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Filled Up


You have been such a good girl. I decide it is my turn to pleasure you tonight, you are to just sit back and enjoy. I whisper into your ear, with a smile and toss of your short brown curls you run to the bedroom and jump on the bed.

When I catch up you are sitting against the headboard, a tight white cotton top holding your full round breast tightly to your chest. You legs and bottom are bare, your knees are up waiting for me. The lights are off and a couple candles are lit on the table. I laugh at how quick and efficient you can be when properly motivated.

I get up on the bed and move to kneel between your legs. I kiss your legs, rubbing your calfs and feet gently. I whisper to you, telling you what a good girl your have been, how beautiful you are, how sexy you are and how much you turn me on.

I cover my hand in lube and placing it gently over your entire pussy. My fingers gently rub the top of your pubic bone. I alternately push up softly with the heal of my hand, directly on your clit and pull down with my fingers. I slide my hand down allowing my middle finger to slip between your lips and slide directly over your clit. I reverse the direction and move back up.

Slowly I increase the tempo, I see your knees move apart as you arch your back, sliding down the pillows to give me better access. I reverse my hand, finger sliding down from your clit, along your puffy lips and into the crack of your ass. You giggle softly as I rub your asshole gently. You love ass play but are sometimes shy.

I slowly slip one finger into you, sliding it up along the top of your pussy, feeling your g-spot and then moving deeper. Back out slowly, pushing on your g-spot and back out to your clit. Sliding back along your pussy lips to ass. Up once more and I slip my finger back inside again.

With my finger applying gentle pressure on your g-spot I move my thumb to your clit. Moving thumb and finger in unison, rubbing g-spot and clit, circling slowly. You arch your back further and moan. I am not sure how easy the orgasms will come tonight. Even though it is your turn to be pleasured I intend to control the sensations, to draw it out as long as possible. I watch carefully for the signs of you tipping over the edge.

I reverse my hand and move my thumb to your ass, slipping my finger deep into you to squeeze from the inside. My thumb rubs around your ass but does not go in. Gentle circles, slow gentle circles that bring gasps and moans and a slow rhythm to your hips as you attempt to increase the speed and pressure.

I alternate now, pinching first the bottom then the top of your pussy. Your moans are coming faster now so I slow my rubbing. Your breath is shallow and you are bucking against my hand. I lean up to your ear and ask you to be patient and to go slow. Don't run to the pleasure, let it wash over you, let it find you and envelope you.

I wait for you to regain control, stroking my finger in and out of your pussy slowly, avoiding your clit. I slip a second finger into you and you gasp. I move both my fingers against you g-spot, pushing firmly, rubbing in hard circles the way you like. You cry out, I curl my fingers and pull rapidly against your g-spot, increasing your gasps with every thrust. Your knees are drawn back now and your eyes are clenched shut. I can feel your pussy tighten as your orgasm approaches. I slow my movements and move my fingers away from your g-spot and push them deeper into your pussy.

Your eyes flash open, I can see you pleading with me to bring you over the edge.

I slowly slip a third finger into you, slowly, ever so slowly. Your eyes go wide with the increased fullness. I push into you. Holding my hand vertically provides the easiest access and my fingers slip into your gaping wet pussy.

I slowly rotate my hand as I stroke in and out. I move slowly to allow your pussy to accommodate my hand. I move to you g-spot. My middle finger is able to push directly on it while the other fingers fill your pussy.

I bring my thumb to your clit and rub in unison with my probing. Your pussy clenches tightly around my hand again. I tell you to hold off, to go slow, to let it build. Slow circles around your clit with my thumb, slow strokes in and out with my hand.

I am pushing deep inside you, past my knuckles, your moans are deep now, coming from your stomach. The wetness is pouring from your pussy with every stroke of my hand. I probe lower now reversing my hand, pushing towards the back of your pussy, thumb again circling your sensitive ass. Your pussy is gaping open above my hand, I know you can take more.

Your clit is red and swollen, I rub the palm of my other hand in slow circles around your clit as I push deep into your pussy. You are moaning, gasping, telling me how full you feel, how you want me to fill you further, to keep going.

I slowly pull my hand completely from your pussy, it gapes wide, desperate to be filled again. I can see your ass spasming slightly.

I pour more lube on my hand and return to your pussy. One finger, thumb on your clit, rubbing quickly, bringing you right to the edge. You cry out, asking me to finish you, but I hold off.

A second finger, a third and now a fourth, just the tips of my fingers, formed in a small circle. I start to push into you, in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke. You grab your knees and pull them you your chest. Your moans are almost guttural now, deep and long, slow long breaths, gasping slightly on each stroke into our pussy, moaning as I pull out.

I am right up to my knuckles now and I hear you whimper, "Please, do it!"

With a slight pop, I am in. My thumb back on your clit, circling, my fingers pushing deep into you, as deep as I can go, hitting the back wall of your pussy, causing grunts of pleasure on each stroke.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard."

I am moving my hand back and forth with intensity, I am avoiding your clit altogether, this will be a deep, internal, full body orgasm.

I slow my strokes and you look at me with desperation. I slowly move my thumb to your pussy and slip it in, a little at a time, slowly, so slowly. Your pussy stretches to accept my hand. You are holding your breath, slowly, pushing.

Past the knuckles now and your let out a long sigh, I am in.

Slowly I start to fuck you, in and out, deep, deeper than you have ever felt, fuller than you thought possible.

You are bucking against my hand, you have slipped down onto your back.

"Uh, uh, uh," with ever stroke you grunt.

These are not moans or gasps but deep grunts.

You roll over on your knees. Head on the bed, ass in the air. You arms are wrapped around your knees.

"Fuck me, please fuck me, make me come."

I slowly push harder, and you lean into my hand, moving your body back and forth mirroring my rhythm. Your knees are spread wide. Your grunts as quick and shallow, I know you are close.

I whisper for you to hold on, to let it ride a little longer. I feel you let your breath out and I slow my strokes.

"Oh god, I feel so full, so full, fuck me, fuck me with your hand."

I rotate my hand so the knuckle of my thumb is against your g-spot and I push deep inside you, back and forth. I follow your rhythm now, matching your needs.

"Come now baby," I say.

I feel your pussy tighten around my hand as your orgasm sweeps over you. My strokes slow as your pussy clenches and unclenches. When the spasms stop I begin fucking you again, deep, so deep. You are screaming now as your body looses control, a second orgasm overtakes you, I fuck you hard through it, extending it further than I thought possible.

You collapse on the bad, I slowly remove my hand from your ravaged pussy, careful not to hurt you. I lie down beside you on the bed and put your head on my shoulder.

"You are such a good girl, so sexy, so beautiful"

I stroke your hair, rub your back softly and hold you tightly against me. I feel you drape your leg over me. You begin to rub against my leg, your inflamed clit raw against me, milking one then two more orgasms for your exhausted body.

You fall asleep instantly.

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