tagIncest/TabooFinding a Daughter

Finding a Daughter


Dave and Sally enjoyed their love making sessions. They had been married for over twenty years and still had a very active sex life. They were big into role play, so when their neighbor, twenty year old Kelly started flirting with Dave, they had an idea.

Their idea took shape on a cold winter's night, Dave went over to shovel the snow from Kelly's driveway. When he was finished, she invited him in for hot cocoa. He called Sally and told her to come over and join them.

Kelly was curled up on the over stuffed sofa, Dave close beside her. Sally was perched in a chair, they talked about the upcoming storm and their daughter Mandy. She was away at college. Kelly told them how her ex-husband had left her before she had any children.

They had become quite fond of Kelly. She was a tiny thing, a little older than their daughter. She had small breasts and a tiny waist. Her long blonde hair fell near her navel and she always kept her make-up and nails done. She looked like a high school girl to Dave.

When Dave asked Kelly for a tour of the house, she was delighted to take him. Sally excused herself, she had to freshen up she informed them. She hurried them along and headed for the bathroom off the kitchen.

Dave was playful up the stairs, patting her on the ass as she led the way. She giggled, the hint of rum she'd put in their cocoa was getting to her. At the top of the stairs she turned to him, pecking him on the cheek. "Oh Big Daddy, you're so silly!"

She showed him the spare room, the office and the room she had decorated for yoga and working out. "I have to keep myself looking good!"

He laughed, pulling her against him. "You look damn good to me baby girl!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, playfully kissing his nose. "You are a sweetheart!"

She pulled him by the hand, down the hall to her bedroom. Opening the door, she pulled him inside without bothering to turn on the light. She shut the door behind them, pressing his back to the door.

He expected what was next, she stood on her toes. Leveling herself with him, she linked her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. He didn't want to resist, he loosely clasped his hands around her waist and kissed her back.

Her tongue broke through his lips, tasting his mouth hungrily. She rubbed his neck and mussled his hair. His hands roamed up her body. Pushing her shirt up to reveal no bra. He could see the shadows of her breasts, her nipples hard.

He leaned his mouth down to her bare breast. He ran his tongue over her nipple, it grew in his mouth. Harder, he sucked it in. Tugging it with his teeth while his tongue massaged her tight tit.

The fingers of his other hand searched for her other nipple, tugging it too. Rubbing it between his fingertips, teasing her.

The sudden knock of the door startled them. It was Sally. "Dave, Kelly, Where did you two sneak off to?"

Kelly stepped back, flipping on the light. He caught a glimpse of her bare breasts as she tugged her shirt down. He stepped away so she could open the door.

Sally's smile let on that she knew what they'd been up to. Looking over first Dave, then Kelly. She walked between them to the bed, sitting on the edge. "Go ahead, continue. I'd love to see what I missed."

Kelly stammered, "I, um, you didn't miss a thing."

Dave laughed, "Kelly, she knows. She always knows. It's okay though because she likes watching."

Sally stood, "I do like to watch, but I like to play more."

She moved across to Kelly, pulling her back to the bed, she sat. She tugged Kelly across her lap. Her ass in the air, Sally lifted her skirt to reveal lacy panties. She slapped Kelly's ass hard, leaving a hand print.

"No daughter of mine will behave this way!" Her hand slapped across her ass again. The handprint was bright red now.

"Now go tell your father you're sorry right now!"

Kelly stood, she understood now. She went over to Dave, she undid his pants. Dropping them to his ankles, his cock dangling, semi-hard. She licked the head, then down the length before sucking on his balls.

Sally pulled a large vibrator out of her purse before joining them. She knelt next to Kelly, tugging the panties down to her knees. She pressed the vibrator to her clit and turned it on low. rubbing at Kelly's clit, she teased her and taunted her.

Kelly moved her lips back up to Dave's cock, he pressed deeply down her throat. The vibrator doing it's job forced her to cum. Her body shaking.

Before Dave came right then, he released her and removed his cock. He pulled her up, touching her wet pussy. "Now, you go apologize to mommy!"

He led her to the bed where Sally lay spread eagle. Her pussy wet already. Kelly knelt between Sally's legs. First using a finger, then two to fuck her. As the juices came, Kelly's mouth lowered. Suckling at Sally's clit.

Dave used this as an opportunity to get in the action. He stood behind Kelly, the head of his cock finding her opening. He pressed into her, she pushed back. His rhythm and her moves made the most amazing sex either had ever had.

Sally's fingers found her clit, teasing it as Kelly lowered her mouth. Her tongue probing the opening of her love hole. Watching her husband fuck the woman who ate her pussy. It was too much for her.

Her excitement caught up to her. She began to shiver and quake, the orgasm overtaking her body. Kelly was cumming too. She shook, this in turn made Dave explode. Two beautiful women cumming because of him. He pulled his cock out and allowed them both to kneel before him.

Mouths open, tongues lapping. His cum sprayed across both of their faces and tits. He lay between them as they lapped it off each other and his cock.

Finally exhausted, they slithered beside him. Kelly's words were what they'd wanted to hear, "Again Daddy? Please!"

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