tagGroup SexFinal Vows Ch. 06

Final Vows Ch. 06


"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It is two days since my last confession."

"Tell me your sins, my child."

The young nun knelt by his side, head bowed in shame, her hands clasped in prayer at her chest. The priest looked down on her, his cock already rising, feeling her so close to his eager body. He waited with fervent anticipation as he expected to listen to Sister Maria confess how she had enjoyed being fucked by Mother Superior and himself.

"I don't know how to say the words, Father. I'm so ashamed."

"Just tell me, slowly, exactly what happened."

"Well, you see, Sister Angela and I have been fucking each other."

The priest nearly fell off his chair and struggled to regain his composure.

"Go on, my child," he managed to say.

"We didn't mean to, Father. It's just that when she licked my cunt and made me cum with her fingers I felt I had to do the same back to her and since then we haven't been able to stop it. She was even playing with my pussy during your sermon yesterday."

The priest couldn't believe his ears. He and Mother Superior had been fucking all the nuns just before they took their final vows for two years now. They had managed to convince each of the sweet virgins that this was the only way they could properly prepare for a life in the convent by experiencing everything they were about to give up. Never before had one of the nuns needed to be fucked again. Never before had any of them come to him to confess they were still indulging in the "pleasures of the flesh".

"What you are doing is very wrong, Sister. You must stop this immediately."

"I know, Father, but when I start remembering what you and Mother Superior did to me, how I sucked your cock and Mother ate my cunt before you fucked me with your big hard prick, well my pussy starts to get wet and I only get relief if Sister Angela fucks me with her big candle. Even now, I can see your cock growing beneath your cassock and I just want to feel it pounding my mouth and filling my throat with your thick cum."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. The young nun didn't even know these words two days ago and now she was using them like any whore on a street corner. Neither could he control himself as he ripped open his soutane, released his cock from his trousers and, grabbing her by the back of the head, forced her mouth on to his throbbing dick.

Not that she needed much forcing. As soon as she recovered from the shock, Sister Maria was sucking his cock like a pro, taking him all the way to the back of her throat. As she came back up, she swirled her tongue around the length of his prick until she reached the sensitive head and tortured him with the tip of her tongue. Round and round she licked, up and down she down she swallowed, round and round, up and down until the priest could take no more.

"I'm going to cum," he moaned and she plunged all the way down until her nose was resting in hic pubic hair and her throat engulfed his cock. He could feel her wrapped around him and he could hold back no more. Shot after shot of hot, thick, spunk poured from his prick and coated her throat. Swallow after swallow she received like communion wine and didn't lose a drop.

When his cock finally stopped shooting she leaned back on her heels and allowed him to slip from her soft lips with reluctance. She smiled up at him.

"Now it's my turn."

She rose from the floor, walked over to his desk and bent forward so that her forearms were resting on the very place he wrote his sermons. He looked on in disbelief as she reached round with one hand and raised her long, coarse habit up her bare legs. As it moved past her smooth thighs he was treated to the sight of her naked arse, round, firm and very enticing. She looked back over her shoulder, opening her legs, and said, "Please, Father, I need to be fucked. I need your hard cock in my cunt."

And he was hard. The sight of her swollen pussy lips peeping out from between her legs, the filthy words coming from her previously innocent mouth and the desire raging within him had all combined to harden his cock quicker than ever before. He stood up and walked over towards her waiting cunt. She wiggled her hips enticingly.

"Come on, Father. You know you want it. Fuck me."

She wasn't wrong. He didn't think he'd ever wanted to fuck someone as much as he wanted this young nun spread over his desk. He wasn't going to waste any time with finesse; her pussy was already dripping and desperate for him. He lined up his rigid cock with her tight slit and pushed – hard.

"YES! YES! That's it, Father. Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

So he did. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. Her thighs were banging against the hard wood of the desk but she didn't even notice. She would be bruised tomorrow but she didn't care. Her whole being was centred on her insatiable cunt and finally it was being filled. He held her tightly by the hips and tried to force himself deeper and deeper into this young nun's pussy. He could feel her squeezing her cunt muscles around his cock trying to gain as much pleasure as possible. He knew he wouldn't last long at this rate so he started to slow down but she was having none of it.

"No, Father, no. Fuck me, Fuck me hard!"

So he did. He plunged his hard cock in and out of her tight cunt, showing her most tender parts no mercy.

"Fuck me, Father. FUCK ME!"

So he did. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper until he could feel his cum start to rise but just before he started to fill her cunt she started to scream.


So did he. He filled her cunt until his spunk was dripping out past his still hammering cock and pouring down her legs. He collapsed on top her and she felt his weight heavy on her as her tits were squashed against the desk top.

