tagBDSMFinding Her Master Pt. 08

Finding Her Master Pt. 08


Chapter 11

Locking the hotel room door as the porter left, her eyes focusing hard on the package, Robin's curiosity grew deeper.

"What is so special about waiting till I leave that I have to wait to open it?"she asked herself.

Picking the package up, Robin looked for any address of where it came from. Setting the package back down on the dresser. While she unpacked her suitcase, Robin kept glancing over at the package and remembered that Sir said not to open it until she left to go home.

Robin opened her purse grasping her cell phone. Dialing her Sir's number, her eyes fixed on the package, "Hi pet, have a good flight?"Joe asked.

Just hearing her Sir's voice sent a jolt of electricity to her clit and her inner thighs moistened instantly. "Mmmmmm hello Sir, yes the flight was smooth. Thank you for the limo ride, Sir,"she answered with a low moan.

"Your welcome, my pet."Joe replied, then asked her, "Was there a package waiting for you when you checked in, pet?"

"Oh yes, Sir. What is in the box? Please tell your pet!"Robin whined in a sexy voice.

With a slight chuckle to his voice, "You will find out what is in the box the day you leave and not before."

"Please, Sir, just a little hint, pleeasee?"she whined.

"No pet, I promise you will like what I sent,"Joe chuckled adding, "Are you naked, pet?"

"Undressing now Sir, I needed to hear your voice first,"she moaned.

"I was waiting for you to call pet. I have missed you,"he said to her in a husky whisper.

Just hearing his reply flooded her thighs with more of her hot juices, "Oh yes Sir, I miss you too, I want your sexy body next to mine."

"Soon my pet, very soon."he groaned.

"Sir, I have to get ready to meet my client but I just had to hear your sexy voice."She said to him.

"Okay pet, check your e-mail later, love you."Joe told her.

"Yes Sir," Robin replied, adding, "Love you also, My Sir."

She just had enough time to shower before meeting her client, she thought to herself as she placed her cell phone back in her purse. Walking into the bathroom her image reflecting back at her and she noticed the lines were still visible from her punishment on top of her breasts. Her pussy clenching as she remembered the pain that radiated from each hard strike. Robin slowly turned her back to the mirror and saw the red x marks on her ass cheeks. Just as her hands touched the marks on her ass, her body shuttered and another flow of her wetness went down her thighs.

Robin stood under the running water hoping it would calm her emotions. Closing her eyes, she let the water hit her face as her hands lathered her body. The image of her Sir instantly flooding her mind; how she could feel the heat of his body as he had moved closer to her and how his hard cock had brushed up against her ass. The thought of Sir's hands on her shoulders made her shudder. Robin tilted her head to the side, imagining exposing her neck to his lips.

In her mind, her Sir's lips were lightly kissing up towards her ear and sucking the tip of her ear lobe in his mouth; making the pit in her stomach tighten in to a knot. Robin could feel his hands slide down her arms to her wrists. She was breathing faster as he took her wrists in his hands and lifted them up placing her hands on the wall.

She moaned deep as her Sir pulled her back a step, making her arch her body. Her ass pressing harder on his hard cock. The touch of his finger tips slowly gliding up her stomach to her breasts. The palms of his hands rubbing over her hard pebbles and slowly cupping them. The tip of his thumb rubbing the hard nub making the knot tighten more in her stomach.

Her knees started to shake as he pinched her hard pebbles and rolled them between his fingers. The thought of her Sir's hard cock sliding up between her slightly spread legs almost sent her over the edge. Robin did not realise that her own fingers were pinching her hard pebbles. Slowly letting one hand slide down her stomach to her throbbing clit, her fingers parted her pussy lips. The tips off her fingers dragging up her hot slit to her clit.

When the tips of her fingers touched her clit her legs buckled, forcing her to close her thighs tight. The pressure from her thighs clenching closed forced her finger harder on her swollen clit. The knot in her stomach broke free as she twisted hard on her nipple. Sending the first wave crashing through her body.

"Oh, godddd,"she screamed as multiple waves of her climax cursed over her.

Standing on weak legs as the last wave subsided and instantly felt guilty at what happened. She broke one of Sir's rules, she had pleasured herself without permission. In shame of what she had done, Robin quickly rinsed off the soap and turned off the shower. Trying to push the guilt back in her mind as she had to hurry if she was going to meet her client on time.

