tagAnalFilling All Cavities Ch. 02

Filling All Cavities Ch. 02


It had been a year since Tom took his wife's anal virginity and Trudy had come to love anal sex as part of their love making. After dinner on a Friday night in bed, he dove right in and ate her pussy to a wonderful orgasm. Then he fucked her missionary style until she came again. Tom paced himself so that he didn't cum as he wanted to last for a long time and he wanted to cum in her ass first. He rolled over on his back and Trudy mounted him and rode his cock until she came for a third time. She then flopped on the bed and lay next to her husband. Tom decided that it was time and he rolled his wife over on her stomach. He caressed her lovely ass and teased her nether hole with his finger. Trudy responded by wiggling her ass sexily.

Tom grabbed Trudy by the hips and pulled her almost sexually drained body up until she was on all fours. Tom took the lubricant that he had put on the nightstand and applied liberally to his wife's asshole. He was pleased that Trudy cooed sexily. Tom then pushed a thick finger into her asshole and tested her tightness then he added a second finger which caused Trudy to gasp. He worked the two fingers in and out of her ass stretching her as much as he could. Tom squirted more lube into his wife's asshole and liberally covered his cock as well. Tom then placed his big erect cock between Trudy's beautiful smooth round ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole.

Trudy moved away from him and ended up on the bed lying flat on her stomach. Tom followed her to the prone position and lay on top of her shapely body with his huge cock between her ass cheeks and in her asshole. Tom began to hump Trudy at a slow pace and then faster with his hips pumping into her. Trudy's cries and moans were louder than usual as her body easily took Tom's big cock. She consciously massaged it with her amazing ass muscles. Tom lifted her back to her knees on all fours and reached around to feel her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as he twirled them in his fingers. Tom then moved one hand down to play with her pussy and Trudy went wild humping her hips faster and faster. Tom then placed both hands on her hips and watched his cock penetrate her curvy ass as she moved her hips in time with his thrusts.

Trudy yelled, "Oh my God, fuck me Tom, fuck me, please fuck me!"

Tom complied with her demands and pounded her ass as hard as he could. Trudy squeezed her ass cheeks together as she orgasmed as Tom joined her and shot a huge load of cum deep into her ass. Trudy screamed and moaned as felt Tom pump several shots of cum into her rectum. Trudy's beautiful body radiated heat as Tom pumped cum into her ass. Trudy was almost out of breath but started to return to normal breathing as Tom caressed her body lovingly. Tom eased his cock from her ass and traces of cum ran out of her asshole between her cheeks and over her pussy.

Tom let her rest for awhile but then he was back at her. He fucked her ass two more times that night before he finally relented and let her lifeless body collapse on the bed. Trudy's ass was full of cum but it was a strange and erotic feeling. Trudy knew that her ass would forever be fucked by her husband on a regular basis. Tom was thrilled that Trudy liked it in the ass. He loved watching his big rod slide between his wife's beautiful ass cheeks. Tom was enamored with his wife's ass and he would be all over it the rest of the weekend.

The next morning Tom fucked Trudy first thing and she came three or four times before he let her rest. After he relieved himself in the bathroom he was back in bed with her and he wanted her ass again. Later in the day they were doing chores together when Tom came up behind her and grabbed her ass. Then he pulled her slacks and panties down to her knees and bent her over the family room sofa. Tom moistened his cock with her pussy juice and his saliva and then pushed it into her ass again. He fucked her ass until he shot his second load of the day in her rectum.

After dinner they watched a movie together and then they went to bed. Tom ate Trudy's pussy until she came and then he butt fucked her again until he came. Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday as Tom fucked her ass and came in it three times. Trudy controlled the situation and she made sure that Tom did not ignore her needs as he ate her pussy and fucked her frequently giving her incredible pleasure.

Tom lay in bed Sunday night as his wife slept next to him. He was on his back looking up at the ceiling and thinking about his life. He was going to start his own dental practice soon and he was getting his share of anal sex. Thanks to Amada the loan was approved and she also put up some up front money so that Tom could get started on his practice. In return he was fucking Amanda on a regular basis and keeping her happy. She was pleased that he took care of her sexual needs and he liked fucking her in the ass. Of course Trudy did not know that her husband was fucking her mother. Trudy was also thrilled with the possibilities with Tom's own practice.


Things had moved along nicely and Tom would be opening his own dental practice in about two months. He decided to start out with two staff members and then add more as needed. The building he purchased would allow for additional exam rooms and could be expanded as the business grew. He began interviewing for an office manager who would handle appointments and billings along with other administrative duties. He would also hire a dental hygienist. Of course Tom had ulterior motives as well and he was looking for girls with nice asses who would put out.

He interviewed several candidates on a Saturday as he was still working Monday through Friday at his other job. The first three he interviewed for the Office Manager position he dismissed quickly. Two of them did not meet his physical attribute criteria and the third walked out when he mentioned office sex. Then Carla came into the office. She was a pretty young woman and very fit. She was 5'5" tall and weighed about 125. She had long dark hair with brown alluring eyes. Carla was nearly flat chested but she had great legs and a killer ass. Her administrative skills were more than adequate and she was the type Tom wanted in his office. It was time to ask the big question.

