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Final Examination


"I'm beat! These exams are wearing me out," Beth exclaimed as she plopped down in the coffee shop booth. "I was up 'til three last night...and the night before!" she added.

"I hear you. I am wiped out too," her friend Jill agreed. She, too, sat down heavily into in her seat. "It's great to be finished with biology though. That was my last exam."

Beth studied her friend. Jill's shimmering black hair fell straight down from her shoulders to the middle of her back. Dark brown eyes looked back at her and her tanned skin was vibrant and smooth. She had a trim figure, very similar to Beth's really, but her breasts were larger. They were both of even height, around 5' 6". The guys were always checking Jill out, so Beth knew that others considered her attractive. Even Beth's boyfriend, Matt, thought she was hot.

She had just met Jill a few weeks ago in their Biology class. They hit it off immediately, and had developed a daily coffee shop routine.

"Mine too, " Beth said. "Coffee is on me today. Want something different this time?"

"Sure, " was the lazy reply. "Surprise me."

Beth groaned as she stood back up wearily and walked to the counter to order the two drinks. She caught her reflection in the mirror behind the counter and was generally pleased with what she saw. Long red hair cascaded down past her shoulders and vivid hazel eyes returned her gaze. She turned slightly to view her figure. She was trim too and thought she looked good. She exercised regularly to keep her weight down and that had the added benefit of keeping everything firm.

"Not bad...Breasts could be bigger though," she thought. Her boyfriend never complains though. He said he liked everything about her, including her breasts. Based on his reaction to her in bed, she believed him. He was insatiable!

"Oh well, as long as he is happy, " she murmured, thinking out loud this time.

"I'm sorry?" said the girl behind the counter.

"Oh...nothing...I'm sorry, " Beth stammered. "Two lattes please."

She paid for the drinks and walked back to the table. Jill was looking at her strangely.

"What?" Beth asked.

"How do you stay so trim?" Jill asked admiringly. "You have a beautiful figure."

"Huh? Oh...well...thank you. I work out at the gym a lot. That helps," Beth replied, handing Jill her beverage. "I also try to watch what I eat. This doesn't help though, " she said, holding up her latte. "It's the end of finals week. I am celebrating a little."

"Besides, what are you talking about? You look phenomenal, " Beth exclaimed. "I think every guy in biology checks you out at least once every day!"

"Really? I never noticed, " Jill stated. "You get a lot of attention yourself, though. Those guys really seem to enjoy your ass!" She laughed. "Especially, that cute one a few rows up."

Now it was Beth's turn to be surprised. "Really? Are you talking about the one who sits next to the aisle?"

"Yep. Every time you turn in a homework assignment, he undresses you as you walk by," Jill admitted. "It's pretty funny...and predictable. Men!" She laughed again and continued. "You might find it interesting to know that a few women in the class check you out as well..."

"What?! No way! Who?" Beth asked.

"A couple up front and a few back where we sit," Jill replied.

"Well, don't tell my boyfriend that. He would get started on his threesome kick," Beth said. "He jokes a lot about two girls and a guy and that would just encourage him."

"Really....How do you feel about that?" Jill asked, leaning in intently, while staring into Beth's eyes.

"A threesome with he and another girl?" Beth asked, then continued immediately. "I don't think so. I don't want to share him with anyone. Too jealous, I guess. All I can think of are the complications that could set in. What if he fell in love with her? Or her with him? Too complicated..."

Jill shook her head. "That's not what I meant." She paused for a moment. "Have you ever been with another woman?" she whispered.

"Uh...no," Beth replied, shocked. "I don't think that's my style. Why are you asking me these questions?" she asked, slightly embarrassed and with no small amount of surprise.

Jill laughed. "I was doing one of the those online quizzes about sex last night. I needed a study break and was just browsing around. I came upon this quiz that asked a lot of 'Have you ever' type questions. Most of them I answered 'no' to, but one caught my eye and I would be interested to know your response to it."

Beth blinked, not believing they were having this conversation.

Jill paused as if looking for the right words. "It was something like – Would you let someone else of the same sex have sex with you if you didn't have to reciprocate?" She paused, looking at Beth intently, as if wanting as response.

"Uh...well...I have never been interested in another woman in that way, but, I guess, if I didn't have to touch her...uh...down there...or anywhere else for that matter, I guess I might try it once."