While she rode the elevator down to the meeting she heard Sir's voice in her mind as He told her about the rule, "You are not to pleasure your body without my permission. You must ask for that privilege. Do you understand, pet?"

Robin whispered her answer to herself, "Yes Sir, I understand and will obey the rule."

The elevator opened up and she saw her client waiting in the lobby. Taking a deep breath she told herself, "Sir will not know I broke a rule, if I don't tell Him."

Shaking her clients hand, they went to the restaurant to have dinner. Slowly the guilt returned to her mind and she knew she had to tell Joe that she broke a rule. Trying to reason her actions of why it happened wasn't helping. Making the decision to tell Joe right after dinner, Robin politely told her client she had some work to do for tomorrow leaving to go back to her room. Robin turned on her laptop when she entered her room.

"Sir is a thousand miles away and I can't believe the control he has over me,"she thought to herself as she placed her clothes in her suitcase.

Sitting on the bed she opened her e-mail and saw the message from Joe:

"Hello my pet, I miss you. I have complete faith in you that you will behave while you are away from me. I found entering my house tonight very lonely without you here with me in my arms. A customer told me about a new club that opened recently catering to the lifestyle we share. We will stop by the club on our way home from the airport. He also mentioned that they have a very nice menu. My customer also mentioned that they also have a stage set up for club members to use to put on demonstrations. Be well my pet, love you, miss you, Sir."

A tear formed in her eye as she read the e-mail from Joe. She had failed him in his trust of her. The guilt returned to her as she read the words, love you, miss you. She had to tell him that she pleasured herself, but it was not all her fault. Yet it was all her fault and she knew she had to follow her rules. Her shaking fingers began typing her message to Joe:

"My wonderful Sir, I have failed your trust in me. After I had talked to you this afternoon and I heard your sexy voice, I pleasured myself in the shower climaxing without your permission. For what I did, I am truly ashamed. Please forgive your pet for her misbehavior. I admit this totally as my fault. I was so excited that you sent a limo for me and the gift that you sent. When I heard your sexy husky voice I was very aroused. I thought of what you did the other day in the shower and how you made love to me. I am so sorry I could not control myself. I humbly beg for your forgiveness on my knees with my head on the floor. Your ashamed pet."

She hovered her finger over the enter button for few seconds before striking the key. Message sent appeared and suddenly Robin felt relieved.

The days slowly went by with meetings and going to the stores her client was buying. Robin was a little distracted at times. Sir has never mentioned her e-mail about her failure and it left her wondering if he was upset. Sir did not sound upset at all when they talked. His e-mails were always up beat, telling her how much he missed her. She pushed the thoughts about her e-mail out of her head, maybe her Sir had forgiven her.

Finally, the morning she was to leave arrived. Awaking early, she turned on her laptop to check for her instructions Joe had left:

"Good morning, my pet. Today you come back to me. You had a very busy week and now it is time for you to open your package. I was hoping this would be a pleasurable way to come home. But after you told me about breaking a rule, this your start of your punishment. After reading this message open the box and lay out the items on the bed. You will notice that the bra I have chosen for you has a rough texture on the inside of the cups where your nipples will be. The pads will constantly be making contact with your nipples. Be warned, the harder your pebbles get inside the bra, they will rub harder on the pads.

Next you will notice the t-back panties I have chosen for you, it has a small pocket for an egg vibrator.There will be two toys for your use; a small anal plug with some lube and an egg vibrator for the pocket of the t-back panties. You are to place the plug in your ass with plenty of lube. This plug will stay inside you till I remove it! For now, put the egg vibrator in your purse, there will be instructions for the vibrator in later e-mails.

You will dress in the following order, the bra goes on first. Lube the anal plug with plenty of lube and insert it in your ass. Next, the panties to hold the plug in place and then place the stockings on those sexy legs.

There will be another message for you to read on the way to the airport. Bye for now my pet, see you soon, Sir."

Robin's eyes widened as she read the instructions. She had a farewell breakfast with her clients before she left for the airport!

