Finally Mom


"I heard you come out here and you look like you could use some company." I set down next to her on the lounge. She moved over to make room next to her. "What's wrong Mom?"

I could tell she had been crying but she tried to hide it. "What makes you think there is anything wrong?"

"Crying, you have been crying. Is it dad?" I was sure that was the problem but I wanted to hear her say it herself.

"Your Dad doesn't seem to want me much anymore." I was surprised she came right out and told me.

I moved closer to her and put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her body against mine. I could feel her breast pushing against my side and knew that she was naked under the robe. My cock gave a lurch at the realization that she was just the thin robe away from being naked with me.

Mom let me pull her closer without any resistance. My arm around her shoulders had dropped down until it was touching her other breast. She reached up and pulled it away but held in it her hands between her breasts. I could feel both of them touching my arm, my cock was getting hard and I knew she was going to see it any moment. I didn't care; I would gladly pull off my shorts and let her see all of me.

I finally got around to answering her. "I can't believe he doesn't want someone as beautiful as you."

"I have tried to keep my looks over the years but it doesn't seem to have much effect on him. I think he is just tired of me."

"He must be sick if he has grown tired of you. All my friends think you are the hottest woman around, even better then the young girls."

I could tell that she like to hear the guys thought she still had what it took. "That bunch of guys thinks anything of the opposite sex is hot."

"I think you are hot." I said it before I thought. "Sorry Mom, but the truth is the truth."

"I am glad you think so but you fit in with the other bunch of young guys I was talking about, even though I am your mother. If a woman has tits and ass you guys think she is hot." I could tell she was smiling as she laid her head on my shoulder. My arm between her breasts was still touching them and she wasn't holding my hand as tight as before.

I moved my hand up until I cupped her breast. She reached to stop me. She didn't move my hand from her breast but held it so I could not move. "Don't do this Mark." She was telling me to stop but I could feel her nipple growing hard in the palm of my hand. She lifted my arm from around her shoulders. "We need to go back inside."

I wasn't nearly ready to call it a night. "Let's go for a swim before we go back in."

"Mark, you never give up do you?"

"Hey, it is dad that doesn't look at you, I think you are beautiful and I want to see more of you."

"You young men are all alike. If I went swimming you would back out and run for the house."

To prove her wrong I stood up and before she could object I slid my shorts down and off my feet. I stood before my mother as naked as the day I was bore with one huge difference. My cock was standing at full attention. "Who's going to back out now?"

Even the dark I could see her face turning red. I had called her bluff and she could either back down or join me in the pool. I moved to the steps of the pool and stopped looking back at her and letting her see my manhood in all its glory. None of the girls I had been with had ever complained about me not holding up my end of the deal and I was sure that Mom wouldn't complain either if I ever had the opportunity.

I saw her reach for the sash holding the robe together. I knew that she was about to drop the robe and let me see her naked for the first time. Then I saw panic in her eyes as she pulled the sash tight and ran for the house. Disappointed I watched her go before entering the water. I had to get rid of this hard on or there would not be any sleep for me tonight.

Sue's Story

Once Mark made up his mind to try something he went to work with vengeance. The following day he was touching me every where except where the bikini covered. And I knew he was working up to that. I hated to see that time come because then I would have to call a halt to our little game and both of us were enjoying it.

Jim hadn't been over in a few days and Mark said he had a new girl friend that was keeping him occupied. Secretly I was glad to have the time alone with Mark.

One night I had been hot all day from the attention Mark had been paying me and that it had been a while since I had sex with Jerry. It turned out just the way it had so many times lately. I left him sleeping and pulled a robe over my naked body and made my way out to the pool.

I was deep in thought when I heard the back door open and close. It was Mark coming out to me dressed only in his shorts. I didn't think anything about it as I usually saw him every day or so dressed the same way. I could tell he was concerned about me as I moved over and let him sat down next to me.