Jill took a sharp intake of breath and paused again, as if debating her next words. Then she whispered intently, "Then would you do that with me?"

Beth was floored. She didn't know what to say. This was totally unexpected. Granted, she didn't know Jill all that well, but she would have never thought that she had 'interests' in that area. All of their girl talk had been about guys in their classes, ex-boyfriends, or about Beth's boyfriend.

"Jill, I have a boyfriend. You know that. I mean, assuming that I could go through with it. I mean...I mean...I don't know. I like you a lot. You've become a good friend, but...wow...this is really unexpected," she laughed nervously. "What about Matt?"

"I don't want to have sex with your boyfriend. I want to be with a woman. It is a fantasy of mine, and since I am currently unattached, now is a good time to try something like this. I like you and I think you are gorgeous," Jill stated pointedly. "I know it is more than a little awkward for you, but I am attracted to you."

"A lot...," Jill added looking down at her drink now, now beginning to look uncomfortable.

Could she do this? What about Matt? She couldn't cheat on him. She had never considered doing that with a man or a woman. She loved him intensely and they had even discussed the possibility of marriage. What would he think? What would he say? Why was she even thinking it through this far? Another woman wants to have sex with her and she was seriously considering it! she thought.

Beth was surprised to find herself aroused and to discover that her cotton underwear was soaked. She was breathing heavily and the room became uncomfortably hot. Why was she having this physical reaction?

"I don't know, Jill. Can I think it over?" Beth asked, suddenly swallowing with difficulty.

"Sure...But I was hoping it might happen before break. I leave for home in two days," Jill replied.

"Well, just give me a few hours," Beth said. "I will meet you online tonight. Nine o'clock work?"

"I will be there," Jill replied.

"Okay. Talk to you later," Beth said. She gathered her books and coffee and got up to leave.

"Beth...," Jill said, looking up at Beth's beautiful face. "If you don't want to, that's okay. It's really important to me that we remain friends though, despite your decision."

"Don't worry," Beth said. "I enjoy your friendship too. I don't want it to get weird between us either."

"Good," Jill said, obviously relieved. "Talk to you tonight."



"Matt, we need to talk," Beth said slowly and deliberately.

Matt paused while preparing a dinner for the two of them. "Uh-oh. I know that tone. What's going on?" he asked, suddenly concerned.

"Oh nothing that you should be concerned about. Or at least, I don't think you should be concerned about it," she replied.

She continued. "It's just that I had an unusual offer made to me today." Her voice trailed off. "And I wanted to share it with you."

She looked at him as she spoke and could tell that he was concerned for her. She loved him so much and so enjoyed their time together. She also appreciated his good looks – brown hair, hazel eyes, and broad shoulders – These made him a real catch physically, but it was his humor and wit that charmed her.

"Let's talk about it while we eat," she said.

They sat down at the small kitchen table and she began to eat.

"Well?" he asked, waiting for her to explain herself.

She sighed. "You know Jill, right?" He nodded. "We went to the coffee shop together today and we were discussing our exams and stuff." He nodded again and she continued. "Well, somehow, the topic got on sex."

"Okay..." he said slowly. "Well, that's happened before."

"I know. Let me finish." she said firmly. He closed his mouth and sat back on the chair back with his arms crossed.

"Anyway, she was telling me about an online sex quiz that she took...and...well..." she stammered. "And she wants to have sex with me!" She blurted out.

"What?!" he shouted, almost falling over backwards on his chair. "Are you serious?"

She looked at him. "Yes," she answered.

He sat stunned, saying nothing. Then, "Okay. You are pulling my leg," he finally said. "Are you getting back at me for all of my threesome talk or something?"

"I am NOT kidding! She wants to have sex with me. But I don't have to reciprocate. She said she just wants to be with a woman," she said.

"You never told me she was a lesbian," he said. "I feel sorry for the male race if she is. She's cute."

"I don't think she is - at least, not totally. Maybe she is bi. I don't know. She has had boyfriends and seemed to enjoy sex with them," she confessed. "This really came out of left field."

"So what did you tell her?" he asked.

She bit her lip. "I said I would think about it..." she finally said.

"Really? Hello! Who are you?" he asked, once again stunned by her admission.

She sighed again. "Look, I am not really into women, but she said that I could just...uh...lay there, I guess. She is just going to do everything..."

