tagSci-Fi & FantasyFind the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 03

Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 03


The Assault

Anari woke up feeling miserable and it was only the first day. She was nauseous and on top of that came a bad taste in her mouth that wouldn't go away no matter how many times she gulped down a glass of water from the fountain. She was also restless but that had to do with her plans to escape or lack thereof.

'Draeck said he was going to make Mei-Li's complete last night, but did he actually do that or did she chicken out?' she wondered. 'I wish I could have pushed her further but that would have scared her away. I had to wait, but now I face the possibility that she has been corrupted too. And in that case I am without any allies whatsoever.'

She swallowed and was again reminded that Draeck had chained her with more than just physical means. Apparently he had made good on his promise but she could live with this, or die if necessary. But right now she was just waiting for one of the women to come so she could have breakfast. She was curious if food would be brought to her or if she would eat with the rest. She had forgotten to ask yesterday.

Her question was answered soon enough when Mei-Li entered and with her entrance Anari's hope crashed in a flaming wreck. Her pupils and irises were a sparkling silver and the look in her eyes was determined. Her hair was put into several braids, two of them streamed down from her temples and the rest from the back of her head.

But some of those braids didn't just hang there. Several were looped around her body, tied together like rope to provide minimal cover for her private parts. Two of those braids were cupping and lifting her tits, the tufts at their end rested on her teats. She wasn't wearing anything besides this bizarre getup and Mei-Li seemed to find nothing wrong with it.

"I know what you tried to do," Mei-Li said in greeting, her eyes shooting daggers. "Master showed me my personnel jacket this morning. Including the notes of my psychiatrist at the education center. Master isn't the one trying to use me, it's you. You and all those other Amazonans, from the moment you people got your claws on me. All you could think of was how to use me, a scared little girl!" She breathed hard after that tirade.

Commander Anari wanted to lick her dry lips but did her best to keep her anxiousness and surprise hidden. 'Fuck,' summed it up concisely. 'What the hell do I do now? I can't deny it, Draeck's got access to those files and he used it.' She took another look at Mei-li's eyes. 'And she's definitely one of his pets now.'

"Part of me wants to kill you," Mei-Li informed her with a cold voice. "But Master wants to keep you around and His punishment is cruel enough for me."

Anari blinked, not liking where this was going. She forgot to resist the temptation to lick her lips. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly," the petite woman answered triumphantly. "He's leaving you like this, withholding understanding from you. Keeping you untouched and captive instead of freeing you like He did me. He isn't in your thoughts, molding you to His will." Mei-Li's eyes became unfocused. "Showing you the bliss of obedience, making you submit, wrapping you in His will."

The commander watched as Mei-Li's hair began to move at that last part. It tightened and slid along her flesh, eliciting a pleasured moan from her before slacking again. "You will never have that," she informed Anari as she looked directly into her eyes. Eyes that showed the Amazonan exactly what she was missing. "But we have to go, I don't want to be late for breakfast."

Breakfast was surprisingly normal without the dessert-antics of last night. She waited for Draeck to suggestively ask her how she felt but he simply wished her a good morning and nothing more. The food was just as bland though which wasn't helped by the fact that the foul taste in her mouth clung to ever bite she took. And after that came the memorial service which left Anari with a confusing mix of emotions.

They had gathered a personal item from every woman that had died, including the deceased Captain Yvain, and put it in an airlock. And after some hart-felled words from Colonel Scorpia the outer doors had opened. That Draeck had the gall to stand there and comfort the doctor was bad enough, but the sadness that was written all over him threw Anari for a loop.

He was the reason those women had died,

but he obviously cared for them. And he didn't seem to be angry with Captain Yvain either or especially hostile towards herself for that matter despite what had happened to him. So she had simply stood there, with a clothed Mei-Li guarding her, and mourned for those brave souls in the privacy of her own mind. She honored them as Amazonans and as victims, not the playthings that they were when they died.

