tagBDSMFinding Her Master

Finding Her Master


Chapter One

Robin was on her way home from winning her court case. It was a hard fought battle in the court room, just right up her alley. She was a tough, demanding lawyer for her clients and Robin earned her status by fighting hard to win. Driving up the express way, listening to her favorite country singer, Jerrod Neiman when her five year old BMW started to make a slapping noise from under the hood, all her warning lights on the dash came on.

"Not now, you stupid car," she cursed.

Pulling over to the emergency lane right as the car's engine quit running. Lucky for her she had a road service contract, she thought as she reached over for her cell phone to call for a tow. The truck arrived within the hour, the driver explained that a belt broke and her car would have to be towed to a shop, she was grateful that he knew of one close by that repaired BMW'S.

The driver of the tow truck loaded her car on his flat bed. Once the car was loaded, Robin had to step up into the cab of the truck, her skirt riding up her thighs. The driver just smiled as he saw the brief flash of her thong panties.

It only took twenty minutes to get to the shop he recommended and as he pulled in, Robin saw the cars parked in the parking lot. Robin waited inside the truck as the tow truck driver unloaded her car. She had just stepped out of the truck when the sound of a Harley Davidson rumbled into the parking lot. The bike stopped in front of the office, the tall brown haired rider climbed off the bike, waving to the tow truck driver as he stepped into the office.

Soon the man appeared out of the office wearing a light blue mechanics shirt. He quickly walked towards the tow truck driver, shaking his hand. Robin overheard them talking about her car. The man in the blue shirt nodding his head as the driver explained what it needed.

Robin slowly walked up to the man, seeing his name tag, Joe, on the shirt.

"Hi, Joe, I am Robin and that's my baby. Can you get her fixed?" She asked.

Standing in front of him, her five foot two inch body felt small compared to his six foot two inch frame, his biceps filling his short sleeve shirt. She felt his brown eyes scan her body and a slight smile covered his face as his hand touched her hand for the keys.

"Have a seat in the office. We'll get you on your way again shortly," Joe said as he hopped in the car, driving it into the shop.

Robin saw him call a mechanic over, telling him what needed to be done to the car. Just as she opened the door to the waiting room, she heard the mechanic say, "No problem, Boss."

"Boss?" she thought to herself, he must be the manager here. Joe walked back into the waiting area and asked her to sign a repair order. He outlined the cost of repairs for her, telling her she would be on her way soon. One wall had certificates of the mechanics skill from the courses they had to attend. There were fifteen certificates of awards with the same name, Joe Reynolds.

Forty minutes later she saw her car back out of the garage, the mechanic walking into the office, handing the keys to Joe.

"While I was fixing her car, I noticed some items that need to be taking care of soon. I made a list on the repair order for you," the mechanic told Joe.

"Thanks, Dave, I will go over what you wrote," Joe replied.

"You're ready Miss or is it Mrs. Harding?" Joe said as he walked up to her.

"It's Miss Harding, Joe," Robin replied.

Hearing it was Miss, Joe smiled at her. Then he went on to explain, "Well, Dave found some items that will need your attention soon, make sure your regular mechanic takes care of them. I made a note on your bill."

"Thank you, Joe. Are you the manager here?" Robin had to ask.

"Nope, I own this place...well the bank and I own this place," Joe chuckled.

"Would you consider being my mechanic from now on, Joe? You see, you are close to my house," she asked, adding, " I am not too happy with the shop I have working on it now."

"Call any time, Miss Harding," Joe replied, his hand touching hers as he handed her the keys.

Robin felt something in his touch and it sent a shiver down her back, "Please call me Robin," she said taking her keys.

Joe watched as she walked out to her car, opening the door, sliding her leg inside, settling in her seat, the door closing. A thought crossed her mind as she drove home, "I remember seeing a bike like his on the personal bondage website."

Robin walked into her house where she lived alone, not by her wish. She just turned thirty-three, was a tough litigator for her clients which took up a lot of her time, but she was lonely. She had plenty of boyfriends that wanted her, but none of them understood what she really needed in her life. At work she was a fighter for her clients, at home she wanted to be controlled, dominated and most importantly loved.

