tagRomanceFinding Love at the Spa

Finding Love at the Spa

byPaniolo Boy©

I am part owner of an architectural engineering company that I helped to start about 10 years ago. Worked my butt off along with a couple of friends to get our business to where it is today. Trouble is, I didn't have time for anything else. That is until a couple of friends insisted that I go with them to their spa.

Hi! My name is Craig. After I graduated from college with my engineering degree, I went to work for a large engineering firm. I worked hard for the company along with a bunch of other engineers, and I'd like to think that we made a pile of bucks for them. The hours were long and it wasn't unusual for us to be at the office or on the job site 6 days out of 7.

We really enjoyed the work as we could see our creations move from paper to life. Several of our projects were nominated each year for builder's and engineering awards and it was personally satisfying to know that our work helped to elevate the profession's benchmarks each year.

However after a little more than 5 years of putting my nose to the grind stone and helping to put the firm's name on the industry's map, I was becoming increasingly disappointed that little of the recognition and reward ever found it's way back to those of us who were a major reason behind why we were doing so well.

So a couple of us decided that we could do a better job and make it more financially rewarding by working for ourselves and doing it our way instead of the "corporate" way. So we pooled our resources and started 'Life Designs' in Denver.

It took us a couple of years of Spartan life styles before the business started finding us instead of us chasing the business. Plus it certainly helped that Denver and its surrounding areas continued to grow which kept demand up for our services. We just got lucky and hit the development curve just right. Life was good. We had all the business we could handle.

After 5 years, one of my partners decided that he would really like to return home to San Francisco but didn't want to disassociate from us. We decided that we would experiment by opening a branch office in San Francisco. After all, we went out on our own so that we could reap the rewards of our hard work and smart thinking. So why not help one of our partners live where he wants to live? If he could run it successfully, it would only make our business stronger by adding geographic diversity.

So the office in San Fran was opened and it reached profitability quickly as it leveraged our good reputation in Denver. Plus it didn't hurt that San Fran was, and still is, undergoing a sort of downtown renaissance. A lot of former abandoned warehouses were being turned into high end loft living quarters and retail store fronts. Fish canneries were turned into shopping plazas. Everywhere one looked, one could find a major rehab project underway. We were elated and our San Fran partner was the happiest of all.

I suspect that this experience encouraged my other partner to suggest opening up an office in Seattle. He had always been intrigued by the city and seeing as how his girl friend came from there, it seemed like a natural next step for us. Plus, like San Francisco, lots of major rehab projects everywhere we turned. And so our Seattle office was opened. It did well also.

My other partners appointed me as the guy in charge as they didn't want to worry about the administrative stuff. The back office was always something that came naturally to me. I guess I'm the more organizationally and administratively oriented of the group. Plus, I have a hard time saying "no" to these two guys. So now I spend two weeks out of four visiting each of the offices as well as trying to keep control of all of the back office functions.

Back to the present ................

It was my typical after work routine; that is, the usual routine that I follow if I'm back in town. Leave the office around 6pm and head to one of several bars that are in the area. Have a couple of drinks, make a dinner out of the snacks and stuff, then go home.

Anyway, I decided that the bar of choice tonight was going to be one that I could walk to from the office. The big plus for this bar was that I didn't have to give up my parking space at my office building and hope that I could find one next to the bar. Major consideration! At least for downtown Denver!

Anyway, I walked up to the bar and ordered myself a beer. As the evening was still a little young, there were a number of open tables. So I took my beer and found an empty table to drop myself into. A waitress came up and handed me a menu. This bar has some of the best appetizers around. I really come here for the food. Yeah, right! At least that's what I keep telling myself.

As I perused the menu, an acquaintance that I've not seen in years walked in with his wife. Ben and I were team mates on a Lacrosse team in college. Strictly for fun; competitively speaking of course! He and I ended up in Denver taking separate routes to get here. But our friendship stuck. He was in his late 30's when he wed this gorgeous and charming woman. She must have been in her early 30's then. They were simply devoted to each other. It was such a pleasure to know this committed couple. Ten years later, they're still in love with each other. That was plain to see.