"So Carla everything seems to be in order and I would say that you are perfect for the job. Just one more thing, how do you feel about sex in the workplace?" Tom asked.

Carla was taken back for a second but she quickly recovered. She knew what he was asking and that the right answer would seal the deal for her. She needed the job and she found Tom very handsome. She thought to herself, "Why not?"

Carla stood up and without a word she led Tom over to a chair. She sat down on the chair and her hands fumbled with Tom's trousers. She pushed his trousers and underwear down over his hips to his feet as his big cock bounced in front of her face. Carla stared hungrily at his huge cock and then reached out with her hand to stroke it. She marveled at its size and she was pleased with it. Tom sighed as she masturbated him.

She leaned forward and her tongue snaked out and lapped at his ball sac lightly, then she gently licked up and down his shaft. Her tongue circled his cock head as she slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. Her lips slid further down the shaft as she was able to take half of his cock in her mouth drawing a moan from him. They hadn't spoken a word to each other since he asked the question. Carla began to bob her head back and forth on his cock, sucking hard on his huge member and testing her gag line. She was able to get most of his cock in her mouth. Carla slurped loudly on Tom's dick as her soft lips glided smoothly up and down his long cock.

Tom stood before the shapely Carla as she sucked ravenously on his oversized cock. Her hand cupped his balls and gently caressed them as her tongue licked at the head of his dick each time it came out of her mouth. Tom placed his hands on the back of her head and guided her as she gave him an incredible blowjob. He loved the way she sucked his cock. She was so hot and he couldn't believe his good fortune as he held her hair back to watch her pretty face and sensuous mouth. Carla kept her eyes closed with her lips snugly wrapped around his shaft as she bobbed back and forth. She was still incredibly turned on and her panties were soaked but she was determined not to fuck him that day.

Carla was enamored with his impressive cock; she found that she loved to suck on it. Carla was desperate to please him and to make him cum. She loved to swallow cum. Carla wanted this to be one of the best blow jobs ever and she put all her efforts into it even more so than she ever had with her current boyfriend. It did not take long to bring Tom to the edge.

Tom announced that he was cumming and Carla clamped down on his cock determined to swallow every drop of his seed. She could feel his cock jerk in her hand as volley after volley bounced off the back of her throat. Carla swallowed as quickly as she could and did not allow a drop to escape her mouth. She continued to suck on his cock milking it dry of his sperm. Then Carla took the cock from her mouth and Tom watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick. Carla then wrapped her lips around it and sucked his man juice dry. She nibbled on his dick head causing him to shiver and he pushed her away.

"Does that answer your question?" she asked as she ran her tongue along her lips.

"It certainly does," Tom gasped.

"Do I get the job?"

"Yes you're hired. You will start in a month," Tom confirmed.

Carla smiled and accepted the offer. "I will see you in a month," she said and then she left the room.

Tom watched her ass as she walked out and his cock stirred again. He would have loved to know if she did anal but there would plenty of time to find that out. Tom was convinced that he would have her ass in due time. He decided to go to lunch and pass on the afternoon interviews. He posted a sign on the door stating the position was filled and then he called Trudy to meet for lunch.


Tome and Trudy had a late lunch at their favorite French restaurant and they polished off two bottles of wine. They were both in an amorous mood when they arrived home and Tom was anxious to get at her ass again. He had been thinking about Carla's curvy bottom all through lunch and had worked himself up to where he had to have his wife's ass.

When they got home he just had to unveil her marvelous ass. Tom knelt behind her and pushed her dress up to his waist. Then he stared at her luscious ass encased in her transparent panties. Tom then peeled her panties down to the tops of her thigh high hose and looked at Trudy's beautiful ass framed by the dress around her waist with her panties and hose around her thighs. Tom leaned in and planted light kisses all over Trudy's curvy buttocks. Trudy squirmed when she felt his lips on her ass cheeks and she flinched with delight when Tom slipped his tongue into the crack of her ass.

"Can we do the Jacuzzi tub first?" Trudy asked sexily.

"My pleasure, stay right there," Tom replied and then he went over to their Jacuzzi tub and ran the water.

Tom then returned to Trudy and slowly undressed her. Trudy trembled as each piece of clothing was slowly removed and she watched her image in the mirror. Trudy was proud of her body as she should be and she liked her naked image in the mirror. Trudy was still admiring herself when Tom stepped away and removed his clothes. Then he reappeared in the mirror and moved behind Trudy. He wrapped his arms around her body and cupped her firm tits as his hard cock nestled in the cheeks of her ass. Trudy loved being held this way and they stayed like that for several minutes while Tom fondled her tits and nipples.