Still, the service had given her food for thought. Something to distract her from the small nuisances still plaguing her body. And it worked too because after a while she felt better, great even. 'Draeck doesn't look that bad,' Anari considered. 'I wouldn't mind him slipping his manhood into me. To draw it in slowly, feeling how my pussy strains to envelop him. His hands pulling at my hard nipples. Oh yes, just like...' The nausea came back as her hand left the collar to fondle her breast and with a shiver she became aware of her surroundings again.

She gave her hand an accusing glare, before shuddering. 'So I can do something about these symptoms if I caress the collar.' She had done it unconsciously when she didn't know that. But now that she knew how much better she could feel. 'How long until I lie here all day long, stroking the collar while my mind dissolves into a pleasant fog? Just so I won't have to feel like this.' She guessed the answer was a lot sooner than she feared or hoped.


Last night's dinner had ended on an equally bizarre, if different, tone as the previous one. This time Draeck was the dessert and so Anari sat there while the other women took their turn sucking the man off. He didn't pay her any attention, never gave her a meaningful look that said he expected her in that position not before long. She went to bed hoping tomorrow would be better, she was disappointed.

A dull headache accompanied Anari's ascent into consciousness. Her relief that the nausea and the bad taste were gone was short-lived when she tried to fill a glass with water. Her hand trembled, forcing her to concentrate on just keeping it still. It also made every sip an arduous task.

So when on top of that the commander was confronted with Yanara's new, upbeat and sympathetic personality she got cranky. And the fact that happiness just rolled off of Yanara didn't help Anari to cool down either. Breakfast itself wasn't any better, every bite had to be taken slowly and deliberately or she was liable to stab herself with her fork.

Because of this, it was a fuming Amazonan commander that accompanied Draeck and Scorpia to the holo-tank. The holo-tank was used in peace as a place to chart a course and in war it was where the strategic planning took place. "If you think I am going to help you enslave the rest of my people, you are out of your mind!" Anari exploded as soon as she found out what their destination had been.

They both turned to look at the commander but she was just gathering steam. "Just because you brainwashed the rest to worship you," her mind flashed back to last night. How the strict colonel had greedily slurped Draeck's dick up, practically slobbering all over it like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. "Doesn't mean I do. I refuse to stand by and watch how you plan on turning back the clock and make us slaves of men again."

Draeck got a puzzled look but Anari watched flabbergasted as Scorpia's straight face cracked into a smile. It grew to a chuckle that quickly developed into right-out laughter. "What did I say?" Anari asked.

Draeck spared the already recovering woman beside him a bemused look before addressing the question. "It's not your fault really, I forgot you didn't know what my plans are. My long-term plans that is." He fell silent again, apparently collecting his thoughts before explaining.

"I'm not some anti-Sarah, I think people can get along with each other outside some master-servant relation. With my nanites I plan to bring equality, true equality, to the Amazonan nation. And make certain that nobody will ever suffer like I did. Be robbed of their identity like I was."

"Which sounds great, coming from a guy that has a harem of women calling him Master," sneered the redhead.

Draeck shrugged. "I don't expect your people to make the transition willingly and I like it. But I took on a responsibility to them too when I did that. And I don't trust anybody else with that, which makes me less noble and maybe even a hypocrite but can you honestly say that I am not treating them better than your people are treating any man they get?"

Anari glanced over at Colonel Scorpia. The differences were glaringly obvious. There was intelligence shining in those eyes and she had seen enough to know they had kept their initiative. It was just that they now wanted to please Draeck and share that with others. Compared to the shells the men back home were, Anari had to admit Scorpia and the others were better off.

'But that's not the only choice, they could be free too,' she thought. "But you're not going to be around forever. What happens to your victims after that,hmmm?"

Now Draeck smiled. "Actually, I will be around for, well not forever but a long time," he said jovially. "The nanites, you see, they repair everything including my brain so my body will stay in its current condition for as long as I want. And the same thing applies to my girls, although I will be honest and say that I don't plan on giving everybody this treatment. Some people will want to grow old and die and I'll accommodate them."