"I am sort of intrigued," she added in a whisper. "You always told me I could tell you anything. Well, I am testing that right now."

"My girlfriend wants to have sex with another woman," he mused. "What do I think about that?"

He thought a moment, then took a deep breath. "Do you think that she is in love with you?" he asked.

"No. I think she is wanting to experiment with her sexuality," she answered. "I guess maybe I am too."

"I don't know about this...It is one thing to talk about this in fantasy, but another entirely to act it out," he stated. "I don't want anything to come between us and certainly not another chick! It's not cool to say I lost my girlfriend to another women..."

"Listen to me. Nothing will come between us. If this 'event' even happens, it would not come between us. It is just sex. That's all," she said firmly, looking into his eyes. She paused.

"Just say the word if you want me to say no," she added.

"Do you want to?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Why?" he asked.

"I want to know what her touch feels like, I guess," she answered. She crossed her legs and noticed that her underwear was wet again. The thought of Jill touching her, stroking her pussy, fingering her, perhaps licking her cunt, was over-powering. She closed her eyes and imagined it all – the soft touch of her slender fingers, the subtle yet firm pressure of her lips on her body. She opened her eyes quickly, realizing that she had left the room momentarily.

"This has become a fantasy for you, I see, " he said as he watched her. He got up and looked out the window. He sighed. "Okay," he said quietly. "But I want to be there."

"In the same room?" she asked. "I don't know if she will go for that. Or are you hoping for some threesome action?" Before he could answer, she said, "No way. This is just between us. You can't have sex with her too. I am not ready for that."

"I want to watch only," he said simply. "I can be in the bedroom. Can you arrange to stay in the living room?"

"I don't see why not," she answered. "I will tell her that you are there. She will have to understand the arrangement."

"Wait. How can you watch from the bedroom?" she asked.

"I am techie. Leave it to me," he said, rubbing his hands together excitedly.

"So I guess you have warmed up to the idea!" she exclaimed, smirking.

"Oh yeah. In the process, you are fulfilling my fantasy - probably every guy's fantasy of seeing two women together," he said.

"Okay. We are on for tomorrow night," she said. "Now let's finish eating and go to bed. I am so wet right now, I can't stand it."

"Dinner can wait," he said. He reached for her hand and led her to the bedroom.


bookworm > hi

JillNoJack > hey there

bookworm > what's up?

JillNoJack > nothin much

JillNoJack > packing and stuff

JillNoJack > bored ☹

JillNoJack > you?

bookworm > same really

bookworm > just had a talk with Matt about your fantasy 'request'

JillNoJack > oh really

JillNoJack > you included him in your decision

JillNoJack > gutsy

JillNoJack > admirable

bookworm > scary

JillNoJack > and?

bookworm > he gave me his blessing to do this with you

bookworm > i am surprised by his reaction

bookworm > don't know why though

bookworm > he is such a horn dog

bookworm > one would have thought that he won the lottery

bookworm > men! ☺

JillNoJack > ☺ I'm glad he said yes

JillNoJack > that's gutsy too

bookworm > one caveat though

bookworm > he wants to watch us

bookworm > bit of a voyeur...

JillNoJack > perv

bookworm > yeah well

bookworm > that's what I said

bookworm > but then he reminded me that I was the one having sex with another woman

JillNoJack > touché LOL

JillNoJack > i hadn't counted on him being there ☹

bookworm > problem?

JillNoJack > i guess it's not a problem.

JillNoJack > i don't really want to have sex with him though

JillNoJack > just the two of us

bookworm > i think he understands that

bookworm > besides, I told him that he can't have sex with you

bookworm > i AM the jealous type and I am not going there

bookworm > I also told him that he needed to be in another room

bookworm > he is going to wire it up somehow with cameras or some such stuff

bookworm > I don't understand it all

JillNoJack > Is he going to tape it

JillNoJack > I don't want that

bookworm > no he better hadn't

bookworm > just watch us

bookworm > and masturbate

bookworm > I guess

JillNoJack > well considering

JillNoJack > I will take what I can get

JillNoJack > if he enjoys the show

JillNoJack > then that's okay with me

JillNoJack > tomorrow night work?

bookworm > yes

bookworm > why don't you come by here around 9

bookworm > I will have some wine for us

JillNoJack > I have some weed too

bookworm > great! that will help me to relax some

JillNoJack > nervous?

bookworm > yes big time

JillNoJack > want to change your mind?

bookworm > no it's okay I think

bookworm > just remember that I don't intend to touch you

bookworm > down there

JillNoJack > I remember

JillNoJack > 9 pm see you then

bookworm > okay bye

JillNoJack > I'm excited

bookworm > me too

bookworm > bye

JillNoJack > bye


"So, tell me how this works," Beth said. Matt was messing around with cables and connectors and didn't seem to be in a good mood.

