tagNonHumanFinding His Mate Too: Daniel Ch. 02

Finding His Mate Too: Daniel Ch. 02


As Daniel made his way down to the basement, he tried to adjust the hard on he was sporting in his pants to make it less obvious of what he was just doing a few moments ago. Just thinking about the way Tiffany's body naturally responded to him, even if she didn't realize it herself, had him wanting to turn around and finish what he started. If he was completely honest with himself, he was more affected from teasing Tiffany than Tiffany herself. His wolf growled at him in his mind and he couldn't help but laugh. Patience is a virtue my friend. He smiled when he heard his wolf huff at him and shook his head.

Turning the corner, he approached the inconspicuous door and pushed on it. He walked down the steep stairway and down the hall to a door. Tapping lightly on it, the door opened and he walked in. When his brother called him down to the basement, he had no clue of what he could possibly want. He remembered hearing something about someone in pack helping Giovanni, but was too distracted to hear the details. He made a mental note to ask Madison or Dante about it later if he didn't figure out what was happening by the end of this meeting.

He looked around and saw both Gino and Rich turn his way before looking back through the glass window in front of them. Walking up beside them, he looked out the window as well and saw his brother sitting across from a guy. "What's going on?"

Gino quickly glanced at Daniel again before turning his head to continue looking out the window. "Apparently Moe has his head back now and Dante is talking to him, trying to get more information on what Giovanni's plan was. So far, Moe is giving out some of it, but he is still being reluctant which was to be expected. We've been down here for a while though and he still hasn't given out any information that is valuable to us. I guess we will see what's gonna happen in the next minutes because Dante is starting to get a little agitated." Turning, he looked at Daniel with a smirk on his face, "And you know what happens when Dante gets agitated.

Nodding his head in understanding, Daniel continued to watch the show in front of him. If there was one thing this Moe character should be afraid of, it should definitely be Dante's wrath. Dante was infamous to get angry quickly as a child and, although Daniel knew he probably knew how to control it better with age, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Smirking, he listened in on the conversation before him.

Dante looked at the man across from him and shook his head. It still hurt that someone from his pack was involved in a scheme that would have not only killed him, but also put his mate and child's lives in jeopardy. Never did he think this would happen to him and the fact that Moe was barely disclosing any information was pushing the knife in even deeper.

Leaning forward, he took in a deep breath and rubbed his hands down his face. "Look Moe, if you want me to spare your life, you have to tell me what Carlo's plan was. I understand that you may have been at the bottom of the food chain or whatever and may have not been told what it was, but I also know you are withholding some valuable information from me not only by the way your eyes continue to avert from mine, but also because you are pack. Now I'm going to give you one last chance to tell me everything truthfully or I will be the last person you interact with before your death."

Moe swallowed the lump that was in his throat and looked down at his cuffed hands. He knew it was a bad decision to agree to help Giovanni and instantly regretted it. It seemed like an appealing option at the time that granted him all of his wishes. He should have known it was too good to be true.

Looking at his Alpha now, he wanted to jump out the closest window. Moe could tell that he was starting to get very angry with him and hoped that when he told him everything he wouldn't unleash the anger he knew he would have on him. There were still Alphas who want Madison and that baby and if word got out that he snitched, he would wish that Dante killed him before the others got to him.

Looking up into Dante's eyes, he sighed. "Giovanni came up to me telling me that if I helped him, he would give me everything that I asked for. Of course I was reluctant at first, what wolf wouldn't be, especially since I had a feeling that whatever he wanted me to do would be go against the pack..."

Dante watched as Moe took in a labored breathe and sat back in his chair. "One day he walked into my restaurant and his eyes were instantly drawn to Madison. He inquired who she was and I told him. I didn't know that he already knew who she was and was just playing dumb so that he could just affirm his assumption. I thought he was just as intrigued by her as I was. When he saw that I was interested in her as well, he said that I could have her as my mate. On impulse, I agreed. What man wouldn't take the chance when presented to them to have the woman who constantly invaded his dreams on a daily basis? That is when he gave me this drink and told me to take a sip everyday so that I could become stronger. He told me that they needed a strong army in order to fulfill the prophecy." Moe stopped at Dante's raised hand and felt his heart speed up.

