tagFirst TimeFinal Vows Ch. 04

Final Vows Ch. 04


The young nun lay on the thick carpet of the priest's dinning room, trembling. Naked. Her whole body shaking as she recovered from her very first orgasm; an orgasm reached on the fingers and tongue of her Mother Superior. The older nun, also naked, slowly withdrew her fingers from her younger Sister's cunt and reluctantly removed her tongue from the previously untouched, swollen clit.

"Now it is time to see how much you have learned, Sister," said the priest from his position above them. She could see his face smiling down at her but she could also see his large, engorged penis and wondered what was to befall her next.

She had moaned when Mother had stopped what she was doing but was now trying to focus on whatever else was going to happen on this amazing night. It only took a few moments for her to find out; just the time it took for Mother to stand up and walk up to her head. She placed one foot on either side of the young girl's head and started to lower herself onto the frightened face beneath her.

Looking up, all the young nun could look at was the bald lips between her Mother Superior's legs and her cry of alarm was stifled when these very lips landed on her open mouth.

"Just do what I did to you, Sister. First, lick up and down my slit," the older nun instructed.

The younger girl lay there, not knowing whether she was in shock or in paradise. Before tonight she had never seen another person naked in her life. Now, not only were she and Mother Superior as naked as the day they were born but Father was naked too. Naked and rampant. She had already sucked his long penis. He had already shot his seed all over her face and neck. Mother had already kissed her body, her mouth, her breasts, her private parts. She had already had her first orgasm; at least that was what she presumed it was when Father had exclaimed in delight, "Look, Mother, she'd doing it; she's cumming!" Now she was being asked/commanded to do the same back and she didn't know if she was more terrified of the sins she thought she was committing, of letting Mother down or of what else Father had in store for her.

She tentatively touched Mother's bald skin with her own lips and kissed her private parts.

"Lick it, Sister, lick it!"

Slowly she opened her mouth and her tongue reached up to taste her first woman. Mother groaned in delight and the young nun instantly stopped, afraid of the older woman's reaction.

"No, no, Sister. That was lovely; that was just right. Do it again," said Mother with, what the young girl thought was, a hint of pleading.

Again the young nun's tongue moved up to her Mother Superior's private place and licked the already wet slit. Mother groaned and pushed herself harder against her young Sister's tongue and rejoiced in the tantalising sensations the young girl's wet tongue was causing in her more than ready pussy.

Presuming from Mother's ecstatic moans that she was doing the right thing, the young nun continued to lap at the older woman's slit but, with Mother kneeling over her, she couldn't raise her arms to stick her fingers up her private place just as Mother had done to her. She suddenly realised that the fact that she couldn't return the gift Mother had given her disappointed her greatly; she realised she wanted to stick her fingers into the older woman; she wanted to make the older woman "cum" as she had.

She wasn't sure if Mother was reading her mind or if she had just decided to take the matter into her own hands; either way Mother was now rubbing her own clit with her own hand and squeezing alternate nipples with the other. The faster she rubbed, the faster the young nun licked. The faster the young nun licked, the harder Mother Superior bucked on her face. Everything seemed to become a blur. Mother was rubbing her clit frantically. The young nun was lapping up and down her slit like it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Faster and faster Mother writhed on the young nun's face; deeper and deeper into Mother's cunt went the young nun's tongue. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Harder and harder until, finally, Mother shrieked loudly enough to raise the saints.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OH MY GOD! I'm cumming!"

Mother continued to rub herself on the young nun's saturated face, the pussy juices pouring from her satisfied cunt. The young nun had never been so pleased with herself. She had made Mother cum. And it felt good!


Mother Superior crawled off the young nun's face and fell to the carpet beside her, totally exhausted.

"Sit up, Sister," commanded the priest. "You have one more lesson to learn."

She sat up beside the naked, prone body of her beloved Mother Superior. She knew the juices from Mother's private place still covered her face but now she wore them as a medal of honour. Pleased that she had reduced the older woman to a state of complete submission, she now eagerly awaited whatever plans Father had for her.

The priest knelt down between the outstretched legs of the older nun and instructed her younger Sister to hand him one of the cushions from the couch beside her. She reached out, unwilling to surrender her prime position beside her gorgeous lover, managed to grab the biggest of the cushions and handed it to the priest.

"Raise your hips, Mother. Our young Sister has to be able to see exactly what I am going to do to you."

