tagBDSMFinding Sir's Dark Side Ch. 01

Finding Sir's Dark Side Ch. 01


When the bell rang to signify the end of the lesson Alexa got up from her seat, but remained where she was while the other students left. When they had gone, she moved over to her history teacher, Mr McGrath, who was at his desk marking some essays. She stood up straight; her knees held together, clasping her books to her chest. The teacher apparently hadn't noticed her yet. She cleared her throat.


"What is it?" he asked without stopping what he was doing.

"I like your tie today sir."

He looked up at her, then back down at his tie, then back up at her. He stared at the student for what seemed a long time. His eyes seemed to pierce right through her. She suffered an incredible urge to run out of the classroom.

"Thank you," he said before returning to his essays.

Alexa stood there silently. 'Was that it?' she thought. She knew that over these past few weeks her teacher had been looking at her with lustful eyes, they passed all over her body. She herself had been having a crush on him . When she had caught him glancing at her, she hoped they might be able to hit it off. But he was just sitting there at his desk, quietly working. Nerves got the better of her and she turned towards the door to leave.

"Yours looks nice too," he muttered.

The girl turned around, at first bewildered. "But this is part of the uniform sir. All the students wear it."

"Indeed, Alexa," he sighed. "And you look good in it."


She began to ask him questions about an assignment, not caring for the answers, but merely to get a conversation going. As she spoke he didn't bother to hide the fact that he was checking out her legs, bare beneath the above-knee hemline of her skirt. When he looked up to her face it felt to her like he was focusing on her lips more than anything else.

Mr McGrath was beginning to fascinate Alexa. He dominated her thoughts. She would stay behind after class to flirt with him, under the pretence of asking about homework. This went on a number of times over the next two weeks, and Alexa knew it was only a matter of time before something would happen between them. Yet despite the chats, he was still a mystery to her. Mr McGrath, who was in his early fifties, maintained a striking figure. He was handsome, tall and broad shouldered. His eyes were deep and dark. Many ladies found themselves taking a fancy to him. Alexa had overheard two of the schools teachers in conversation; one was wondering if he was available, the other, her English teacher Ms Parker, saying it would be a bad idea. By the way Ms Parker talked of him, it seemed like they had a history together, and that maybe she was a little afraid of him. But Alexa ignored this.

Strict and consistent, Mr McGrath was in complete control of his pupils during teaching. There was hardly any messing around from the naughtier ones in his lessons. But he seemed disinterested in his own subject, and did not care to teach it any deeper than beyond the curriculum. The only time she had seen a spark in his eyes was over the past two weeks when he looked at her.

Alexa was a pretty eighteen year old, but nevertheless shy. Quite a few of the more popular boys had tried to chat with her, hoping for a date. But her naturally quiet demeanour and inability to think of something appropriate to say made it look like she wasn't interested and they usually gave up. This was more nervousness than her not wanting to go out with them. She had only ever gone out with one boy and that lasted just a week. He broke up with her the day after he had taken her virginity. When her teacher had began talking to her in that way she suffered the same feeling of not knowing what to say. But he was not put off by this one bit. She could not tell whether he was simply able to look past her timidity, or if he just didn't care what she was thinking. When they were alone and flirting together, she was taken aback by the way he talked to her. They were both pretending to be innocent while suggesting implicitly the possibility of something more. But while she had tried to keep a friendly tone he sounded cold, and maybe even a little patronizing. He always maintained a little distance between them, and she could not find an opportunity to even touch him. When he felt they had talked long enough, he dismissed her, expecting her to leave without another word, which Alexa duly did. Cursing herself afterwards for not standing up to him a bit, she nevertheless could not even bring up the urge to be assertive in his presence.

Things then took a turn. Alexa had woken up from the previous night in which she dreamt that Mr McGrath had made her stand up at the front of the class and strip to her underwear. She just stood there, as all the students paid attention, their faces emotionless, while Mr McGrath talked dispassionately about Ancient Greece!

During history that day, she was relieved that she could just gaze at him and be in full control of her imagination. She fantasized that they were both in her bedroom. They were kissing affectionately, his hands exploring every part of her body. He penetrated her, and with a masterful touch brought her to an intense orgasm, with him climaxing at the same time. The bell snapped her out of daydreaming. At the front, Mr McGrath gave her a devilish smile, as if he was reading her mind. As the rest of the students left, she remained seated.

They were alone and Mr McGrath locked the door. He waited a while, till the hall outside sounded clear, and then advanced over towards Alexa with a deliberate pace. She had a feeling that things were about to get more serious and so tried to hide her nervousness. Her mouth felt dry and her throat tight. The teacher was standing over her and Alexa looked up. Biting her bottom lip, she moved one of her legs from under the table to where he could see it. She pulled her plaid skirt back a bit, revealing some of her thigh.

He reached out and brushed some of the hair away from her face. Alexa tingled within as his fingers traced gently along her flushed cheek down to her lips, where she tentatively flicked her tongue up against them. He grinned.

"Don't you think you are a little young to get mixed up with me?"

"I'm eighteen," she replied inpudently. "I can take care of myself."

His hand moved down to her pert breasts, caressing his way to the nipples. Speaking almost to himself, "Oh really." He pinched hard at her right nipple and she screamed, reeling back in her chair. Alexa tried to protest, ask him what he thought he was doing. But the words were not coming out of her mouth and they were nevertheless interrupted by a knock on the door, which made them both jump.

Mr McGrath, clearly annoyed, marched over to the door, unlocked it and swung it open. There stood the maths teacher.