Tom then steered Trudy toward the bathroom where the Jacuzzi tub was now ready. Tom turned on the jets as they both got into the tub. Trudy leaned back into Tom and he reached around and stroked her firm tits. He tweaked and rolled her nipples in his fingers. Tom slid one of his hands down across her firm abs over her little blonde tuft of hair and found her vagina. Tom played with the folds of her labia and then inserted his fingers in her pussy. He found her hard clit and rolled it between his fingers as he continued to tease her nipples with his other hand.

As Trudy got turned on Tom moved her to the other side of the tub and he had her lean over the edge presenting her shapely ass to him. Her ass always looked good when it glistened with oily water and it looked so sensual. Tom leaned over and licked Trudy's pussy from behind driving her wild. Then he had that familiar urge to tongue her beautiful ass again so he swiped his tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. Trudy gasped out loud when Tom's tongue touched her asshole. Tom really got into it and he grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that he could get his tongue in deeper. Tom probed her pink aperture with his tongue as he inserted three fingers in her pussy and quickly located her g-spot. Trudy started whimpering, gasping and rotating her ass a she had her first orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh yessssss," she cried out, "I love that."

They decided to get out of the Jacuzzi and get in bed. Trudy began to stroke Tom's cock into an erect state and then proceeded to suck on it. Trudy loved to stick her tongue in the little pee slit and nibble on his cock head. This act always made Trudy hot and she soon needed Tom's cock in her pussy. She straddled him and aimed his cock in her pussy and rode him until she achieved another orgasm. Trudy dismounted and rolled over on her stomach so she could look at Tom who lay on his back.

Tom looked over at Trudy's ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He loved her perfect ass and he desperately wanted to fuck it again. Tom got to his knees behind Trudy and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. He then began to kiss her cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass. Trudy wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her just as he had in the Jacuzzi. Tom lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air. Trudy's head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Tom's tongue licked close to her asshole. Tom ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Trudy to tingle in anticipation of what she knew was next.

Tom spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her asshole and he found himself wanting to fuck her up the ass. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really him in her ass.

Tom grabbed the bottle of lubricant as Trudy arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of lube and slid his thick finger in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the lube and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Tom pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into her tight asshole.

Trudy relaxed a little and then felt more of his cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through her body. Tom kept feeding more and more of his cock into her ass. There was fullness and then pleasure each time he went deeper. Trudy would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Tom had all 7+ inches buried in Trudy's ass.

"Uh, uh, uh oh yes, it's so good," she cried out.

Tom reached around and played with Trudy's clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached sensitive areas in her body. Trudy was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Tom methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his big cock slide out of her shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. He loved watching her ass impaled on his cock. Trudy looked so submissive and vulnerable on all fours as his cock filled her asshole. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Trudy orgasmed her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Tom's fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Trudy's asshole pulsated as he drove his big cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. He slid his pecker deep into her rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Tom kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Trudy.

He slowed his pace and eventually stopped, allowing his cock to remain buried in Trudy's ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips. Tom stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from Trudy's loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his enormous cock sliding out of her shapely ass. Trudy looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. Tom now knew why he had to have her ass all the time. He could not resist sticking one of his fingers in her asshole and Trudy just wiggled her bum slightly in delight. The two of them fucked once more before they fell asleep.


The following weekend Tom set up interviews for the dental hygienist position. Many of the ladies were very qualified but they did not appeal to Tom as they did not have good figures or fuckable asses. Finally a young black girl who recently graduated from school interviewed. She had no real experience but she was a knock out.

The young girl was named Vanessa and she had an ass that one could crack an egg on. Her skin was light but it was clear that she was black. She was 5'6" tall and weighed about 120 pounds. She had very small breasts but that ass was something else. Vanessa was 23 years old and she desperately needed the job. She had come to southern California thinking that it would be easier to find work in a more liberal location. She had had many interviews but without success. She was convinced that most dentists didn't want to hire a black girl.

Tom had never had sex with a black girl but there was something about Vanessa that stirred his juices. He was convinced that she could do the job as she had good references and she had done well as an intern. She had darling round face with short curly brown hair and her whole face lit up when she smiled. Vanessa was feeling good about the interview but she was shocked when Tom asked her about sex.

"So how do you feel about sex in the workplace?" he asked as he had with Carla.

"Aren't you married?" she replied with a question.

"Yes but my wife and I have an open marriage," Tom lied.

"I don't think that my girlfriend would approve," Vanessa told him indicating that she was gay.

"A girlfriend, you are into girls," Tom questioned.

"Yes for several years now. She is an airline stewardess."

"Have you always been into girls?"

"No I used to date guys but I prefer women now."

"I see. Have you ever done anal? You have a fantastic ass."

Tom struck a nerve and he could see the reaction on Vanessa's face. Vanessa recalled how a cock would pulsate as it ejaculated stream after stream into her rectum. She loved the feeling of the warm meat in her ass as it released its load. The feeling was nearly indescribable and one that she dearly missed. It was the only thing about sex with a guy that she missed. She was never one to suck a cock and she didn't enjoy a guy shooting in her pussy. Actually Vanessa loved the strap-on pussy fucking that she got from her girlfriend Ginger as that cock never got soft.

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