The commander's face grew horrified but he kept going. "Of course something catastrophic could happen, like my body getting incinerated. But I already planned for that too. Every single nanite holds a part of a copy of my thought patterns and memories. It only takes a few thousand to create a complete copy and the nanites can easily make me a new body. So as long as one of my girls, these ships or even you exist, then so do I."

Anari was speechless and Draeck didn't push her. He just went back to business, plotting their take-over of one of the refueling stations Scorpia had mentioned what seemed a lifetime ago. The commander herself was dazed and didn't say a word during the entire meeting. She had already planned on doing that but she originally thought she would pay more attention to what was said. As it was she missed quite a few details but there was one big flaw in the plan that she didn't overlook even if Draeck did.

'They're planning on using the Panopea like a Trojan Horse, using the Hix nanites as the gift. But without me the women crewing that outpost will be very suspicious and if they do try to make me go along with their plan I will. Just long enough to reach the safety of the outpost,' she resolved grimly.


Day three of her incarceration started as the worst, but there had been satisfying moments as well. Waking up wasn't one of them.

The dull pressure in her head had changed into stabbing pain behind her burning eyes. Her body was constantly shivering and she was breaking out in a sweat. She felt lousy and sore, her muscles protesting the moment she stood up. Moving didn't help as she had hoped it would so Anari had to be supported to the cafeteria.

Once there she felt bile rise up when her senses caught the first sign of food, something that hadn't happened when she laboriously drank a glass of water. Anari caught everybody looking at her so she glared back at them before she began to eat. Her eyes kept flickering to the spot on the table in front of Draeck. But her gaze wasn't aimed at the table but what it was blocking from her sight.

'I could just get this over with, I can't escape like this. I can barely walk.' Her eyes traveled up and met the man's, her resolve hardened. 'No, screw him. I am not going down on my knees to blow him. The sicko, the pervert, the...' she ranted. It helped, she actually felt a little better but the anger soon lost its hot fury. And with it came back all the sensations it had staved off so briefly.

"I think it is best if Yanara returned you to your room today. You are obviously in no condition to do anything," Draeck informed her after breakfast.

She shot back, "you mean my cell, right?"

Draeck just shrugged. "It's your choice."

And so she had returned to her cell where all she could do was lie on her back and stare at the ceiling. There were some flexipads for her to read but after just a few minutes her eyes had stung so much she had to give that up. Her eyes drifted away from the ceiling and passed the digital clock on the wall, clearly visible from her position. She looked back at the clock as an idea hit her.

'I could...' she felt a little afraid. Like she was taking a step down some road and when she did, she might not be able to go back. 'If I keep my eyes on the clock and concentrate, maybe I can use the collar. I just have to keep in mind to only stroke it for a few minutes.'

She wiggled around a little to make sure she was comfortable and then stared at the clock. Picturing the numbers it would have in ten minutes. 'I have to stop then, need stop at 8:48. I need to lower my hand then.' She kept that running through her mind as her hand crept up. Her heart was in her throat when her finger finally touched the slick silver and began ghosting over it.

A sigh escaped her as her breathing took on a gentle rhythm. Her muscles relaxed as if her body was immersed in a warm bath and her eyelids drooped. Her headache fled and in its place her mind was swaddled in silk, covering her memories and obscuring her thoughts. Yet still she watched the minutes pass on the digital clock, dimly aware she had to return her hand to her side very soon.

She blinked. 'No...Not soon...Now...I have to lower my hand...What hand?...Left is at my side...The right hand is playing with that beautiful collar...So it's the right one.' She giggled at the double meaning of that last thought but when her finger left the metal ringlet it became a plaintive groan as all the bad memories and sensations slammed back into her awareness.

'I knew I could do it,' she triumphantly thought as she eyed the clock. 'Draeck thought he had put a leash on me but I am the one in charge.' She studied the clock for a moment. 'I'll wait half an hour and then I will give myself another treatment.' Anari didn't even notice her tongue wetting her lips or her heart fluttering in expectation.

She faithfully kept to that schedule until lunchtime approached. To make certain she would get through that she gave herself a session of twenty minutes that would end right about when Yanara brought her lunch. That meal wasn't enjoyed communally. Once again the mere sight of food almost made her hurl but she toughened it out, ignoring Yanara's attempt at conversation. She just wanted to get this over with and the woman gone so she could give herself another session to keep her food down.

