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Filipina Cream Pie


I marry a hot Filipina caregiver and she has sex with her black co-worker. She invites him home to fuck her. I watch my wife being fucked then eat her out afterwards. She has a baby and it turns out to be the other man's.

Chapter One: A Hot Filipina Wife

I met Florida in local club with two other of her Filipina care-giver friends. Florida is a stunningly attractive girl. She is petite, 5'2" and a very attractive young 23-year old Filipina girl. Her body is well-proportioned with round breasts, a slim waist, girlish hips and a tight firm little bottom. Her long waist length black hair flowed down her back and her expressive dark eyes reflected her good sense of humour. She also has wide smiling lips that revealed her a pierced tongue whenever she laughed. . I am fifty years old but still very sexually active. She is a friendly and lively girl with a cheerful manner and a quick attractive smile that can melt the coldest of hearts. Florida had only come to the UK from the Philippines 3 years ago but her English was excellent. She told me that she was recently divorced from her Filipino husband who also worked as a nurse at the hospital after she had caught him cheating with her best friend. She was certainly a bit of a flirt the way she looked at me, laughed, flipped her hair and touched her my arm and you could tell she was comfortable around men. After chatting her up and buying her drink I asked her to dance a little slow number with me and soon she was wiggling her firm body against me. She was wearing tight jeans that revealed a black thong behind and a short halter top cut high above the waist. I kissed her open mouthed as we danced and felt her body and she willingly returned my embrace. One thing led to another and after a short period of dating and passionate loving we were married and she moved in to live with me in my apartment.

Our relationship was good at first and we seemed to get along fine. We had a very good sex life and enjoyed each other's company. Florida like all Filipina girls absolutely worshipped my thick long "malaki titi" white cock. Her pussy was always wet and nice to fuck and she always enjoyed sex. I guess that towards the end of the second year trust started to become a bigger issue for me. It was little things at first, the increasing number of late night shifts she seemed to be doing at the hospital on last minute notice, the extra hours she put in and the numerous texts she would receive in her tagalong language which were gibberish to me. They came at all hours and from women as well as Filipino men. When I questioned her about it she shrugged it off, said they were from Philippines or work colleague she had always known. I guess jealousy is always multiplied when you are living with a very attractive super hot younger wife and it did not take long for me to start questioning how and with who she was spending that time and what she got up to when I went away on business.

I began to think about my wife having sex with other men and instead of making me angry and jealous the idea of her screwing around gave me a tremendous hard on. Instead of going away the idea seemed to grow on me. As we were having sex I began to fantasize about other well endowed male bulls fucking my lovely little Filipina wife and this invariably make me come real hard. I slowly introduced her to watching porn with me after she admitted that she had watched hardcore with some friends back in Manila. I told her about adult videos of men fucking Asian women and threesome movies and I showed her that I had downloaded a lot on my computer. She was quick to agree and she told me that she really wanted to watch them. I chose threesome movies for her to watch. At first she was shocked seeing women taking a cock or two in each whole but their obvious enjoyment gave her pause for thought and she watched the movies with fascination. She got really hot watching the movies and watched each one through to the end, even after we had finished fucking. She got excited at seeing other real life couples and so hot looking at all those other cocks.

She would suck my cock or let me fuck her from behind always keeping an eye on the movie, intent on not missing a single moment of the action. She was really fixated on the cocks of the men in the videos. I too got really hard as we watched and then started really fucking her hard. Her pussy was much wetter and warmer than usual. In fact she was already well creamed when I thrust my cock inside her tight sleeve. Filipinas are some of the hottest little women out there once you start to peel the catholic guilt away. My wife really appreciated watching these adult movies even more than I did! We also watched cuckold movies and my wife just could not believe at first that these women's husbands would let them do this and listen to their wife telling them that they wanted other cocks. It made her pussy quiver like crazy and inevitably lead to a tremendous orgasm.