"Thank you, Father. When can we do it again?"

He had fucked her every day since then (to cure her of her lust) and still there was no satisfying her. She was due to take her final vows tomorrow and he had decided the matter required desperate measures. There was a knock on the door and as he rose to answer it he nodded to the two men sitting across from him. Mother Superior led Sister Maria into the room and they both stood with heads bowed in front of the priest.

"Sister, you are to take your final vows tomorrow and you are still exhibiting all the signs of being more of a whore than a nun. You must undergo one final night of trial to finally exorcise you of your lust for the pleasures of the flesh. Do you agree to submit yourself to this trial?"

Sister Maria simply nodded, keeping her eyes downcast. She sensed rather than saw some movement beside her and when she looked up Mother Superior was standing in front of her – naked. The older nun walked behind Sister Maria and started to pull down the zip of her black habit. As it opened up, the heavy material fell from the young nun's beautiful body and pooled at her feet. Now she stood there almost as naked as her Superior with only her veil still on.

Mother took her by the hand and, stepping out of her fallen habit, she was led through to the priest's bedroom and told to lie on the large double bed which dominated the room. Sister Maria lay on her back in the centre of the bed and watched in anticipation as Mother Superior climbed onto the bed and on top of her. They lay face to face, looking into each other's eyes, their tits flattening against each other. Sister Maria heard a noise to the side of the bed but her attention was taken up by Mother Superior kissing her on the lips and pushing her wet tongue into the young nun's mouth. Sister Maria wasn't objecting and wrapped her arms around the older nun, kissing back with equal passion and letting her tongue dance with Mother's.

Just as she felt her pussy start to moisten at the thought of Mother being the one to make her cum, the older nun broke off the kiss and looked with hunger down into Sister Maria's eyes. Kissing down the younger nun's neck, moving over her firm young breasts, teasing and tormenting Sister Maria's enlarged nipples with her tongue, Mother Superior continued her journey until she reached her prize – her younger Sister's sweet pussy.

Sister Maria was about to raise her shoulders to watch what Mother was doing to her when her vision was blocked by the large figure of the first man to ever fuck her, straddling her chest and forcing his cock into her mouth. He raised her head with an extra pillow and proceeded to fuck her mouth. Sister Maria hardly needed to suck at all as the priest was concerned only with his own pleasure and forced his hard prick down her throat, hammering it in and out like it was a tight pussy. All this time Mother was lapping at her sensitive cunt and when she started to finger fuck the young nun, using her tongue now to tease Sister Maria's throbbing clit, the younger nun's orgasm burst upon her just as the priest also came and began pouring spunk down her throat.

As soon as he had stopped, the priest roughly pulled his softening cock from her mouth and climbed off her. Sister Maria was vaguely aware of Mother Superior also climbing off the bed leaving her, legs spread wide and cum still dripping from her mouth. She dropped her head to the bed and lay trembling.

She was allowed no recovery time however as Mother Superior now instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the bed. Sister Maria did as she was told, slowly but without argument, her legs still weak. No sooner had she got into position when she looked to her side to see the priest lying back in a deep armchair with Mother Superior between his outstretched legs, sucking his soft cock and licking off the pussy juices of her younger Sister.

Her attention however was now grabbed by another cock in front of her face. She had been vaguely aware of the other two men in Father's office but had paid them no attention as she had been undressed, led into the bedroom and fucked. Now she could see that the prick pushing its way into her mouth also belonged to a priest as he had simply lifted his cassock and released his dick from his trousers. She soon realised there was to be no gentleness this time either as the second priest forced his cock down her throat and began to fuck her just as Father had done. Concentrating on trying to breathe, she suddenly felt another cock pushing against her cunt. Taking her mouth from the second priest's prick for a second, she quickly glanced round to see who was about to fuck her now. All she managed to see was another figure in black, another priest, before her head was pulled round to pay attention to sucking the prick in front of her.

As both cocks, both priests, began to fuck her, the young nun could hardly even think about anything but two cocks, two cocks, two cocks. The two priests soon got into a rhythm and they began fucking her together so that both her mouth and her cunt were being hammered at the same time. She knew she would never last like this and very quickly she could feel her orgasm building deep in her belly and as both her mouth and cunt were pounded she started to shake uncontrollably as the biggest orgasm of her young life hit her. She struggled just to stay in position as wave after wave overcame her and she was hardly even aware when the priest fucking her cunt started to fill her up with his spunk. When the other priest began to fill her mouth, however, she was startled back to her reality and started to choke as more and more cum filled her mouth.

