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Final Claim


He stood against the concrete wall, feeling its vibrations as a plane either landed or took flight. His nerves far calmer then He would have believed when He booked her flight. For only the briefest moment did He ponder the possibility of her having changed her mind, for He knew better then that. she would not break her loyalty to Him over her nerves, not to mention how ecstatic her words had been when He had informed her of the flight.

"Oh m'Lord, finally m'Lord, thank You"

He let these words flow through His mind as people started exiting the terminal on which He would find her. It appeared to be a busy flight, but He new she would be the last off.

"I wish for you to leave the plain last M'dear," He continued by explaining even though He knew she would follow the command regardless of the reason... "This is how I shall know you upon first sight M'dear."

When He saw the line end He looked back to the terminal, watching a last solitary figure step out, she was clearly as nervous as could be. She wore only what was ordered, A low cut blouse a black short skirt, and nothing else. He had instructed her clearly on what to do next, and thou she was nervous she trusted Him.

"Be calm M'dear, and know I would let nothing befall you."

She stepped cautiously up to the Man she knew must be her Master, from the unfaltering eyes. He then bowed to her as she curtsied to him, an odd sight to behold in this modern day. Indeed a few people looked over oddly, their eyes questioning the movements but remaining silent. He moved forward and kissed each of her eyes then her lips, a kiss lasting well past a minute by the clock over head. His tongue searched her mouth for the first time, and found perfection, as her tongue responded with nerves and passion, wanting to please Him so. When He pulled away He looked into her eyes, as they fell to the ground. He stepped behind her, running a finger along her cheek as He moved.

Upon feeling a hand run along her back she repressed the shiver she felt and began to move, He had told her were to go. She stepped out the swinging door and felt the cold air of winter over take her, the thin silk of her blouse not able to hide her response to the bitter wind. She began to move toward the red Escort she saw down the line a bit. Holding her head up and not straying her eyes. She knew not where her Master was but trusted He was not far. She set her bag gingerly by the trunk and moved to the side of the car, her head down and standing still, she would have kneeled even amongst these many people if it was what her Master had desired. But soon came the sound of a trunk closing behind her, then the sight of her Master's hand before her as He opened the door. She felt more then heard the low whisper in her ear as she felt a hand slide through her long hair. "Enter M'dear, and rest at ease, you are safe with Me." The long drive passed in but a few seconds as T/they chatted over many topics, from where her kids where staying, to how fully she had complied with His instructions on dressing. The conversation was one very casual and lax, thou every line was ended with M'dear, or m'Lord, an odd contradiction with many of the issues. She knew better then to ask how long the drive might be, or what was to happen when T/they arrived. Whatever it was, she knew her Master would make it special.

Upon being told she may look up, her eyes searched over Him for the first time in her life. She felt herself smiles as she placed a face with the word Master. He was exactly as He had told her, not perfect by any means, but He was all the she wanted, just as she was to Him. She knew from the two years they spent in chat rooms that he was not the strictest of His kind, but preferred to let her prove her loyalty in placing the rules upon herself.

A full hour into the trip she noticed a small glint in His eyes as he looked over, a glint that she had not seen in any of His other glances and she felt her stomach turn knowing something had found its way into His mind. He did nothing at that time but she knew it would come, in the mean time she could do nothing but ponder it.

As He turned onto another road He pointed out the window and said in a sincere voice, "This is the only sight I may compare with the beauty I see upon your face." When she looked out the window on her side as He had directed, she let out a content sigh, seeing how the morning sun crept over the water, showering the low waves of the Atlantic in a rainbow of color. She had wondered why He chose such an early flight and smiled again understanding one more of His many mysteries.

She felt His hand running through her hair again as she watched the ocean disappear behind a stretch of buildings. The car turning away onto a far busier network of roads, to busy. She knew they must be there soon but He lived in a more rural environment or so He had once told her. They turned into what seemed to be a plaza of stores and her mystery changed and even grew as she saw the movie cinema before her. She could not help but ask the question on her mind, "Why here m'Lord? It is closed."

In response he dangled a key before her a grin on His face. She had figured this was the theater He ran, still that did not answer her question; she remained silent however, trusting His choice.

He stepped from the car and opened her door. When she stepped out she felt the bitter wind over take her again, some what fended off by his arm as He took her into His grasp, holder her tightly against His side as they walked the short distance to His theatre, a crossed a disserted parking lot. He gave her a brief tour of the place before letting her wander as He visited the restroom. She found the only office in the building rather easily and knelt outside the door looking down quietly, she had not been ordered too but she knew it would please Him to see it and she wanted to prove herself to Him. When she felt the hand run through her hand, she trusted it was Him and smiled. The door before her opened and she saw amongst other things one of the computers from which He had spent many hours with her. She saw His feet move past her and out of sight. She rose once more when He ordered her over and onto His lap. She saw on the computer screen the login page of the chat room where they spent the most time, and logged in per His request. She felt His hand travel up her back and neck for the first time, and shivered at its warmth, her hands typing a greeting to their friends. She felt a pressure from the lap upon which she sat that made her grin turn a little sly. His hands slid around her neck, down lightly over her breasts and around her stomach, exploring His new property; as she typed to her friends where she was. The pressure beneath her pushed her small black skirt up against her sex, bringing forth another shudder and a low moan, His hands moving up and cupping her breasts as she moaned, lifting them and against her chest.

"Tell them what is happening My pet, as I finally take what is Mine." Again she more felt the words upon her ear then heard them, the feeling that they caused to course through her was one of pleasure, knowing she was pleasing Him, and would be rewarded. She knew there would be a test, but she hadn't thought it would be one so easy, for she had often said these kind of things in open upon His request many a time. She typed to T/their friends what he was doing to her in every detail she could think of, her hand shaking only slightly as she typed, taking pride in her perfect typing, as His palms ran along her nipples, dragging them against His heated flesh.

Her cheeks flushed only slightly when the responses came to her words, and then reddened further from the heat He was bringing up from her body. She felt His lips kiss her neck softly, then move around each side, kissing every inch, as if marking ownership with loving care. She groaned only slightly as she felt a hand leave her, her eyes fighting to stay open, and her hands to type as she felt the shifting of her skirt, and a hand slipping down the back. She leaned forward slightly, pressing herself against the hand still upon her chest, to allow the one traveling beneath her better access to the treasure it sought. She spent almost a minute trying to type a single word as His finger went up and down the lips of her sex, her eyes closing and then opening as she had been told to type.

She began to ignore the pleasure He was giving her as best she could, the pleasure she so wanted to absorb more then anything, But she needed to keep typing to tell her friends what she felt as He had told her to. This short wave of defiance gave her time enough to type several more messages before her fingers grasped into the keyboard, as He slipped His finger into the lips of her sex He had been massaging lightly. The pumping of His finger slowly in and out, Brought her cursing herself as she cleared the screen of the characters she hadn't meant to type. She fought to put out the wave of pleasure she felt at every invasion of her Master, she needed to prove herself to Him.

She felt a His finger leave her and heard the muffled sound of a zipper, as she saw His other hand move from her breast and type two words, "good bye." He pressed the enter key as she felt what she wanted so dearly press against her sex. His whisper was soft on her neck as He muttered, "Now to make my final claim of you, My pet."

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