After some hesitation but seeing her enjoyment of these movies, I brought up the idea of sharing her when she was very hot during sex in front of the computer. I remember clearly that it was right in the middle of a scene where the wide was getting fucked by two black men and I was licking her pussy and watching at the same time. I told her that she was very good looking and that I was sure lots of men would like to fuck her like those two black men in the movie. They could be fucking her with their big cocks. She became even hornier when I told her that I wanted to see her with other men. She seemed turned on by the idea too. The fantasy became a shared part of our sex routine. Florida would love to tell me how she was going to get fucked by other men. She would even ask me to fuck her freshly fucked pussy. I let her know that other men certainly found her very attractive and would like to fuck her. I told her to imagine that she had two men really horny for her tight little body. We had fantastic sex after I brought it up but I think her conservative upbringing held her back. I told her she was so sexy that she could probably handle two men inside her at once. I introduced a black cock dildo into our love making to get her used to the idea of fucking two cocks. It looked wonderful in her wet red snatch and made sucking a delicious sucking sound as it went out of my wife's sexy pussy. I noticed that the dildo made her come with an increased intensity. I could see what that plastic dick did to her and I knew how good that felt for her. I knew she had the power to please two men at once and I was fascinated to see a stranger's dick going in her, using my wife's pussy. She got me to lick her pussy and pretend the dildo was another man fucking her. She told me that she liked the other cock inside her pussy and that the other man was going to cum inside her. This made me cum hard and really got her aroused.

After some time I finally told her that I would like her to flirt with other men to spice up our sex even further. Her face flushed and she was nervous and hesitant at first saying that I would not be upset if some guy flirted with her or hit on her. Florida is extremely hot and she would have no problems at all attracting any man so I encouraged her to dress sexy and told her of my undying love for her and my firm intention to remain faithful. As she realized that I was really turned on by the idea of becoming her cuckold hubby, she finally gave in. After some more final convincing she smiled and said:

"Okay then, darling. I will try. It might be fun"

Florida started to dress more sexily and I made sure I pointed it out when guys were checking her out telling her how much men found her attractive. I kept complimenting her and told her how proud of her I was to build up her confidence. Soon she felt comfortable enough to go to work dressed in very revealing outfit; high heels, a very short skirt she had kept from the Philippines and thick make-up. I watched with growing trepidation as she prepared herself and she kept telling me how cute I was keeping her company while she got herself ready for her date.

"Make yourself useful and don't get in my way. I don't want to be late getting ready." She said, putting on some bright red lipstick and looking at herself in the mirror and practising kissing. "Get my panties and stockings from my dresser while I put on my makeup..." I went to fetch some sexy lacy panties I had bought her for a special occasion. She looked at them then asked whether I thought it was better she wear them or not. I asked her to wear them when he fucked her. When finally she was ready I caught my breath seeing her fully dressed up like that and I experienced an instant erection. Her nipples seemed to pierce through.

"I'm so excited, honey. I can see you have a hard on too."

I tried to kiss telling her that I wanted to have sex with her but she gently but firmly pushed me away.

"I don't have time now. We will do it later... I have to leave for work in a minute." She said. Then she added: "Honey, did you remember to buy some condoms and put them in my purse? I will need them." I went red with jealousy and arousal and replied that I had forgotten. She looked at me angrily and said:

"I told you to get them! How could you forget? If I get pregnant it will be your fault, not mine."

I knew that wearing that my sexy wife could not help but draw attention from the guys at work. Although she was a little self conscious I knew that after a couple of drinks she would soon loosen up. As she left for work I watched with mixed emotions and a raging hard on.

Chapter Two: Pinoy Creampie

My wife returned home from her work shift at the hospital the next day in a state of unusual excitement. She seemed both troubled and aroused. As soon as she came in she insisted on having sex straight away. I happened to notice a hickey on her neck and I became terribly jealous but I did not say anything. I knew for sure I had not put it there so I guessed that she had been cheating on me. I was thinking about another man fucking my wife as I kissed her lovingly... I was angry and jealous and felt betrayed, I was also very aroused by the whole idea of another man cuckolding me and fucking my wife. Of a stranger making her climax and filling her beloved lustful pussy with his seed.

