tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 06

Finding Her Master Pt. 06


Joe turned off the lights in the living room as he went out the front door making sure it was locked. Putting the key in the ignition, Joe hesitated a moment. He thought back to the day's events.

Joe admired how Robin became a different person the second she entered her office that morning. Noticing how her facial expressions changed from the radiating glow of pure happiness to a strong fighter for her clients and when the trial was over how she changed back to his adoring pet.

Parking his car in the driveway, he pressed the button for the garage door. The door slowly opened as he closed his car door. Walking by the bike they used this weekend, the image of his pet bent over the seat and being spanked by the side of the road replayed through his head.

Joe entered the kitchen, pressing the button to close the garage. Walking to his bedroom, the lingering scent of his pet teased his nose. He could still see how she looked laying on his bed after he'd made love to her.

For the first time, Joe felt as if he had found that one person who could not only be his, but also that one person who could be her as well. Robin was strong and capable of handling life and anything thrown at her, but when she was in his arms she was a completely different person. She was his completely. No questions, no holding back, she managed to become what he needed and didn't want to let go of.

Joe spread out on the bed they shared the night before, his bed felt different now, empty and forlorn. Her scent from the pillow filled his nose as he drifted off into a restless night of sleep. While he tossed through the night, Robin was having a vivid dream.

Robin was on her knees by the front door waiting for her Sir to come home as she was ordered with her forehead resting on the floor. She had been caught playing with his pussy and climaxing without permission in the shower. Robin did not own her pussy anymore. It was her Sir's pussy now.

As she waited for her Master to return home, she thought about this morning. She had been showering and her fingers had grazed the tip of her clit. The tingling sensation had gone straight to her nipples making them hard. Her finger lingered on the tip as the walls of her pussy contracted tight. Her other hand slid up to her breast, her fingers grasping a rock hard nipple. Her fingers closed tighter on her nipple while pulling out from her breast. Her eyes closed as her fingers parted her pussy lips. She slid her fingers down her slit. Robin heard her Sir walk in the bathroom when she moaned as the forbidden climax surged through her body. Sir ripped the shower curtain from its rings, throwing it on the floor. Robin stood in terror when the angry eyes of her Sir glared at her.

"You will wait by the front door on your knees and your head touching the floor when I get home!" Sir growled in her ear.

Robin lowered her eyes, whispering, "Yes, Sir."

She could feel her juices dripping from her as she waited for him to get home. Biting her lip, she couldn't wait for him to return even if she was going to be punished for her actions. Robin was trembling by the time she heard Joe open the door.

He opened the front door and Robin was there as commanded, her body trembling. Closing the front door behind him, he stood there several minutes looking at her. Robin raised her head up from the floor, just enough to see his boots. She felt his hand grasp her hair in his tight grip.

"Crawl, my naughty pet," Joe growled leading her by the hair. Joe led her to the bedroom on her knees, her pussy flooding, her breasts swaying underneath her as she crawled behind her Sir.

When they reached the side of the bed, Joe yanked her body up by her hair, throwing her onto her back on the bed. Joe took her arms over her head and attached the cuffs to her wrists. Grasping her ankles, he pulled her arms tight. He placed the blindfold over her eyes, sending her into darkness. She felt the smooth surface of her ball gag touch her lips. Opening her mouth for him, he pushed the gag deep in her mouth. He lifted head from the bed, as he buckled it tight.

Robin felt the slap on her breast from his hand, the stinging of the slap going straight to her pussy. Joe slapped her breasts harder and faster. Robin was moaning in her gag as each slap landed on her chest. Her breasts were on fire, the blood going straight to her nipples making them even harder. She felt his fingers grasp her hard pebbles, twisting them harshly.

Joe released her nipples from his grasp. She felt his hands sliding down her stomach and his palm cup her wet slit. Joe squeezed her flowing pussy as Robin raised her hips off the bed.

"No, my naughty pet, this is not for your pleasure!" Joe growled as his open hand slapped her hard on her pussy.

Grabbing her ankle, pulling it wide, Joe's hand rained down several hard slaps to her reddening pussy. Robin was groaning hard behind her gagged mouth as each slap landed on his pussy. The tears starting to flow from her eyes, she wished he could see them.