The moment Yanara stepped out with the empty tray the commander's hand eagerly returned to the smooth metal hugging her neck. For thirty minutes she was seated in a small stream of pleasure, the feeling pleasantly caressing and drenching her. But when she stepped out of that stream the real world was twice as harsh so after a bare ten-minute break she stepped back in. She bunched up her shirt to give her left hand access to her breast, exposing the soft mound to the stream.

A half-hour swiftly grew into a full hour while the breaks shrank to five minutes and then just a minute. Her hand was no longer satisfied with massaging her tit and was now slowly rubbing circles on her clit. Her climaxes were as gentle as the collar's embrace, making the world seem that more wonderful.

She was sweaty and completely unaware of how late it was when Yanara stepped in to escort her to dinner. If she had come even a minute later she would have found Anari moaning on the bunk with a hand down her pants. She felt vaguely mortified about that but annoyance with the perky woman won out. 'Couldn't she have come just an hour later?' the commander grumbled to herself.

She got up but didn't go to Yanara right away. She first drank two glasses of water, she hadn't noticed how thirsty she was until then. Anari didn't waste pleasantries at dinner and simply shoveled the food in. 'Just don't pay attention to how you want to vomit, that will vanish as soon as you get back to your cell,' the commander promised herself. 'But I need to keep my strength up, I won't last long if I don't.'

This time she didn't stay silent when Draeck announced that it was time for dessert. "I am not going to sit here and watch you lot have another orgy," she bit out. "I'm going to my cell." She didn't wait for permission or help and got up. Yanara swiftly appeared on her side but Anari ignored her. Her mind was already in her cell, focussed on the silver collar around her neck.


As Anari woke up in her stained clothes her hand automatically traveled back to the collar. "No!" she cried when her still drowsy mind realized what she was about to do. She firmly tucked her hands underneath her armpits and stared at the wall as adrenaline boosted her from sleep into complete awareness in a heartbeat.

'Oh fuck. Shit, you stupid, weak, little idiot. You couldn't even keep it together for a day,' she berated herself. The commander shuddered as disjointed images and thoughts from yesterday bubbled up. She hadn't even pretended to take breaks after dinner, she had just lain there like an addict and let herself drift away without a care in the world.

She felt lousier than she did yesterday even though the sensations themselves were the same. She weathered them, accepted it as a fitting punishment for her lack of discipline.

After drinking several glasses of water she sat ramrod straight on the bed with her palms firmly resting on her knees. The redhead waited, her mind already made up on what to do. 'I can't do anything like this and the collar just offers the illusion of relief. I've been trying to navigate between Scylla and Charybdis but both are keeping me in place. I just hope that the cure isn't worse than the disease.'

So when Diana helped her into the cafeteria she didn't take her usual seat but kept going until she had reached the other side of the table and Draeck. She knelt before the man with impotent rage churning in her gut. But she had made her decision and didn't hesitate even as she almost choked on the words.

"I need your semen," she blurted out while looking at the floor.

"I know, I was the one who told you. What's your point?"

That wasn't the reply Anari had expected and her head shot up. "I'm on my knees here, begging for it. Isn't that enough or do you enjoy seeing me squirm."

Her words didn't faze Draeck who kept a polite expression. "You didn't actually ask for it," he pointed out.

Can I have your semen?" she enunciated. "Please," was added as an afterthought.

"Sure," the infuriating man said. He twisted his chair around so that he faced her and Anari was already shifting her weight so that she could crawl to him when his next words stopped her in her tracks. "Mercada, come over here my dear."

The busty doctor was clad in skin-tight shorts and a tube top that barely covered her jiggling breasts as she traipsed over to him. The blonde daintily lowered herself to her knees when she reached Draeck and without a word from him began to undo his gray pants. Anari had already noticed he seemed to take a perverse pleasure in wearing the clothes of an Amazonan slave. The only time he had worn something else was during the memorial service.

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