He put his arm around me and I felt it drop down between my breasts. I reached for his hand to make sure that he didn't get wondering hands like a lot of young boys do on dates. I leaned into him and could feel my breast pushing against his firm young body. It felt good to me and I didn't move away. A glance down and I saw his cock growing in his shorts. Instead of upsetting me it made me feel better after the bad night I had with Jerry. At least my son thought I was still sexy.

I ended up telling him a lot about my trouble with Jerry and him not desiring me much any more. It got a confession out of him that I hadn't expected. He said that all his buddies thought I was hot, and then blurted out that he thought so too. I could tell he was embarrassed but he didn't back down.

I thanked him for the compliment but told him that all young men like women regardless of how they looked.

I had forgotten about his hand between my breasts and had released it. The next thing I knew his hand was cupping my tit. I jumped and grabbed his hand but for some strange reason didn't immediately pull it away. I felt my nipple harden at once before I came to my senses and took his arm from around my neck. "We need to go in."

He didn't give up easy. "Let's go for a swim." I knew he was talking about skinny dipping, something I like to do and did a lot when everyone else in the house was asleep. I was trying to find a way to get out of the hole I had let myself fall in. I decided to bluff. That was a dumb move on my part. I should have known that he wouldn't back down.

"You would just run for the house." He stood before me and before I knew what he was doing his shorts were off and tossed across the deck. I should have scolded him then but I was fixed on his huge cock. He was so big! Jerry was nothing like his son! I was speechless.

He walked to the pool and turned around letting me see every inch of his big beautiful cock. "Coming?"

I reached for the sash of my robe not thinking. Then it hit me like a ton of brick; I was about to get naked with my own son with his father just inside the house. What if he should wake up? I turned and ran.

Mark's Story

The next day nothing was mentioned about the night before. I hugged her and kissed her cheek at breakfast. I left her to bring up the night before, she never did.

Jim picked that day to show up and spend the day with us. I found out that he was fucking the new girl every time he had the opportunity. Her folks were home today so he couldn't go over there. He wouldn't be back tomorrow or the next day as they could be alone. He liked that piece of pussy better than any he had ever had. I was glad, that would keep him out of my way.

That night Mom didn't go back out to the pool. I was going to join her if she did. It took me a long time to get to sleep.

It was lunch before we made it back to the pool. There were chores that had to be done on the farm, part of the price to live out here in the wonderful place.

I was out side when Mom came out. She had her towel and the tube of sun tan oil that she brought every day. As she walked up to me I held out my hand for the oil. She only hesitated a second before handing it to me and lying down on the towel on her stomach.

I went to work on her shoulders and back. Down her sides to touch the edge of her breasts protruding over the edge of her top. I didn't try to hide the fact that it was her breasts that held my interest.

I finally moved down to touch her hips and almost to the indention made by her ass. I worked them over good before moving to her legs. I spent a lot of time on her legs because I knew that she liked that. My hand even ventured to touch the cloth covering her cunt. She jumped at the touch but didn't stop me.

She didn't resist when I moved back for her to roll over. She slid the shades back over her eyes as I went to work on her arms and shoulders. I could see the cleavage between her breasts as I worked over her. I worked downward until my finger tips were slightly under the edge of her bikini bottoms.

I felt her take a deep breath that freed my fingers up to move deeper. I thought for a moment she was going to let me finally touch heavens gate. "Stop Mark." It wasn't very forceful but I knew she wasn't ready yet. I moved back to her legs.

When she finally called enough I rolled over next to her. She reached for the oil. "Your time." I was more than willing for her to rub me down. I was on my stomach even thought my cock was hard. I had to move it around so I could lie there.

Her hands felt wonderful on me. She covered me completely except for what my suit covered. She took her own good time and even then it was over to soon to suit me. Then she made my day. "Roll over." I knew my cock was going to be standing up good and hard but at that point I didn't care. I wanted Mom to see all of me.

I rolled to my back, my cock standing up like a tent in my swim suit. There wasn't any use ignoring my condition. Mom could plainly see my hard cock and there wasn't any way to hide it. "Now that is what I love about young guys, they always have hard cocks."

"Sorry Mom but I can't help it."