Her clit felt his squeezing fingers twist and pull on it. This made her shake her head side to side as the pain racked through her. Joe released his grip of her clit, his hand sliding down her inner thigh to her ankle. She felt the leather cuff go around her ankle. The lock clicking closed filled her ear. Joe placed the other cuff on her ankle, grasping her legs, spreading them wide, the spreader bar locking them open. Pulling her legs up towards her head by the bar, bending her body, lifting her ass from the bed. Joe attached the chain from the bar to the rope holding her wrists.

Her ass and pussy were openly exposed to whatever he chose to do to her. Robin felt the squeeze and the bolt of pain on her nipple as Joe applied the clover clamp. The second clamp bit into her hard nipple sending pain straight to her clit. She felt the throbbing of her clit as it extended from its protective hood. Joe pulled the chains of the clamps up to the spreader bar holding her ankles, pulling her rock hard pebbles.

Robin felt the sudden explosion of pain on her ass as the hard wooden paddle landed on her. Her ass instantly started to glow from the blow. The next hit landed on the other side of her ass, making her pull on her ankles. The clamps bit tighter on her abused nipples. He heard the scream from her as he struck her harder on her inner thigh.

As the blows from the paddle landed on her red sore ass, her tears flowed from under the blindfold. Her nipples felt like they were being stretched beyond her body. Robin's ass was on fire, the heat from the blows radiating up her body. The blows stopped, she felt his hand rub across her glowing red ass. Joe slowly ran his hand over her ass feeling her hot skin.

Robin moaned in her gag as his hand stroked her flaming ass, she felt the fingertips of his hand part her swollen pussy. His touch sent small spasms through her trembling body. Joe's fingers touched the tip of her clit and the electrical jolt flowed straight to her nipples. Robin felt his fingers spread her pussy lips. The smooth texture of something being shoved in her pussy made her gasp as Joe slowly pushed object deep inside. Her pussy walls clamped tight around it as it entered her.

She was bound to the bed, her body quivering from the pain she had endured. The first hot drop hit her pussy lip, she realized then Joe had placed a lighted candle in her. The drops falling on her as the candle burned her skin. As each drop fell on her she jumped in her bonds making more wax fall on her.

The sting of the crop on her puckered asshole sent hot wax flying to her stomach as she arched her body. Joe worked the crop along her inner thighs, each blow making her jump, sending more hot wax on her. His use of the crop directed where the drops fell on her. Each strike of the crop came closer to her engorged clit. Robin was screaming in her gagged mouth as he stuck her clit hard several times with the crop.

Her pussy was covered in white hot wax. Pain surged all through her body as Joe used the crop on the side of her breasts. Robin could not escape the blows, if she tried to move from them, her nipples screamed in pain from the clamps bite. Joe worked the crop back down her inner thighs towards her wax covered clit. He removed some of the cooled wax covering her clit, the crop landing a severe blow to on the tip of her clit.

Joe pulled the candle out of her pussy, holding the candle in his hand he dropped wax on to her breasts. Joe pulled her gag from her mouth, letting the ball rest on her throat.

"Please Sir, no more pleaasee," Robin begged.

More drops fell on her. Her head shaking side to side as the drops landed on her body. Joe was not done with her punishment. The sound of the single tail flogger swishing through the air hit her ears. The first strike landed right on her pussy, the wax falling from it to the bed. Robin sucked her lower lip deep inside her mouth, biting down hard.

Using the flogger to clear the cooled wax from her body, each blow made it harder for her to stay still. The tears flowed from her eyes, soaking into the blindfold. She was on fire from what he had inflicted on her.

"Sir, please stop, no more pleassee!" Robin begged.

"Rrrr," she yelled. Robin almost used her safe word, biting her lower lip inside her mouth to stifle the word. Joe let her rest for a brief moment as he placed his hard cock on her swollen pussy, rubbing his cock down her slit, the tip stroking her clit.

"Oh yes, Sir! Fuck your pussy," Robin moaned, as Joe shoved hard and deep inside her. Her pussy clamping tight around his cock as it buried deep inside her. Joe pumped hard and deep in her clenching pussy.

"Yes, my Sir, use your pussy, pleasse use it for your pleasure," Robin gasped between strokes. Her bound body pulled on her ropes. The clamps pulled away from her hard pebbles from her struggle. Robin screamed in pain as the blood flowed back in them. Her breasts released from their painful grasp shook as he drove his cock in her. Her body was not hers anymore it was Sir's body now, he owned it.