Robin laid out the items of the bed feeling the soft texture of the bra and panties. Holding the anal plug in her hand, her finger tips lightly stroked the hard shaft. Robin felt her pussy muscles spasm and the deep ache for Joe's cock to be inside her flooded her mind.

Placing the vibrator in her purse before she went to the shower and taking one last look at the items on the bed, she knew that she had to follow her Sir's instructions. The message did not say what she had to wear over the items. A smile crossed her lips as she remembered that she had the perfect dress and jacket that was suited for the occasion. No one would notice what she had under her clothes..

Drying off her body, she felt her pussy tingle as she walked over to the bed. Picking up the bra, Robin felt the rough area inside the cups of the bra with her fingertips. Lightly touching the rough area with her fingertips, her nipples instantly betrayed her by getting hard. The ache in her pussy became increasingly more noticeable as her thighs moistened.

Placing the bra on her breasts, the pads made contact with her nipples. The pads barley touched her hardening pebbles. Not too bad, she thought to herself. Robin bent over to pick up the anal plug and lube. When Robin started to move the pads rubbed her pebbles harder.

How was she going to stand this constant sensation all day? Picking up the anal plug, she spread a large amount of lubricant on it. Slightly bending over, spreading her ass with her hand, she slowly pushed the plug deep in her ass. She felt her ass muscles lock around the base, next she picked up the t-back panties noticing the pocket was placed just where it would rub her clit. Slowly stepping into them, she pulled them up her legs. The thong held the plug in her ass. The stockings were next, the weight of her breasts forced her nipples harder on the pads. All her body movements stimulated her nipples, and her juices started to flow down her thighs.

Turning around slowly while she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she saw her body dressed in his choices. Walking back to the bed to finish dressing she felt the anal plug move in her ass, stimulating her pussy. While she finished packing, her mind tried to concentrate on the breakfast meeting with her clients. As she moved around the room the plug in her ass became less noticeable and the bra was just a mild annoyance now. Robin put on her light blue blouse and a darker blue skirt that was just above her knees.

Robin called the front desk for a porter to help her with her luggage. Just as she put on her jacket, there was knock on the door. When she opened the door she noticed the porters eyes fixed on her breasts.

"Ah, Good morning Ma'am. You asked for a porter?"he stammered.

Robin blushed a little when she noticed his stare, "Yes, the luggage on the bed please."

She felt his eyes roaming over her body and stopping at her ass. Blushing more at the thought that the porter may have noticed the anal plug stuffed deep in her ass. Feeling the heat of the porters eyes on her back as she walked out the door. Her hard pebbles scratching on the pads. Feeling the slight wetness soaking her panties, Robin breathed in hard trying to calm herself, thinking that this was going to a very distracting morning.

The elevator doors opened and Robin saw her clients waiting for her. Greeting her clients they followed the waiter to their table. Robin felt the stares of clients on her as she walked. With each step she took, the plug moved in her ass making her pussy spasm.

A small gasp escaped her lips as she sat down and the plug pushed deeper in her ass, "Pardon me," she said.

Robin's thighs were slowly getting wetter with each movement of her body. Her hard pebbles were being rubbed raw by the pads. Her ass muscles clenched tighter as her pussy spasmed.

Robin tried to concentrate on this last meeting, trying to hide her secret pleasure. Before leaving the dining room Robin turned on her cell phone.

The phone beeped telling her she had a voice message, "Hello, Miss Harding, this is the airline ticket desk. Please stop by the ticket counter and pick up your upgraded ticket for first class. Thank you."

On her way to the airport Robin read the e-mail from her Sir:

"Hello, now that your on your way back to me. Just one more thing to do for me, when you are airborne and only when you are airborne. Place the vibrator in the pocket of the panties, do not turn it on. When I meet you at the airport, you must hand me the remote. When you check in they will have a new ticket for you. Enjoy your flight, I do hope it's a little rough."

Robin smiled as the cab hit a large pot hole, the anal plug shoved deeper. She now knew why he said to put the vibrator in after take off. Security screening. How embarrassing would it be to be caught with that between her legs? She blushed a little as she placed her purse on the x-ray table. Walking though the metal detector, she held her breath. Walking towards the plane, she noticed how wet she was. Two more hours of this, she told herself.