Again, both priest emptied themselves in her then simply pulled out and got off the bed. This time Sister Maria collapsed on the bed face down and lay there, barely able to wonder what was coming next. She didn't have to wait too long to find out as Father climbed back on top of her and, his cock having been revived by Mother Superior, began to fuck her spunk-filled cunt as roughly as he had fucked her mouth.

Over and over the young nun was fucked as each priest took their turn with her while Mother Superior worked hard in reviving each of their cocks when they had finished with Sister Maria.

As it approached midnight and the day of her final vows dawned, the young nun lay face down, a puddle of cum beneath her as it poured from her ravaged cunt. Each priest had fucked her at least three times and she was just beginning to think she couldn't take any more. Maybe they were finished too as it had been a little time since anyone had approached the bed. Just then she felt herself being rolled over onto her back. One of the unknown priests lay down beside her and she groaned when she saw yet another erect prick. Mother Superior came behind her and helped to climb on top of the priest and lower her stretched cunt onto his hard cock. She just lay there but, strangely, he wasn't making any attempts to move or to fuck her either.

She managed to raise her head, trying to find Mother, trying to see what was expected of her now. Before she could see anything, however, the second unknown priest presented her with his hard cock to suck. Sister Maria opened her mouth obligingly but, once again, he made no attempt to fuck her, seemingly content for her to suckle on his prick.

Next, Mother Superior appeared, smiling down at her. "Just one more trial, Sister," she soothed the young nun and climbed on to the bed beside her, only facing the foot of the bed. She felt Mother caress her arse cheeks and slowly pull them apart. Mother Superior then shifted her position to allow herself to gaze on Sister Maria's tight hole and leaned down to lick it.

The young nun couldn't believe what was happening. Yes, she'd been fucked all night and by three different priests, just as she'd prayed for; but she couldn't believe this – MOTHER SUPERIOR WAS LICKING HER ARSEHOLE. And where was Father?

It wasn't a question she could give much attention to as, almost as if it was a signal, when Mother started to force her rigid tongue into her dirty hole, the two unknown priests started to fuck her cunt and mouth. They weren't fucking her hard, almost leisurely moving in and out as she began to feel her cunt respond once again. She could feel her pussy juices running past the priest's hard cock and joining the puddle of cum (her own and the priests') on the bed beneath her.

Without warning Mother Superior removed her wet tongue from the young nun's arse and got off the bed. "She's ready now," said the older nun to Father. Mother sat on the side of the bed, took Sister Maria by the hand and squeezed in encouragement.

Sister Maria was still being fucked in the mouth and cunt but she became aware of someone (Father?) getting on to the bed behind her and leaning over her. "If this doesn't cure you, nothing will," he thought and roughly pulled the young nun's two arse cheeks apart. Lining up his throbbing cock with her virgin hole, he pushed in past her tight sphincter and entered her arse.

She tried to scream in unimaginable pain but the other two priests had taken Father's entry as another signal and started to fuck her – hard. The cock in her mouth enjoyed the thrills around it as she moaned from the fucking her tight hole was receiving. The cock in her cunt could feel Father's cock pounding into her and responded in like fashion. The cock in her arse went deeper and deeper with every thrust and she bounced between all three like a rag doll.

The first priest emptied his cum into her mouth and pulled out immediately, wiping his dripping prick on her face. The second priest came soon after in her cunt but lay where he was, holding on to Sister Maria in case she tried to escape Father's cock fucking her arse.

But she was going nowhere. She had never felt so full in all her life, not even when Sister Angela had used the big church candle on her wide open pussy. The excruciating pain had now been replaced with a brand new sense of pleasure and she knew she had found her heaven.

"That's it, Father," she turned round to say. "Fuck my tight arse as hard as you can."

He couldn't believe she still wanted this so he hammered her dirty hole as hard as he had ever fucked any hole, cunt or arse, and she screamed once again, although he didn't know if it was in pain or pleasure.


So he did. He no longer knew if he was fucking her to punish her or to feed her filthy desires but he knew he wanted to cum in her arse and cum deep within her. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. She pushed back and met his thrusting cock with her own backward thrusts and begged for more.

"HARDER, FATHER, HARDER!" she pleaded.

So he did. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. He didn't know who came first, only that he could feel her tight arse getting even tighter as she came and he poured his spunk into her arse. Collapsing on to her while she, in turn, collapsed on the priest at the bottom of the pile of flesh, he felt his cock slide from her cum-filled hole. Getting of the bed, his legs shaking, he asked her, "Well, my child, are you ready to take your final vows?"

Oh, Father, we've got to do THAT again!"

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