I waved to Ben and Sharla and invited them to join me if they didn't have any plans. They welcomed the invitation.

"So Craig, where've you been hiding yourself?" Ben asked as Sharla placed their drink orders with the waitress.

"Been out visiting with our people in San Fran and Seattle. Both offices are fairly busy and we need to keep in touch to make sure we know what's going on."

"You're such a work-aholic," Sharla giggled, "just like Ben was when I first met him."

"So, is there a future Mrs. Craig that we should know about?" asked Ben.

I laughed, "Since when do I have the time to devote to a relationship?" I had started down that road a couple of times however never made it all the way to the altar. Perhaps it was my long work hours or being away from home so often, or both. What usually started out with a bang tended to fizzle out at some point. Sharla's retort brought me back to the present......

"Craig, you're not getting any younger and there is a major benefit to having someone in your life."

"Oh? And what is that?" I asked?

"Well........... besides the fantastic sex....." Ben chimed in before Sharla hit him on the arm! "BEN!"

"Seriously, I have to tell you that Sharla has brought a lot of happiness and balance to my life. And I hope that I do the same to her."

Sharla teared up a little, smiled, and gave her hubby a quick hug and a kiss, "Thank you." she said softly, "and you do..."

We had dinner, and enjoyed each other's company for another hour before they got up to leave. Sharla said that it's their weekly visit to a spa in town. One of the things that they pamper themselves with regularly.

"A spa?" I asked? "Don't think that I've ever been to one."

"Oh, you gotta try it! It's the greatest!" Sharla went on, "With the massages and heat treatments and stuff, you'll walk out of there a new person!"

"Yeah," Ben said. "We never thought much about it until someone gave us a one day pass to try it out as a gift. You gotta come with us and try it out!"

Having nothing better to do that night, I went with Ben and Sharla.

The Spa was located on the ground floor of a high rise downtown. Actually, it was just a couple of blocks away from my office. I could probably walk to it if it wasn't raining or snowing. As we entered, my first impression was that the place was clean. I mean clean! You could smell how clean it was and see the shine on the counters.

Reception was a no-nonsense affair. A counter behind which sat two very good looking gals. With their gym wear on, they both could have been in a photo shoot for a sports clothing catalog! Both were busy doing whatever they do at reception. Anyway, as we walked in, Ben and Sharla showed their membership cards and then introduced me as a guest and a potential member.

One of the gals, Noelle (that's what her name tag said!), handed me a membership packet and volunteered to show me around the place so I could see the various amenities. Ben and Sharla went their separate ways into the locker rooms and Noelle took me on my tour.

The first stop was the men's locker room. It was a good thing that she knocked as Ben was struggling out of his clothes at the time. We had a good laugh at his expense! There were a bunch of guys coming and going, some in gym wear however most in bath robes.

Noelle explained, "normally, our members remove their clothes in here and store them in their assigned lockers. Robes for members are dispensed from the service counter over there. You can bring your own lock however we just ask that you leave us a spare key or the combination just in case you lock yourself out."

"Ah......, Noelle, do they remove all their clothes?" I asked as I saw a couple of guys walk out of the locker room with only their robes on.

"It depends on what you want to do during your time here. If you plan to hit the fitness center than it probably makes a lot of sense to dress accordingly. However if it's a massage, sauna or Jacuzzi visit, then dressing down completely is more appropriate and practical. Swim wear for the sauna or Jacuzzi is at your option. Most members find that underwear or swim wear can sometimes get in the way of certain massage therapies. Plus its easier going from massage therapy to the sauna or the Jacuzzi without having to go back and forth to the locker room."

"We supply the robes so you don't have to worry about laundering and any of that stuff. And it's all included in your monthly membership fee."

She then led me down a hallway that had three sets of glass double doors that led to three separate areas. The first room held a fitness center with a bunch of work out machines. From what I could see, the center was well equipped with a bunch of cardio oriented equipment. I could see myself making good use of the recumbent bicycle and the Stairmaster.