He felt his balls slap her tender ass with each thrust, sending waves to her clit, she was close to exploding but she had to hold on until ordered to cum. Joe felt his balls tighten, the hot fluid going up his shaft. He saw her lower lip, the small trickle of blood from her biting so hard. He could not hold back as the first hot stream started to race down his shaft. Joe pulled his cock out of her pussy.

"Noooo! Sir, please give me your cum," Robin pleaded as the first hot jet landed on the bed.

"Not tonight, my naughty pet, you go without your Sir's cum!" He growled.

Robin needed his cum. It was her Sir's cum that she wanted. She needed to have his cum inside her, it would give her the release she desperately wanted and needed. Joe released her bonds and her legs fell onto the bed. Her hands were released from the head board and Joe removed her blindfold.

"Who owns this pussy, pet?" Joe asked as he rubbed her slit.

"You, my Sir, it is your pussy," Robin meekly said in reply.

She awoke with her heart pounding in her chest and her hands cupping her soaked pussy. Her nipples were hard points on her chest and her thighs were soaked. Taking a few deep breathes to clear her mind Robin reached for the phone and dialed his number. She had to hear his voice, the voice of the man that owned her completely now.

The ringing in Joe's ears got louder as he awoke from a restless night of sleep.

"Aaa, hello," Joe moaned as he answered the phone.

"Oh, Joe, I am sorry. Did I wake you?" Robin's soft sexy voice sounded in his ear.

Joe focused his eyes on the clock on his night stand. It showed six-forty five a. m. in dim numbers. He lifted himself up on his arm, "No, my pet, I was just waking up." Joe lied.

"Good morning, my Sir, I had to call to thank you so much for last night," Robin purred, adding, "I missed having you beside me when I woke up this morning."

"Me also, pet," Joe replied.

"May I call you later at the shop in case I need to hear that sexy voice that owns me?" she meekly asked.

"Yes, pet, I would like that very much," he replied smiling to himself.

"Ohh...thank you so much, Sir!" Robin moaned, adding, "Love you." then the line went dead.

Did he hear her right, 'love you?'

Joe called her back right away. He had to know if he heard her say 'Love you'.

"Hello my, Sir," Robin answered on the second ring.

"Did you just say 'Love you' to me, my pet?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir, I did," hearing her meek reply. He smiled as she asked, "Did I say something wrong, Sir?"

"No pet, you said nothing wrong. In fact, I liked hearing those words from you. Love you too, pet. Call me later," Joe said as a faint smile crossed his lips.

Placing the phone back on his night stand Joe shook his head trying to clear the fog from his mind. Joe stood up walking into the kitchen to make some coffee. He added another half scoop to make it stronger than usual. While the coffee was brewing he went and took a cold shower to clear his head. As the water cascaded over his tired body, her words of love you floated in his mind, making his cock twitch.

Joe finished getting ready for work, pouring himself a cup of coffee while he read the morning paper. He was tempted to call her when his cell phone rang in his pocket.

"Hello," he answered.

"Morning, boss," Dave's cheerful voice filled his ear, "Are you coming in today or do I have to do your job again?"

Laughing at his remark, Joe answered, "Yeah. I will be in today, in fact just getting ready to leave now."

"Okay, see you soon, sorry in advance about your desk," Dave chuckled.

"What about my desk?" Joe asked.

"You will see," was all Dave said as he hung up the call.

Joe opened the door to his garage, pressing the door opener. As the door opened he started his work bike as he called it. Riding out of the garage he pushed the remote for the door watching it close in his mirror as he rode to work. On his way to work, Joe had time to think about this weekend with Robin, her complete trust in him and her willingness to submit to his desires.

The loneliness of last night without her next to him, the empty house with just her scent left him wanting her more. Just as he turned into the parking lot of the shop, his heart quickened when he realized that he did love her! He had meant what he said to her. Parking his bike Joe noticed the garage bay doors already open, his mechanics starting their day.

As he strode in the shop, he heard Dave's call of good morning boss from across the shop. Waving his hand in the air, Joe opened the door to his office. What he saw was a pile of paper work and invoices strewn over the top of his desk. Joe turned around and walked back into the shop, "What the hell did you do to my desk, Dave?" he hollered.

