tagLoving WivesFill My Holes

Fill My Holes


You've been at the house for a while now, since our initial meeting at the club, talking and chatting with both my husband and myself. I'm in a skimpy black leather bikini top, so tight you can see my nipple rings poking through the material, and a tight black skirt that is so short it barely covers the bottom of my matching black panties; the panty straps coming out of the top of my skirt let you know that they are thongs. Finishing out the outfit are 6" stilettos.

My husband is dressed much more conservatively, it a form fitting polo and nice jeans. You are in jean, but your shirt is off. My husband wanted to see the tattoo you told us about, the one of the naked woman you say looks like me. It was really just an excuse to get your shirt off so we can see your rock hard abs.

I leave you and my husband talking and go into the bedroom; it doesn't take long for you to follow.

I take off my high heels and hand them to you. I ask you to put them on the floor, just so I can check out your ass as you bend over. My husband joins me by the bed. He puts his arms around me pulling me tight, this cock pushing into my back. He grabs and pulls on my nipples, asking if I'm ready to get pleasured by you both. I whimper "yes."

Slowly, teasingly, I start to remove my clothes. My back to you, I slowly lower my skirt to the floor, giving you a better and better view of my ass as I bend down, my thong completely disappearing into my crack. Next, my back still to you, I undo my top sliding the straps down and off my arms but hold the cups in place. I turn, my tits in full view I release them from the prison that is the bikini top, giving you a radiant view of my juicy orbs and erect, inviting nipples. Next comes my thong, my back again toward you I slid fingers down along the straps and into the crack of my ass to pull out the string. Then I slid them down to the ground and step out of them. I turn back toward you, my hairless pussy in full view.

Now totally naked, I set back on the bed and lift my legs, pointing at you and my husband with my toes. You each start kissing up from my feet - you on the left, hubby on the right – sucking each toe in turn, before moving on to my arches, my ankles, up to my calves, to my knees, then finally to my inner thighs.

My husband moves away to give you better access. As you start licking my wet and tight cunt, my husband forces his throbbing cock down my throat, not even letting me aculeate myself before forcing me to deep throat him. You reach up and caress my breasts, paying special attention to the nipples, rolling the barbell in the left and pulling on the hoop in the right but soon you become to engrossed in licking and sucking my lower lips and holiest of depths to pay my tits much mind.

After a maddeningly fulfilling orgasm from your tonguing of my clit and snatch, I pull you up and swallow your cock deep into my throat, gagging a little as you slide down. As I suck you, my hubby begins fucking me, getting me ready for your massive member.

Then you join him, both penetrating my tight cunt at the same time, but it quickly becomes more pleasure than I can take, so I ask you to put your rock hard cock in my ass instead. "Gently," I say - but only at first, soon I'll want it in there as rough as you can muster - while my hubby continues to pound my pussy.

Soon you are both fucking me for all your worth. Your cock ramming in and out of my ass, as my husband's pumps my dripping cunt.

An orgasm rocks my body, my ass and twat begin milking the two of you. You both cum and cover me in your jizz. I can feel your cum as it runs down my ass crack, while his fills my spent cunt.

Exhausted, you both lay back on the bed. I clean both your cocks off, my husband's tasting of cum and cunt juice, yours of cum and just a hint of ass, just the way I like it.

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