Walking in her bedroom, she went straight into the bathroom for a shower. Robin turned the shower on, removing her clothes, throwing them to the floor. Robin ran her hands down her body, caressing her breasts, letting her fingers rub her nipples. She slid her hand down her stomach, touching her shaven pussy.

Stepping into the shower, the water cascading over her body down between her breasts, she loved feeling the river of water flowing across her pussy and down her thighs. She closed her eyes standing there, letting the water cool her down, her mind thinking back to the feeling she had when Joe touched her hand and it made her shiver again. Her mind drifted to the image of Joe stepping into the shower with her; the front of his body pressing against her back, his cock resting against the crack of her ass.

"Want some help with your shower, slave?" Joe asked, his arms wrapping around her body, his hands caressing her breasts.

Robin fondled her breasts, her finger tips touching her pebbled nipples. Slowly her hand went down her stomach, stopping just above her slit. Opening her legs, her hand easing between her thighs, all the time thinking it was his hands as she stroked her clit. Her other hand grasping her nipple and giving it a hard twist, this made her whisper, "Yes, Master, twist my nipple hard."

Her fingers spreading her pussy lips, her clit fully extended from its protective hood. Slowly she stroked her clit, teasing the tip with her fingers. Joe's image flooding her mind with his hands touching and tormenting her body, Robin was so involved stroking her clit and twisting her nipple, the first wave of a climax racked her body. Clamping her legs tight against her hand, she had to grab the towel bar to keep from falling down. Her body shook as the waves flowed through her body, holding onto the towel bar, gasping for breath.

She stood there, her legs shaking, the water flowing over her body. "Oh my God, what just happened?" she thought to herself.

Calming down, she quickly finished her shower. She had to find that picture again. Since she lived alone, Robin did not cover her body. Walking to her laptop, opening the lid, turning it on, her laptop came to life and she went to the kitchen, opening a bottle of wine, pouring herself a glass. Sitting down in front of her computer, Robin went to the personals website.

The search for the picture of the bike took several minutes. Then she saw it. She clicked on the image and his profile came up on the screen with the heading:

Local Dom seeking his slave: I am searching for my life long slave. I'm tired of wanna be's; must be strong and independent during the day and a total sexual slut at night, must have an interest in bondage, pain, total submissiveness to my commands, whatever they may be. Are you what I am searching for? Contact me here.

Robin stared at the picture posted. He was sitting on the bike, his black helmet on his head, dark sunglasses covering his eyes, with what could be considered an evil smile on his face.

Robin gasped out loud, "It is him, Joe from the shop!"

As she read his profile, Robin opened her legs wider, a few drops of her wet pussy flowed down the crack of her ass. She used two fingers, pulling on her hard nipple; her other hand sliding between her legs, cupping her pussy. The heat between her legs began to build.

"Maybe he will be the One who owns me," Robin thought to herself, taking a bold chance she decided to write him an e-mail:

Possible Sir...

During the day I am a strong woman who takes charge of my surroundings. In my personal life I wish to find someone who can take charge of me. I am looking for the right Master who is capable of handling me. I've read what your requirements in a slave are and I know I want my Master to do those to me. I want to be used by a Master that is strong and will take what he wants. Is it possible that you could be that Master? If you are interested, please contact me.


Taking a deep breath, her finger touched the send button. She began to stroke her extended clit. Her other fingers pinched her nipple tight. Sliding a finger in her wet pussy, Robin clamped on it tight, her fingers rubbing hard on her clit.

Robin gasped as her climax hit her hard, her ankles locking around the chair legs. Her head thrown back as body spasms shook through her.

At the shop, Joe was working late closing out the day when his e-mail icon flashed. Opening the e-mail, he read the message.

"This could be interesting," he thought to himself, "Let's see what she writes back."


Thank you for contacting me. As my profile states, I am tired of want to be slaves. You must be willing to submit to any demand I make of you. Any form of discipline, bondage, pain or commands. I am a demanding Master. If I order you to crawl behind me you will obey. Will you offer your body to me at all times for my pleasure?

Your possible Master.