She attacked me, kissing me feverishly. Thoughts of my wife's infidelity still fresh in my mind, rather than give in to her as I usually do, happy to oblige a horny wife, I decided quite uncharacteristically to get to the bottom of matters as my suspicions were telling me to. I kept imagining my lovely wife getting a vigorous and lengthy fucking, taking a stranger's cock into her soft wet cunt while being fucked by some well-hung stud. Fighting her off - she seemed determined to do everything she could to try to get my cock into her - I tried to find out what had turned her on.

Reluctantly Florida admitted that she had had an encounter with a new co-worker. His name was Charlie and he was a Korean who was working as a nurse at the hospital. She told me he was quite cute and he had a big cock. I smiled in encouragement and told her to continue. Becoming more bold and open, she told me that she had tried to move away but that she had brushed up against him. She couldn't help but feel his erection through his pants. As she told me this, she licked her lips obviously troubled and admitted he was gigantic. Feeling his cock had made her little pussy get very wet. She had never imagined anything so big. I knew my hot Filipina bride was fantasizing about the guy's big long cock. I realised that I had been able to get interested my wife in other men's cocks.

My own cock had grown very hard listening to her. She admitted that Charlie had reached up under her skirt and that she had done nothing to stop him from feeling her up. As he had sent his finger into her damp sleeve, he had told her that he wanted to fuck her and that she would enjoy.

She asked if I was upset and I told her that I was not, that I was glad she had fun.

"My pussy was so wet I nearly came," she admitted, her face flushed.

"And?" I asked, caressing her pussy. Her snatch was wet again just thinking about the episode.

"I refused, of course." She replied with insincere outrage.

"But did you want that man's cock in you?" I insisted.

She tried to jerk away and begged me to fuck her now.

"I don't want to speak about it anymore..." Florida protested.

"Answer me..." I insisted.

She laughed evilly and kissed me on the lips.

"Why, does it turn you on?" She asked.

"Yes...." I replied. "The idea of you fucking his big dick turns me on."

"Are you serious? You would let me fuck another man?" She asked, astonished.

In that moment I knew that I would be able to allow my wife to have sex with her well-endowed co-worker. I knew that I would definitely regret it though. Knowing that my pretty wife has had sex with another man would always be there between us. My wife would no longer respect me after that but at the same time the whole idea of her cuckolding me turned me on incredibly. I was angry, jealous but horny at the same time.

"Do you want me to open my legs to him and let him fuck me and stretch my tight pussy with his large cock?" She said blushing."You fucking love me. You'll do anything for me, won't you...? Would you like to see that? Another man's cum in my pussy?"

"If you wish to go with another man I would not object. Especially if I could watch or failing that eat your cum-filled pussy after you have been fucked..." I managed.

Her face was flushed and I could see that my reply had left her shocked. At the same time she appeared tremendously aroused. My sexy faithful babe had turned into cock hungry whore lusting for another man's dark cock.

"And it would not make you jealous or mad to watch Charlie fucking me? You could never take away the fact that he had stuck his cock into my pussy and cum there. Would you really be able to cope with that?" She asked. She could not believe that I her husband would let her do that and experience another cocks in the marriage.

I told her that I loved her very much and that her having sex with Charlie would not change that. I reassured her that I was not using this as an excuse to be with other women. That doing this would be exclusive to her. I had taken my cock out now. It was very hard. She looked down and licked her lips, taking the instrument in one hand and slowly stroking it up and down the full length of the stem.

"It would turn me on watching you with another man..." I stuttered. I was so horny.

"Would you like me to do that to you? If you want me to get fucked you have to be sure. You need to tell me right now that you want to let a stranger fuck me. I need to know that you won't mind finding my freshly fucked pussy full of his hot, wet and sticky cum." Her little hand squeezed my cock and holding it firmly, she ran the tip of my hard cock over her wet pussy groove. Her juices smeared my shinny shaft as I slipped inside her and groaned:

"Oh, yes..." I was picturing a bull with large cock fucking her deeply.