Everything that he was saying was the truth and he hoped Dante wasn't signaling for someone to kill him. He tried to think back if he said anything wrong and wet his suddenly dry lips. Shifting in his seat, he glanced up into Dante's eyes.

"When you say 'they', who do you mean?" Moe knew that after told Dante this he would be considered a traitor. A part of him wanted to lie and make up some people, but another part of him knew it would be useless. I'm a traitor anyway, bound to be shunned by both my pack and those who said they would help me. Sighing deeply, he dropped his head in defeat.

"Some of the Alphas." Dante looked over at the one-way glass window in shock. He thought that Giovanni was the only one, but apparently, he was wrong. Many Alphas out there were involved in what they each promised so fiercely to prevent from happening.

He felt pain shoot through him at the prospect of his fellow Alpha's, some of which being his friends, wanting to take his mate and child away from him. Dropping his head back against his shoulders, he closed his eyes.

"Do you know which of the Alphas are involved in this?" Moe watched as Dante slowly up looked at him and was surprised to find hurt in his eyes. For all the years he had been in this pack, never has he once saw his Alpha in so much pain. For the most part Dante was always composed and never showed any form of strong emotion in public and seeing it now made him fill with more shame than humanly possible.

Shaking his head, he looked down at his hands. "No. I don't. Although I was involved in the plan, I never was told who the other Alpha's were. Giovanni looked at me as a potential traitor." Moe looked up into his Alpha's eyes, trying to portray silently that he was once again telling the truth. He knew at this point whatever happened next was his own fault, but he hoped Dante would show him some mercy.

Dante saw no deceit in Moe's eyes and breathed out silently. Deep down, he wished that Moe was lying and what he just heard was only told in order to throw him off course, but this wasn't the case.

Rubbing his hand down the front of his face, he stood up slowly from his chair. "Although I appreciate your cooperation, you will be punished for your actions. You will be stripped of your title of Theta and moved down to Omega. Someone in the pack will handle your home and business outside the compound until further notice. For now, you will work and sleep as an Omega. I know your mother is very old and I will consider her in this whole situation. As for interaction with the pack, whatever happens will be of your own fault." Looking at Moe one last time, he turned and walked toward the door leading to the observation room. "Someone will see you to the Omega quarters."

Dante walked out the door and looked up into the eyes of his Betas. Sighing deeply, he stuffed his hands in his pockets. "That went better than I expected."

Looking back at the door he just went through he turned around and looked at Rich. "Take him to the Omega quarters. When he is settled, go check on his mother and see how she is doing. She's near the end of her life and I would rather not want her worried about the dealings of her son. Take the day off when you are through. I have a feeling more things will come about in the next weeks" .He watched as a chuckle escaped Rich's throat before he turned and walked into the room.

Turning towards his brother and Gino, he gave them a wary smile. He saw the perplexed look on Daniel's face and laughed lightly. "To answer your unspoken question, Rich doesn't say much, if anything at all. That's why I made him my Beta."

Daniel nodded his head slowly and looked up when he heard the heavy door to the room open. He watched as Rich led the traitor out of the room, briefly catching eyes with him. He saw the shame that was within them and oddly sympathized with him. He knew what it felt like to cause harm to the pack and face everyone's judgment. He was still going through it now, even after decades have passed. He looked away from the now empty spot when he heard Dante clear his throat. Turning his head toward his brother, he saw that Dante was going to say something and cut him off before he could. "You know he's not lying, right?"

Dante knew that Moe was not lying through his Alpha bond with him, but was surprised that Daniel could feel that Moe wasn't lying as well. He remembered that Daniel had mysterious abilities when he was in pack that no other pack member attained and could only imagine what other abilities his brother learned while he was away. After all, Daniel was technically an Alpha and could challenge him and win if he wanted the position. Shaking his thoughts out of his head for another time, he nodded his head.