Right before going to bed, Robin was anxious. She wanted to check her e-mail to see if Joe replied yet. She figured he probably hadn't had time, but couldn't stop herself. Chewing on her bottom lip, she opened her e-mail and saw a reply from him. It surprised her how easily she got worked up over just the thought of him. Remembering just the way she felt when he shook her hand at his shop had her aching for him, especially now that she knew he was a Dom.

Reading his reply, she groaned. She wanted him to be her Master and she hardly knew the man! She wondered how to reply back to him. Robin didn't want to seem too needy. He didn't realize she already knew who he was in life as well as a Dom. After a couple of minutes thinking she replied:

Possible Sir...

I have read and could agree with your terms. My body would be yours to do with as you wish. If we were to decide to try a mutual relationship, you as my Dom, me as your slave, we would need to discuss a few more details. Would you be able to control me? I look forward to your reply.


The next morning Joe opened his e-mail. He was surprised he had a reply from her already. As the e-mail loaded, he thought that maybe he was too blunt and she was declining to be his slave. Joe took his time replying back, he wanted to make her wait awhile. He always did this to allow the possible slave time to think about what they are committing to.

Joe's day was hectic with cars coming in, parts being sent wrong and to help with the day; a mechanic did not show up for work. It was lunch time before he had a chance to get back to his office. He decided to answer her:


I require three pictures of you, one picture of your daily dress, one of you in a sexy outfit, the last one a full frontal nude shot. You may blank out your face for the time being.

This requirement is non-negotiable.

I need to know your limits. Mine are no blood, scat or any involvement with children. I would require you to follow some basic rules that we will discuss in the beginning if we go farther in a relationship. You will refer to me as "Sir" anytime we talk in a sexual way. I will control your body and spirit when we are together. When in my presence you will be naked at all times. If you wish to discuss these terms any further reply back to me here.

Your possible Master.

Joe hit the send button. This is how he will find out how serious she is. If she sends what I asked her for then there is a chance, he thought to himself.

Robin had a grueling day at work. If one thing went wrong, at least a dozen others did. She was grateful to be home. After eating dinner and showering, she sat down at her computer. Off and on all day long, she wondered if Joe had responded back to her e-mail. Almost teasing herself, she made herself wait until she was at home to check.

Her hands trembled slightly as she typed in her e-mail login and password. Robin couldn't get over the sheer excitement she felt at the thought of Joe and his possible future involvement in her life. She saw his name in her inbox and clicked on it, her eyes widening at his demands. She knew she already had two of the pictures he wanted, but the third she would need to take.

Robin picked up her digital camera and removed the shirt she was wearing. After she made sure that it would be a picture of her from neck down, she clicked the button. She downloaded the picture onto her computer and added the other two pictures as well. One was her outside the courthouse, brief case in hand, wearing a silk button up blouse and black skirt with sensible heels. She made sure her face was blurred and resaved the picture. The next picture was taken at a friend's birthday party. In it she wore a red sequined halter top with a black pleated mini skirt along with what she referred to as her red come fuck me shoes. They were three inch heels and strappy. Once she blurred her face on it as well, she saved it.

Clicking on the button to compose a new message, she typed:

My Possible Sir...

Attached you will find the pictures you requested. Per your request, you will find a picture of me in my work attire, a sexy outfit, and a full frontal nude shot. I hope you find me to your liking.

As for my limits, I prefer no bruising and no blood, scat, or any involvement with children either. Also, I would prefer not to be shared.

If I meet your approval and my limits are tolerable to you, please let me know. I must say that I am anticipating your reply.


Robin hit send and hoped he would respond soon. She thought to herself, I wonder what he'll think of me.

Joe had a training class that night after work. It was something he did for the local women's club. Once a year he volunteered to give them a night of basic car care. He went over how to check the fluids under the hood and how to check the tire pressures. He also showed them how to change a tire on their cars. It was late when they wrapped up the course and he was tired.

Joe went straight to the refrigerator for a beer, he needed one after the hectic day he had. As he drank the cool liquid down, he opened up his e-mail. Joe almost dropped his beer in his lap when he saw the e-mail from her with attachments. A smile came slowly across his face as he read her reply.