"What is it Mr Davies?"

"Sorry Paul, But I thought I heard someone in pain and..." Mr Davies stopped when he saw Alexa seated at the back. It must have been suspicious, Alexa realized, hearing a cry of pain coming from this classroom, then finding her and a teacher locked up alone in there. She tried to act casual, elbow on the table, chin resting on her hand. But she knew how forced it must have appeared.

"She is uhh . . . in detention," Mr McGrath stuttered.

"Of course," Mr Davies was obviously unconvinced. "Well anyway, I guess. . . I guess I best be off." He looked around awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

"Yes, good day." McGrath hurried him out and closed the door behind him. He turned to face Alexa, not hiding his anger at the untimely intrusion.

"Get up," he ordered.

Without thinking Alexa obeyed. She was anxious and muddled. He strolled towards his desk and beckoned her over with a crooked finger. She tried to saunter over to him in a seductive fashion, but her steps were uncomfortable, her posture ungainly. She was unaware that her legs had begun to tremble. His eyes inspected her all over, she thought he seemed disapproving.

"Bend over." he motioned at his desk. Fretful, she shook her head.

"Do it!" he commanded, pulling down on her school-tie, compelling her to incline against his desk. Mr McGrath moved behind Alexa and crouched down so he was directly facing her rear. He hitched up her skirt to the waist and began to grope at her supple butt cheeks. As his fingers dug harder into them, he could feel her tense up, become firmer. She was frightened and thought about telling him to stop but something deep within her held her from doing so. He placed his hands flat against those cheeks, spread them apart and buried his face into her behind, inhaling the sweet scent. Alexa moaned helplessly as he pressed his tongue against her panties, tasting her bud through the soft fabric. Her heart was pounding.

Mr McGrath stood up and positioned himself to her side. Overwhelmed by his forcefulness, she did not dare move. He raised his hand in the air, and with precision, gave her a formidable smack on the bottom. She yelped, as a stinging pain left its mark on her flesh.

Panic washed over her. 'What was he doing? How could he do this?' These thoughts were racing through her mind, but were interrupted when he repeated with another swift smack to the same place. His palm rubbed up and down that smooth skin before he struck her again. Alexa tried desperately to stand up but with his other hand he kept her pinned down. She did not put up any real struggle.

"Too much?" he asked with obvious relish.

He gave a forceful wallop to her rear that jolted her whole body forward. She bit on her lip to try to feebly contain a scream. Her legs shook, with her feet leaving the floor and tapping up and down against it. With every successive blow she responded with a grating cry. These noises motivated him to carry on despite his arm starting to tire. He didn't need to hit with strength anymore to elicit the desired response, her rear was becoming bruised and tender. When he finished, he admired his handiwork, the burning dark red blotch on her skin contrasting with the white panties that partly overlapped it.

He let go of her and she rolled over, breathless and grimacing. She looked up at him with teary eyes and ran her hands across her own breasts under her top. She extended her leg out to rub up against him.

"Fuck me," she sighed.

But he didn't acknowledge her and instead sat down. Alexa got up from the table; feeling a sharp stinging sensation as weight was put on her sore behind.

She climbed onto him and flashed him a smile, but he didn't react. Hitching up her skirt, she began to straddle him, slowly rubbing her crotch against his bulge. Purring with pleasure, excitement coursed through her in anticipation. She could feel that his rock-hard erection was straining against his trousers, striving to be inside her.

She looked at him with widened eyes and pleaded in a childlike voice, "Lets fuck". She turned her head into his, fumbling against his lips. Her tongue darted in and he finally responded. Embraced in a passionate kiss, he brushed his hand up the curve of her spine. He ruffled through her hair, before grabbing a clump and tugging at it sharply, pulling the two of them apart. Shocked, she put her hands up, almost apologetically. Her mouth was wide open and her bottom lip was quivering. Tears began to roll down her cheek and her nose was starting to become runny.

"Alexa," he stated coolly. "I will fuck you when I want to fuck you. This is not now. Understand?"

"Yes," she squeaked.

Mr McGrath was pleased at the sight of this schoolgirl nodding fearfully, eyes locked shut in pain. She looked so cute to him at that moment. It took all his control not to ravish her right then. But he decided to be patient. Still holding tightly on her hair, he pushed her into him for one last kiss, his mouth locked harshly up against hers.

Releasing her hair he threw Alexa off him and over to the door. Alexa looked back over to him and half-smiled, she was confused and didn't know what to do. Mr McGrath simply motioned for her to leave. She flattened out her skirt and sorted out the rest of her uniform so she was dressed appropriately and then stumbled out into the hallway, wiping away her tears.

Mr McGrath just slouched in his chair. He looked up at his ceiling and tried to clear his thoughts. After half an hour he began to get on with his paperwork.

When Alexa got home that day she didn't eat much at dinner with the family. She excused herself, complaining that she didn't feel that well. She went up to her room and tried to read, but kept interrupting this by raising the back of her skirt and looking at the bruises on her behind in the mirror. She would gaze at them for a few minutes, try to get back to reading, and then get up to inspect them in the mirror again. There was a fascination with looking at the marks he gave her. She experienced a sense of pride at the sight of them, although she could not understand why.

That night in her bed, under her covers, she felt comfortable and safe. She had been humiliated. Her teacher had degraded and then rejected her. But as she lay there reliving those moments continuously, the excitement she sensed grew. Or was she just becoming more aware of it? She reached down between her legs and began to caress herself. All she could think about was Mr McGrath.

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