Boarding the plane, she was shown to her seat. She had a window seat with no one sitting beside her. When the seat belt sign was turned off, she went to the restroom. She placed the vibrator in the pocket of the panties. After adjusting the vibrator between her pussy lips, walking back to her seat as it rubbed gently on her clit. Sitting down in her seat, the flight attendant came by with a glass of Champagne and handed it to her. Robin resisted the urge to turn on the vibrator, she was so close to cumming. Her nipples were pushing on the pads, sending waves of stimulation to her nipples, making her move in her seat. She closed her eyes to try and relax.

When she awoke, the flight was almost over. The landing was a little hard and the plug moving around in her ass. Walking up the walkway, she saw Joe standing there with a grin across his face. Robin lowered her eyes walking up to him. She politely kissed his cheek handing him the remote, Joe placed his arms around her, kissing her. While they waited to pick up her luggage, Joe turned the vibrator on low.

"Ohhh god Sir, not now! I am so close!"Robin gasped as the vibrator came to life on her protruding clit.

Robin felt the knot in her stomach tighten as the vibrations surged through her. Her legs began to tremble as the knot grew tighter in the pit of her stomach. Her inner thighs flooding with her juices. Her breathing quickened and her grip on Joe's arm tightened. Joe sensed she was close to exploding right here in the luggage and pressed the off button for the vibe. Robin let a deep groan escape her throat.

Robin leaned her body next to Joe, her gasps for breath becoming shallower as her stomach muscles loosened their grip. Leaning down to pick up her suitcase Joe turned the vibe on again. He felt her shudder as the the vibe came to life.

"No Joe, please stop tormenting me,"Robin pleaded as her hand squeezed his arm tighter.

Leaving the vibrator on low while they walked to his car Joe noticed her legs were shaking with each step. Robin tried to control her breathing but she was loosing the battle with her body. By the time they made it to the car, her body was ready to explode and she had to place her hands on the roof of the car to steady herself. Suddenly the vibrator turned off and she let a deep groan escape from her mouth.

Joe walked up behind his shaking pet wrapping his arms around her waist and lowered his head down to her neck and lightly kissed it. Robin moved her hands down to his and grasped his arms moaning deep.

As Joe opened her door he whispered in her ear, "Remove your skirt and jacket, open your blouse and expose your bra. Then you may sit down."

"Yes, Sir," she replied.

Without any hesitation Robin removed her jacket placing it on the seat. With a quick glance around the garage she removed her skirt placing it in the car. Sitting down on her seat her fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse pulling it aside to expose her bra. Joe placed her jacket across her lap as he drove out to pay. Placing his hand under her jacket, pressing on the vibrator and felt the vibrations through her soaked panties. Robin moaned deep and pushed her hips towards his hand.

"Oh my Sir, please let me cum for you. I am so close Sir."Robin begged as she pushed her hot wet pussy harder on his hand.

"No my pet, you will cum only when I allow you to cum, not before."Joe sternly said to her.

Pressing the button for the vibrator Joe raised the speed up and pressed his hand harder on her soaked panties. Robin was squirming on the seat and she was biting her lower lip hard as they pulled up to the parking garage attendant. Robin was on the brink of a massive climax when the vibrator shut off leaving her hanging. The ride to club was going to be hard if Sir keeps doing this to me, she thought to herself. Her hard pebbles throbbing on the pads felt like they were being rubbed raw.

Robin felt like she was going to go insane. Frustrated beyond all reason, she needed and wanted to cum more than take her next breath of air. Why was he torturing her like this? Was he still upset with her for the shower earlier this week? Part of her wanted to beg him, plead to allow the release she needed so desperately, but there was another part of her that wanted to push him beyond all reason. For a moment, she thought of sliding her hands between her thighs, rubbing herself to completion. Glancing over at her Sir, her Master, she thought better of it. Clenching her hands together, she gritted her teeth and tried to hold on.

Joe glanced over at his pet as he drove down the highway and every few miles he turned the vibrator on. Carefully listening to the sounds she made trying to hold back the explosion that was building inside her. Each time she got closer and closer to the release she needed Joe turned off the vibrator.

Robin was relived when Joe exited the highway and sighed deeply that her torment was almost over. He had brought her to the brink several times and each time he never let her have the release she craved. Her ass was wet from the flood of her juices that flowed from her swollen pussy.

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