"Told you I was sorry. You picked the wrong day to take off, we got slammed with work. It was all I could do to keep up with everything going on here," Dave explained grinning.

"Okay, I will forgive you this time, but don't let it happen again," Joe chuckled.

Joe went to the lobby, pouring himself a cup of coffee taking it back to the pile of papers on his desk. He cleared a space for his cup and started to organize the mess in front of him. It was going to take him awhile to clear all this paperwork up.

Robin just finished her morning shower, drying off as she turned her ass towards the full length mirror on the bathroom door. She saw the brown stripes crisscrossing her fading. She slowly rubbed her hand across the stripes letting out a small groan. These marks were her Sir's marks on her ass and she remembered each blow that caused them. Robin finished getting ready to leave for work when she noticed all the toys Sir had used on her last night, bringing another smile to her lips.

Robin drove to work, parking her car, taking the elevator up to her floor. The elevator door opened and Robin heard the receptionist greet her, "Good morning, Miss Harding," as she walked by her desk. Robin had a bounce to step as she walked into her office, setting her briefcase on top of her desk. She checked her messages that her secretary had placed there.

Robin had just placed her files from court on her desk, when her phone buzzed.

Pressing the button Robin answered, "Yes, Pattie?"

"Robin, the senior partner wants you to come to his office right away," Pattie told her.

"Okay, on my way," Robin said as she clicked off the phone.

What does Mr. Hamilton want with me? She wondered as she walked down the hall to his office. When she got to his office, his secretary told her to go right in, they were waiting for her.

Who was waiting for her? She wondered as she knocked on the door opening it, stepping inside the office. She saw Mr. Hamilton and her client from her court case rise from their chairs when Robin walked in the door.

"Good morning, Miss Harding," Mr. Hamilton greeted her, rising from his chair, extending his hand, asking her to sit down.

"Mr. Miller had to come by the office this morning to tell us how satisfied he was with your handling of his case. In fact, Mr. Miller has signed a contract with the firm to handle all their legal work from now on. He was very impressed with the way you conducted yourself yesterday in court. The other partners and I have been watching you handle your cases and we too are very impressed by your work. When Mr. Miller came in this morning telling me how he liked your work, he just had to put us on full retainer," the senior partner told her.

Robin sat in her chair trying to absorb what she just heard. All she could answer was, "It was my pleasure to assist Mr. Miller with his case."

Then the bombshell racked her ears, "As of today, Miss Harding, you are no longer just an attorney here at the firm. As of today, Miss Harding, you are now a junior partner with all the privileges and pay for that position," Mr. Hamilton said.

Standing up behind his desk, he walked around to Robin to shake her hand, "Congratulations, Robin, your earned it."

Mr. Miller rose and shook her hand also. Robin was stunned at what she just heard. That was the farthest thing from her mind when she walked in to his office this morning. Her legs were trembling as she sat back down in her chair. The words "Junior Partner" ringing in her ears.

"Thank you, I will do my best for the firm, Sir," Robin finally managed to say.

"As the other partners in the firm will agree on, you have earned this. We are all honored to have you here," Mr. Hamilton added.

Mr. Miller turned towards Robin saying, "It will be a pleasure to work with you," adding, " Mr. Hamilton, thank you for meeting with me this morning," as he shook Mr. Hamilton's hand.

"My pleasure, Mr. Miller," the senior partner replied. "Robin, please stay after Mr. Miller leaves, I need to discuss a new case with you."

"Yes, Sir," Robin replied.

When Mr. Miller walked out the door, closing it behind him, Mr. Hamilton explained her new client's case.

"Mr. Miller is negotiating with a small chain of super markets in Chicago. He wants you to handle the negotiations with him tomorrow in Chicago. I have my secretary now booking your hotel and flight in the morning. You will be out of town for a few days, Robin. I hope this not a problem with your cases that you have?" He asked, adding, "In anticipation of your new position, we hired another attorney that just moved here. He can help you with yours cases this week, his name is Dan Fitzpatrick."

Robin stood up from her chair, her knees slightly shaking, taking the file from his hand. "I will go over my cases with Mr. Fitzpatrick and thank you, Mr. Hamilton."

Robin had to call Joe and tell him the good news and also the not so good news about being away from him for a few days. Robin opened her cell phone, scrolling down to Joe's number, pressing the send button.

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