"Yes. I know. It still doesn't refute the fact that he went against pack though. He is lucky that I went that easy on him. I could have fed him to the pack and let them do as they choose, even if that would lead to his death." Daniel nodded his head, seeing that Dante did not pick up what he saw in Moe's eyes and looked at Gino. He would talk about it more another time.

"So who is your mate?" He heard Dante's laugh and looked over at him in confusion. "What?"

Gino laughed along with Dante and patted Daniel on his shoulder. "Well for one, that was random as hell. We are down here in a dark basement and you bring up the topic of my mate." Gino laughed again when Daniel innocently shrugged his shoulders.

"What? I'm being serious. It seems like everyone's mate has been falling out of the sky lately. Just thought I should ask." Gino shook his head and sighed deeply.

"If there is one thing you should come to learn about me, it is that I will never be mated. I enjoy dipping into different flavors too much to be stuck on just one. The thought alone sends chills up my spine." He shook his body for emphasize before continuing. "I don't know how you two are going to get through with your mates, especially you Daniel. I remember when I first met Tiff. She was only forty years old, a small little pup, and she scared the shit out of me."

Daniel laughed and looked over at Dante who was nodding his head in agreement. He could only imagine how Tiffany acted when she was thirteen years old. Just thinking about a younger Tiffany brought chuckles in his throat. "Gino, I remember when you were talking about finding your mate when we were younger and how you were going to treat her like a princess and all this other flowery stuff. What happened?"

Gino laughed dryly at the amused expression that was now written on both Daniel and Dante's faces. He remembered when he said that too, but that didn't mean he had to act on what he said now, if ever. Shaking his head, he looked Daniel in the eyes. "I was a dumb little kid. I didn't know the implications of having a mate. Hell, I didn't even reach puberty and after meeting your mate, I don't think I'll ever want one. Like I was saying, you know what the first thing she said to me when I first met her was? I quote, 'Hey dickhead. How about you stop looking at my ass before I make you grow one?' I don't know what the hell it meant, fuck I still do not know what it means now, but after that encounter I knew to never fuck with her. She's crazy!"

Daniel tilted his head back and laughed. Gino definitely still had the same humor that he remembered from before. "You two act like she is so bad."

"That's because she is brother. Let's face it. Tiffany is essentially still a little pup compared to us. She's technically thirty years old according to human years, which makes her sixty years old in Were years. She has a whole lot of energy in her and I don't know if you can keep up old man. Hell, I don't even know if I can keep up with Madison." Daniel laughed at his brother and thought about his mate. From what he seen in the past two days, he could see why both Gino and Dante would be slightly afraid of her.

Although physically she did not outmatch them, her attitude could put the craziest person to shame. He and his wolf certainly didn't mind taming her wild ways though. Shaking his head to rid his mind from thinking any further, he directed his attention back to Gino.

"You say now that you don't want to get mated, but when that right woman comes along, you will know the true meaning of what it is to be pussy whipped and I'm going to just sit back and laugh."

Gino scrunched his face up in disgust at the thought and fiercely shook his head. "The day I get a mate will be the day my dick falls off, which is never. How about this, we can settle this discussion elsewhere. This room is starting to make me nervous." Both Dante and Daniel smiled at Gino's comment and shook their heads as they followed Gino out of the room, who continued to give them reasons for why he would never be mated.

Once they were on the main floor, Daniel reached out to Tiffany and smiled when he sensed she was still in his room. He wished he could hear what she was thinking, but she was unknowingly closing her mind off from him. He turned when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and looked down to see Madison staring up at him.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something to me?" Madison looked up at the man who saved her and captured her friend's heart and smiled. It was so amusing to see how he and Dante were so much alike, yet so different at the same time.

"I asked you if you would like to join me for lunch? I know you have to be sort of tired and almost malnourished, especially dealing with Tiffany." Madison watched as he smiled sweetly at her and took that as his answer. Turning on her heels, she glanced over at Dante, who sported a bored expression as he listened to Gino.

'He can't help it honey.' She heard him grunt in disapproval and laughed out laughed, ignoring Daniel's curious glance. She walked into the kitchen, acknowledging everyone and pulled open the refrigerator.