"I will just try to ignore it." She went to work on my chest and stomach. She skipped over my hard cock that was jerking each time her hands moved downward. I wanted her to touch me more than anything I had ever wanted. None of the girls I had been with had ever effected me like Mom was doing and she hadn't even moved close to my cock.

Mom may have tried to ignore my condition but there wasn't any way I could. I noticed that she was spending more time on my chest and stomach than normal. I opened my eyes to see her staring at my cock as her hands touched my body. She sure didn't look offended by my hard cock.

She then skipped to my legs and worked her hands up and down them. I could see her breasts with the nipples hard as she bent over me. I had a feeling deep in my stomach that I had never had before as her hands moved up my legs. I was hoping against hope that she would just take me in her hands and hold my cock.

She covered me much as I had her earlier and for just about as long. Finally I could take no more as her hands moved higher once again. "Mom." She looked up at me. "Touch me." A strange look came over her face.

"Mark, I can't do that, it wouldn't be right."Still she didn't take her hands from me. At that time I lost all reasoning. I lifted my hips and slipped my suit down my legs. My naked cock spring up high and straight just below her head. I kicked and the suit went flying off as I lay back down, naked before my mother.

"Mark! What are you doing?"

"Mom, I want you to touch me more than anything I have ever wanted. Please just run your hands over me."

I have never asked Mom for much of anything she didn't do for me. Old habits are hard to break and I could see the indecision on her face as she was staring down at my hard naked cock. She didn't answer as she moved her hands back down my legs as before. She took much longer before she started to work her hands back up than she had before. Higher her hands came and I could just feel how it would be when she finally touched my cock.

She was almost at the junction of my legs where the decision had to be made. Would she or wouldn't she? I was hopping so hard that she would continue that I was almost pushing my cock towards her. Then her hand moved slowly forward. Her hand was gentle and soft as she cupped my balls and gently squeezed them. I almost came right then.

I let out a groan that could not have been mistaken as anything but pleasure. "OHHHH YYYEESSSS Please. She squeezed again and I pushed my balls tighter in her soft fingers. Then the best of all. One hand moved to cover my hard cock. It was more than my young cock could stand. Before I could stop or warn her I shot my load up and over her head. Shot after shot went out in every direction before she moved her hand over the head of my cock. Even then I continued to shoot until there wasn't anything left to give.

Mom held my cock and continued to work it long after I had shot the last load. "I'm sorry Mom; I didn't expect it to happen like that."

"That's alright Mark, I should have expected as much from a young man. It has been along time since I have been with someone so young. Your father doesn't do it like that anymore."

"It was even better than I had dreamed it would be."

She was still stroking my cock and balls and didn't appear to be in a hurry to stop. "You dreamed of me doing this for you? I would have thought you would have had one of the young girls doing that by now."

I was recovering and could feel my cock getting hard again. I wasn't in a hurry for her to stop what she was doing. I lay back and let her touch me where I had dreamed she would one day. "They are nothing compared to you."

"You are getting hard again, I better stop."

"NO! Don't stop!" You feel too good to stop."

She pulled back anyway. "Mark it is wrong for me to do that to my son. It doesn't matter how good it might feel." She was wiping her hands on the corner of the towel. "Boy, you got juice a everywhere."

I knew that I wouldn't get any farther today but I knew that once she had touched me and brought me off the next time would be easier. Still I didn't want to give up. "Let's go in for a swim and get cleaned up." I stood and pulled her up with me. Her body was only a couple of inches shorter than mine. I was on the verge of kissing her and I think she realized it. She quickly turned away from me.

I moved to the steps still naked. "Aren't you going to put your suit back on?"

"No, I thought you might like to pull yours off?"

She laughed, one of her laughs that showed she really enjoyed what was transpiring whether she stripped or not. I knew that I had not offended her. "You just keep pushing don't you?"

I laughed, "You can't blame me can you. Jim nearly has a stroke each time he catches a glimpse of your breasts."

"Well, Jim isn't my son and you are."

