lift her leg so he could slide her dress and panties from her feet. He did the same with her left knee and moved back to fold her clothes neatly and place them on the sofa closest to them.

He looked at her heels and decided to leave them on. Depending on how lost he became in her body she may need the additional height the heels gave her later on. Plus they looked sexy as hell on her too. She was shivering slightly as he continued to just gaze at her perfect little body and he smiled again and raised his eyes to hers.

"If you want me to undress you need to persuade me to do so," he said huskily, delighting in the confusion which crossed her beautiful face. Loving a woman was a true art form and Caleb liked to discover what a woman really wanted from him. At the moment he was being slightly dominant with her but not overly so. No whips and chains type of domination, more a subtle, mental kind.

"It's very easy to get my clothes off, Rhianna," he smiled gently at her. "Just spread your beautiful legs and open yourself up so I can get a proper look at what you have to offer."

Her cheeks blushed scarlet and his smile widened at the heated blood flowing through her. He could tell she liked what he was doing even if she didn't want to like it. Her innocent shyness was warring with her arousal which was deepening by the moment from the wonderful bouquet of aromas coming from between her legs.

Rhianna stood before the kneeling man and slowly opened her legs wider her hands hesitantly moving over her flat stomach. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this but the heated look of total worship in Caleb's eyes were making her so hot and wet she couldn't seem to stop herself.

She used two fingers to spread apart her pussy lips and bare her soaking wet cunt to his greedy gaze as he slowly raised his hands to his shirt and began to unbutton the silk material.

"Very good," he sighed with pleasure and inhaled deeply again. Her flesh was scalding hot and very pink with the warm infusion of blood to her cunt. Her lower lips were swollen and full, her honey seeping out of her tiny little hole. For a moment Caleb was a bit concerned at her size. She was so tiny and he had a huge cock. Much larger women than her had trouble taking his size and girth. He could quite literally split her in two if he tried to get his cock into her too soon. He'd need to be very careful with her, make sure she was really ready for him.

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