The second room held their massage rooms, a room for a beautician, a room for a visiting practitioner, a Jacuzzi and Sauna, and an ice plunge. They actually had several Jacuzzi's. One for men, one for women, and one that was coed. Same with the saunas.

"Ah, Noelle, why are their three Jacuzzi's and Sauna's?" I asked.

"Well, with most of our members preferring to be nude in them, some like to have some privacy while others come with spouses and prefer to be with their spouse. Saves them the hassle of trucking their swim suits back and forth or an extra change of clothes."

Ok, that made sense. And with me being basically a shy sort of guy (yes, I am a very private person) the men only Jacuzzi would probably be the route for me.

The third room seemed to be more like a hotel lobby. It was nicely carpeted with a reception desk. Noelle explained that occasionally members wished some quiet time to rest and relax so they were free to use one of several guest rooms if one was available. No over night stays allowed however. She led me into the lobby and snagged a key from the reception desk so I could see what one of the rooms looked like. It was just like a hotel room, complete with its own private bathroom.

As we returned to the front desk, Noelle asked if I might want to sign up for a trial membership of 3-months. Then if I liked it, they would automatically roll me over to an annual membership. That sounded like a good idea so I had her do the paperwork for me.

I gave her my charge card to put it on file as well as pay for the initial trial membership. While she was recording the data, she asked, "Craig Johanssen. Where did you say you were from?"

"I didn't. But it was San Luis Obispo."

"Small world," she replied with a smile. "I thought you looked familiar."

I took another look at her but I couldn't place her at all. Luckily she rescued me, "Yeah, you used to go out in high school with my older sister, Kristen!"

"Kristen Farmer!" I laughed. "So you're the younger sister that always used to interrogate her after every date we had!"

"Oh yes! I had to know what went on! I was so jealous of you two!" she laughed!

"What a small world! So do you keep in touch with Kristen? I haven't seen her since high school! How is she doing?"

"We talk at least once a week. She's up in Tacoma where she went to college. After graduation she got married and then ended up staying there."

"I hope she's doing well. I always thought a lot about her."

"I think she is. And she always thought very highly about you also."

"Nice to know. I missed her a lot after we both went off to college. But we always knew that it would be impossible to stay together with us going to separate schools so far apart. I guess that's why we didn't go further into a relationship." I confessed.

"Well if it's any consolation, she wondered if she did the right thing also. She missed you also for a long time. But things worked out for her and it looks as if you haven't done too badly yourself."

"Yeah, well, I made it through engineering school and was recruited by a large firm out of Portland. Worked for them a number of years before I got the feeling that I was going nowhere and I wanted to do a lot more than I was been allowed to do. I found out that there were a couple of others like me so we struck out on our own and set up our company here in Denver a couple of years back. We've done ok."

"No Mrs. Craig?" she asked.

"Nope, been too busy taking care of the business. Not fair to anyone to have to deal with the demands on my time."

"And how about yourself, Noelle? Is there a Mr. Noelle or a significant other?"

"Not at the moment." She smiled as she replied.

Noelle finished up my paperwork and I was invited to use the facilities that evening. But seeing that I didn't have any work out clothes or swim wear with me, I was reluctant.

"Ah, Noelle, I don't have any clothes with me so it's probably best that I return tomorrow or the next day."

"Don't be silly. You can always use the sauna or Jacuzzi, and it's up to you which one you use. Most members don't use swim wear either. So attire is not really an issue is it?"

Trapped! Noelle also knew that Ben and Sharla were in the coed Jacuzzi. Apparently that's where they always ended up.

"Craig, they are in the Jacuzzi if you want to join them."

"But I would only be in my birthday suit!"

"Well, so are they! What are you grumbling about?"

Well I could see when I was beat. No more excuses unless I was willing to tell her how embarrassed I would be. But hey! I should be able to take this? Right? Right!

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

As I entered the coed Jacuzzi, I saw Sharla's bare breasts as they seemingly floated on top of the water, and I had an erection to beat all erections! She must have been somewhere between a 34B to a 36C! Her tits looked firm and youthful. And her nipples were stiff and hard! Oh Shit! And Ben was laughing!

"Hey buddy! Looks like you got a problem!" he laughed!