"Well now," he thought to himself as he read her reply, "She passed the first phase and is still interested by sending the pictures I asked for."

Joe opened the attachments and they loaded one by one. He was shocked to see her beauty. Her face was blurred, but her body took his breath away. Seeing her dressed in professional attire, he saw a strong woman standing there. The next picture of her in her sexy outfit showed the curves of her body. The last picture made his cock twitch as he looked at it. Her breasts were full with large areolas, nice hard buds rising from them. He noticed the tattoo on her breast. His eyes slowly went down her body, slowly taking in every inch of her.

Joe stopped at her pussy, her legs slightly parted, it was clean shaven. He was pleased to see a glint of moisture on her outer lips. He also noticed she had a tan, no tan lines.

Joe took a few minutes before he replied back to her.

"Okay, she did as was asked of her. This is a good sign that she is for real," he thought as he took another pull of his beer. Then he typed his reply:


Thank you for sending the pictures I required of you. Your actions have confirmed a willingness to commit to me by you. You are a beautiful woman. Your limits are acceptable to me. Now I must warn you, there might be some light bruising on your body, but only in areas that no one but us will see. It cannot be helped sometimes. As for being "shared", no I do not share my slave. I have enclosed some basic rules that I need you to follow, make any changes you feel necessary to fit your life. We will discuss these when you are finished with them. I am looking forward to the time we meet in real life, hopefully soon.

Your possible Master.

Joe took a long look at what he wrote. Then he pressed the send button.

"The next step is the critical one for her," he thought to himself.

The following morning, Robin checked her e-mail as she drank her coffee. She couldn't explain the happiness his words brought her. The fact that he was pleased with her made her feel great. Robin scanned through the rules Joe sent her. After a few moments, she realized that in order to commit completely to him she needed to take the time and go over this completely. She just wondered how he would feel if she asked for some time to think about and work the rules to fit into her life.

She sent him a reply saying:


Would it be possible for me to take a couple of days, no more than two, to go over your rules and make the changes I feel are necessary? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for alleviating my concerns over sharing. As for the possible bruising, I understand, just so long as it is in an area that can be concealed.

I too look forward to meeting you, Sir.


Joe was sitting at his desk when his e mail icon flashed. Opening his e-mail, he saw her name, clicking on it, he read her reply. After he finished reading it, he understood why she asked for a couple of days.

"She passed the critical step by accepting the rules I sent and asking for two days to make them fit her life," he said out loud, smiling.

Quickly, he sent off an e-mail granting her request:


Well, you are not yet my slave. Take the two days you requested and go over the rules. I will wait for your reply. Then we will take the next step for you to truly become my slave.

Your soon to be Master.

Joe heard a knock on his office door.

Jim, the mechanic who did not come to work yesterday, came in, "Boss, can I talk to you? Sorry about yesterday. My wife went into labor last night and I had to take her to the hospital. The baby was not due yet and we were scared."

"Slow down, Jim...is your wife and baby all right?" Joe asked.

"Yeah my wife is fine, so is Jim Jr. He weighs seven pounds three ounces," he beamed.

"Well, what are you doing here then? Go to them. Take the rest of the week off with pay. Congratulations, Jim." Joe said shaking his hand.

"Thanks, Joe, I was worried that I lost my job for not calling in yesterday," Jim said relieved.

"Well you did have a good excuse," Joe chuckled.

Joe was happy that he did not have to fire Jim. He was a good mechanic and never missed a day until yesterday. The rest of the day went smooth for once. All the jobs were completed and delivered back to the customers. At four o'clock the shop phone rang.

Chapter Two

At four o'clock, the shop phone rang, "Hello, Reynolds Automotive," Joe answered.

"Hello, Joe. This is Robin Harding. I would like to make an appointment for the other repairs on my car," Robin said.

"Sure, Miss Harding, when would you like to bring it in?" Joe asked her.

"Please, Joe, call me Robin. I was wondering if I could drop it off tonight and leave it there for tomorrow. I need a favor also, if you don't mind. I'll need a ride back to my house if it is possible?" She asked.

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