She was obviously horny and readily agreed:

"Okay, then. But remember. Even if it makes you jealous, you can't change your mind anymore now."

"No." I said." I want you to be happy. I really want you to enjoy his cock no matter what." I heard myself say. I knew she had found herself a nice, well hung, young man and that he would release her inhibitions and fantasies. Like all Filipina women my wife wanted to please me and was as hot as they come. I knew that once she had tasted the other guy's cock she would be let her loose and that she would not disappoint...

"I'm going to be happy because I'm going to get a big juicy cock in my pussy. I want his cock real bad too, honey." She purred. "I want to fuck him so bad I can't wait. I'm so horny for his cock, honey. I hope it does not upset you that I want him to fuck me, "She whispered in my ear. "I want that big fucking cock in my pussy. Does that turn you on?"

"Yes," I managed in reply.

As she spoke her hips thrust at my pelvis sending in small burst of pleasure through my loins. I could feel her hips grinding hard on me. I was aroused beyond belief by her wanton behaviour. She had decided to let Charlie be the man who cuckolded me. I found myself quickly agreeing that she would invite him back home the next day and let him fuck her like a slut. I would hide and watch from the next room. She kissed me passionately and we fucked wildly like animals that night. It was a memorable night as we fucked first with her on top then doggie style. I was not fucking her. She was fucking me. Finally she collapsed in near exhaustion, her chest resting upon mine, while my still hard dick was lodged in her cunt. I knew I would soon be seeing my loving wife coming on Charlie's massive cock like a bitch in heat if tonight was anything to judge by. I was tremendously aroused knowing she would soon be fucking a man better endowed than myself. I would be watching his horny cock fucking her like a slut.

Chapter Three: Charlie fucks my wife Florida

The next day went very slowly for both of us. She spent a lot of time getting ready for work. She was ages in front of the mirror getting all tarted-up with her red lipstick, blush and heavy make-up. I was feeling very aroused watching my wife prepare for a visit from another man. She was getting ready to be fucked. I started to caress and kiss her. She kissed me back.

"Are you excited about Charlie coming over?" I asked her.

"Oh yes," She replied kissing me passionately on the lips. "I can't wait to feel his cock inside me... He's so much bigger than your little pathetic little tiny penis. Tell me you want to see me get fucked by a big fucking cock?"

"I would like to watch you getting fucked by another man." I replied.

"I'm going to give him Viagra honey so his big cock can fuck me harder. Wait till I get back honey..." She said.

Looking into her shining and excited eyes I realized she ready for another man. She would soon be feeling another man's cock inside of her under the watchful and approving eye of her faithful husband. I began to rub her wet opening. She was ready for Charlie all right. She pushed my hand gently but firmly away. She wanted the other man in her pussy first.

"You must wait, honey. Please don't spoil it for me." She said with a little frown. "Don't worry, you can sneak in and watch him fuck me then if you are good I will let you eat out my pussy afterwards."

I pouted and went downstairs waiting for her to finish dressing. She appeared dressed for work a in a real cock-teaser slut outfit - a very short tight micro-mini, stockings high heels and heavy make-up. Her tube top that showed up her hard nipples underneath and her skirt barely covered her pussy. She had no real excuses for dressing like she I thought angrily, aroused in spite of me.

"How do I look?" She asked. She was absolutely stunning and so sexy.

"Like a gogo bargirl." I replied as she spread her legs.

She laughed and said:

"It's your fault I look like a whore. I hope you do not complain afterwards..."

I knew that this was going to happen and there was nothing I was going to do about it. She was preparing her tight pussy for his big cock. Charlie would soon have the pleasure of putting his dick in her hot pussy and mouth. I knew my hot wife was in for some dirty wife swapping action. She told me how much she loved me and gave me a hug and passionate kiss. I was prepared to be passive and just watch someone else pleasuring my wife. I watched anxiously from the other room as she brought Charlie into the living room. He was quite tall for a Korean and well built.

"Aren't you married?" I heard Charlie ask my wife. "Does your husband know you fuck other men?"

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