"Can't help it. Sharla's just too gorgeous and sexy looking!" I replied while I tried to cover up my reaction to her beauty!

Sharla smiled and tried to comfort me, "Craig, thanks for the compliment! I don't take any offense to your body's reaction to my nudity! Plus, from what I see, you have a nice, big one!"

Oh shit! I'm even harder now! I got into the Jacuzzi as fast as I could to hide my erection under the bubbling waters.

"So did you sign up?" Sharla asked?

"Yep. Took the 3-month introductory program and I'll see how it goes. The fitness center really caught my eye. I need some sort of physical activity and the fitness center looks like a possible answer."

We stayed in the Jacuzzi and talked until we started to wrinkle up like prunes! I even became comfortable with our (Sharla's mostly) nudity and soon lost my hard on. I think it was because we were immersed in pleasant conversation trying to catch up with what was happening in our lives. Sharla would frequently sit back and shut her eyes as if to rest. We all did that every once in awhile. It was so relaxing to be with friends. I really enjoyed it.

As we made to get up and leave the Jacuzzi, I encountered another problem. Ben got up first which gave me my first look at his cock. He looked semi-hard, and he must have been at least 7 or 8 inches in length. Ok, now I know why Sharla is happy with him! Then Sharla got up which gave me my first look at her pussy. And it was bare! And, her pussy lips were engorged as if they had been stimulated and Sharla had enjoyed an orgasm; like as in Ben must have been rubbing her pussy all the time we were in there! Like when Sharla sat back with her eyes closed! She must have been having orgasm after orgasm in the Jacuzzi!

Bingo! My hard on was back! Ben and Sharla had another good laugh at that! What can I say? Well I put my robe on and headed out to the hallway then to the men's locker room, and ran into Noelle in the hallway.

She glanced down at the obvious bulge in my robe and smiled. I turned red!

"Hi Craig!" she smiled, "how was the Jacuzzi? Was it hot enough for you?" Oh what a tease she was!

Ok, two can play at this game! "Oh, it was fairly hot, but I like it hotter. How about you"

"Oh, hot is good! Hotter is better!" she laughed and blushed before she went on her way! I could see the tips of her nipples poking through her bra and shirt! She was turned on!

If my erection was hard then, it was now hard enough to poke through the robe! I made sure that it stayed closed all the way back to the locker room!

As I drove home, Noelle stuck in my mind. I felt very comfortable around her. Our casual banter, even with the sexual overtones, were pleasant exchanges. Something that was very unusual for me. It usually takes me a little while to warm up to a woman. But I had opened up to her right away. Maybe it's because she was Kristen's sister. There was a connection there already.

The next day it was business as usual; at least for me. I ended up having to fly up to Chicago at last minute to take care of a client who was having a problem with their contractor who didn't understand the design plans that we had drawn. He kept telling our client that the plans that we had drawn up couldn't be built. So our client was upset with us giving him plans that wouldn't work; no matter that the local building department had already gone over them, approved them and given him a building permit! I didn't even have time to pack an overnight bag! Well, such is life!

Well it turned out to be nothing. The contractor just wasn't familiar with the construction technique that we had designed around. He really should not have bid for the job. Our structural engineer had employed a design that utilized an exterior exoskeleton design similar in concept to the Manufacturers Hanover building in Chicago. It allowed our architectural engineers and interior designers to be very creative with interior spaces. Unfortunately this contractor had never worked on anything like it before.

We cured the problem by having the contractor sub out the portion of the contract that had to deal with the exoskeleton. He didn't mind as he still retained the bulk of the work. The alternative would have been to have him concede that he couldn't do it and then award the contract to someone else. But that would have taken additional time to put the contract out to bid again, and get a new contractor in place.

Anyway it was the next day before I was able to get everything put to bed and return back to Denver. While waiting for my return flight I remembered that I had made the appointment at the Spa for last night so I need to call to apologize for the no-show. Plus since my flight was arriving in the late afternoon, perhaps I just might be able to make just go straight to the spa from the airport, work out a little, then take a shower before going home. Noelle picked up the phone.

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