"So what are you in the mood for Danny? It is ok if I call you Danny right? You know what, I am going to wait until you and Tiffany mate and then I will give you a nickname. I'd rather not call you something that she calls you and what not." Daniel smiled when he saw her blush, surprised that he could actually see her blush in the first place.

He watched as she rummaged around the kitchen, forgetting that she asked him a question about what he wanted to eat and nodded his head in approval. He could see why his brother fell in love with her so quickly.

Not only was she funny and kind, but she also had this inward strength that he was sure she didn't know she inhabited. It was surely a quality needed to make a good Alpha Bitch, especially with everything going on.

"So...how are you and Tiffany? I know she is a bit much at times, but trust me, you will come to love her." Turning around, she cast him a sly smile. "Unless you already do." She chuckled when she saw his face turn red and turned back around to finish their food. It was so funny to see a big man like him blush at a simple comment that pertained to his mate. Picking up her two bowls, she placed one in front of Daniel before moving to sit beside him. "Eat up."

Daniel looked down at his bowl full of Ramen noodles and couldn't help, but bellow over in laughter. Madison was certainly full of surprises. That was for sure. Picking up his fork, he swirled the noodles around and proceeded to eat.

"So has anything new come up about your changing so early and everything else going on?" He tilted his head to the side when he saw that Madison was placing hot sauce in her bowl and quirked an eyebrow.

"What? I like hot sauce on my Ramen. It is really good you know. And as far as anything new? Nope. My changing early is basically considered impossible. The only reason they came up with was that I was acting off my motherly, Alpha Bitch instincts and wanted to protect not only the members of the pack, but also my unborn child. It makes sense if you think about it. Giovanni adding that stuff in his bite only enhanced my hormones or something. Am I making sense?"

Daniel nodded his head and took a bite of his food. They sat in complete silence for a moment, each in their own thoughts. Daniel looked over at Madison and smiled. "You know you can just ask me what you want to ask me?"

Snapping her head up, Madison looked over at Daniel in shock. "How did you know I wanted to say something?"

Daniel shrugged his shoulders and waited for Madison to ask the question that's been on her mind since she wanted him to sit with her.

"Well, since you asked, what are your intentions with Tiffany? And don't give me that 'oh she's my mate' bullshit. I want to know what your intentions would be if she wasn't your mate. I want to know your...human feelings." Daniel chuckled when he saw her quirk her eyebrow at the end of her statement. Pushing back from his seat, he turned and looked her straight in the eyes.

"I plan on marrying her." Madison nodded her head at his simple statement and looked down at her bowl.

"And I want you to. You see, Tiffany has been through her fair share of heartache, and I don't mean from men. Obviously it's not my place to say, but just know that she is not as tough as she tries to appear, which I'm sure you know." Jumping down from her seat, Madison picked up her empty bowl. "Now I'm not going to give you the 'if you hurt her, I kill you' spill, because I know you will not intentionally hurt her, but I am going to tell you to continue to be patient with her. I can tell just by looking at you that you are a nurturer, and believe me when I say that Tiffany is going to need alot of nurturing in order to let go of her past."

Daniel watched as she cleaned her bowl and walk out of the kitchen. Just before she crossed the threshold, she looked back over her shoulder. "But if you do hurt her, I will kick your ass." He smiled when he heard her laughing down the hall and turned back to his food. He wondered what Madison meant when she said that Tiffany had heartache and made a mental note to find out. He sighed deeply when he realized they really had alot of things to talk about.

"Don't get your panties in a wad. Everything will work out with Tiffany. Just trust in the fates." Daniel looked up at Dante and nodded his head. His brother was right. The last thing he needed to be was stressed right now. Pointing to the seat beside him, he watched as Dante took the hint and sat down beside him. Glancing over briefly, he looked down into his bowl.

"You know I never meant to leave the way I did." Dante watched the side of his brother's face, waiting for him to continue. "I just... didn't know how to face the consequences at the time. I was young and prideful. To be completely honest with you, Dad really was no help. It always seemed like he expected so much of me and I didn't know how to give him everything that he wanted. When everything happened with Victoria, I took that as my chance to leave."

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