"Well, if I can get this to work..." he sighed and continued. "This camera..." he held up a small pen-sized rod with what appeared to be a lens on the end, "will send a signal, wirelessly, to this box." He pointed to a square metal box sitting on top of the television. "The box, I will connect to the back of the tv with one of these cables." He kicked a tangled mass of cables on the floor with his foot. "If I can't get it working, then I don't know what I will do. Sneak out and peek around the corner maybe?" he said, grinning.

He placed the camera on the coffee table and appeared to flick a switch on its end to turn it on. "Good - has batteries," he said. Then he tackled the tangled wires and upon finding one with the correct connector, threaded it back through the mess. He connected one end to the metal box and the other end to the back of the tv.

"If you want to watch tv for some reason, you will need to throw this switch back here," he said, pointing to the back of the television.

"I don't think the tube is in her plans," Beth said mischievously.

"Ha! Well, just in case..." he responded. "Okay – channel four – and voila!" He turned the tv on channel four and true to his word, an image of her couch appeared on the television, albeit in black and white.

"I can fix that!" he exclaimed and moved another button on the tiny camera. Now the couch appeared in vivid color. "Very good," he said, "but I think I would prefer a shot from the side. If I leave the camera here, I may miss some interesting profile shots of the two of you. Besides, I should pull the camera away from you as well, in case you two start moving around the room." He laughed.

Her face turned red. "I can't believe I – we – are doing this," she said. "I am nervous, excited, everything all at once."

"All I have to do now is wheel the tv back in to the other room, test the connection again, and we are good to go," he said. "What time is it?" he asked.

"Eight o'clock. Oh, I had better go shower," she said, standing up suddenly.

"Okay. I will get everything set up and get comfy. I love you," he said, looking at her intently. "Have fun, but not too much fun," he added.

She smiled "I won't and I love you too. Thank you for doing this with me – and for me," she responded. She hugged him tightly for a moment, then walked hurriedly to the bathroom.


Beth studied herself in the bedroom mirror. She looked good. I have no idea how to appeal to a woman she thought, so she just wore normal clothing, a pair of form-fitting jeans and an equally breast-hugging shirt. She put on her best matching pair of bra and panties underneath.

Matt was watching her from his chair in front of the tv. "You look great. If she doesn't show up, I am going to totally jump your bones," he started. "Maybe I will anyway," and started to stand up.

"No...If you are good boy, maybe you can have some later," she said, pushing him back down into his chair. She pecked him lightly on the lips and quickly darted out of his grasp. She left the bedroom and closed the door behind her, while checking her watch. Almost time! she thought. She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a bottle of chilled wine. Once she located a corkscrew, she opened the bottle and poured two glasses. She carried them into the living room and sat on the couch, placing the drinks of the coffee table in front of her. Now what do I do? she thought impatiently. I am so nervous. Must relax...must relax.

She had just closed her eyes when there was a knock at the door. She broke from her reverie and jumped up, hurrying to the door. In her last few steps, she slowed down as if not wanting to appear to be out of breath or too excited. She composed herself and her clothing, and opened the door.

"Hi!" Jill exclaimed, walking into the apartment.

"Hi! Glad you made it okay," Beth responded.

"Yeah. It was a nice walk over. Nice apartment!" she said, looking around appraisingly. "Couch, chair, coffee table, stuff on walls...All you need is a tv."

Beth smiled and pointed down the hall.

"Ah yes," Jill said. "And that is the...?" she said, pointing at the camera.

Beth nodded. "Why don't you have a seat? Want some wine?"

"Sure," Jill replied.

Beth quickly poured two glasses and handed one to her. Jill sat down on the couch and Beth joined her to her left. "Excellent, although I know little about wine," Jill remarked.

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