Mother Superior wearily pushed up and allowed the desperate priest to push the cushion under her, enough to ensure her leaking pussy was in full view of the young nun. The priest shuffled forwards on his knees and started to rub his cock up and down the entrance to her bald cunt. Mother was still recovering from the orgasm achieved on the young girl's tongue and the priest's actions were enough to start her moaning again.

"Now, Sister, I'm going to fuck your Mother Superior's cunt," and he rammed his hard prick all the way up the older woman in one thrust.

The young nun was still shocked by the use of such words but now she was even more mesmerised by the site of the priest's penis plunging in and out of her sweet Mother's "cunt". Her own "cunt" started to tingle at the sight and she could feel herself leaking juices like never before.

Mother Superior, on the other hand, was bouncing on the end of the priest's cock like a rag doll. Not having fully come down from her last orgasm, she could feel the next one building quickly.

"That's it, Father! Fuck my cunt! Show Sister what you are going to do to her. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And with that the older woman climaxed on his hard cock, screaming and cumming, cumming and screaming, so much so that the young nun decided for the first time that night to take matters into her own hands. Reaching over to the couch again, she grabbed another cushion and stuffed it under herself in imitation of Mother.

"Do me, Father," said the girl wantonly. "Do me like you did Mother."

The priest looked down at his newly created slut, waited until Mother Superior had collapsed in ecstasy, and moved over to take his place between the young girl's open, welcoming legs. He looked down to see her virginal cunt leaking in anticipation and wondered if he had the strength to go as slowly as this young nun would need him to when every inch of his body was telling him to ram his cock in and fuck her hard.

Just as with Mother Superior, he started by rubbing his prick up and down her greedy slit, although neither of them needed any further lubrication as his cock was covered with Mother's pussy juices and her cunt was leaking like a tap.

"Put it in, Father," she begged. "Put it in. I want you to do me like you did Mother."

"It's not going to be so easy for you. Mother has been fucked many times before (even this revelation no longer shocked her) but this will be your first time. It's going to hurt at first but, I promise you, it will get so good after that initial pain."

"Do it, Father! Put it in! Put it in!" begged the young girl.

"What is it you want me to do?" asked the priest, still teasing her with his rampant cock sliding up and down her silky slit.

The young nun was mystified; hadn't she just told him what she wanted? Mother Superior, however, came to her rescue, rolled over beside her young Sister and whispered in her ear. This wasn't the first time they had initiated a young nun in the "pleasures of the flesh" and she knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Fuck me, Father," the young girl almost whispered, not believing that she could say these words.

"I didn't quite hear that, Sister. What did you say?" he teased still rubbing up and down at her entrance.

"Fuck me, Father," she said with more confidence and the priest inched forward just enough for the head of his cock to enter her soft lips.

"Fuck me, Father," she said as she raised her head to see his prick slowly moving further up her cunt.

"Fuck me, Father," she demanded just as he reached her maidenhead and prepared himself for a stronger push.

"Fuck me, Father," she insisted as he plunged deep into her and ripped through her hymen. She screamed at the pain and looked over to her beloved mother in bewilderment, tears running down her face.

"Don't worry. That's it over with. The rest is all about pleasure."

The young nun looked back at the priest hovering above her, his throbbing cock lodged deep within her cunt.

"Fuck me, Father," she said in anticipation and fear.

Though he longed to do just that he knew he had to go slowly to allow her to recover so, as he looked down on her tear-stained, worried face, he started to gently move in and out of her bloody cunt. Very soon her tears dried up and she could start to feel the pleasure that Mother had promised.

"Oh, that's it, Father, fuck me."

That was all the invitation the priest needed and he began to fuck the young nun as if it was his first time rather than hers.

"Fuck me, Father," she pleaded as he ravaged her no longer virginal cunt.

"Fuck me, Father!" she demanded as he thrust harder and harder into her pussy.

"Fuck me, Father! Fuck me, Father! Fuck me!"

She was relentless now. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer especially as she was now thrusting up at her to meet his downward plunges.

"Fuck me, Father! Fuck me, Father! Fuck me, Father, with your big, fat cock! Fuck my cunt with your big, fat cock!"

That was it. He hammered into her and with one final thrust he started to shoot a gallon of spunk into her unprotected womb. She could feel his hot seed flowing inside her and that was all it took to send her over the edge.

"That's it, Father! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming"!

Her whole body trembled beneath her until finally, totally spent, he stopped thrusting and collapsed on top of her.

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