"All the more reason you should share with me instead of Jim."

"I didn't say I would let Jim see them either."

"But you wouldn't resist nearly as much as you are doing with me. "

"You are turning this all around. Jim will never get to see my breasts or anything else."

"Good, now you can show me since we don't have to worry about Jim in the picture."

"You are crazy and I must be." She reached behind her and pulled the strap that held the top in place. It came loose in her hands and she held it over her breasts teasing him for a moment. Then she pulled it away and her beautiful breasts with the hard red nipples were open to my complete inspection. She didn't bother to try to hide them as she moved towards the steps where I was standing. I had never been so happy in my life.

I waited for her on the steps and took her hand as she came down to me. My eyes wouldn't move from the naked view before me. "Mom, they are beautiful."

"Thanks, but get in the water before I lose my nerve."

"Sure you wouldn't like to leave the bottoms off also?"

"Don't push your luck." There was a gleam in her eyes when she said that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in and around the pool. Me naked and her topless. During the swimming I managed to touch them a few times to be reprimanded by her not to play with the merchandise. The day was over much too quick as Dad would soon be home. At that point it was the best day of my life. Much better than the first piece of pussy I got.

Sue's Story

I was thankful the next day that mark didn't mention the night before. It was the second day before I stopped thinking about what he thought of me running for the house. I spent as long killing time as I could before joining him.

He went to work quickly with the oil. One thing I liked was the way he made my body feel by rubbing each part of me. Even his fingers on my breasts didn't evoke a negative response from me. I was so relaxed by his touch that I rolled over without any resistance at all.

I felt his hands when they slid down my stomach as he had done so many times. Only this time I felt something different. He slide his finger tips under the edge of my suit bottom. It took my breath away and the extra room let him slid closer until I could fell his fingers touching the red bush guarding my pussy. It took all my will power but I managed to tell him to stop. Thankfully he did. Another fraction of an inch and I don't know if I would have been able to stop him or even wanted to.

I grabbed the oil quickly to break the spell he had on me. I worked his back over and over before I made up my mind to have him turn over. It was a first time for me to do that for him and I wondered as I worked on his back if he would. His cock had to be hard under him.

If there is anybody in my family that is shy it certainly isn't Mark. He rolled over at once. The fact that his cock was hard in front of his mother didn't faze him at all. I could feel my pussy gush with liquid just looking at him.

I worked my hands up and down his chest and legs. Each time I moved up his legs I could feel him tense up and even lift his hips slightly. My son wanted me to touch him. I wanted to touch him, but I couldn't get the thought of him being my son out of my head and I knew it was wrong even if he didn't care.

I was about to call a halt to the playing. That was what it had become. All thoughts of applying oil to him were long gone on both of our parts. "Mom, Touch me." I knew what he wanted and I couldn't force myself to do it.

Then he lifted his hips and pushed his suit down and kicked it from his legs. My son was lying naked before me with the biggest cock I had ever seen. "Mark!"

"Please Mom."

For eighteen years I had did everything he asked me to. Old habits are hard to break. I knew he needed me to touch him and that he was hurting. To easy my conscious I figured I would just touch his balls and that would be all.

I didn't answer him and moved down is legs again. This time I moved up the inside of each one slowly. I could feel the tension in his body as my hands moved higher. His cock was twitching with each inch I moved higher. I was at the point where I had to stop or go on. Actually I passed that point when I didn't stand up when he kicked off his suit.

His cock looked like it would burst it was so hard. His balls were drawn back up in his body from the excitement he felt. My right hand moved between his legs which he had spread open long before. I lifted his balls in my hands, careful not to hurt him. His cock jumped at my touch and when I squeezed them I thought he was gong to cum.

His hips were lifted and working his balls around in my hands. I couldn't stop, my left hand moved to hold my grown son's cock for the first time. He more than filled up my hand as I stroked him gently. Then just like that it was over. I didn't expect him to last long but longer than he did. Cum went over my head, in my hair, and on my chest. I have never seen so much juice come out of a cock in my life.

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